Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


43532 EN1 Is OneTudor, Tasha2.10.5
102321 EN10,000 Days of Thunder: A History of the Vietnam WarCaputo, Philip9.76.0
18751 EN101 Ways to Bug Your ParentsWardlaw, Lee3.95.0
80179 EN101 Ways to Bug Your TeacherWardlaw, Lee4.48.0
61265 EN12 AgainCorbett, Sue4.98.0
105551 EN13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, TheMoers, Walter8.028.0
105005 EN13 Scary Ghost StoriesCarus, Marianne4.84.0
74604 EN13: Thirteen Stories...Agony and Ecstasy of Being ThirteenHowe, James5.09.0
14796 EN13th Floor: A Ghost Story, TheFleischman, Sid4.44.0
31374 EN13th Member, TheHunter, Mollie7.39.0
80002 EN19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle EastNye, Naomi Shihab5.82.0
53513 EN1900-20: Linen & LaceMee, Sue7.31.0
109883 EN1900s from Teddy Roosevelt to Flying Machines (Revised Ed), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.22.0
109884 EN1910s from World War I to Ragtime Music (Revised Edition), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.32.0
107762 EN1920s from Prohibition to Charles Lindbergh (Revised Edition, TheFeinstein, Stephen8.52.0
107763 EN1930s from the Great Depression to the Wizard of Oz (Rev Ed), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.62.0
106752 EN1940s from World War II to Jackie Robinson (Revised Edition), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.52.0
106753 EN1950s from the Korean War to Elvis (Revised Edition), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.12.0
106754 EN1960s from the Vietnam War to Flower Power (Revised Edition), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.22.0
81254 EN1963 Civil Rights March, TheIngram, Scott9.02.0
106755 EN1970s from Watergate to Disco (Revised Edition), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.12.0
106756 EN1980s from Ronald Reagan to MTV (Revised Edition), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.12.0
5976 EN1984Orwell, George8.917.0
106757 EN1990s from the Persian Gulf War to Y2K (Revised Edition), TheFeinstein, Stephen8.72.0
101417 EN19th Amendment, TheBurgan, Michael6.41.0
7351 EN20,000 Baseball Cards Under the SeaBuller, Jon2.50.5
120186 EN20,000 Leagues Under the SeaBowen, Carl3.00.5
523 EN20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Unabridged)Verne, Jules10.028.0
65532 EN2000 Presidential Election, TheLandau, Elaine7.71.0
34791 EN2001: A Space OdysseyClarke, Arthur C.9.012.0
34785 EN2061: Odyssey ThreeClarke, Arthur C.8.311.0
34786 EN3001: The Final OdysseyClarke, Arthur C.8.39.0
9001 EN500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, TheSeuss, Dr.4.01.0
103463 EN5010 CallingPowell, Jillian2.80.5
41482 EN$66 Summer, TheArmistead, John4.36.0
31170 EN6th Grade Nickname Game, TheKorman, Gordon4.33.0
69149 EN7th Knot, TheKarr, Kathleen4.46.0
64569 EN9.11.01: Terrorists Attack the U.S.Lalley, Patrick7.61.0
54580 EN9 Magic WishesJackson, Shirley2.90.5
71428 SP95 libras de esperanzaGavalda, Anna4.32.0
101443 ENA-10 Thunderbolt, TheHansen, Ole Steen5.20.5
32378 ENA.I. Gang: Operation Sherlock, TheCoville, Bruce5.37.0
9727 SPAbandonadaPascal/Suzanne3.72.0
120503 ENAbandoned Insane AsylumsWilliams, Dinah5.40.5
64593 ENAbaratBarker, Clive5.515.0
81642 ENAbduction!Kehret, Peg4.76.0
17601 ENAbe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White HouseNorth, Sterling8.44.0
11151 ENAbe Lincoln's HatBrenner, Martha2.60.5
101 ENAbel's IslandSteig, William5.93.0
65575 ENAbhorsenNix, Garth6.616.0
56207 ENAbigail Adams: A Revolutionary WomanChing, Jacqueline8.12.0
39787 ENAbigail Takes the WheelAvi2.90.5
82548 ENAbominable Snow Teacher, ThePassen, Lisa2.60.5
14931 ENAbominable Snowman of Pasadena, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
121174 ENAbortion Debate, TheFarrell, Courtney9.03.0
4181 ENAbout 100 Years AgoTrumbauer, Lisa2.00.5
34799 ENAbout FaceWood, June Rae4.69.0
73397 ENAbracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life, TheFleischman, Sid6.27.0
55867 ENAbraham Lincoln: Civil War PresidentGrabowski, John F.5.81.0
84076 ENAbraham Lincoln: The Life of America's Sixteenth PresidentJeffrey, Gary5.51.0
35625 ENAbraham Lincoln: The WriterHolzer, Harold8.44.0
81158 ENAbraham & Mary Todd LincolnAshby, Ruth7.32.0
29341 ENAbraham's BattleBanks, Sara Harrell5.32.0
23998 SPabrigo, ElJiménez Soria, Angeles5.00.5
120770 ENAbsolute BrightnessLecesne, James6.515.0
11577 ENAbsolutely Normal ChaosCreech, Sharon4.77.0
12573 ENAbsolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone..., TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.16.0
36882 ENAbyssinian Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.01.0
47094 ENAccept No Substitutes! The History of American AdvertisingMierau, Christina9.23.0
116026 ENAcceptanceColl, Susan8.821.0
79264 ENAchillesGlaser, Jason3.60.5
24909 ENAchingly AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
69402 ENAchoo! The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about GermsRomanek, Trudee6.61.0
117470 ENAcids and AlkalisWalker, Denise8.32.0
56708 ENAcids and Bases (Chemicals in Action)Oxlade, Chris8.21.0
77141 ENAcids & Bases (Material Matters)Baldwin, Carol6.31.0
79207 ENAcne (Diseases and Disorders)Sheen, Barbara9.64.0
21626 ENAcquaintance with Darkness, AnRinaldi, Ann3.610.0
67280 ENAcrobat CatsTan/Daugherty2.80.5
53112 ENAcropolis, TheShuter, Jane6.91.0
8452 ENAcross America on an Emigrant TrainMurphy, Jim7.83.0
102 ENAcross Five AprilsHunt, Irene6.610.0
18801 ENAcross the LinesReeder, Carolyn6.310.0
53345 ENAcross the Steel RiverStenhouse, Ted4.36.0
7201 ENAcross the StreamGinsburg, Mirra1.70.5
17602 ENAcross the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary...Gregory, Kristiana5.54.0
100194 ENAction! Movement in ArtCivardi, Anne6.70.5
16702 ENAdam BedeEliot, George9.442.0
86533 ENAdam Canfield of the SlashWinerip, Michael5.49.0
1 ENAdam of the RoadGray, Elizabeth Janet6.59.0
6101 ENAddie Meets MaxRobins, Joan1.70.5
50004 ENAddition and SubtractionJacques, Caron/St.6.21.0
82435 ENADHD (Life Balance)Trueit, Trudi Strain8.02.0
76059 ENAdjectivesHeinrichs, Ann3.60.5
49051 ENAdolescenceBryan, Jenny6.91.0
50473 ENAdolf Hitler (Leading Lives)Taylor, David8.02.0
44580 ENAdoniram and Other Selections by Newbery AuthorsGreenberg, Martin H.5.57.0
48114 ENAdventure of Louey and Frank, TheWhite, Carolyn2.30.5
32324 ENAdventure on the Wilderness Road, 1775Lawlor, Laurie4.45.0
57323 ENAdventure RacingChing, Jacqueline7.41.0
69229 ENAdventure Tour Guides: Life on Extreme Outdoor AdventuresTurner, Chérie8.31.0
55112 ENAdventure with Captain Brainstorm!, AnCosby/Hyman2.80.5
52579 ENAdventures of Bert, TheAhlberg, Allan1.30.5
29526 ENAdventures of Blue Avenger, TheHowe, Norma6.27.0
20251 ENAdventures of Captain Underpants, ThePilkey, Dav4.31.0
49127 ENAdventures of High John the Conqueror, TheSanfield, Steve5.42.0
83917 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn and Race in America, TheJarnow, Jesse7.31.0
13601 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Bloomsbury), TheTwain, Mark6.718.0
501 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Unabridged), TheTwain, Mark6.618.0
85021 ENAdventures of Marco Polo, TheSmalley, Roger4.10.5
34704 ENAdventures of Midnight Son, ThePatrick, Denise Lewis4.34.0
30517 ENAdventures of Sherlock Holmes (Great Illustrated Classics), TheDoyle/Vogel5.73.0
17289 ENAdventures of Sparrowboy, ThePinkney, Brian2.00.5
64111 ENAdventures of Super Diaper Baby, ThePilkey, Dav2.50.5
13603 ENAdventures of Tom Sawyer (Bloomsbury), TheTwain, Mark8.012.0
502 ENAdventures of Tom Sawyer (Unabridged), TheTwain, Mark8.112.0
106213 ENAdventurous Women: Eight True Stories About...Made a DiffferenceColman, Penny7.96.0
76060 ENAdverbsHeinrichs, Ann3.90.5
72543 ENAero-Mania!Gunston, Bill5.50.5
89271 ENAFC EastWoods, Bob6.71.0
124717 ENAFC EastKelley, K.C.6.41.0
89272 ENAFC NorthBuckley, James6.11.0
124718 ENAFC NorthPeterson, Brian6.31.0
71810 ENAFC North: The Baltimore Ravens...Pittsburgh SteelersBuckley Jr., James5.71.0
89273 ENAFC SouthBuckley, James6.01.0
124719 ENAFC SouthPeterson, Brian6.61.0
89274 ENAFC WestWalters, John6.71.0
124720 ENAFC WestKelley, K.C.6.41.0
118223 ENAffirmative ActionCosson, M.J.9.02.0
63793 ENAfghanistanCorona, Laurel10.25.0
111803 ENAfghanistan (2nd Edition)Ali, Sharifah Enayat9.26.0
67500 ENAfghanistan in Pictures (Revised Edition)Behnke, Alison9.23.0
72836 ENAfghanistan's StrugglesGunderson, Cory5.81.0
121220 ENAfghanistan (Second Series)Willis, Terri7.03.0
17201 ENAfricaAyo, Yvonne8.31.0
73179 ENAfrica: Postcolonial ConflictDowning, David9.33.0
49114 ENAfrican-American Folktales for Young ReadersYoung, Richard/Judy5.15.0
62125 ENAfrican-Americans in the Colonies (We the People)Williams, Jean Kinney6.51.0
25125 ENAfrican-Americans in the Old WestMcGowen, Tom5.71.0
16752 ENAfrican-Americans in the Thirteen ColoniesKent, Deborah6.90.5
103459 ENAfrican MythsJeffrey, Gary4.31.0
46801 ENAfrican Slave Trade (Watts Library), TheNewman, Shirlee P.6.91.0
56386 ENAfrican Wild Dog (The Library of Wolves and Wild Dogs), TheMurdoch/Becker4.70.5
66719 ENAfter ElaineDreyer, Ann L.4.34.0
46696 ENAfter HamelinRichardson, Bill4.28.0
351 ENAfter the Dancing DaysRostkowski, Margaret I.3.88.0
66080 ENAfter the Death of Anna GonzalesFields, Terri3.91.0
65332 ENAfter the Holocaust (The Holocaust)Sheehan, Sean9.42.0
352 ENAfter the RainMazer, Norma Fox3.78.0
17801 ENAfter the WarMatas, Carol4.95.0
120399 ENAfter Tupac and D FosterWoodson, Jacqueline4.74.0
79685 ENAftermathApplegate, K.A.4.44.0
89872 ENAftermath and RemembranceDowning, David8.72.0
81226 ENAftermath of the Civil War, TheAnderson, Dale8.12.0
353 ENAfternoon of the ElvesLisle, Janet Taylor5.04.0
100155 ENAgainst All Odds: Counterterrorist Hostage RescuesKatz, Samuel M.8.62.0
10826 ENAge of Innocence, TheWharton, Edith8.819.0
26911 ENAggie and WillBrimner, Larry Dane1.20.5
101390 ENAggressive In-Line SkatingKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.00.5
79462 ENAggressive In-Line SkatingWeil, Ann4.30.5
25298 ENAgnes May GleasonDuey, Kathleen4.94.0
69241 ENAgnes Parker...Girl in ProgressO'Dell, Kathleen4.04.0
87326 ENAgnes Parker...Happy Camper?O'Dell, Kathleen3.94.0
201 ENAgony of Alice, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.35.0
83928 ENAgricultural Revolution, TheLong, Cathryn J.9.26.0
85884 ENAgriculture (Yesterday and Today)Hansen, Dianne7.51.0
101444 ENAH-64 Apache Helicopter, TheHansen, Ole Steen5.50.5
74605 ENAha! The Most Interesting Book...About IntelligenceRomanek, Trudee6.91.0
78568 ENAhoyty-ToytyStephens, Helen2.70.5
5901 ENAidaPrice, Leontyne5.10.5
64517 ENAIDS (Health Issues)Whelan, Jo8.72.0
119451 ENAin't Nothing But A Man: My Quest to Find the Real John HenryNelson, Scott Reynolds6.62.0
36333 ENAir Crashes (Watts Library)Landau, Elaine8.21.0
50040 ENAir Force AircraftHolden, Henry M.7.11.0
60973 ENAir Force in Action, TheLangley, Wanda9.03.0
74054 ENAir Pioneers (History Makers)Morris, Neil7.12.0
65324 ENAir Pollution: Our Impact on the PlanetChapman/Bowden10.02.0
4574 ENAir Rescue TeamsGreen, Michael5.30.5
65972 ENAir (Science Alive!)Lauw/Puay6.10.5
115969 ENAir & Sea MysteriesHamilton, Sue6.91.0
50005 ENAir Show Pilots and AirplanesGaffney, Timothy R.5.71.0
71424 ENAir Superiority Fighters: The F/A-22 RaptorsGreen, Michael5.30.5
4464 ENAircraftMaynard, Chris5.81.0
58440 ENAircraft Carriers: Inside and OutBeyer, Mark7.12.0
89183 ENAircraft Carriers (Lerner)Doeden, Matt3.20.5
76986 ENAircraft Carriers (Military Hardware in Action)Doyle, Kevin7.11.0
79431 ENAircraft Carriers: The Nimitz ClassGreen, Michael5.00.5
119440 ENAirmanColfer, Eoin5.816.0
73579 ENAirplane Crashes (Man-Made Disasters)Laws, Gordon/Lauren10.35.0
87391 ENAirplane, TheMasters, Nancy Robinson7.52.0
9728 SPAjuste de cuentasPascal/Suzanne3.83.0
83024 ENAkhenaten Adventure, TheKerr, P.B.5.713.0
61266 ENAkiko and the Intergalactic ZooCrilley, Mark5.63.0
64790 ENAl CaponeYancey, Diane8.85.0
74909 ENAl Capone Does My ShirtsCholdenko, Gennifer3.57.0
69929 ENAl Capone's Chicago (A Travel Guide To)Yancey, Diane9.35.0
47066 ENAlabama (America the Beautiful)Davis, Lucile8.74.0
122017 ENAlabama (Third Series)Somervill, Barbara A.8.23.0
62662 ENAlamo: A Primary Source History...Legendary Texas Mission, TheLevy, Janey8.62.0
16098 ENAlamo in American History, TheSorrels, Roy7.74.0
72656 ENAlamos: Wildfires, LosBryan, Nichol7.71.0
5051 ENAlan and NaomiLevoy, Myron3.35.0
20708 ENAlanna: The First AdventurePierce, Tamora4.57.0
18097 ENAlaskaStefoff, Rebecca7.72.0
47067 ENAlaska (America the Beautiful)Shepherd, Donna Walsh7.94.0
26997 ENAlbania (Enchantment of the World)Wright, David K.8.43.0
62389 ENAlbert Einstein and the Theory of RelativityBankston, John7.82.0
39643 ENAlbert Einstein (Groundbreakers)Reid, Struan8.32.0
15629 ENAlbert Einstein: Physicist and GeniusGoldenstern, Joyce4.92.0
115432 ENAlbert Pujols: MVP on and off the FieldNeedham, Tom6.63.0
102835 ENAlberta AlibiGaetz, Dayle Campbell4.35.0
78247 ENAlbino AnimalsHalls, Kelly Milner7.12.0
104001 ENAlbucasis (Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi)...Surgeon...10th CenturyRamen, Fred10.13.0
25133 ENAlcatrazGeorge, Linda6.51.0
81582 ENAlchemist's Cat, TheJarvis, Robin6.416.0
115134 ENAlchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, TheScott, Michael6.414.0
46916 ENAlcohol and Your Liver: The Incredibly Disgusting StoryBooley, Theresa Anne6.81.0
89996 ENAlcohol=Busted!Mintzer, Richard8.02.0
64518 ENAlcohol (Health Issues)Lamb, Kirsten7.62.0
49052 ENAlcohol (Talking Points)Haughton, Emma8.72.0
67676 ENAlcohol (Watts Library)Landau, Elaine7.11.0
77379 ENAldabra, or, The Tortoise Who Loved ShakespeareGandolfi, Silvana5.45.0
60786 ENAleutian Adventure: Kayaking in the Birthplace of the WindsBowermaster, Jon5.81.0
73207 ENAleutian SparrowHesse, Karen5.72.0
8310 ENAlex Haley (Black Americans of Achievement)Shirley, David8.54.0
108597 ENAlex Rider, the GadgetsHorowitz, Anthony9.11.0
57661 ENAlex Rodriguez (Sports Heroes)Covert, Kim4.40.5
69678 ENAlex Ryan, Stop That!Mills, Claudia4.95.0
48580 ENAlexander Fleming (Groundbreakers)Parker, Steve7.32.0
62957 ENAlexander Fleming: Pioneer with AntibioticsBirch, Beverley8.32.0
39644 ENAlexander Graham Bell (Groundbreakers)Reid, Struan7.41.0
85198 ENAlexander Hamilton: Founding Father and StatesmanHaugen, Brenda7.62.0
73022 ENAlexander Hamilton's Economic Plan: Solving...New EconomyRandolph, Ryan P.7.00.5
27124 ENAlexander the Great (First Book)Green, Robert6.51.0
25966 SPAlexandra (Spanish)O'Dell, Scott5.65.0
114619 ENAlgeria in Pictures (Second Series)DiPiazza, Francesca Davis7.23.0
85040 ENAlia's Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq: Inspired...True StoryStamaty, Mark Alan3.90.5
49815 ENAlice AloneNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.17.0
8504 ENAlice in AprilNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.55.0
11575 ENAlice In-BetweenNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.05.0
17751 ENAlice in LaceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.85.0
5052 ENAlice in Rapture, Sort OfNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
12373 ENAlice Nizzy Nazzy, the Witch of Santa FeJohnston, Tony2.90.5
31183 ENAlice on the OutsideNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
901 ENAlice's Adventures in WonderlandCarroll, Lewis7.45.0
11451 ENAlice the BraveNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.15.0
120233 ENAlice Walker: Author and Social ActivistFitzgerald, Stephanie7.42.0
47444 ENAlice Walker: Freedom WriterLazo, Caroline Evensen7.63.0
31159 ENAlida's SongPaulsen, Gary5.32.0
47216 ENAlien EncountersCampbell, Peter7.71.0
76373 ENAlien Files, TheMcEvoy, Paul5.30.5
52936 ENAlien from Cyberspace, AnSchraff, Anne4.93.0
28346 ENAlien in the ClassroomKeene, Carolyn3.21.0
82166 ENAlien LandingDeary, Terry6.13.0
59508 ENAlien & Possum: Hanging OutJohnston, Tony2.50.5
7870 ENAlien SecretsKlause, Annette Curtis6.68.0
13401 ENAlien Spring, AnSchraff, Anne3.72.0
18951 ENAlien, TheApplegate, K.A.3.74.0
5339 ENAliens Ate My HomeworkCoville, Bruce4.85.0
55723 ENAliens Attack AlpenaRand, Johnathan3.73.0
67400 ENAliens from Earth: When Animals and Plants Invade...EcosystemsBatten, Mary6.70.5
20645 ENAliens Stole My BodyCoville, Bruce5.26.0
11402 ENAlison Goes for the GoldConnor, Catherine5.51.0
11403 ENAlison on the TrailConnor, Catherine4.31.0
11404 ENAlison Saves the WeddingConnor, Catherine4.91.0
80341 ENAll About Braille: Reading by TouchJeffrey, Laura S.4.60.5
302 ENAll About SamLowry, Lois4.03.0
34798 ENAll Alone in the UniversePerkins, Lynne Rae4.84.0
62974 ENAll-American GirlCabot, Meg5.911.0
6601 ENAll but AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.05.0
7202 ENAll by MyselfMayer, Mercer1.30.5
40128 ENAll for Texas: A Story of Texas LiberationWisler, G. Clifton5.35.0
31567 ENAll I Really Need to Know I Learned in KindergartenFulghum, Robert5.75.0
2 ENAll-of-a-Kind FamilyTaylor, Sydney4.95.0
101932 ENAll Our Relatives...Native American Thoughts About NatureGoble, Paul5.61.0
701 ENAll Quiet on the Western FrontRemarque, Erich Maria6.010.0
36258 ENAll the AnswersLeMieux, Anne C.5.36.0
43461 ENAll the Blue Moons at the Wallace HotelStone, Phoebe5.57.0
53619 ENAll the King's Animals: The Return of...Wildlife to SwazilandKessler, Cristina6.21.0
54865 ENAll the Old HauntsLynch, Chris4.46.0
11153 ENAll Tutus Should Be PinkBrownrigg, Sheri1.80.5
63878 ENAllen IversonWilson, Wayne7.21.0
80335 ENAllen Iverson: Never Give UpTorres, John Albert6.92.0
64434 ENAlley Cat's Meow, TheAppelt, Kathi2.90.5
82196 ENAllies of the NightShan, Darren5.36.0
75592 ENAlligators and Crocodiles (Welcome to the World of Animals)Swanson, Diane5.10.5
54656 ENAlligators (Nature's Predators)Kallen/Boekhoff7.41.0
7134 ENAlmost FamousGetz, David3.95.0
69949 ENAlmost ForeverTesta, Maria4.60.5
70012 ENAlmost HomeBaskin, Nora Raleigh3.95.0
64652 ENAloha!Sweeney, Jacqueline1.30.5
46721 ENAloha DoloresSamuels, Barbara2.80.5
87327 ENAlone In the World: Orphans and Orphanages in AmericaReef, Catherine8.44.0
151 ENAlong Came a DogDe Jong, Meindert5.75.0
17752 ENAlphabet City BalletTamar, Erika4.05.0
49249 ENAlphabet SoupBanks, Kate2.00.5
48091 ENAltoona BaboonaBynum, Janie1.70.5
81844 ENAluminum (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink)Walker, Kate7.11.0
78517 ENAlways Dreamin'Hapka, Catherine6.25.0
31176 ENAmah, TheYep, Laurence4.25.0
74315 ENAmaryllisCrist-Evans, Craig5.56.0
49823 ENAmazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay: A Novel, TheChabon, Michael7.838.0
53733 ENAmazing Agricultural AircraftGaffney, Timothy R.6.61.0
46772 ENAmazing Amphibians (Watts Library)Miller, Sara Swan6.31.0
82835 ENAmazing Animal Adventures Around the WorldKeating, Brian6.92.0
102667 ENAmazing Animal Adventures at the PolesKeating, Brian6.72.0
105511 ENAmazing Animal Adventures in the DesertKeating, Brian7.12.0
102167 ENAmazing GraceShull, Megan3.86.0
55308 ENAmazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, ThePratchett, Terry4.39.0
49598 ENAmazing Schemes Within Your GenesBalkwill, Fran7.01.0
58213 ENAmazing Thinking Machine, TheHaseley, Dennis5.03.0
59893 ENAmazon River Dolphins (Animals of the Rain Forest)Donovan, Sandra4.50.5
17753 ENAmber Cat, TheMcKay, Hilary4.64.0
44562 ENAmber Spyglass, ThePullman, Philip6.726.0
53446 ENAmber Was Brave, Essie Was SmartWilliams, Vera B.4.20.5
86678 ENAmbrose BierceBierce, Ambrose7.83.0
5453 ENAmelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.50.5
34872 ENAmelia Bedelia 4 MayorParish, Herman2.50.5
10501 ENAmelia Bedelia and the BabyParish, Peggy2.00.5
72206 ENAmelia Bedelia, BookwormParish, Herman2.40.5
10503 ENAmelia Bedelia Goes CampingParish, Peggy1.80.5
20001 ENAmelia Bedelia Helps OutParish, Peggy2.30.5
89521 ENAmelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist?Parish, Herman2.80.5
55507 ENAmelia Earhart (Breaking Barriers)Wheeler, Jill C.5.51.0
17605 ENAmelia Earhart: Courage in the SkyKerby, Mona4.61.0
48595 ENAmelia Earhart (Heinemann Profiles)Connolly, Sean7.11.0
108450 ENAmelia Earhart: Legendary AviatorAnderson, Jameson3.50.5
40129 ENAmelia's WarRinaldi, Ann4.07.0
85969 ENAmelia to Zora: Twenty-six Women Who Changed the WorldChin-Lee, Cynthia7.01.0
117288 ENAmerica Debates Civil Liberties and TerrorismFreedman, Jeri9.12.0
117289 ENAmerica Debates Genetic DNA TestingBoskey, Elizabeth6.31.0
117290 ENAmerica Debates Global Warming: Crisis or Myth?Robinson, Matthew8.42.0
117291 ENAmerica Debates Privacy Versus SecurityFreedman, Jeri10.72.0
117292 ENAmerica Debates Stem Cell ResearchFreedman, Jeri10.12.0
117293 ENAmerica Debates United States Policy on ImmigrationAmbrosek, Renee10.62.0
71203 ENAmerica's Deserts: Guide to Plants and AnimalsWallace, Marianne D.6.11.0
1860 ENAmerica's First Ladies: Changing ExpectationsFeinberg, Barbara Silberdick10.18.0
72802 ENAmerica's Military (War in Iraq)Hamilton, John8.11.0
114554 ENAmerica's Team: The Dallas CowboysAretha, David6.93.0
89432 ENAmerica's Transition from Agriculture to IndustryRoza, Greg8.31.0
88017 ENAmerica Through the Lens: Photographers Who Changed the NationSandler, Martin W.9.24.0
63830 ENAmerica Under Attack: Primary SourcesRoleff, Tamara L.8.36.0
63831 ENAmerica Under Attack: September 11, 2001Stewart, Gail B.8.34.0
122282 ENAmerican Bison (Revised Edition)Berman, Ruth5.21.0
49963 ENAmerican Civil Rights LeadersHarmon, Rod8.53.0
100426 ENAmerican Colonies Declare Independence, TheAnderson, Dale8.12.0
17606 ENAmerican DreamsBanim, Lisa4.22.0
59690 ENAmerican Flag, TheFerry, Joseph7.61.0
52945 ENAmerican Hauntings (Retold Classics Anthologies)Perrin, Pat6.03.0
106111 ENAmerican HeroesDelano, Marfé Ferguson8.46.0
49964 ENAmerican Horror WritersMadison, Bob7.83.0
43101 ENAmerican Justice II: Six Trials That Captivated the NationOwens, L.L.5.82.0
43063 ENAmerican Justice: Seven Famous Trials of the 20th CenturyOwens, L.L.5.41.0
85265 ENAmerican League CentralFischer, David7.01.0
85266 ENAmerican League EastBuckley, James6.31.0
85267 ENAmerican League WestClendening, John7.01.0
84950 ENAmerican Paint Horse, TheDenniston, David4.50.5
60725 ENAmerican Photographers: Capturing the ImageGaines, Ann Graham7.03.0
69054 ENAmerican Plague...Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793, AnMurphy, Jim9.06.0
120080 ENAmerican Presidency, ThePeterson, Christine5.00.5
84951 ENAmerican Quarter Horse, TheParise-Peterson, Amanda4.60.5
65381 ENAmerican Revolution (Events & Outcomes), TheAnderson, Dale7.63.0
17607 ENAmerican Revolution, TheBliven, Bruce7.65.0
104263 ENAmerican Saddlebred Horse, TheColeman, Lori4.80.5
15352 ENAmerican Saddlebred Horse, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.50.5
120290 ENAmerican Shaolin: Flying Kicks...Odyssey in the New ChinaPolly, Matthew6.518.0
60477 ENAmerican Shorthair Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.31.0
67677 ENAmerican Sign Language (Watts Library)Kent, Deborah7.51.0
108715 ENAmerican Story: 100 True Tales from American History, TheArmstrong, Jennifer8.113.0
70185 ENAmerican Tall TalesOsborne, Mary Pope6.13.0
81389 ENAmerican West, TheHatt, Christine8.62.0
60726 ENAmerican Women of MedicineRoberts, Russell8.23.0
49965 ENAmerican Women of ScienceCamp, Carole Ann8.33.0
18325 SPAmigos del otro ladoAnzaldúa, Gloria4.30.5
1849 ENAmish (The American Religious Experience), TheWilliams, Jean Kinney8.23.0
60717 ENAmistad Slave Revolt and American Abolition, TheZeinert, Karen8.63.0
72663 ENAmnesty International (International Organizations)Banks, Deena7.72.0
61380 ENAmong FriendsCooney, Caroline B.4.66.0
29501 ENAmong the HiddenHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.85.0
3 ENAmos Fortune, Free ManYates, Elizabeth6.55.0
87194 ENAmphibianClarke, Barry8.41.0
1823 ENAmphibians in Danger: A Worldwide WarningFridell, Ron9.13.0
11051 ENAmphibians (Our Living World)Ricciuti, Edward7.32.0
89724 ENAmphibious Assault ShipsStone, Lynn M.7.70.5
73958 ENAmulet of Samarkand, TheStroud, Jonathan5.919.0
67373 ENAmyHooper, Mary4.55.0
24946 ENAmy, Number SevenKaye, Marilyn4.65.0
86685 ENAnacaona, Golden FlowerDanticat, Edwidge6.55.0
44333 ENAnacondasWelsbacher, Anne4.20.5
51117 ENAnacondas (Snakes)George, Linda4.50.5
112883 ENAnahita's Woven RiddleSayres, Meghan Nuttall6.012.0
33624 ENAnakin SkywalkerStrasser, Todd5.33.0
5053 ENAnastasia Again!Lowry, Lois4.55.0
454 SPAnastasia "Asusórdenes"Lowry, Lois3.65.0
5053 SPAnastasia de nuevoLowry, Lois4.55.0
354 SPAnastasia elige profesiónLowry, Lois4.54.0
202 ENAnastasia KrupnikLowry, Lois4.53.0
16873 SPAnastasia, por supuestoLowry, Lois4.74.0
354 ENAnastasia's Chosen CareerLowry, Lois4.54.0
44806 ENAnastasia: The Last Grand DuchessMeyer, Carolyn5.85.0
5001 SPAnastasia tiene problemasLowry, Lois4.23.0
106160 ENAnatopsisAbouzeid, Chris5.411.0
115970 ENAncient AstronautsHamilton, Sue7.31.0
86729 ENAncient Aztecs, TheSonneborn, Liz7.83.0
86730 ENAncient Celts, TheCalvert, Patricia8.33.0
120022 ENAncient China (Freestyle Express)Shuter, Jane3.91.0
47096 ENAncient Computing: From Counting to CalendarsWoods, Michael/Mary7.52.0
120023 ENAncient Egypt (Freestyle Express)Gogerly, Liz4.41.0
48067 ENAncient FireWilliams, Mark London4.95.0
120024 ENAncient Greece (Freestyle Express)Claybourne, Anna4.11.0
86735 ENAncient IndiaSchomp, Virginia8.23.0
86734 ENAncient Kushites, TheSonneborn, Liz8.32.0
74224 ENAncient Philosophers (History Makers)Nardo, Don10.04.0
120025 ENAncient Rome (Freestyle Express)Malam, John3.61.0
4451 ENAncient Transportation: From Camels to CanalsWoods, Michael/Mary7.72.0
47099 ENAncient Warfare: From Clubs to CatapultsWoods, Michael/Mary7.72.0
7203 ENAnd I Mean It, StanleyBonsall, Crosby0.90.5
4 ENAnd Now MiguelKrumgold, Joseph4.88.0
5255 ENAnd One for AllNelson, Theresa5.26.0
5928 ENAnd Then There Was OneFacklam, Margery7.22.0
8852 ENAnd Then There Were NoneChristie, Agatha5.78.0
9002 ENAnd to Think That I...Mulberry StreetSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
52939 ENAnd We Will Be No MoreSchraff, Anne5.06.0
18952 ENAndalite's Gift, TheApplegate, K.A.3.65.0
100264 ENAndrew Carnegie: Captain of IndustryRau, Dana Meachen6.72.0
116602 ENAndruw Jones: All-Star on and off the FieldRobinson, Tom6.92.0
53420 ENAndy Russell, Not Wanted by the PoliceAdler, David A.3.52.0
79188 ENAnestheticsLace, William W.10.65.0
59712 ENAngel Factory, TheBlacker, Terence4.98.0
117926 ENAngel IsleDickinson, Peter6.326.0
53467 ENAngel on the SquareWhelan, Gloria5.68.0
68070 ENAngel's Command: A Tale from the Castaways...Flying Dutchman, TheJacques, Brian5.215.0
19777 ENAngela's AshesMcCourt, Frank5.923.0
9302 ENAnimal BabiesHamsa, Bobbie1.00.5
54271 ENAnimal BabiesSquire, Ann O.4.80.5
54303 ENAnimal Baby Sitters (Watts Library)Jarrow/Sherman6.61.0
36892 ENAnimal CaretakerBoraas, Tracey5.20.5
105036 ENAnimal Cells: The Smallest Units of LifeStille, Darlene R.7.41.0
59286 ENAnimal Champions 2 (Wildlife Ed.)Elwood/Shaw5.80.5
41738 ENAnimal Defenses: How Animals Protect ThemselvesKaner, Etta4.60.5
20302 ENAnimal Family, TheJarrell, Randall5.43.0
727 ENAnimal FarmOrwell, George7.35.0
25256 ENAnimal FeelingsFunston, Sylvia6.41.0
80180 ENAnimal Giants (Kingfisher Knowledge)Taylor, Barbara7.42.0
67678 ENAnimal Helpers for the Disabled (Watts Library)Kent, Deborah7.01.0
73130 ENAnimal Kingdom: A Guide to Vertebrate...and Biodiversity, TheWhyman, Kate7.31.0
60469 ENAnimal Mummies: Preserved Through the AgesWilcox, Charlotte5.10.5
35600 ENAnimal MusicZiefert, Harriet1.90.5
121169 ENAnimal RightsRitter, Christie R.8.83.0
74055 ENAnimal Rights (World Issues)Tripp, Penny7.82.0
76628 ENAnimal Survivors of the Arctic (Watts Library)Somervill, Barbara A.7.31.0
76629 ENAnimal Survivors of the Wetlands (Watts Library)Somervill, Barbara A.7.21.0
76361 ENAnimal TalkThompson, Lisa3.80.5
55980 ENAnimal Talk: How Animals Communicate...Sight, Sound & SmellKaner, Etta5.41.0
46641 ENAnimal Testing: The Animal Rights DebateHayhurst, Chris8.81.0
71046 ENAnimal Welfare (Face the Facts)Browning, Bel7.92.0
102385 ENAnimalsGray, Peter6.11.0
43151 ENAnimals Eat the Weirdest ThingsSwanson, Diane6.63.0
45555 ENAnimals Eating: How Animals Chomp, Chew, Slurp and SwallowHickman, Pamela5.91.0
50184 ENAnimals in Motion: How Animals Swim, Jump, Slither and GlideHickman, Pamela5.71.0
65464 ENAnimals of Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds (Animals of the Biomes)Donovan, Sandra4.61.0
4784 ENAnimals of the Rain ForestWoods, Mae4.20.5
56734 ENAnimals on the Trail with Lewis and ClarkPatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.42.0
54304 ENAnimals That Hibernate (Watts Library)Perry, Phyllis J.6.21.0
54305 ENAnimals That Migrate (Watts Library)Bredeson, Carmen6.31.0
54306 ENAnimals Under the Ground (Watts Library)Perry, Phyllis J.6.21.0
63462 ENAnimals with BackbonesPascoe, Elaine4.00.5
17609 ENAnisett LundbergDuey, Kathleen5.04.0
74514 ENAnn and SeamusMajor, Kevin4.81.0
29998 ENAnna Is Still HereVos, Ida3.34.0
702 ENAnna KareninaTolstoy, Leo9.669.0
32221 ENAnna of ByzantiumBarrett, Tracy6.48.0
103788 ENAnna Sewell's Black Beauty: The Graphic NovelBrigman, June4.72.0
60003 ENAnna SundayKeehn, Sally M.4.69.0
31141 ENAnnabel the Actress...Gorilla My DreamsConford, Ellen2.91.0
79218 ENAnne FrankWoog, Adam8.75.0
8453 ENAnne Frank: Beyond the DiaryRol, Ruud van der6.83.0
64572 ENAnne Frank: From Schoolgirl to Voice of the HolocaustJohnson, Emma8.33.0
64638 ENAnne Frank: Voice of Hope (Famous Lives)Senker, Cath6.11.0
551 ENAnne of Avonlea (Unabridged)Montgomery, L.M.8.616.0
13606 ENAnne of Green Gables (Bloomsbury)Montgomery, L.M.7.718.0
203 ENAnne of Green Gables (Unabridged)Montgomery, L.M.7.317.0
6652 ENAnne of InglesideMontgomery, L.M.6.016.0
5256 ENAnne of the Island (Unabridged)Montgomery, L.M.6.312.0
6653 ENAnne of Windy PoplarsMontgomery, L.M.5.914.0
6654 ENAnne's House of DreamsMontgomery, L.M.6.113.0
59015 ENAnnelids: Earthworms, Leeches, and Sea WormsBlaxland, Beth5.91.0
27752 ENAnnie Henry and the Birth of LibertyOlasky, Susan5.14.0
27725 ENAnnie Henry and the Mysterious StrangerOlasky, Susan5.55.0
27753 ENAnnie Henry and the RedcoatsOlasky, Susan5.54.0
55868 ENAnnie Oakley (Famous Figures of the American Frontier)Shields, Charles J.7.31.0
8692 ENAnnie's PromiseLevitin, Sonia4.37.0
65145 ENAnnileaMoore, Ishbel4.45.0
53680 ENAnpao: An American Indian OdysseyHighwater, Jamake5.79.0
30835 ENAnson's WaySchmidt, Gary D.6.28.0
18603 ENAnt Plays BearByars, Betsy1.60.5
60787 ENAntarctic Journal: The Hidden Worlds of Antarctica's AnimalsHooper, Meredith5.31.0
67787 ENAnteaters (Animals of the Rain Forest)Dollar, Sam3.80.5
46727 ENAnteaters, Sloths, and ArmadillosSquire, Ann O.6.41.0
53803 ENAnthemRand, Ayn6.13.0
355 ENAnthony Burns: The Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive SlaveHamilton, Virginia5.87.0
79381 ENAnthrax (Diseases and Disorders)Saffer, Barbara11.74.0
122041 ENAntigua and Barbuda (2nd Edition)Kras, Sara Louise7.94.0
15630 ENAntoine Lavoisier: Founder of Modern ChemistryYount, Lisa5.42.0
85679 ENAntonio Vivaldi and the Baroque TraditionGetzinger, Donna9.04.0
26502 ENAntsPascoe, Elaine5.91.0
67968 ENAntsRoss, Edward S.3.60.5
116483 ENAntsLockwood, Sophie5.81.0
67611 ENAnts, Bees, and Wasps of North AmericaMiller, Sara Swan5.51.0
78853 ENAnybodies, TheBode, N.E.4.67.0
54036 ENApache Helicopter: The AH-64Pitt, Matthew5.80.5
65336 ENApartheid in South AfricaConnolly, Sean10.03.0
60961 ENApollo 1 Tragedy: Fire in the CapsuleBrubaker, Paul7.41.0
25134 ENApollo 11Stein, R. Conrad6.51.0
85955 ENApollo 11 Rockets to Moon LandingGreen, Carl R.6.01.0
82107 ENApollo 13 (American Moments)Pierce, Alan6.71.0
105242 ENApollo 13 Mission, TheLemke, Donald B.4.50.5
36058 ENApollo Moonwalks: The Amazing Lunar MissionsVogt, Gregory L.7.11.0
101426 ENAppaloosa Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.30.5
44141 ENApple Is My SignRiskind, Mary4.14.0
57715 ENApple Pie 4th of JulyWong, Janet S.3.00.5
21961 ENApprentice, TheLlorente, Pilar Molina5.03.0
15810 ENApprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker, TheDeFelice, Cynthia5.25.0
58249 ENAquamarineHoffman, Alice5.61.0
497 SPAquellos años doradosWilder, Laura5.610.0
117103 ENArab AmericansCromwell, Sharon5.61.0
81390 ENArab-Israeli Conflict (Questioning History), TheSenker, Cath8.32.0
65339 ENArab-Israeli Conflict, TheMinnis, Ivan9.63.0
84952 ENArabian Horse, TheBraulick, Carrie A.4.70.5
85226 ENArapaho and Their History, TheRosinsky, Natalie M.6.01.0
80181 ENArchaeology (Kingfisher Knowledge)Barnes, Trevor9.23.0
17206 ENArcheologyMcIntosh, Jane8.91.0
69011 ENArcher's GoonJones, Diana Wynne4.812.0
106501 ENArcher's QuestPark, Linda Sue4.65.0
104251 ENArchimedes: The Father of MathematicsHasan, Heather8.12.0
17207 ENArctic & AntarcticTaylor, Barbara7.91.0
69230 ENArctic Scientists: Life Studying the ArcticHayhurst, Chris7.71.0
68348 ENArctic Tundra and Polar Deserts (Biomes Atlases)Woodford, Chris7.52.0
79343 ENAre We Alone? Scientists Search for Life in SpaceSkurzynski, Gloria8.63.0
5456 ENAre You My Mother?Eastman, P.D.1.60.5
1780 ENAretha Franklin: Lady SoulGourse, Leslie8.06.0
62574 ENAretha Franklin (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers)Rivera, Ursula7.02.0
73431 ENArgentina: A Primary Source Cultural GuideLink/McCarthy8.75.0
26998 ENArgentina (Enchantment of the World)Hintz, Martin7.73.0
48907 ENArgentina (Nations of the World)Dalal, Anita8.74.0
102168 ENArielTiffany, Grace5.77.0
108150 ENAristotle: Philosopher, Teacher, and ScientistCooper, Sharon Katz7.22.0
63366 ENArizonaStandard, Carole K.7.62.0
47033 ENArizona (America the Beautiful)Blashfield, Jean F.8.44.0
75249 ENArizona Diamondbacks (Great Sports Teams), TheHiggins, Chris7.64.0
106408 ENArk AngelHorowitz, Anthony5.012.0
14988 ENArkadians, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.48.0
47034 ENArkansas (America the Beautiful)McNair, Sylvia8.14.0
62431 ENArkansas: The Natural StateBailer, Darice8.32.0
29539 ENArmageddon SummerYolen, Jane5.29.0
69383 ENArmed Forces (World Almanac Library of American Government), TheHorn, Geoffrey M.8.62.0
18051 ENArmeniaDhilawala, Sakina9.13.0
15949 ENArmored AnimalsBrown, Andrew4.30.5
17208 ENArms & ArmorByam, Michele8.91.0
81880 ENArms Trade, TheHibbert, Adam7.91.0
60974 ENArmy in Action, TheSawyer, Susan10.33.0
120487 ENArmy Rangers in ActionSandler, Michael4.60.5
69186 ENArmy Rangers: Surveillance and Reconnaissance for the U.S. ArmyPoolos, J.8.52.0
79183 ENArnold SchwarzeneggerBrandon, Karen9.14.0
80547 ENArnold Schwarzenegger (A&E Biography)Sexton, Colleen A.7.53.0
81367 ENAround the Poles (Habitats)Snedden, Robert6.71.0
63912 ENAround the World in...300 B.C.Service, Pamela F.7.52.0
30527 ENAround the World in 80 Days (Adapted)Verne, Jules5.02.0
63913 ENAround the World in...800George, Linda S.7.92.0
504 ENAround the World in Eighty DaysVerne, Jules9.612.0
62445 ENArriving at Ellis IslandAnderson, Dale7.61.0
150 SParruga en el tiempo, UnaL'Engle, Madeleine4.77.0
76893 ENArt Against the Odds: From Slave Quilts to Prison PaintingsRubin, Susan Goldman7.42.0
83827 ENArt and ArchitectureRoss, Stewart8.42.0
118168 ENArt as ScienceFleming, Christine5.30.5
4460 ENArt of African Masks: Exploring Cultural Traditions, TheFinley, Carol8.11.0
42449 ENArt of Keeping Cool, TheLisle, Janet Taylor5.07.0
54675 ENArtemis FowlColfer, Eoin5.09.0
54675 SPArtemis Fowl (Spanish)Colfer, Eoin5.010.0
59973 ENArtemis Fowl: The Arctic IncidentColfer, Eoin5.09.0
68990 ENArtemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeColfer, Eoin5.010.0
109333 ENArtemis Fowl: The Lost ColonyColfer, Eoin5.313.0
87709 ENArtemis Fowl: The Opal DeceptionColfer, Eoin5.712.0
123436 ENArtemis Fowl: The Time ParadoxColfer, Eoin5.613.0
204 ENArthur, for the Very First TimeMacLachlan, Patricia4.23.0
1949 ENArthur in a PickleBrown, Marc2.10.5
16967 ENArthur's BabyBrown, Marc2.20.5
27485 ENArthur's Back to School DayHoban, Lillian2.70.5
16968 ENArthur's BirthdayBrown, Marc2.30.5
53060 ENArthur's Birthday PartyHoban, Lillian3.00.5
9105 ENArthur's Camp-OutHoban, Lillian2.90.5
9106 ENArthur's Chicken PoxBrown, Marc2.90.5
11156 ENArthur's Christmas CookiesHoban, Lillian2.60.5
9755 ENArthur's EyesBrown, Marc2.20.5
16969 ENArthur's HalloweenBrown, Marc2.80.5
20006 ENArthur's Mystery EnvelopeBrown/Krensky3.01.0
101933 ENArthur Spiderwick's Field Guide...Fantastical World Around YouDiTerlizzi, Tony8.02.0
103988 ENArticles of Confederation, TheRebman, Renée C.7.31.0
71047 ENArtificial Intelligence: The Impact on Our LivesWoolf, Alex9.63.0
46774 ENArtificial Intelligence (Watts Library)Perry, Robert L.8.91.0
66812 ENArtificial Satellites (Out of This World)Spangenburg/Moser9.23.0
88373 ENArtistry in Stone: Great Structures of Ancient EgyptNardo, Don10.26.0
60727 ENArtists and Writers of the Harlem RenaissanceBeckman, Wendy Hart8.43.0
111075 ENArts and Crafts of Ancient ChinaMorris, Ting6.41.0
111076 ENArts and Crafts of Ancient EgyptMorris, Ting6.41.0
111077 ENArts and Crafts of Ancient GreeceMorris, Ting6.71.0
111078 ENArts and Crafts of Ancient RomeMorris, Ting6.41.0
111079 ENArts and Crafts of the Aztecs and MayaMorris, Ting6.41.0
111080 ENArts and Crafts of the Native AmericansMorris, Ting6.21.0
79382 ENArts and EntertainmentKallen, Stuart A.9.76.0
73688 ENArts, Leisure, and Entertainment: Life of the Ancient RomansNardo, Don9.56.0
34563 SPArturo y el concurso de poesíaBrown, Marc3.41.0
49397 SPArturo y la carrera por la lecturaBrown, Marc3.41.0
25226 ENAs Ever, GordyHahn, Mary Downing4.66.0
69242 ENAs Far as the Eye Can Reach: Lewis and Clark's Westward QuestKimmel, Elizabeth Cody7.53.0
17754 ENAs Long as There Are MountainsKinsey-Warnock, Natalie5.36.0
83398 ENAs Long as There Are WhalesDaigle, Evelyne6.81.0
16574 ENAs the Eagle GoesSchraff, Anne4.21.0
85022 SPasesinato de Abraham Lincoln, ElOlson, Kay Melchisedech3.90.5
86796 ENAshlee SimpsonNorwich, Grace7.04.0
31199 ENAshwater Experiment, TheKoss, Amy Goldman4.65.0
17632 SPAsí es JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.12.0
89961 ENAsiaAspen-Baxter, Linda6.41.0
49968 ENAsian American AuthorsIshizuka, Kathy8.03.0
36528 ENAsk the BonesOlson/Schwartz5.64.0
25126 ENAssassination of Abraham Lincoln, TheJanuary, Brendan5.61.0
121179 ENAssassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., TheWalker, Ida7.53.0
25136 ENAssassination of John F. Kennedy, TheStein, R. Conrad6.51.0
118289 ENAssassination of John F. Kennedy, TheStockland, Patricia M.8.22.0
67473 ENAssassination of Malcolm X, TheDraper, Allison Stark7.21.0
25137 ENAssassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., TheStein, R. Conrad6.00.5
25138 ENAssassination of Robert F. Kennedy, TheSantella, Andrew6.60.5
77251 ENAssassins of Rome, TheLawrence, Caroline4.66.0
2515 ENAssertiveness: "How Can I Say What I Mean?"Havelin, Kate4.91.0
17455 ENAsteroids, Comets, and MeteorsMarsh, Carole9.22.0
47357 ENAsteroids, Comets, and Meteors (Planet Library)Kerrod, Robin7.31.0
63858 ENAsthma (Diseases and Disorders)Sheen, Barbara10.34.0
64519 ENAsthma (Health Issues)Lennard-Brown, Sarah9.03.0
49591 ENAstonishing Armadillo, TheStuart, Dee7.01.0
125534 ENAstonishing Life of Octavian Nothing...Kingdom on the Waves, TheAnderson, M.T.8.122.0
108594 ENAstonishing Life of Octavian Nothing...the Pox Party, TheAnderson, M.T.8.013.0
51531 ENAstronauts (History Makers)Wyborny, Sheila9.45.0
81865 ENAstronomers (Scientists at Work)Haydon, Julie6.81.0
11057 ENAstronomyLippincott, Kristen8.61.0
100524 ENAstronomyGore, Bryson7.81.0
30837 ENAt Her Majesty's RequestMyers, Walter Dean7.13.0
18853 ENAt Home in the Rain ForestWillow, Diane4.90.5
66886 ENAt the Crossing PlacesCrossley-Holland, Kevin4.412.0
5457 ENAt the CrossroadsIsadora, Rachel1.90.5
43276 ENAt the Sign of the StarSturtevant, Katherine5.65.0
71749 ENAt the Sign of the Sugared PlumHooper, Mary6.27.0
114826 ENAtherton: The House of PowerCarman, Patrick6.112.0
67679 ENAthletes with Disabilities (Watts Library)Kent, Deborah7.51.0
5929 ENAthletic Shorts: Six Short StoriesCrutcher, Chris6.06.0
2101 ENAthletic TrainerVoeller, Edward5.90.5
89825 ENAtlantaStout, Mary9.52.0
103755 ENAtlantic Division, TheGigliotti, Jim7.21.0
119634 ENAtlantic Division, TheKelley, James S.6.61.0
75844 ENAtlantic Division: The Boston Celtics...Washington Wizard, TheGigliotti, Jim7.21.0
40807 ENAtlantic Ocean, TheTaylor, L.R.6.01.0
103460 ENAtlantis and Other Lost CitiesShone, Rob4.61.0
57305 ENAtlantis (Unsolved Mysteries: The Secret Files)Lewis, Ann8.31.0
58696 ENAtlas ShruggedRand, Ayn8.2102.0
100691 ENAtmosphere and WeatherJennings, Terry7.52.0
84647 ENAtmosphere in Danger (Environmental Disasters)Walker, Jane7.91.0
117092 ENAtomic Bomb, TheFandel, Jennifer8.81.0
56710 ENAtoms (Chemicals in Action)Oxlade, Chris8.41.0
6655 ENAttaboy, Sam!Lowry, Lois4.63.0
44359 ENAttack Helicopters: The AH-64 ApachesSweetman, Bill4.80.5
82197 ENAttack of the Killer Video Book: Tips...for Young DirectorsShulman/Krog5.32.0
32173 ENAttack of the Two-Inch Teacher, TheCoville, Bruce4.93.0
60962 ENAttack on America: The Day the Twin Towers CollapsedGow, Mary7.12.0
65533 ENAttack on Pearl Harbor, TheMcGowen, Tom7.11.0
105243 ENAttack on Pearl Harbor, TheSutcliffe, Jane4.00.5
79432 ENAttack Submarines: The Seawolf ClassGreen, Michael4.90.5
33626 ENAttack, TheApplegate, K.A.4.24.0
83117 ENAtticus of Rome: 30 B.C.Denenberg, Barry8.45.0
62311 ENATV Riding (Radsports Guides)Maurer, Tracy Nelson4.71.0
104135 ENATVsMarx, Mandy R.3.00.5
75415 ENATVsSavage, Jeff4.40.5
53098 ENAuschwitzShuter, Jane6.71.0
41280 ENAustere Academy, TheSnicket, Lemony6.76.0
88738 ENAustraliaGuile, Melanie7.71.0
83820 ENAustralia and the Pacific IslandsCurrie, Stephen8.85.0
26999 ENAustralia (Enchantment of the World)Heinrichs, Ann6.62.0
65604 ENAustralia (Steadwell Books World Tour)Cobb, Leigh Ann5.71.0
46823 ENAustria (Enchantment of the World)Stein, R. Conrad8.34.0
1802 ENAutoimmune Diseases (Venture Book)Aaseng, Nathan9.34.0
86911 ENAutomobile, TheConley, Robyn7.92.0
4554 ENAutomotive Master MechanicBoraas, Tracey6.00.5
121012 ENAutopsies: Pathologists at WorkJeffrey, Gary5.31.0
54954 ENAutumn MoonGeorge, Jean Craighead6.22.0
83491 ENAutumn StreetLowry, Lois5.16.0
101445 ENAV-8B Harrier Jump Jet, TheHansen, Ole Steen5.30.5
15405 ENAvalancheKramer, Stephen5.61.0
83777 ENAvalanche and Landslide Alert!Bishop/Walker7.71.0
2220 ENAvalanche! The Deadly SlideDuden, Jane4.11.0
66045 ENAvalanchesYlvisaker, Anne5.60.5
81307 ENAvalanches and Landslides (Natural Disasters)Walker, Jane7.41.0
71720 ENAvoiding GridlockLomberg, Michelle8.22.0
102386 ENAwesome Obstacles: How to Build...Skateboard Ramps and LedgesHocking, Justin6.61.0
120026 ENAztec Empire (Freestyle Express), TheBingham, Jane3.81.0
69178 ENB-1 Lancer, TheCasil, Amy Sterling9.01.0
80600 ENB-1B Bomber LancerStone, Lynn M.6.90.5
101446 ENB-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, TheHansen, Ole Steen5.40.5
69179 ENB-2 Spirit, TheBasmadjian, E.E.8.31.0
69180 ENB-52 Stratofortress, TheGreene, Meg8.71.0
74871 ENB. Bears and the Papa's Day Surprise, TheBerenstain, Stan3.50.5
7469 ENB. Bears and the Sitter, TheBerenstain, Stan3.40.5
9046 ENB. Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, TheBerenstain, Stan1.10.5
101636 ENB. Bears and the Wishing Star, TheBerenstain, Stan2.30.5
32426 ENB. Bears by the Sea, TheBerenstain, Stan1.50.5
25955 ENB. Bears Lend a Helping Hand, TheBerenstain, Stan3.50.5
86992 ENB. Bears' New Pup, TheBerenstain, Stan1.80.5
84923 ENB. Bears Play T-Ball, TheBerenstain, Stan1.90.5
7239 ENB. Bears Ready, Get Set, Go!, TheBerenstain, Stan1.20.5
66066 ENB. Bears' Report Card Trouble, TheBerenstain, Stan3.80.5
31594 ENB. Bears Ride the Thunderbolt, TheBerenstain, Stan0.60.5
5 ENB Is for BetsyHaywood, Carolyn4.32.0
53349 ENBaa! The Most Interesting ... Genetics and CloningNicolson, Cynthia Pratt7.31.0
36037 ENBabe & Me : A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
205 ENBabe, the Gallant PigKing-Smith, Dick5.63.0
55758 SPBabi es BárbaraBazola, Asun3.91.0
114113 ENBaboonJones, David6.17.0
34714 ENBaboon King, TheQuintana, Anton6.48.0
75254 ENBaboons and Their InfantsTagliaferro, Linda1.60.5
9351 ENBaby Bunny, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
46616 ENBaby in the HouseMarx, David F.1.20.5
206 ENBaby-sitting Is a Dangerous JobRoberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
8203 ENBabysitter III, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
8201 ENBabysitter, TheStine, R.L.5.35.0
32493 ENBachelor GirlMacBride, Roger Lea5.46.0
43603 ENBack to School for Rotten RalphGantos, Jack2.80.5
77973 ENBack-up QuarterbackRobins, Eleanor2.71.0
152 ENBack Yard AngelDelton, Judy4.32.0
67689 ENBackstage at a Movie SetWessling, Katherine5.51.0
67690 ENBackstage at a Music VideoCefrey, Holly6.21.0
67691 ENBackstage at a NewscastSomervill, Barbara A.5.81.0
67692 ENBackstage at a PlayMiller, Kimberly M.5.61.0
67693 ENBackstage at an Animated SeriesFingeroth, Danny6.01.0
32219 ENBackwaterBauer, Joan5.16.0
83580 ENBacteria and VirusesThomas, Peggy10.14.0
72641 ENBacteria (Universes Large and Small)Ravage/Brunelle6.31.0
41281 ENBad Beginning, TheSnicket, Lemony6.44.0
49772 ENBad Boy: A MemoirMyers, Walter Dean6.58.0
25944 ENBad Day for BalletKeene, Carolyn3.21.0
8204 ENBad DreamsStine, R.L.3.84.0
36537 ENBad DreamsFine, Anne4.63.0
17756 ENBad GirlsVoigt, Cynthia4.38.0
60644 ENBad Girls in LoveVoigt, Cynthia4.77.0
70237 ENBad Hare DayMoss, Miriam2.90.5
69066 ENBag of Lucky Rice, AReichart, George6.17.0
89826 ENBaghdadGaag, Nikki van der8.52.0
58214 ENBagpiper's Ghost, TheYolen, Jane4.43.0
27000 ENBahamas (Enchantment of the World), TheHintz, Martin/Stephen7.43.0
40673 ENBaldy EagleSargent, Dave5.60.5
14989 ENBallad of Lucy Whipple, TheCushman, Karen5.87.0
66893 ENBallad of Sir Dinadan, TheMorris, Gerald5.38.0
83945 ENBallet: Pointe by PointeMitchell, Missy6.81.0
456 ENBallet ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.79.0
82153 ENBambert's Book of Missing StoriesJung, Reinhardt6.13.0
9631 ENBamboo Flute, TheDisher, Garry3.82.0
103499 ENBamboozlers, Thede Guzman, Michael3.54.0
73136 ENBank Robber's End: The Death of Jesse James, ARandolph, Ryan P.4.30.5
207 ENBanner in the SkyUllman, James Ramsey5.111.0
128813 ENBarack Obama: Our 44th PresidentGormley, Beatrice8.56.0
106705 ENBarbara McClintock: Genius of GeneticsPasachoff, Naomi9.84.0
57324 ENBarbiturates and Your Central Nervous System: The...StoryDerkins, Susie8.81.0
58191 ENBarefoot Book of Knights, TheMatthews, John6.03.0
36594 ENBark, GeorgeFeiffer, Jules1.30.5
100191 ENBark of the Bog Owl, TheRogers, Jonathan5.99.0
14934 ENBarking Ghost, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
42450 ENBarn Burner, TheWillis, Patricia4.96.0
1880 ENBarred from the BarGarza, Hedda10.29.0
104004 ENBarrel RacingBroyles, Janell7.91.0
9003 ENBartholomew and the OobleckSeuss, Dr.3.20.5
86971 ENBaseball All-Star, AJanuary, Brendan6.82.0
1915 ENBaseball and the Color LineGilbert, Tom9.37.0
46866 ENBaseball: Becoming a Great HitterFitzgerald, Ron4.50.5
75101 ENBaseball (Childrens's Press)Kennedy, Mike4.90.5
46867 ENBaseball: Fielding Ground BallsFitzgerald, Ron4.61.0
5931 ENBaseball in April and Other StoriesSoto, Gary5.14.0
75032 ENBaseball (Watts Library)Kennedy, Mike6.61.0
25883 ENBasher Five-Two: The True...Pilot Captain Scott O'GradyO'Grady, Scott7.05.0
34809 ENBasketball: A History of HoopsStewart, Mark8.710.0
86972 ENBasketball All-Star, AIngram, Scott7.72.0
66686 ENBasketball Greats (History Makers)Mattern, Joanne7.24.0
46868 ENBasketball: Man-to-Man DefenseVan Gundy, Bill4.71.0
46869 ENBasketball: Outside ShootingVan Gundy, Bill4.81.0
87196 ENBasketball (Revised Edition)Hareas, John7.11.0
103464 ENBasketball WarZucker, Jonny3.80.5
122642 ENBat-Chen Diaries, TheShahak, Bat-Chen5.02.0
29497 ENBat SixWolff, Virginia Euwer5.18.0
35410 ENBat SummerWithrow, Sarah3.75.0
85023 SPbatalla del Alamo, LaDoeden, Matt4.70.5
102925 ENBateman's Backyard BirdsBateman, Robert5.51.0
27484 ENBathtime for BiscuitCapucilli, Alyssa Satin1.10.5
15406 ENBatsStuart, Dee6.71.0
86037 ENBatsRiley, Joelle3.60.5
46728 ENBats: Mammals That FlySway Ph.D., Marlene5.61.0
121443 ENBattle for Skandia, TheFlanagan, John6.714.0
10232 ENBattle for the Castle, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.46.0
105081 ENBattle of Gettysburg, TheBurgan, Michael4.50.5
25101 ENBattle of the Alamo, TheSantella, Andrew6.31.0
104645 ENBattle of the Alamo, TheO'Hern, Kerri4.20.5
118377 ENBattle of the Bulge: Turning Back Hitler's Final Push, TheCain, Bill6.81.0
25132 ENBattle of the Little Bighorn, TheStein, R. Conrad6.60.5
121180 ENBattle of the Little Bighorn, TheGitlin, Martin7.52.0
81255 ENBattle of Yorktown, TheAnderson, Dale8.12.0
86697 ENBattle ScarsWilson, John5.86.0
87293 ENBattle Stations! Fortifications Through the AgesShapiro, Stephen7.61.0
24663 ENBattles of World War IITaylor, Mike7.31.0
89713 ENBattleshipsStone, Lynn M.6.90.5
153 ENBe a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!Manes, Stephen4.21.0
79049 ENBe Healthy! It's a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness, and Feeling GreatJukes/Cheung7.45.0
65146 ENBe Very Afraid! More Tales of Horrorvan Belkom et al., Edo5.18.0
118169 ENBeach BiologyDavidson, Avelyn5.20.5
62582 ENBeach Boys (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers), TheHolcomb, Mark8.02.0
66242 ENBeach DayMayer, Mercer0.60.5
11053 ENBeach for the Birds, AMcMillan, Bruce6.01.0
8205 ENBeach HouseStine, R.L.4.15.0
32560 ENBeaded Moccasins: The Story of Mary Campbell, TheDurrant, Lynda4.76.0
16332 ENBeagle, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.90.5
35603 ENBear About TownBlackstone, Stella1.30.5
46870 ENBear AttacksFitzgerald, Patrick J.4.80.5
48939 ENBear Dogs: Canines with a MissionWood, Ted4.70.5
4579 ENBear WatchingBair/Wright4.00.5
9632 ENBeardanceHobbs, Will5.78.0
63474 ENBearded Dragon, TheMiller, Jake4.90.5
12374 ENBearhead: A Russian FolktaleKimmel, Eric A.3.20.5
64901 ENBearsStefoff, Rebecca7.73.0
43152 ENBears, Bears, BearsLynch, Wayne7.13.0
17302 ENBears Odd Bears EvenZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
9008 ENBears' Picnic, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.90.5
5057 ENBearstoneHobbs, Will5.06.0
44703 ENBeastNapoli, Donna Jo4.68.0
13854 ENBeast and the Halloween HorrorGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
12469 ENBeast FeastFlorian, Douglas4.40.5
51860 ENBeast Under the Wizard's Bridge, TheStrickland, Brad5.46.0
18803 ENBeasties, TheSleator, William4.86.0
52129 ENBeastly Arms, TheJennings, Patrick4.48.0
106527 ENBeasts of Clawstone Castle, TheIbbotson, Eva6.18.0
58721 ENBeatles (A&E Biography), TheRoberts, Jeremy6.73.0
109321 ENBeatrice Letters, TheSnicket, Lemony6.41.0
7003 ENBeauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the BeastMcKinley, Robin6.211.0
59374 ENBeauty and the Serpent: Thirteen Tales of Unnatural AnimalsPorte, Barbara Ann5.54.0
39557 ENBecause of Winn-DixieDiCamillo, Kate3.93.0
72230 ENBecoming Joe DimaggioTesta, Maria5.00.5
82864 ENBecoming Naomi LeonRyan, Pam Muñoz5.46.0
59114 ENBeduins' Gazelle, TheTemple, Frances5.54.0
102710 ENBee SeasonGoldberg, Myla7.217.0
80285 ENBeekman's Big Dealde Guzman, Michael4.15.0
78269 ENBeethoven in ParadiseO'Connor, Barbara4.55.0
11555 ENBeethoven Lives UpstairsNichol, Barbara4.61.0
109110 ENBeethoven's Fifth SymphonyFandel, Jennifer8.01.0
117271 ENBeethoven's WorldViegas, Jennifer8.32.0
28592 ENBeetle and Me: A Love Story, TheYoung, Karen Romano4.47.0
116485 ENBeetlesLockwood, Sophie6.41.0
356 ENBeetles, Lightly ToastedNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.75.0
67970 ENBeetles (Revised Edition)Murray, Peter4.40.5
46729 ENBeetles: The Most Common InsectsMiller, Sara Swan5.41.0
304 ENBeezus and RamonaCleary, Beverly4.83.0
102015 ENBefore Hollywood: From Shadow Play to the Silver ScreenClee, Paul9.37.0
60706 ENBefore We Were FreeAlvarez, Julia5.68.0
553 ENBeggar Queen, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.39.0
70876 ENBegging for ChangeFlake, Sharon G.3.76.0
79686 ENBegin AgainApplegate, K.A.4.44.0
77442 ENBeginner's LuckPedersen, Laura6.520.0
50418 ENBeginning, TheApplegate, K.A.4.84.0
86783 ENBeginning, TheMarkas, Jenny4.45.0
54876 ENBeguilers, TheThompson, Kate6.58.0
554 ENBehind the Attic WallCassedy, Sylvia4.99.0
18754 ENBehind the Bedroom WallWilliams, Laura E.4.44.0
105342 ENBehind the Blue and Gray: The Soldier's Life in the Civil WarRay, Delia8.44.0
65424 ENBehind the Mountains: The Diary of Celiane EsperanceDanticat, Edwidge5.65.0
65799 ENBehind the Scenes at the OlympicsMattern, Joanne/James6.81.0
122061 ENBehind the Scenes: The RacehorseTate, Nikki7.43.0
69067 ENBehind the Secret Window: A Memoir of...Childhood During WWIIToll, Nelly S.6.06.0
71564 ENBeing Active CitizensWatson, Susan6.81.0
16922 ENBeing Danny's DogNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.65.0
53421 ENBeing DeadVande Velde, Vivian5.36.0
35782 ENBeing with HenryBrooks, Martha4.56.0
27946 ENBeing YoungestHeynen, Jim5.010.0
17706 SPbéisbol nos salvó, ElMochizuki, Ken3.90.5
101427 ENBelgian Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.60.5
46824 ENBelgium (Enchantment of the World)Burgan, Michael7.84.0
19177 ENBell, the Book, and the Spellbinder, TheStrickland, Brad5.45.0
106196 ENBella at MidnightStanley, Diane6.09.0
47534 ENBelle of the West: The True Story of Belle StarrRau, Margaret7.65.0
15791 ENBelle Prater's BoyWhite, Ruth4.45.0
40822 ENBelle Starr and the Wild WestNaden/Blue7.83.0
54093 ENBelle TealMartin, Ann M.4.86.0
10755 ENBellmaker, TheJacques, Brian5.714.0
118179 ENBelly-Busting Worm Invasions! Parasites That Love Your Insides!Tilden, Thomasine E. Lewis5.71.0
79184 ENBen AffleckWukovits, John F.8.84.0
84255 ENBen and JerryBoekhoff, P.M.6.61.0
208 ENBen and MeLawson, Robert6.93.0
17610 ENBen Franklin of Old PhiladelphiaCousins, Margaret6.54.0
70712 ENBen Franklin's Almanac...Good Gentleman's LifeFleming, Candace8.07.0
48213 ENBen's Pens: The Sound of Short EFlanagan, Alice K.1.10.5
85235 ENBenedict Arnold: From Patriot to TraitorDell, Pamela6.72.0
39680 ENBenefits of Bacteria, TheSnedden, Robert9.72.0
59895 ENBengal Tigers (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy4.50.5
50474 ENBenito Mussolini (Leading Lives)Downing, David7.72.0
104881 ENBenjamin Banneker: American Scientific PioneerWeatherly, Myra7.92.0
101336 ENBenjamin Franklin: An American GeniusOlson, Kay Melchisedech4.00.5
85236 ENBenjamin Franklin: Scientist and StatesmanHaugen, Brenda7.02.0
51708 ENBenny Bensky and the Perogy PalaceBorsky, Mary4.73.0
115372 ENBeowulf: Monster SlayerStorrie, Paul D.4.30.5
73902 ENBeowulf (Understanding Great Literature)Streissguth, Thomas9.44.0
89828 ENBerlinBarber, Nicola9.02.0
103410 ENBermuda Triangle: Strange Happenings at Sea, TheWest, David4.61.0
79438 ENBermuda Triangle, TheRudolph, Aaron5.00.5
115979 ENBermuda Triangle, TheHamilton, Sue6.61.0
57309 ENBermuda Triangle (Unsolved Mysteries: The Secret Files), TheRosenberg, Aaron7.91.0
68134 ENBernie Magruder & the Bats in the BelfryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.84.0
53422 ENBernie Magruder & the Bus Station Blow-UpNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.14.0
51838 ENBernie Magruder & the Case of the Big StinkNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.23.0
51839 ENBernie Magruder & the Disappearing BodiesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.44.0
49773 ENBernie Magruder & the Haunted HotelNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.64.0
51840 ENBernie Magruder & the Parachute PerilNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.64.0
6452 ENBest Bad Thing, TheUchida, Yoshiko4.94.0
28331 ENBest Detective, TheKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
8207 ENBest Friend, TheStine, R.L.3.64.0
5000 ENBest Mistake Ever! and Other Stories, TheScarry, Richard2.50.5
110336 ENBest Shorts: Favorite Short Stories for SharingAvi6.113.0
17303 ENBest Vacation Ever, TheMurphy, Stuart J.1.80.5
32295 ENBest WishesRylant, Cynthia3.60.5
78029 ENBetrayal at Cross CreekErnst, Kathleen5.05.0
8208 ENBetrayal, TheStine, R.L.4.54.0
58907 ENBetrayed!Calvert, Patricia6.28.0
82396 ENBetsy and the EmperorRabin, Staton5.18.0
15093 ENBetsy and the Great WorldLovelace, Maud Hart5.410.0
101337 ENBetsy Ross and the American FlagOlson, Kay Melchisedech3.70.5
15094 ENBetsy's WeddingLovelace, Maud Hart4.98.0
7 ENBetsy-TacyLovelace, Maud Hart4.03.0
44808 ENBetsy Zane, the Rose of Fort HenryDurrant, Lynda4.96.0
59757 ENBetweenThesman, Jean5.07.0
63087 ENBetween Madison and PalmettoWoodson, Jacqueline3.92.0
22663 ENBeware the Gingerbread HouseRodda, Emily4.14.0
26514 ENBeware We Are PoisonousDossenbach, Hans D.6.71.0
89803 ENBeyoncéHorn, Geoffrey M.4.50.5
103631 ENBeyoncé KnowlesHodgson, Nicola5.21.0
89963 ENBeyoncé KnowlesWebster, Christine5.10.5
16575 ENBeyond GlorySchraff, Anne3.91.0
31563 ENBeyond MayfieldNelson, Vaunda Micheaux4.14.0
80438 ENBeyond the Grave (The Unexplained)Herbst, Judith6.41.0
30695 ENBeyond the Mango TreeZemser, Amy Bronwen4.84.0
101196 ENBeyond the Valley of ThornsCarman, Patrick6.28.0
17757 ENBeyond the Western Sea: Lord Kirkle's MoneyAvi4.716.0
17758 ENBeyond the Western Sea: The Escape from HomeAvi4.713.0
5058 ENBFG, TheDahl, Roald4.86.0
71540 ENBible and Christianity, TheBrown, Alan6.41.0
102441 ENBicycle Man, TheDudley, David L.4.08.0
2681 ENBicycle Stunt Riding! Catch AirHayhurst, Chris6.01.0
45739 ENBicycle Stunt Riding: Check It Out!Eck, Kristin1.90.5
51118 ENBicycling AdventuresBledsoe, Karen/Glen4.40.5
41797 ENBig Bad BeansLewis, Beverly2.91.0
10205 ENBig Bug BookFacklam, Margery5.81.0
59174 ENBig Burn, TheIngold, Jeanette5.69.0
6056 ENBig Dog...Little DogEastman, P.D.1.70.5
79092 ENBig Fat Paycheck: A Young Person's Guide to Writing...the MoviesLawrence, Colton6.58.0
9010 ENBig Honey Hunt, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.70.5
59202 ENBig Mouth and Ugly GirlOates, Joyce Carol5.18.0
82405 ENBig Nothing, TheFogelin, Adrian3.88.0
103 ENBig RedKjelgaard, Jim5.69.0
16755 ENBig Rivers: The Missouri, the Mississippi, and the Ohio, TheHiscock, Bruce5.70.5
47520 ENBig Tree, TheHiscock, Bruce5.20.5
48665 ENBig Trouble in Little TwinsvilleLevy, Elizabeth3.52.0
6656 ENBig Wander, TheHobbs, Will5.18.0
5209 ENBig Wave, TheBuck, Pearl S.5.22.0
79433 ENBigfootBurgan, Michael4.80.5
103461 ENBigfoot and Other Strange BeastsShone, Rob3.50.5
122007 ENBigfoot Caught on Film: And Other Monster Sightings!Teitelbaum, Michael5.51.0
57306 ENBigfoot (Unsolved Mysteries: The Secret Files)Cox, Greg8.81.0
10204 ENBiggerCalvert, Patricia5.76.0
76363 ENBiggest, Highest, FastestRohr, Ian4.90.5
32379 ENBiggest Klutz in Fifth Grade, TheWallace, Bill4.14.0
29420 ENBiggest Pest on Eighth Avenue, TheLawlor, Laurie3.30.5
17305 ENBiggest, Strongest, FastestJenkins, Steve2.30.5
69852 ENBighorn Sheep (Endangered Animals & Habitats)Bannor, Brett10.45.0
9011 ENBike Lesson, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.60.5
79580 ENBike Tour Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn4.74.0
57262 ENBill Bradley (Basketball Hall of Famers)Buckley Jr., James7.52.0
72920 ENBill Elliott: The Fastest Man AliveBarber, Phil5.30.5
79364 ENBill Gates: Billionaire Computer WhizMarshall, David8.32.0
64639 ENBill Gates: Computer Legend (Famous Lives)Barton-Wood, Sara5.81.0
43637 ENBill Gates: Computer Programmer and EntrepreneurRaatma, Lucia7.72.0
89888 ENBill & Hillary Rodham ClintonAshby, Ruth8.42.0
117401 ENBill of Rights: Defining Our Freedoms, TheSmith, Rich7.81.0
25102 ENBill of Rights, TheStein, R. Conrad8.71.0
57263 ENBill Russell (Basketball Hall of Famers)Hayhurst, Chris7.02.0
80964 ENBill W. a Different Kind of Hero...Story of Alcoholics AnonymousWhite, Tom7.22.0
62575 ENBillie Holiday (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers)Alagna, Magdalena7.12.0
32373 ENBilly Budd, SailorMelville, Herman10.66.0
49971 ENBilly Graham: World-Famous EvangelistWooten, Sara McIntosh7.33.0
100436 ENBilly the KidHealy, Nick6.61.0
36078 ENBilly the Kid: Outlaw of the Wild WestBruns, Roger A.7.43.0
44809 ENBilly Yank and Johnny Reb: Soldiering in the Civil WarBeller, Susan Provost8.53.0
5059 ENBingo Brown, Gypsy LoverByars, Betsy4.53.0
117183 ENBiofuelsSolway, Andrew5.81.0
103191 ENBiography of Bananas, TheEagen, Rachel7.31.0
103192 ENBiography of Chocolate, TheMorganelli, Adrianna7.71.0
103193 ENBiography of Cotton, TheGleason, Carrie7.31.0
103194 ENBiography of Rice, TheZronik, John Paul7.31.0
103195 ENBiography of Rubber, TheGleason, Carrie7.31.0
103197 ENBiography of Sugar, TheEagen, Rachel7.51.0
102477 ENBiological, Nuclear, and Chemical WeaponsBaker, David9.21.0
100525 ENBiologyGore, Bryson7.71.0
56711 ENBiometric TechnologyLockie, Mark8.52.0
70305 ENBionics (Science on the Edge)Rosaler, Maxine9.11.0
118384 ENBioterror: Deadly Invisible WeaponsRudy, Lisa Jo6.01.0
83572 ENBipolar DisorderAbramovitz, Melissa11.64.0
36398 ENBirchbark House, TheErdrich, Louise6.17.0
87198 ENBird (Revised Edition)Burnie, David7.21.0
49034 ENBirdsSavage, Stephen4.10.5
89706 ENBirdsO'Hare, Ted3.50.5
28162 ENBirds (Animals in Disguise)Stone, Lynn M.4.20.5
110655 ENBirds: Answers to Questions About Feathered FamiliesWest, Keith6.02.0
5060 ENBirds' Christmas Carol, TheWiggin, Kate Douglas7.32.0
46730 ENBirds: From Forest to Family RoomZeaman, John6.61.0
68286 ENBirds: Nature's Magnificent Flying MachinesArnold, Caroline5.20.5
67612 ENBirds of Prey: From Falcons to VulturesMiller, Sara Swan5.61.0
106161 ENBirds of Prey Rescue: Changing the Future...Endangered WildlifeHickman, Pamela7.81.0
51147 ENBirman Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.11.0
88320 ENBirth DefectsSheen, Barbara9.64.0
9353 ENBirthday Car, TheHillert, Margaret0.50.5
36567 ENBirthday Room, TheHenkes, Kevin5.05.0
11456 ENBirthday Surprises: Ten Great Stories to UnwrapHurwitz, Johanna5.13.0
51249 ENBiscuits in the CupboardNichol, Barbara3.30.5
11405 ENBite of the Gold Bug: A Story of the Alaskan Gold Rush, TheDeClements, Barthe4.01.0
505 ENBlack Arrow, TheStevenson, Robert Louis9.014.0
8 ENBlack Beauty (Unabridged)Sewell, Anna7.711.0
12777 ENBlack Boy (American Hunger)Wright, Richard7.422.0
79379 ENBlack Brothers, TheTetzner, Lisa3.92.0
86093 ENBlack Canary, TheCurry, Jane Louise6.18.0
210 ENBlack Cauldron, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.27.0
42500 ENBlack Civil Rights ChampionsTaylor, Kimberly Hayes8.94.0
68676 ENBlack Diamond: The Story of the Negro Baseball LeaguesMcKissack, Pat7.74.0
106281 ENBlack DuckLisle, Janet Taylor4.88.0
32519 ENBlack Eagles: African Americans in AviationHaskins, Jim9.05.0
13767 ENBlack-Eyed SusanArmstrong, Jennifer5.12.0
23343 ENBlack Hearts in BatterseaAiken, Joan6.19.0
74581 ENBlack HolesNardo, Don10.14.0
14453 ENBlack Horses for the KingMcCaffrey, Anne6.98.0
86546 ENBlack JuiceLanagan, Margo5.78.0
104 ENBlack Pearl, TheO'Dell, Scott5.44.0
65517 ENBlack Rhino (Natural World)Penny, Malcolm6.21.0
106360 ENBlack Room, TheCross, Gillian4.69.0
18756 ENBlack Stallion and Flame, TheFarley, Walter6.46.0
601 ENBlack Stallion Returns, TheFarley, Walter6.18.0
11591 ENBlack Stallion's Ghost, TheFarley, Walter6.67.0
47250 ENBlack Stallion's Shadow, TheFarley, Steven5.16.0
105 ENBlack Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.27.0
555 ENBlack Star, Bright DawnO'Dell, Scott4.34.0
88999 ENBlack Storm Comin'Wilson, Diane Lee5.513.0
116517 ENBlack Tuesday: Prelude to the Great DepressionDoak, Robin S.8.22.0
80120 ENBlack WaterMacHale, D.J.4.617.0
2060 ENBlack Widow Spiders (Dangerous Animals)McAuliffe, Bill4.70.5
56388 ENBlack Widow (The Library of Spiders), TheMcGinty, Alice B.4.40.5
70859 ENBlackout! Cities in DarknessDeAngelis, Therese7.71.0
104059 ENBlackouts: A Practical Survival GuideByers, Ann6.42.0
81876 ENBlacks in AmericaKramer, Ann7.31.0
32494 ENBlackwaterBunting, Eve3.63.0
75344 ENBlackwater BenDurbin, William5.17.0
113224 ENBlade of FireHill, Stuart7.731.0
5259 ENBless the Beasts & ChildrenSwarthout, Glendon6.36.0
8209 ENBlind DateStine, R.L.4.06.0
63020 ENBlizzard's WakeNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.98.0
36570 ENBlizzard Year, AEhrlich, Gretel5.43.0
2408 ENBlizzards! Snowstorm FuryTurck, Mary C.4.81.0
18446 ENBlood and ChocolateKlause, Annette Curtis6.49.0
105303 ENBlood FeverHigson, Charlie5.614.0
106127 ENBlood on the River: James Town 1607Carbone, Elisa5.37.0
88590 ENBlood Red HorseGrant, K.M.6.313.0
118180 ENBlood Suckers! Deadly Mosquito BitesDiConsiglio, John5.71.0
44349 ENBloodhound, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.81.0
72070 ENBloodsuckers: Bats, Bugs, and Other Bloodthirsty CreaturesHoughton, Sarah4.30.5
15635 ENBloodsuckers (Weird and Wacky Science)Knapp, Ron5.81.0
66508 ENBloodsucking Creatures (Watts Library)Fredericks, Anthony D.7.21.0
61382 ENBloody Jack: Being an Account...Ship's BoyMeyer, L.A.5.611.0
52950 ENBloody Wake of the Infamy, TheSchraff, Anne5.03.0
34713 ENBloomabilityCreech, Sharon5.27.0
84940 ENBlue Angels, TheBraulick, Carrie A.2.90.5
104779 ENBlue Djinn of Babylon, TheKerr, P.B.5.914.0
57126 ENBlue Eyes BetterWallace-Brodeur, Ruth3.83.0
76587 ENBlue Fingers: A Ninja's TaleWhitesel, Cheryl Aylward5.28.0
103070 ENBlue Ghost, TheBauer, Marion Dane3.21.0
8511 ENBlue HeronAvi4.05.0
79493 ENBlue JasmineSheth, Kashmira4.46.0
17760 ENBlue LightningRussell, Barbara Timberlake4.74.0
120058 ENBlue Lipstick: Concrete PoemsGrandits, John3.51.0
106 ENBlue Sword, TheMcKinley, Robin6.817.0
70070 ENBlue Whale, TheReiter, Chris7.91.0
9 ENBlue WillowGates, Doris6.56.0
45153 ENBlueprintKerner/Crawford6.57.0
42430 ENBluestemArrington, Frances4.13.0
41621 ENBluishHamilton, Virginia3.23.0
80607 ENBMW (Hot Cars)Stacy, Lee6.20.5
69221 ENBMX Bicycle Racing: Techniques and TricksWingate, Brian5.41.0
51120 ENBMX BikesDeady, Kathleen W.4.20.5
101391 ENBMX RacingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.40.5
79463 ENBMX RacingWeil, Ann3.80.5
68744 ENBMX Riding (Action Sports)Herran/Thomas6.21.0
84621 ENBoa ConstrictorsDoeden, Matt3.60.5
123823 ENBoa ConstrictorsMattern, Joanne3.10.5
66391 ENBoa Constrictors (World's Largest Snakes)Weber, Valerie J.5.10.5
87199 ENBoatKentley, Eric7.11.0
72545 ENBoat-Mania!Parker, Steve5.20.5
29763 ENBoat to Nowhere, AWartski, Maureen Crane4.56.0
82818 ENBoats (Mean Machines)Morris, Mark5.81.0
57264 ENBob Cousy (Basketball Hall of Famers)Kirkpatrick, Rob6.12.0
71761 ENBob Dylan: The Life and Times of an American IconSchuman, Michael A.7.43.0
85473 ENBobbie Rosenfeld: The Olympian Who Could Do EverythingDublin, Anne7.54.0
6657 ENBobby BaseballSmith, Robert Kimmel3.95.0
9304 ENBobby's ZooLunn, Carolyn1.10.5
47322 ENBobcat: North America's CatSwinburne, Stephen R.5.51.0
26515 ENBobcat (Wildcats!)Barrett, Jalma5.10.5
25254 ENBodies from the BogDeem, James M.7.71.0
27100 ENBodies in the Bessledorf Hotel, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.54.0
56712 ENBody Doubles: CloningMorgan, Sally8.73.0
84237 ENBody Image (Health Issues)Fitzhugh, Karla8.63.0
68862 ENBody Language (Communicating)Hossell, Karen Price6.21.0
60536 ENBody Talk: The Straight Facts ... Great about YourselfDouglas, Ann/Julie7.42.0
69231 ENBodyguards: Life Protecting OthersGiacobello, John8.01.0
60470 ENBog Mummies: Preserved in PeatWilcox, Charlotte5.50.5
117905 ENBogeyman, TheKrensky, Stephen5.41.0
16731 ENBoggart and the Monster, TheCooper, Susan6.27.0
7042 ENBoggart, TheCooper, Susan6.18.0
242 SPBolas locasByars, Betsy3.83.0
46825 ENBolivia (Enchantment of the World)Augustin, Byron7.74.0
73402 ENBomb Squad Experts: Life Defusing Explosive DevicesMurdico, Suzanne J.7.51.0
14454 ENBomb, TheTaylor, Theodore5.66.0
76988 ENBombers (Military Hardware in Action)Dartford, Mark6.71.0
116238 ENBombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, TheBodden, Valerie8.61.0
69362 ENBombing of Pearl Harbor, TheUschan, Michael V.8.42.0
83599 ENBone Collector's Son, TheYee, Paul4.65.0
122986 ENBone DetectivesTownsend, John4.20.5
16189 ENBone Detectives: How Forensic Anthropologists Solve Crimes.., TheJackson, Donna M.7.82.0
63654 ENBone DryKarr, Kathleen5.16.0
88860 ENBone Flute, TheBow, Patricia4.04.0
9305 ENBonk! Goes the BallStevens, Philippa0.50.5
73567 ENBonoSchaffer, David9.44.0
12498 ENBooford Summer, TheSmith, Susan Mathias3.93.0
49921 ENBook 'Em, Tommy!Rosado, Maria3.01.0
117766 ENBook of a Thousand DaysHale, Shannon5.39.0
60653 ENBook of Alfar: A Tale of the Hudson Highlands, TheHassinger, Peter W.5.38.0
114397 ENBook of Lost Things, TheConnolly, John6.517.0
58193 ENBook of North American Owls, TheSattler, Helen Roney6.71.0
104415 ENBook of Story Beginnings, TheKladstrup, Kristin4.510.0
6658 ENBook of Three, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.37.0
106101 ENBook Thief, TheZusak, Markus5.118.0
88384 ENBook Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic, TheAvi4.45.0
8325 ENBooker T. Washington (Black Americans of Achievement)Schroeder, Alan9.16.0
101338 ENBooker T. Washington: Great American EducatorBraun, Eric4.40.5
107908 ENBooker T. Washington: Innovative EducatorThoennes Keller, Kristin7.02.0
73018 ENBooking a First GigSchaefer, A.R.4.90.5
78191 ENBooks of Magic, TheGaiman, Neil3.23.0
32294 ENBookworm Who Hatched, AAardema, Verna4.40.5
43398 ENBoots and the Seven Leaguers: A Rock-and-Troll NovelYolen, Jane4.24.0
68234 ENBorder and Immigration ControlKerrigan, Michael9.92.0
36678 SPbordo de el vagabundo, ACreech, Sharon5.26.0
86823 ENBorisRylant, Cynthia4.91.0
66081 ENBorn ConfusedHidier, Tanuja Desai5.923.0
74979 ENBorn to Fly...U.S. Navy Pilot Lt. Shane OsbornOsborn, Shane7.97.0
11590 ENBorn to TrotHenry, Marguerite4.97.0
59162 ENBorn Too Short: The Confessions of an Eighth-Grade Basket CaseElish, Dan4.04.0
6906 ENBorning Room, TheFleischman, Paul5.03.0
6659 ENBorrowed ChildrenLyon, George Ella3.64.0
10 ENBorrowers, TheNorton, Mary5.35.0
76917 ENBosnia and Herzegovina (Enchantment of the World)Milivojevic, JoAnn7.93.0
63842 ENBoston Celtics, TheGrabowski, John F.7.74.0
53469 ENBoston Jane: An AdventureHolm, Jennifer L.4.98.0
77200 ENBoston Jane: The ClaimHolm, Jennifer L.5.17.0
101346 ENBoston Massacre (Capstone), TheBurgan, Michael4.00.5
25103 ENBoston Tea Party, TheStein, R. Conrad6.30.5
81009 ENBotticelliConnolly, Sean9.32.0
82027 ENBoundNapoli, Donna Jo5.46.0
62361 ENBound for America: The Story of the European ImmigrantsMeltzer, Milton8.23.0
10897 ENBound for OregonVan Leeuwen, Jean5.36.0
75416 ENBow Hunting (Great Outdoors)Weintraub, Aileen5.00.5
51944 ENBox GirlWithrow, Sarah4.05.0
30574 ENBox Top DreamsGlassman, Miriam5.36.0
44351 ENBoxer, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.81.0
27974 ENBoxes, TheSleator, William4.56.0
75241 ENBoxing (History of Sports)Grabowski, John F.9.04.0
17761 ENBoy and His Bear, AGraham, Harriet5.27.0
9354 ENBoy and the Goats, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
48513 ENBoy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor, AMazer, Harry3.83.0
80474 ENBoy CrazyStine, Megan3.63.0
24548 ENBoy from Planet Nowhere, TheSchraff, Anne4.33.0
80955 ENBoy No More, AMazer, Harry3.54.0
44065 ENBoy of a Thousand Faces, TheSelznick, Brian4.80.5
105309 ENBoy Who Ate Stars, TheKochka5.12.0
78198 ENBoy Who Couldn't Die, TheSleator, William5.08.0
105219 ENBoy Who Cried Wolf, TheHennessy, B.G.2.70.5
70572 ENBoy Who Saved Baseball, TheRitter, John H.4.47.0
105495 ENBoy Who Saved Cleveland: Based on a True Story, TheGiblin, James Cross4.61.0
75984 ENBoy Who Spoke Dog, TheMorgan, Clay4.24.0
112351 ENBoy Who Was Raised by Librarians, TheMorris, Carla4.00.5
8210 ENBoyfriend, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
12369 ENBoys Against GirlsNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
123728 ENBoys of Steel: The Creators of SupermanNobleman, Marc Tyler5.80.5
58215 ENBoys Return, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
6018 ENBoys' War, TheMurphy, Jim7.63.0
79396 ENBrad Johnson: Play with PassionJohnson/Brown4.91.0
57514 ENBrad PittDougherty, Terri8.14.0
32927 ENBradley and the BillboardFarrell, Mame4.67.0
6404 ENBradyFritz, Jean5.68.0
81233 ENBrain, Nerves, and Senses (Understanding the Human Body)Parker, Steve7.41.0
76364 ENBrain PowerMcEvoy, Paul4.60.5
107825 ENBrain TumorsClark, Arda Darakjian10.84.0
47536 ENBram Stoker: Author of DraculaWhitelaw, Nancy7.53.0
104766 ENBram Stoker's Dracula: The Graphic NovelReed, Gary2.71.0
46871 ENBrandy (Celebrity Bios)Laslo, Cynthia5.20.5
88675 ENBrave Apprentice, TheCatanese, Paul William5.78.0
101347 ENBrave Escape of Ellen and William Craft, TheLemke, Donald B.3.60.5
8653 ENBrave New WorldHuxley, Aldous7.511.0
123424 ENBrave StoryMiyabe, Miyuki4.943.0
65425 ENBraving the FireSeverance, John B.5.66.0
34620 ENBravo, Amelia Bedelia!Parish, Herman2.50.5
27001 ENBrazil (Enchantment of the World)Heinrichs, Ann6.82.0
65605 ENBrazil (Steadwell Books World Tour)Dominguez, Adriana5.01.0
59016 ENBreadJones, Carol5.70.5
41702 ENBreadwinner, TheEllis, Deborah4.54.0
107430 ENBreak It Down! The Digestive SystemParker, Steve6.01.0
76365 ENBreak That CodeThompson, Lisa5.10.5
7179 ENBreak with Charity, ARinaldi, Ann4.78.0
79687 ENBreakdownApplegate, K.A.4.84.0
55560 ENBreaking Barriers: Athletes Who Led the WayMattern, Joanne/James5.62.0
65149 ENBreaking Free: The Story of William KurelekCutler, May Ebbitt5.51.0
28499 ENBreaking Ground, Breaking SilenceHansen/McGowan8.74.0
82108 ENBreaking the Sound Barrier (American Moments)Pierce, Alan6.41.0
54159 ENBreaking ThroughJiménez, Francisco5.37.0
89141 ENBreaking TrailBell, Joanne4.44.0
82167 ENBreakout!Deary, Terry5.53.0
73120 ENBreedersHoare, Ben5.81.0
118066 ENBrendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in ItFrazier, Sundee T.4.06.0
36877 ENBrett FavreNelson, Sharlene4.10.5
32326 ENBrian Piccolo: A Short SeasonMorris, Jeannie6.67.0
76894 ENBrian's HuntPaulsen, Gary5.93.0
25297 ENBrian's ReturnPaulsen, Gary5.54.0
11704 ENBrian's WinterPaulsen, Gary5.95.0
42800 ENBriar's BookPierce, Tamora5.99.0
75411 ENBrickyard 400, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
84945 ENBridge Building: Bridge Designs and How They WorkBriscoe, Diana5.31.0
102169 ENBridge to AmericaGlaser, Linda3.35.0
11 ENBridge to TerabithiaPaterson, Katherine4.65.0
13402 ENBridge to the MoonSchraff, Anne4.52.0
100265 ENBridget "Biddy" Mason: From Slave to BusinesswomanWilliams, Jean Kinney7.32.0
34702 ENBright Freedom's SongHouston, Gloria5.76.0
59758 ENBright ShadowAvi4.14.0
12 ENBrighty of the Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite5.67.0
46124 ENBrimstone Journals, TheKoertge, Ron4.21.0
109066 ENBringing Ezra BackDeFelice, Cynthia C.5.25.0
69187 ENBritish Royal Marines: Amphibious Division of the...Royal NavyScheppler, Bill10.62.0
54038 ENBritney Spears (Celebrity Bios)Talmadge, Morgan5.71.0
6307 ENBroccoli Tapes, TheSlepian, Jan4.06.0
45026 ENBroken ChordsGilbert, Barbara Snow5.46.0
8212 ENBroken HeartsStine, R.L.3.96.0
67182 ENBrontë Family: Passionate Literary Geniuses, TheKenyon, Karen Smith7.84.0
13 ENBronze Bow, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George5.010.0
43510 ENBrooklyn BridgeCurlee, Lynn8.21.0
87506 ENBrothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of SudanWilliams, Mary4.71.0
5061 ENBrothers of the HeartBlos, Joan W.6.06.0
119275 ENBrothers' War: Civil War Voices in Verse, TheLewis, J. Patrick6.50.5
82109 ENBrown v. Board of Education (American Moments)Pierce, Alan6.91.0
11103 ENBrown v. Board of Education: Equal Schooling for AllFireside, Harvey9.44.0
85828 ENBrown v. Board of Education: Separate but Equal?Gold, Susan Dudley8.85.0
73054 ENBrown v. Board of Education: The Case Against School SegregationAnderson, Wayne10.02.0
118285 ENBrown v. the Board of EducationGitlin, Marty9.13.0
67523 ENBruce Lee (Martial Arts Masters)Roensch, Greg7.91.0
57265 ENBruce Springsteen (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers)Derkins, Susie7.82.0
84656 ENBubble Blowers, Beware!Lewman, David3.00.5
52618 ENBuccaneers, TheLawrence, Iain5.09.0
80633 ENBucking the SargeCurtis, Christopher Paul5.810.0
29554 ENBud, Not BuddyCurtis, Christopher Paul5.08.0
69789 ENBuddha BoyKoja, Kathe5.64.0
39593 ENBuddhism (World Beliefs and Cultures)Penney, Sue6.82.0
89829 ENBuenos AiresMorrison, Marion8.62.0
107070 ENBuffalo and the Indians: A Shared Destiny, ThePatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.42.0
7147 ENBuffalo GalWallace, Bill4.86.0
80187 ENBuffalo Knife, TheSteele, William O.5.14.0
101377 ENBuffalo Soldiers and the American West, TheGlaser, Jason4.50.5
85228 ENBuffalo Soldiers, TheFlanagan, Alice K.6.90.5
1928 ENBuffalo Train Ride, TheWebber, Desiree Morrison6.32.0
58900 ENBug Scientists, TheJackson, Donna M.7.81.0
9306 ENBugs!McKissack, Patricia C.0.40.5
40823 ENBugsy Siegel and the Post-War BoomOtfinoski, Steve8.22.0
46778 ENBuild Your Own Website (Watts Library)Perry, Robert L.6.91.0
64080 ENBuilding a MysteryGilmour/Reisfeld4.66.0
61976 ENBuilding a Stock Car: The Need for More SpeedDeBoard, Will5.10.5
43776 ENBuilding BigMacaulay, David9.35.0
83649 ENBuilding Collapses (Man-Made Disasters)Mayell, Mark11.25.0
107737 ENBuilding of the Transcontinental Railroad, TheOlson, Nathan4.60.5
16757 ENBuilding the Capital CityBrill, Marlene Targ6.41.0
81249 ENBuilding the Panama CanalAnderson, Dale8.12.0
57500 ENBuilding the Transcontinental RailroadBarter, James9.66.0
118171 ENBuilt Below Sea Level: New OrleansStrom, Laura Layton5.30.5
49697 ENBuilt for Speed: The Extraordinary, Enigmatic CheetahThompson, Sharon Elaine6.93.0
118339 ENBull and the Bear: How Stock Markets Work, TheDavidson, Avelyn4.60.5
104005 ENBull RidingKubke, Jane7.61.0
8455 ENBull RunFleischman, Paul5.32.0
56735 ENBull's-Eye: A Photobiography of Annie OakleyMacy, Sue6.91.0
24054 ENBulldog, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.00.5
58441 ENBullet Trains: Inside and OutBiello, David8.12.0
5601 ENBungalow Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
30907 ENBungee JumpingGlaser, Jason4.50.5
7254 ENBunny Hop, TheSlater, Teddy1.00.5
88380 ENBuried FireStroud, Jonathan5.511.0
106349 ENBurning Bridge, TheFlanagan, John6.312.0
52951 ENBurning of the Valley, TheSchraff, Anne4.83.0
211 ENBurning Questions of Bingo Brown, TheByars, Betsy4.14.0
8213 ENBurning, TheStine, R.L.4.64.0
115434 ENBurning Up the Court: The Miami HeatYoung, Jeff C.7.12.0
1924 ENBury Me Not in a Land of SlavesHansen, Joyce9.76.0
65474 ENBury the Dead: Tombs, Corpses, Mummies, Skeletons, & RitualsSloan, Christopher8.52.0
72934 ENBusch Series: Shorter Races, Big Action, TheBrock, Ted6.10.5
72431 ENBush v. Gore: Controversial Presidential Election CaseSergis, Diana K.8.23.0
32241 ENBushwhacker: A Civil War Adventure, TheGarrity, Jennifer Johnson5.59.0
42501 ENBusiness Builders in ComputersAaseng, Nathan9.25.0
85749 ENBusiness Builders in CosmeticsKent, Jacqueline C.9.05.0
44231 ENBusiness Builders in Fast FoodAaseng, Nathan8.75.0
42502 ENBusiness Builders in OilAaseng, Nathan9.05.0
16758 ENButch Cassidy (Outlaws and Lawmen of the Wild West)Green/Sanford5.01.0
9012 ENButter Battle Book, TheSeuss, Dr.3.90.5
46872 ENButterflies (Cool Collectibles)Simonson, Ned5.70.5
17211 ENButterfly & MothWhalley, Paul8.61.0
4580 ENButterfly WatchingBair/Wright4.70.5
79372 ENButtermilk HillWhite, Ruth4.95.0
13779 ENBuzEgielski, Richard1.40.5
65619 ENBuzz, Buzz, BuzzBarton, Byron2.30.5
4993 ENBuzz on Beauty: A Girl's Guide to Looking & Feeling Your BestGelman, Amy6.21.0
212 ENBy the Shores of Silver LakeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.39.0
6327 SPcaballero del alba, ElOsborne, Mary Pope2.91.0
43440 SPcaballo de arena, ElTurnbull, Ann3.70.5
27747 SPcaballo llamado Libertad, UnRyan, Pam Muñoz4.53.0
158 ENCabin Faced West, TheFritz, Jean5.13.0
78020 ENCabin on Trouble CreekVan Leeuwen, Jean4.56.0
14 ENCaddie WoodlawnBrink, Carol Ryrie6.08.0
46303 ENCaesar's AntlersHansen, Brooks4.75.0
41027 ENCafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.80.5
67791 ENCaimans (Animals of the Rain Forest)Dollar, Sam4.00.5
89830 ENCairoBowden, Rob8.52.0
49117 ENCajun FolktalesReneaux, J.J.4.95.0
122452 ENCalder Game, TheBalliett, Blue5.88.0
14994 ENCaleb's ChoiceWisler, G. Clifton4.85.0
53784 ENCaleb's StoryMacLachlan, Patricia2.92.0
86912 ENCalendar, TheKummer, Patricia K.7.01.0
104006 ENCalf RopingKing, Kimberly6.71.0
102820 ENCalhoun-Randolph Debate On the Eve of the War of 1812, TheSilate, Jennifer8.12.0
5004 ENCalico BushField, Rachel6.29.0
5062 ENCalico CaptiveSpeare, Elizabeth George6.09.0
101746 ENCalifornia (2nd Edition)Altman, Linda Jacobs7.73.0
47068 ENCalifornia (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.34.0
25104 ENCalifornia Gold Rush, TheStein, R. Conrad6.00.5
104647 ENCalifornia Gold Rush, TheHudson-Goff, Elizabeth4.50.5
15 ENCall It CourageSperry, Armstrong6.23.0
35009 ENCall Me ConsueloDumas Lachtman, Ofelia3.73.0
14136 ENCall Me Francis TucketPaulsen, Gary5.53.0
83118 ENCall Me MariaCofer, Judith Ortiz5.64.0
107 ENCall of the Wild, TheLondon, Jack8.07.0
54962 ENCall to Vengeance, TheWatson, Jude4.94.0
79026 ENCall WaitingStine, R.L.3.74.0
61035 ENCalling Doctor Amelia BedeliaParish, Herman2.40.5
8512 ENCalling on DragonsWrede, Patricia C.4.98.0
43457 SPcambio de piel, UnRemolina, Tere3.90.5
9741 SPCambios oportunosPascal/Suzanne4.52.0
20698 SPCambios para JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.31.0
58228 ENCamellia the BaldZrudlo, E.W.5.05.0
105625 ENCamelot Spell, TheGilman, Laura Anne5.69.0
46731 ENCamels and Pigs: What They Have in CommonSwan, Erin Pembrey5.51.0
105521 ENCamera, TheTrueit, Trudi Strain7.82.0
89804 ENCameron DiazHorn, Geoffrey M.4.60.5
21800 SPCamille y los girasolesAnholt, Laurence3.50.5
69243 ENCamp of the AngelArrington, Aileen4.34.0
106298 ENCan Adults Become Human? by Jamie KellyBenton, Jim5.92.0
9980 ENCan I Be Good?Taylor, Livingston2.10.5
63203 ENCan It Rain Cats and Dogs? Questions and Answers About WeatherBerger, Melvin4.61.0
34719 ENCan of WormsMackel, Kathy4.04.0
63204 ENCan Snakes Crawl Backward? Questions and Answers About ReptilesBerger, Melvin4.71.0
16759 ENCan We Save Them?Dobson, David6.20.5
46559 ENCan You Count to a Googol?Wells, Robert E.3.90.5
63205 ENCan You Hear a Shout in Space? Questions...Space ExplorationBerger, Melvin/Gilda5.31.0
32292 ENCan You Imagine?McKissack, Patricia C.3.90.5
7132 ENCan You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice?Danziger, Paula3.75.0
73432 ENCanada: A Primary Source Cultural GuideSakany, Lois10.55.0
46826 ENCanada (Enchantment of the World)Rogers, Barbara/Stillman8.84.0
67502 ENCanada in Pictures (Revised Edition)Braun, Eric8.73.0
65606 ENCanada (Steadwell Books World Tour)Dolan, Sean5.71.0
64520 ENCancer (Health Issues)Lamb, Kirsten7.83.0
100917 ENCancer TreatmentsWyborny, Sheila9.51.0
67226 ENCanine Connection: Stories About Dogs and People, TheHearne, Betsy5.74.0
57663 ENCanoeing (The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie4.91.0
55562 ENCanopies in the Clouds: Earth's Rain ForestsHopkins, Ellen4.82.0
73693 ENCanterbury Tales (Understanding Great Literature), TheSwisher, Clarice9.24.0
6033 ENCanyonsPaulsen, Gary5.55.0
89831 ENCape TownLangley, Andrew8.42.0
87079 ENCapital Punishment (Face the Facts)Rooney, Anne9.22.0
71048 ENCapitalism (Ideas of the Modern World)Grant, R.G.10.93.0
54477 SPCapitán Calzoncillos... furia de la Supermujer Macroelástica, ElPilkey, Dav4.41.0
71681 SPCapitán Calzoncillos... Noche Mocos Vivientes, ElPilkey, Dav4.51.0
72761 SPCapitán Calzoncillos... Ridículos Mocorobots, ElPilkey, Dav4.61.0
34624 SPCapitán Calzoncillos y el ataque de los inodoros parlantes, ElPilkey, Dav4.71.0
35816 SPCapitán Calzoncillos y el perverso plan del Profesor Pipicaca, ElPilkey, Dav4.71.0
34629 SPCapitán Calzoncillos y la invasión de las horribles señoras.., ElPilkey, Dav4.41.0
25140 ENCapitol, TheSantella, Andrew6.90.5
102334 ENCapt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious YouthHart, James V.6.813.0
53486 ENCaptain and Matey Set SailLaurence, Daniel3.00.5
56226 ENCaptain Jenny & the Sea of WondersThornton, Duncan6.712.0
32520 ENCaptain's Dog, TheSmith, Roland5.88.0
51841 ENCaptain Tweakerbeak's RevengeHaddad, Charles4.44.0
733 ENCaptains CourageousKipling, Rudyard8.09.0
54963 ENCaptive Temple, TheWatson, Jude5.04.0
82892 ENCaptive, TheO'Dell, Scott6.59.0
75242 ENCar Racing (History of Sports)Fox, Martha Capwell8.55.0
111147 ENCare and Feeding of SpritesDiTerlizzi, Tony7.11.0
69232 ENCareers in Emergency Medical Response Teams' Search...UnitsFreedman, Jeri10.22.0
86876 ENCareers in TelevisionByrum, R. T.10.85.0
69235 ENCareers in the Coast Guard's Search and Rescue UnitsRoza, Greg9.02.0
69236 ENCareers in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's...UnitsBinney, Greg A.8.82.0
69237 ENCareers in the National Guards' Search and Rescue UnitsGreene, Meg9.62.0
65465 ENCareers on the Web (Technology and You)Bullock, Linda6.21.0
27943 ENCaribbean Cruise Caper, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.45.0
63206 ENCaribouVogel, Julia6.31.0
53101 ENCarisbrooke CastleShuter, Jane6.81.0
47446 ENCarl Sagan (A&E Biography)Butts/Schwartz8.73.0
50172 ENCarl Sagan: AstronomerBlashfield, Jean F.8.72.0
18329 ENCarlos and the CornfieldStevens, Jan Romero4.30.5
45117 ENCarlotta's Kittens and the Club of MysteriesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.54.0
82959 ENCarmelo Anthony: It's Just the BeginningAnthony/Brown4.51.0
36447 ENCarnavalAncona, George5.30.5
53226 ENCarnivoresDixon, Dougal7.11.0
63667 ENCarnivorous Carnival, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
34707 ENCarole: The Inside StoryBryant, Bonnie5.812.0
32477 ENCarolina Crow GirlHobbs, Valerie4.34.0
71425 ENCarrier-Based Jet Fighters: The F-14 TomcatsGreen, Michael5.40.5
120200 ENCarrier-Based Jet Fighters: The F-14 Tomcats (Revised Edition)Green, Michael5.20.5
16 ENCarry on, Mr. BowditchLatham, Jean4.18.0
48484 ENCarsOxlade, Chris3.60.5
101496 ENCars and Trucks and Things That Go!Scarry, Richard2.80.5
15106 ENCartoonist, TheByars, Betsy4.23.0
84648 ENCartoons (Mastering Art)Hodge, Anthony6.00.5
53357 ENCarved Box, TheChan, Gillian6.19.0
59113 ENCarver: A Life in PoemsNelson, Marilyn5.91.0
5406 ENCase for Jenny Archer, AConford, Ellen3.01.0
34924 ENCase of Hermie the Missing Hamster, ThePreller, James2.91.0
43089 ENCase of the Bad-Luck Bike Ride Across Iowa, TheFrancis, Dorothy2.92.0
58979 ENCase of the Bad Seed, TheSchraff, Anne4.51.0
6997 ENCase of the Baker Street Irregular, TheNewman, Robert4.56.0
62260 ENCase of the Bear Scare, ThePreller, James3.01.0
53074 ENCase of the Bicycle Bandit, ThePreller, James2.91.0
120220 ENCase of the Bizarre Bouquets: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy7.46.0
11044 ENCase of the Black-Hooded Hangmans, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
74076 ENCase of the Burrowing Robot, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
27942 ENCase of the Captured Queen, TheKeene, Carolyn4.44.0
7704 ENCase of the Car-Barkaholic Dog, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
34921 ENCase of the Christmas Snowman, ThePreller, James3.01.0
130009 ENCase of the Cryptic Crinoline: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy7.55.0
58980 ENCase of the Cursed Chalet, TheSchraff, Anne4.31.0
19677 ENCase of the Dangerous Solution, TheKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
58981 ENCase of the Dead Duck, TheSchraff, Anne4.31.0
43460 ENCase of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
10656 ENCase of the Double Bumblebee Sting, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
159 ENCase of the Elevator Duck, TheBerends, Polly4.01.0
15818 ENCase of the Goblin Pearls, TheYep, Laurence5.36.0
7705 ENCase of the Halloween Ghost, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
110638 ENCase of the Left-Handed Lady: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy7.07.0
54521 ENCase of the Lost Song, TheKeene, Carolyn4.94.0
42816 ENCase of the Missing Cutthroats, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead4.84.0
104964 ENCase of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy6.66.0
64155 ENCase of the Monkeys That Fell from the Trees, TheQuinlan, Susan E.8.44.0
12767 ENCase of the Night-Stalking Bone Monster, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
124698 ENCase of the Peculiar Pink Fan: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy7.36.0
88172 ENCase of the Prank That Stank, TheBurns, Laura J.4.56.0
69248 ENCase of the Psychic's Vision, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.75.0
17857 ENCase of the Questionable Cousin, TheErwin, Vicki Berger4.03.0
43144 ENCase of the Raging Rottweiler, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
35389 ENCase of the Stinky Science Project, ThePreller, James2.91.0
19666 ENCase of the Twin Teddy Bears, TheKeene, Carolyn4.24.0
20260 ENCase of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
27709 ENCase of the Vanishing Fishhook, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
58982 ENCase of the Wanted Man, TheSchraff, Anne4.21.0
58983 ENCase of the Watery Grave, TheSchraff, Anne4.41.0
130 SPcaseta mágica, LaJuster, Norton6.77.0
32701 ENCasey Jones's Fireman: The Story of Sim WebbFarmer, Nancy3.50.5
72091 SPCasita Azul, LaComino, Sandra4.74.0
34810 ENCast Two ShadowsRinaldi, Ann4.19.0
65678 ENCastaways in LilliputWinterfeld/Schabert4.45.0
47662 ENCastaways of the Flying DutchmanJacques, Brian5.412.0
70369 ENCastaways: Stories of SurvivalHausman, Gerald5.44.0
54526 SPcastillo del hechicero, ElDoyle/Macdonald6.15.0
17212 ENCastleGravett, Christopher7.71.0
2130 ENCastle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess, PagePlatt, Richard5.82.0
5932 ENCastle in the AirJones, Diana Wynne6.011.0
160 ENCastle in the Attic, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.96.0
6387 ENCastle of Llyr, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.47.0
72977 ENCastles and Cathedrals: The Great Buildings of Medieval TimesHilliam, David8.62.0
100850 ENCastles and DungeonsHamilton, John6.61.0
17213 ENCatClutton-Brock, Juliet7.31.0
213 ENCat Ate My Gymsuit, TheDanziger, Paula3.94.0
9013 ENCat in the Hat Comes Back, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
6107 ENCat in the Hat, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
11458 ENCat RunningSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.67.0
9014 ENCat's Quizzer, TheSeuss, Dr.2.70.5
9860 ENCat Who Lived High, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson7.611.0
17 ENCat Who Went to Heaven, TheCoatsworth, Elizabeth5.92.0
89138 ENCatastrophe in Southern Asia: The Tsunami of 2004Stewart, Gail B.8.43.0
16708 ENCatch-22Heller, Joseph7.130.0
88165 ENCatch a Tiger by the ToeLevine, Ellen3.75.0
5978 ENCatcher in the Rye, TheSalinger, J.D.4.711.0
11406 ENCatcher with a Glass ArmChristopher, Matt3.72.0
15408 ENCaterpillarologyRoss, Michael Elsohn6.41.0
81369 ENCathedrals and the Church (Medieval World)Levy, Patricia8.71.0
8693 ENCatherine, Called BirdyCushman, Karen6.48.0
72664 ENCatherine the GreatHatt, Christine9.03.0
17858 ENCatnapping Caper, TheErwin, Vicki Berger5.32.0
25078 ENCatsHinds, Kathryn5.10.5
123747 ENCats of the ClansHunter, Erin6.82.0
77872 ENCattle Trails and Cowboys (The American Adventure)Isaacs, Sally Senzell5.71.0
58202 ENCaught By the Sea: My Life on BoatsPaulsen, Gary6.33.0
121175 ENCauses of School Violence, TheSchier, Helga10.43.0
100427 ENCauses of the American Revolution, TheAnderson, Dale8.32.0
65333 ENCauses (The Holocaust)Levy, Pat9.32.0
102207 ENCave SleuthsLindop, Laurie8.52.0
51123 ENCaving AdventuresTodd, Anne M.4.81.0
108 ENCay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.34.0
62878 ENCécile: Gates of GoldCasanova, Mary5.65.0
34700 ENCeiling of Stars, ACreel, Ann Howard5.02.0
78581 ENCeline Dion (World Musicmakers)Hill, Anne E.7.12.0
54659 ENCellsDuPrau, Jeanne6.81.0
17629 ENCelou Sudden ShoutDuey, Kathleen6.15.0
117223 ENCeltic MythologyBrezina, Corona8.42.0
18 ENCenterburg TalesMcCloskey, Robert6.05.0
103756 ENCentral Division, TheSchnakenberg, Robert6.91.0
119635 ENCentral Division, TheKelley, James S.6.91.0
75845 ENCentral Division: The Atlanta Hawks...Toronto Raptors, TheSchnakenberg, Robert E.6.11.0
9709 SPCentro de atenciónPascal/Suzanne4.03.0
59017 ENCephalopods: Octopuses, Squids, and Their RelativesBlaxland, Beth5.51.0
116531 ENCesar Chavez: Crusader for Social ChangeHaugen, Brenda6.92.0
60453 ENCésar Chavez: Fighter in the FieldsMatthews, J.L.4.20.5
101339 ENCesar Chavez: Fighting for FarmworkersBraun, Eric4.00.5
77330 ENCesar Chavez: Labor LeaderSeidman, David8.04.0
25481 ENChain LetterPike, Christopher5.28.0
87461 ENChain Letter, TheSchumacher, Julie4.26.0
605 ENChain of FireNaidoo, Beverley6.29.0
54372 ENChain, TheSchraff, Anne4.63.0
9761 ENChair for My Mother, AWilliams, Vera B.3.40.5
125272 ENChaliceMcKinley, Robin7.013.0
11407 ENChallenge at Second BaseChristopher, Matt3.82.0
30240 ENChallenger Disaster, TheBredeson, Carmen7.71.0
105244 ENChallenger Explosion, TheAdamson, Heather4.10.5
60478 ENChallenger: The Explosion on Liftoff, TheStreissguth, Tom5.50.5
63475 ENChameleon, TheMiller, Jake4.80.5
67792 ENChameleons (Animals of the Rain Forest)Deiters, Erika/Jim3.90.5
27720 ENChampion RoseWilliams, L.E.4.41.0
69573 ENChangeling Sea, TheMcKillip, Patricia A.4.76.0
100692 ENChanging ClimatesJennings, Terry8.52.0
81383 ENChanging Coastlines (Earth's Changing Landscape)Steele, Philip6.91.0
53966 ENChanging Materials (Material World)Snedden, Robert8.21.0
78104 ENChanging of the Guard, TheWatson, Jude5.04.0
67216 ENChannel Tunnel, TheDonovan, Sandy7.93.0
78516 ENChapel of Thieves, AClements, Bruce5.38.0
39649 ENCharles Babbage (Groundbreakers)Champion, Neil8.52.0
116314 ENCharles Darwin and the Theory of EvolutionAdamson, Heather4.30.5
39650 ENCharles Darwin (Groundbreakers)Fullick, Ann8.31.0
15638 ENCharles Darwin: NaturalistAnderson, Margaret J.4.32.0
53470 ENCharles Darwin: The Life of a Revolutionary ThinkerPatent, Dorothy Hinshaw9.16.0
54424 ENCharles Dickens (Creative Lives)Champion, Neil7.02.0
61125 ENCharles Lindbergh: American Hero of FlightMeachum, Virginia7.53.0
43638 ENCharles Lindbergh: PilotRaatma, Lucia6.32.0
61126 ENCharles M. Schulz: Cartoonist and Creator of PeanutsSchuman, Michael A.6.73.0
88031 ENCharles MansonKoopmans, Andy8.65.0
20 ENCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryDahl, Roald4.85.0
5063 ENCharlie and the Great Glass ElevatorDahl, Roald4.45.0
1771 ENCharlie Chaplin: The Beauty of SilenceSchroeder, Alan8.66.0
27745 ENCharlie Muffin's Miracle MouseKing-Smith, Dick5.32.0
79373 ENCharlie's RavenGeorge, Jean Craighead4.66.0
36048 ENCharlie's RunHobbs, Valerie4.55.0
87602 ENCharlotte in ParisKnight, Joan4.81.0
54160 ENCharlotte's ChoiceTwomey, Cathleen4.77.0
65235 ENCharlotte's RoseCannon, A.E.4.16.0
19 ENCharlotte's WebWhite, E.B.4.45.0
45111 ENCharmed LifeJones, Diana Wynne4.89.0
17762 ENChasing RedbirdCreech, Sharon5.07.0
86639 ENChasing the FalconersKorman, Gordon4.94.0
78186 ENChasing VermeerBalliett, Blue5.46.0
106543 ENChat RoomButcher, Kristin4.22.0
112185 ENChaucer's Canterbury TalesWilliams, Marcia6.31.0
214 ENCheaper by the DozenGilbreth, Ernestine/Frank6.010.0
68144 ENCheat, TheKoss, Amy Goldman4.24.0
101314 ENCheer Basics: Rules to Cheer ByJones, Jen4.80.5
101315 ENCheer Essentials: Uniforms and EquipmentJones, Jen5.10.5
101316 ENCheer Skills: Beginning Tumbling and StuntingJones, Jen5.10.5
101317 ENCheer Spirit: Revving up the CrowdJones, Jen5.20.5
101318 ENCheer Squad: Building Spirit and Getting AlongJones, Jen5.20.5
101319 ENCheer Tryouts: Tips for Making the CutJones, Jen4.90.5
89754 ENCheerleaders, TheMaurer, Tracy5.51.0
8215 ENCheerleaders: The First EvilStine, R.L.4.44.0
8216 ENCheerleaders: The Second EvilStine, R.L.4.15.0
8217 ENCheerleaders: The Third EvilStine, R.L.4.34.0
89745 ENCheerleading GearMaurer, Tracy5.31.0
89746 ENCheerleading PracticeMaurer, Tracy5.21.0
89747 ENCheerleading SkillsMaurer, Tracy4.81.0
59018 ENCheeseJones, Carol6.00.5
45142 ENCheetah, TheAaseng, Nathan9.64.0
100904 ENCheetah, TheHarkrader, Lisa7.41.0
15410 ENCheetahsMacMillan, Dianne M.5.81.0
29844 ENCheetahsGrimbly, Shona5.80.5
74250 ENChemical and Biological Warfare (Face the Facts)Hibbert, Adam9.22.0
54040 ENChemical and Biological Weapons: Anthrax and SarinPayan, Gregory6.71.0
101402 ENChemical Change: From Fireworks to RustStille, Darlene R.6.91.0
73581 ENChemical DependencySheen, Barbara9.84.0
117471 ENChemical ReactionsWalker, Denise8.42.0
77143 ENChemical Reactions (Material Matters)Baldwin, Carol6.81.0
39651 ENChemicals in Action (Science Topics)Fullick, Ann8.31.0
100526 ENChemistryGore, Bryson8.11.0
76598 ENChemotherapyBardhan-Quallen, Sudipta11.15.0
101418 ENCherokee and Their History, TheEnglar, Mary5.71.0
29321 ENCherry Pit Princess, TheManuel, Lynn3.73.0
62406 ENChester Carlson and the Development of XerographyZannos, Susan7.91.0
106079 ENChew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast FoodSchlosser, Eric8.19.0
88764 ENChicagoNobleman, Marc Tyler8.22.0
73046 ENChicago Black Sox Trial: A Primary Source Account, TheAnderson, Wayne8.21.0
10648 ENChicago BluesDeaver, Julie Reece4.04.0
64782 ENChicago Bulls (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.8.04.0
88484 ENChicken BoyDowell, Frances O'Roark5.15.0
17283 ENChicken Doesn't Skate, TheKorman, Gordon4.86.0
67613 ENChickens and Peafowl: What They Have in CommonRauzon, Mark J.5.31.0
80700 ENChief Sunrise, John McGraw, and MeTocher, Timothy5.26.0
75345 ENChig and the Second SpreadSwain, Gwenyth5.56.0
122751 ENChiggersLarson, Hope2.21.0
30911 ENChihuahua, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.70.5
36564 ENChild Called "It", APelzer, Dave5.85.0
13588 ENChild in Prison Camp, ATakashima, Shizuye3.83.0
74251 ENChild Labor (Face the Facts)Stearman, Kaye7.62.0
358 ENChild of the OwlYep, Laurence5.510.0
17763 ENChild of the WolvesHall, Elizabeth5.35.0
46780 ENChild Slavery in Modern Times (Watts Library)Newman, Shirlee P.6.31.0
17612 ENChildren of Flight Pedro PanAcierno, Maria Armengol5.02.0
5064 ENChildren of Green Knowe, TheBoston, L.M.5.36.0
49775 ENChildren of the Dragon: Selected Tales from VietnamGarland, Sherry6.12.0
6660 ENChildren of the Dust BowlStanley, Jerry6.82.0
102968 ENChildren of the Great DepressionFreedman, Russell7.52.0
606 ENChildren of the RiverCrew, Linda4.38.0
27930 ENChildren's Homer, TheColum, Padraic6.99.0
81877 ENChildren's RightsHibbert, Adam7.81.0
46827 ENChile (Enchantment of the World)McNair, Sylvia8.14.0
63799 ENChimpanzee (Endangered Animals & Habitats), ThePovey, Karen10.74.0
114344 ENChimpanzee: Help Save This Endangered Species!, TheFeinstein, Stephen8.03.0
65518 ENChimpanzee (Natural World)Banks, Martin6.21.0
83031 ENChimpanzee Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered WildlifeBow, Patricia7.71.0
44977 ENChimpanzeesGreenberg, Dan4.70.5
54175 ENChimpanzees I Love: Saving Their World and Ours, TheGoodall, Jane6.72.0
48910 ENChina (Nations of the World)Field, Catherine9.05.0
59988 ENChina (Steadwell Books World Tour)Morris, Noelle5.31.0
117104 ENChinese Americans (Rourke)Anderson, Dale6.21.0
86797 ENChinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon SocietyMah, Adeline Yen5.48.0
14755 ENChinese HandcuffsCrutcher, Chris6.010.0
103448 ENChinese MythsShone, Rob4.50.5
56937 ENChinese New Year Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.81.0
46734 ENChipmunk FamilyBastian, Lois Brunner5.11.0
59019 ENChocolateJones, Carol6.20.5
32350 ENChocolate-Covered Contest, TheKeene, Carolyn4.34.0
5260 ENChocolate War, TheCormier, Robert5.48.0
85298 ENChomper ChampsMiller, Gary3.50.5
28283 ENChoosing Up SidesRitter, John H.4.25.0
117272 ENChopin's WorldMalaspina, Ann6.62.0
101392 ENChoppersMarx, Mandy2.70.5
30912 ENChow Chow, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.80.5
62390 ENChristiaan Barnard...First Successful Heart TransplantBankston, John7.91.0
1850 ENChristian Scientists (The American Religious Experience), TheWilliams, Jean Kinney9.23.0
39597 ENChristianity (World Beliefs and Cultures)Penney, Sue7.02.0
54041 ENChristina Aguilera (Celebrity Bios)Talmadge, Morgan5.81.0
55193 ENChristmas After All: The Diary of Minnie SwiftLasky, Kathryn5.45.0
44702 ENChristmas Carol (Unabridged), ADickens, Charles6.75.0
64594 ENChristmas in CanaanRogers/Davenport5.48.0
45857 ENChristmas Sonata, APaulsen, Gary4.41.0
85199 ENChristopher Columbus: Explorer of the New WorldDoak, Robin S.7.32.0
69088 ENChristopher Columbus (Groundbreakers)Reid, Struan7.31.0
84077 ENChristopher Columbus: The Life...Navigator and ExplorerWest, David4.41.0
69873 ENChronic Fatigue Syndrome (Diseases and Disorders)Abrams, Liesa11.94.0
78021 ENChu Ju's HouseWhelan, Gloria5.26.0
67524 ENChuck Norris (Martial Arts Masters)Smeds, Dave7.11.0
16760 ENChuck Yeager Breaks the Sound BarrierStein, R. Conrad6.71.0
85230 ENChumash and Their History, TheRosinsky, Natalie M.5.91.0
89889 ENChurches and Religion in the Middle AgesAnderson, Dale7.52.0
102478 ENCIA and FBIBaker, David8.81.0
67701 ENCIA (Top Secret), TheAbraham, Philip7.51.0
46735 ENCicadas and Aphids: What They Have in CommonMiller, Sara Swan5.51.0
42 SPcien vestidos, LosEstes, Eleanor5.41.0
67680 ENCigarettes (Watts Library)Landau, Elaine7.41.0
9355 ENCinderella at the BallHillert, Margaret0.70.5
36466 ENCinderellis and the Glass HillLevine, Gail Carson4.32.0
54607 ENCindy's Desert AdventureCampbell/Anderson5.65.0
58931 ENCipollone v. Liggett Group: Suing Tobacco CompaniesSergis, Diana K.9.74.0
52588 ENCircle of FireColeman, Evelyn4.75.0
309 ENCircle of GoldBoyd, Candy Dawson4.03.0
35828 ENCircle of Silver, ATrottier, Maxine5.38.0
44705 ENCircle of ThreeFarber/Sansevere5.67.0
59161 ENCircle of Time, AMontes, Marisa4.69.0
12689 ENCirclemaker, TheSchur, Maxine Rose5.35.0
2485 ENCircuit, TheJiménez, Francisco5.34.0
54508 ENCircus ActKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
9356 ENCircus FunHillert, Margaret0.80.5
59118 ENCirque Du FreakShan, Darren4.87.0
89890 ENCities and Towns in the Middle AgesPadrino, Mercedes7.43.0
122008 ENCities of the Dead: Finding Lost CivilizationsRinaldo, Denise5.81.0
9357 ENCity FunHillert, Margaret0.80.5
69274 ENCity of Ember, TheDuPrau, Jeanne5.09.0
6661 ENCity of Gold and Lead, TheChristopher, John6.58.0
83796 ENCity of Light, City of DarkAvi2.71.0
60004 ENCity of NamesBrockmeier, Kevin5.55.0
62925 ENCity of the BeastsAllende, Isabel7.815.0
62925 SPciudad de las bestias, LaAllende, Isabel5.012.0
118224 ENCivil LibertiesGillam, Scott10.13.0
101725 ENCivil Rights Act of 1964: Landmark...Legislation, TheWright, Susan8.91.0
64494 ENCivil War, TheBeller, Susan Provost8.74.0
116015 ENClan Ground: The Second Book of the NamedBell, Clare6.412.0
32321 ENClara Barton: Angel of the BattlefieldBains, Rae4.90.5
101340 ENClara Barton: Angel of the BattlefieldLassieur, Allison4.10.5
55514 ENClara Barton (Breaking Barriers)Wheeler, Jill C.5.61.0
77331 ENClara Barton: Founder of the American Red CrossDitchfield, Christin7.13.0
51710 ENClara's WarKacer, Kathy5.87.0
29528 ENClara Schumann: Piano VirtuosoReich, Susanna7.62.0
119184 ENClash of the Sky GalleonsStewart, Paul7.314.0
81845 ENClassical and OperaBrasch, Nicolas7.71.0
6509 SPClaudia y la triste despedidaMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
48727 ENClaws, Coats, and Camouflage: The Ways Animals Fit...WorldGoodman, Susan E.5.11.0
36017 ENClay Marble, TheHo, Minfong5.46.0
59020 ENCleaning the AirDalgleish, Sharon5.61.0
108873 ENClementinePennypacker, Sara4.52.0
88376 ENCleopatra: Egypt's Last PharaohNardo, Don9.96.0
27125 ENCleopatra (First Book)Green, Robert6.61.0
32238 ENCleopatra VII: Daughter of the NileGregory, Kristiana6.26.0
20453 ENClever LazyBodger, Joan6.68.0
10511 ENClifford and the Big StormBridwell, Norman2.10.5
41850 ENClifford Makes a FriendBridwell, Norman0.40.5
7257 ENClifford's ChristmasBridwell, Norman1.90.5
10513 ENClifford's Good DeedsBridwell, Norman2.20.5
11164 ENClifford's KittenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
7259 ENClifford's Thanksgiving VisitBridwell, Norman2.10.5
14611 ENClifford the Small Red PuppyBridwell, Norman2.10.5
62467 ENClimate and the EnvironmentBatigne et al., Stéphane10.23.0
12460 ENClimb or DieMyers, Edward4.75.0
46736 ENClimbing onto the Horse's BackZeaman, John6.61.0
6979 ENClock, TheCollier, James/Christopher4.56.0
18531 ENClockwork or All Wound UpPullman, Philip5.72.0
59344 ENClones, TheSkurzynski, Gloria5.77.0
66673 ENCloning and Genetic Engineering (Life in the Future)Cefrey, Holly6.11.0
71426 ENClose Air Support Fighters: The A-10 Thunderbolt IIsGreen, Michael5.30.5
57307 ENClose Encounters with AliensSilverstein, Janna7.91.0
68059 ENClose to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916Capuzzo, Michael8.36.0
85887 ENClothing (Yesterday and Today)Parks, Peggy J.7.41.0
88201 ENCloud Chamber, TheMaynard, Joyce5.69.0
56362 ENClouds (Watts Library)Trueit, Trudi Strain7.41.0
5604 ENClue in the Diary, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
106751 ENClue of the Linoleum Lederhosen, TheAnderson, M.T.4.85.0
84953 ENClydesdale Horse, TheDiedrich, John4.50.5
100374 ENCoalMorris, Neil7.41.0
42429 ENCoal Miner's Bride: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska, ABartoletti, Susan Campbell5.56.0
89725 ENCoast Guard CuttersStone, Lynn M.7.40.5
60970 ENCoast Guard Rescue and Patrol AircraftHolden, Henry M.6.21.0
81434 ENCoastlinesKerrigan, Michael8.62.0
103746 ENCobrasLockwood, Sophie5.61.0
67681 ENCocaine (Watts Library)Landau, Elaine7.71.0
16333 ENCocker Spaniel, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.00.5
54425 ENCoco Chanel (Creative Lives)Wallis, Jeremy7.82.0
103465 ENCode BreakersPowell, Jillian2.30.5
85819 ENCode Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War TwoBruchac, Joseph6.49.0
32224 ENCoffin Quilt, TheRinaldi, Ann4.07.0
46873 ENCoins (Cool Collectibles)Abeyta, Jennifer5.50.5
116492 ENCold Case File: Murder in the MountainsGordon, Olivia5.40.5
59204 ENCold FirePierce, Tamora5.613.0
27961 ENCold RiverJudson, William5.78.0
70134 ENCold TomPrue, Sally4.44.0
118388 ENCold War Pigeon Patrols and Other Animal Spies, TheDenega, Danielle6.01.0
117497 ENCold War, TheGrant, R.G.9.33.0
116239 ENCold War, TheBodden, Valerie9.71.0
73385 ENColibriCameron, Ann4.67.0
60454 ENColin Powell: It Can Be Done!Strong, Mike4.40.5
50173 ENColin Powell: U.S. Army General and Secretary of StateFlanagan, Alice K.7.72.0
84649 ENCollage (Mastering Art)Hodge, Anthony6.10.5
24055 ENCollie, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.90.5
78415 ENColmanFurlong, Monica6.311.0
27002 ENColombia (Enchantment of the World)Morrison, Marion8.12.0
83851 ENColonial Craftsman, AWilds, Mary C.9.05.0
64488 ENColonial Life (American Voices From)Stefoff, Rebecca8.65.0
88834 ENColonial WilliamsburgColeman, Wim7.01.0
42817 SPcolor de mis palabras, ElJoseph, Lynn5.13.0
35834 ENColor Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee LoveMcKissack, Patricia C.4.95.0
86645 ENColor of Fire, TheRinaldi, Ann4.05.0
47069 ENColorado (America the Beautiful)Blashfield, Jean F.8.44.0
74229 ENColorado Avalanche (Great Sports Teams), TheDater, Adrian7.84.0
122019 ENColorado (Third Series)Somervill, Barbara A.8.03.0
1884 ENColors of Freedom (Immigrant Stories), TheBode, Janet4.94.0
60963 ENColumbine High School Shooting: Student ViolenceHasday, Judy L.6.81.0
57664 ENCombat Rescue Helicopters: The MH-53 Pave LowsSweetman, Bill4.80.5
120201 ENCombat Rescue Helicopters: The MH-53 Pave Lows (Revised Edition)Sweetman, Bill4.70.5
8558 ENCome a StrangerVoigt, Cynthia5.311.0
7310 ENCome Back, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
70816 ENCome Learn with Me: Animals Without Backbones: InvertebratesAnderson, Bridget6.81.0
70817 ENCome Learn with Me: How Bodies Work: Animal PhysiologyAnderson, Bridget7.41.0
70818 ENCome Learn with Me: The Kingdoms of Life: ClassificationAnderson, Bridget6.91.0
70820 ENCome Look with Me: American Indian ArtSalomon, Stephanie6.01.0
70821 ENCome Look with Me: Animals in ArtBlizzard, Gladys S.6.71.0
70822 ENCome Look with Me: Art in Early AmericaOsofsky, Randy6.81.0
9358 ENCome Play with MeHillert, Margaret1.20.5
162 ENCome Sing, Jimmy JoPaterson, Katherine4.78.0
9359 ENCome to School, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret1.00.5
74582 ENComets and AsteroidsNardo, Don10.24.0
69620 ENComets and Asteroids: Ice and Rocks in SpaceCole, Michael D.8.21.0
53432 ENComic Book Kid, TheOsterweil, Adam5.43.0
103606 ENComic Books: From Superheroes to MangaHatch, Joshua3.70.5
36634 ENComing Evil, AVande Velde, Vivian5.27.0
43067 ENComing to America: The Story of ImmigrationMattern, Joanne4.21.0
84132 ENCommodore Matthew Perry and the Perry Expedition to JapanWittner, David G.8.43.0
36119 ENCommodore Perry Opens Japan to Trade in World HistoryGaines, Ann Graham7.73.0
80183 ENCommunication: From Hieroglyphs to Hyperlinks (Kingfisher KnowlePlatt, Richard8.33.0
53967 ENCommunications (Great Inventions)Williams, Brian6.82.0
69174 ENCommunications SatellitesByers, Ann8.82.0
116259 ENCommunismFandel, Jennifer9.91.0
71049 ENCommunism (Ideas of the Modern World)Ritchie, Nigel10.33.0
14457 ENCompanions of the NightVande Velde, Vivian6.19.0
89748 ENCompetitive CheerleadingMaurer, Tracy6.11.0
35414 SPcomposición, LaSkármeta, Antonio3.80.5
4489 ENCompulsive Overeating (Perspectives on Mental Health)Peacock, Judith6.01.0
102221 ENComputer AnimatorParks, Peggy J.8.01.0
79208 ENComputer TechnologyCassedy, Patrice11.25.0
102312 ENComputer VirusesHenderson, Harry11.05.0
100375 ENComputersRooney, Anne7.21.0
64500 ENCon-fidenceStrasser, Todd4.14.0
9729 SPCon las riendas firmesPascal/Suzanne4.04.0
73959 ENConch Bearer, TheDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee5.410.0
54042 ENConcordeMurdico, Suzanne J.5.90.5
74390 ENCondoleezza Rice: National Security AdvisorDitchfield, Christin7.23.0
85335 ENCondoleezza Rice: U.S. Secretary of StateCunningham, Kevin6.11.0
695 SPconejo de terciopelo, ElWilliams, Margery4.91.0
61649 ENConfederate Fiddle, TheWilliams, Jeanne5.88.0
86349 ENConfessions of a Closet CatholicLittman, Sarah5.57.0
67491 ENConfessions of an Ugly StepsisterMaguire, Gregory6.215.0
73180 ENConflict: India vs. PakistanDowning, David9.73.0
83885 ENCongress (A Primary Source Library of American Citizenship)Brexel, Bernadette4.70.5
49213 ENCongress (American Government Today)Sanders, Mark6.11.0
76062 ENConjunctionsHeinrichs, Ann3.80.5
47035 ENConnecticut (America the Beautiful)McNair, Sylvia8.13.0
62433 ENConnecticut: The Constitution StateBailer, Darice8.62.0
527 ENConnecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, ATwain, Mark9.221.0
79699 ENConnecting Dots: Poems of My JourneyHarrison, David L.3.81.0
86935 ENConrad's FateJones, Diana Wynne5.312.0
75604 ENConservation and Natural Resources (Our Planet Earth)Ball et al., Jackie7.42.0
17613 ENConspiracy of the Secret Nine, TheBland, Celia4.83.0
105493 ENConstellation of Sylvie: A Novel, TheTownley, Roderick4.35.0
25105 ENConstitution, TheProlman, Marilyn7.80.5
85853 ENConstitutional Convention, TheHughes, Christopher9.01.0
42505 ENConstruction: Building the ImpossibleAaseng, Nathan9.15.0
4556 ENConstruction CarpenterWallner, Rosemary5.50.5
81332 ENConsumerism (World Issues)Woolf, Alex9.12.0
17806 ENContactSagan, Carl9.423.0
118423 ENContemporary United States (1968-Present)Lynne, Douglas7.62.0
5262 ENContender, TheLipsyte, Robert4.55.0
107431 ENControl Freak! Hormones, the Brain, and the Nervous SystemParker, Steve6.01.0
86565 ENConvicts, TheLawrence, Iain4.78.0
5969 ENCookcamp, ThePaulsen, Gary5.03.0
107027 ENCookies: Bite-Size Life LessonsRosenthal, Amy Krouse3.10.5
58616 ENCooking the Caribbean Way (Revised Edition)Kaufman, Cheryl Davidson7.11.0
64253 ENCooking the English Way (Revised Edition)Hill, Barbara W.6.81.0
58620 ENCooking the Greek Way (Revised Edition)Villios, Lynne W.6.61.0
64256 ENCooking the Korean Way (Revised Edition)Chung/Monroe6.91.0
58628 ENCooking the Spanish Way (Revised Edition)Christian, Rebecca6.81.0
64260 ENCooking the Thai Way (Revised Edition)Harrison/Monroe6.81.0
100515 ENCopernicus and Modern AstronomySakolsky, Josh9.32.0
88740 ENCoping with FamiliesTym, Kate5.92.0
88741 ENCoping with FriendsTym, Kate5.82.0
86974 ENCoping with Your EmotionsTym, Kate6.12.0
104029 ENCopper SunDraper, Sharon M.5.211.0
84624 ENCopperheadsDoeden, Matt3.40.5
123825 ENCopperheadsMattern, Joanne3.20.5
86530 ENCopy Crocs, TheBedford, David3.00.5
51861 ENCopycat Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.43.0
16762 ENCoral Reef: A City That Never SleepsCerullo, Mary M.7.51.0
60645 ENCoralineGaiman, Neil5.15.0
48598 ENCoretta Scott King (Heinemann Profiles)Press, Petra7.92.0
20303 ENCorn Grows Ripe, TheRhoads, Dorothy4.72.0
63410 ENCorner of the Universe, AMartin, Ann M.4.56.0
4906 ENCorvetteMcKenna, A.T.5.10.5
464 ENCory Coleman, Grade 2Brimner, Larry Dane2.91.0
73292 ENCosmology: Exploring the UniverseJedicke, Peter8.52.0
27003 ENCosta Rica (Enchantment of the World)Morrison, Marion8.93.0
17214 ENCostume (Eyewitness)Rowland-Warne, L.8.41.0
84625 ENCottonmouthsDoeden, Matt3.50.5
49698 ENCoubertin's Olympics: How the Games BeganKristy, Davida8.44.0
60471 ENCougars (Predators in the Wild)Welsbacher, Anne4.60.5
23666 ENCount KarlsteinPullman, Philip6.28.0
12778 ENCount of Monte Cristo (Abridged), TheDumas, Alexandre8.834.0
15804 ENCountdownMikaelsen, Ben4.68.0
56788 ENCountdown to Yesterday: Earth's Prehistoric PastHopkins, Ellen5.02.0
101207 ENCounterfeit Princess, TheThomas, Jane Resh5.77.0
68235 ENCounterterrorist Forces with the CIAWright, John10.02.0
58661 ENCountess & Me, TheKropp, Paul4.85.0
105477 ENCounting Coup: Becoming a Crow Chief on the Reservation & BeyondCrow, Joseph Medicine5.93.0
72837 ENCountries of the Middle EastGunderson, Cory6.11.0
21 ENCourage of Sarah Noble, TheDalgliesh, Alice3.91.0
6662 ENCourt of the Stone Children, TheCameron, Eleanor6.18.0
40783 ENCourtship (Nature Undercover)McLeod, Beatrice7.00.5
6663 ENCousinsHamilton, Virginia3.74.0
17765 ENCousins in the CastleWallace, Barbara Brooks6.07.0
9360 ENCow That Got Her Wish, TheHillert, Margaret1.70.5
17215 ENCowboyMurdoch, David H.7.71.0
70851 ENCowboys and Longhorns: A Portrait of the Long DriveStanley, Jerry7.03.0
24917 ENCowboys of the Wild WestFreedman, Russell6.72.0
84512 ENCowgirl Kate and CocoaSilverman, Erica2.30.5
11410 ENCowgirl MeganMagraw, Trisha4.91.0
46874 ENCoyote AttacksMurdico, Suzanne J.5.30.5
30314 ENCoyote: North America's DogSwinburne, Stephen R.6.10.5
56389 ENCrab Spider (The Library of Spiders), TheMcGinty, Alice B.4.60.5
27540 ENCrabby Cat Caper, TheLewis, Beverly2.71.0
67614 ENCrabs, Lobsters, and ShrimpsLassieur, Allison7.01.0
89997 ENCrack & Cocaine=Busted!Palenque, Stephanie Maher8.72.0
215 ENCracker JacksonByars, Betsy4.24.0
61048 ENCrazy Carnival Case, TheKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
100267 ENCrazy Horse: Sioux WarriorHaugen, Brenda6.52.0
8513 ENCrazy Lady!Conly, Jane Leslie3.85.0
60556 ENCrazy LocoRice, David5.25.0
102555 ENCrazy Man, ThePorter, Pamela Paige4.53.0
10270 ENCrazy WeekendSoto, Gary4.64.0
107658 ENCreation of the U.S. Constitution, TheBurgan, Michael5.00.5
1831 ENCreative Life: The Young Person's Guide, ALeuzzi, Linda7.96.0
115972 ENCreatures of the AbyssHamilton, Sue7.01.0
85231 ENCreek and Their History, TheRosinsky, Natalie M.6.01.0
120504 ENCreepy CastlesParvis, Sarah5.10.5
22 ENCricket in Times Square, TheSelden, George4.94.0
43779 ENCrime and Punishment: Changing Attitudes 1900-2000Brownlie, Alison10.53.0
85257 ENCrime and Punishment: Shakespeare's WorldElgin, Kathy6.81.0
62230 ENCrime-Fighting AircraftHolden, Henry M.6.11.0
19662 ENCrime in the Queen's CourtKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
122987 ENCrime Lab TechnicianTownsend, John4.60.5
120693 ENCrime Scene InvestigatorHorn, Geoffrey M.5.11.0
49237 ENCriminal Investigation (Science Fact Files)Woodford, Chris8.81.0
54608 ENCrisis at Crystal ReefAnderson/Moesta6.56.0
66656 ENCrisis in Space: Apollo 13Beyer, Mark5.20.5
108313 ENCrispin: At the Edge of the WorldAvi4.87.0
58513 SPCrispín: la cruz de plomoAvi5.07.0
101361 ENCriss CrossPerkins, Lynne Rae5.57.0
46875 ENCroc and Gator AttacksFitzgerald, Patrick J.5.81.0
51526 ENCrocodile (Endangered Animals & Habitats), TheCheatham, Karyn Follis10.14.0
65519 ENCrocodile (Natural World)Pope, Joyce6.71.0
63899 ENCrocodilesJango-Cohen, Judith5.70.5
44981 ENCrocodilesJango-Cohen, Judith6.93.0
59528 ENCrook Who Took the Book, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
116562 ENCrooked Kind of Perfect, AUrban, Linda3.94.0
118772 ENCross My Heart and Hope to SpyCarter, Ally6.19.0
83556 ENCrossfireBisson, Terry4.63.0
58514 ENCrossing MontanaTorres, Laura4.24.0
11706 ENCrossing, ThePaulsen, Gary5.83.0
32383 ENCrossing the Colorado Rockies, 1864Lawlor, Laurie4.75.0
84347 ENCrow and WeaselLopez, Barry Holstun5.43.0
119219 ENCrow, TheCroggon, Alison7.126.0
73694 ENCrucible (Understanding Great Literature), TheJimerson, M.N.9.34.0
89714 ENCruisersStone, Lynn M.7.30.5
77290 ENCrumbling Earth: Erosion & LandslidesColson, Mary5.91.0
59021 ENCrustaceans: Crabs, Crayfishes, and Their RelativesBlaxland, Beth6.41.0
73055 ENCruzan v. Missouri: The Right to DieDonnelly, Karen8.21.0
87249 ENCry of the Icemark, TheHill, Stuart8.024.0
73561 ENCrying Rocks, TheLisle, Janet Taylor4.57.0
101806 ENCryobiologyWinner, Cherie5.91.0
84012 ENCryptid HuntersSmith, Roland4.911.0
73403 ENCryptologists: Life Making and Breaking CodesRosenberg, Aaron7.21.0
14744 ENCrystal Garden, TheGrove, Vicki5.98.0
17216 ENCrystal & GemSymes/Harding8.21.0
63433 ENCrystal MaskRoberts, Katherine5.412.0
116696 ENCrystal MethHarrow, Jeremy5.61.0
53793 ENCrystal Prison, TheJarvis, Robin5.710.0
120927 ENCrystals (Freestyle Express)Faulkner, Rebecca4.31.0
43515 SPCuando tía Lola vino (de visita) a quedarseAlvarez, Julia4.84.0
74753 ENCuba 15Osa, Nancy4.99.0
32703 ENCuba: After the RevolutionWolf, Bernard7.31.0
46828 ENCuba (Enchantment of the World)Morrison, Marion9.34.0
59989 ENCuba (Steadwell Books World Tour)Daley, Patrick4.91.0
57492 ENCuban Americans, TheSonneborn, Liz9.56.0
104905 ENCuban Missile Crisis: To the Brink of War, TheByrne, Paul J.8.82.0
9603 ENCuckoo Clock of Doom, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
54636 SPCuentos con sazónDelacre, Lulu5.02.0
59621 SPCuentos en verso para niños perversosDahl, Roald4.31.0
20878 SPCuentos para chicos y grandesPerera, Hilda4.21.0
21946 SPCuentos y leyendas de la época de las pirámidesJacq, Christian5.63.0
54881 SPcuestión de tiempo, UnaHoeye, Michael5.09.0
51533 ENCult Leaders (History Makers)Kellaher, Karen Burns8.85.0
119980 ENCultural Revolution: Years of Chaos in China, TheLangley, Andrew7.62.0
61546 ENCultures and CivilizationsReid, Struan10.02.0
114030 ENCupcakeCohn, Rachel7.111.0
5509 ENCurious GeorgeRey, H.A.2.60.5
73007 ENCurious George and the Birthday SurpriseRey, Margret/H.A.2.50.5
42145 ENCurious George and the DinosaurRey/Shalleck2.50.5
36641 ENCurious George and the Dump TruckRey, Margret/H.A.2.90.5
82318 ENCurious George and the FirefightersRey, Margret/H.A.2.80.5
6110 ENCurious George and the PizzaRey, Margret2.40.5
41853 ENCurious George and the PuppiesRey, Margret/H.A.3.00.5
36643 ENCurious George at the ParadeRey, Margret/H.A.3.00.5
409 ENCurious George Flies a KiteRey, Margret2.70.5
7611 ENCurious George Gets a MedalRey, H.A.4.10.5
36642 ENCurious George Goes CampingRey, Margret/H.A.2.90.5
52860 ENCurious George Goes to a Costume PartyRey, Margret2.80.5
35818 ENCurious George Goes to an Ice Cream ShopRey, Margret/H.A.2.90.5
36543 ENCurious George Goes to the AquariumRey, Margret/H.A.2.20.5
36640 ENCurious George Goes to the BeachRey, Margret/H.A.2.90.5
18665 ENCurious George Goes to the HospitalRey, Margret/H.A.3.40.5
43115 ENCurious George Learns the AlphabetRey, H.A.3.20.5
88751 ENCurious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100Rey, H.A.3.50.5
42147 ENCurious George Plays BaseballRey/Shalleck2.00.5
18666 ENCurious George Rides a BikeRey, H.A.4.10.5
105749 ENCurious George's Dinosaur DiscoveryHapka, Cathy2.70.5
40191 ENCurious George Takes a JobRey, H.A.3.60.5
7213 ENCurious George Visits the ZooRey, Margret2.60.5
86910 ENCurrencyKummer, Patricia K.7.11.0
85025 ENCurse of King Tut's Tomb, TheBurgan, Michael4.50.5
9873 ENCurse of the Blue Figurine, TheBellairs, John5.18.0
78252 ENCurse of the Blue Tattoo...Faber, Midshipman and Fine LadyMeyer, L.A.5.721.0
85628 ENCurse of the Gloamglozer, TheStewart, Paul5.412.0
9604 ENCurse of the Mummy's Tomb, TheStine, R.L.4.03.0
79494 ENCurse of the Pharaohs: My Adventures with MummiesHawass, Zahi7.43.0
73960 ENCurse of the Raven Mocker, TheYoumans, Marly6.39.0
108703 ENCursed CreaturesEditors, Gareth Stevens6.94.0
113797 ENCurveballWallace, Rich4.82.0
118181 ENCute, Furry, and Deadly: Diseases You Can Catch from Your Pet!Brownlee, Christen5.41.0
63794 ENCyclingCotter, Alison9.15.0
84293 ENCyclopsNardo, Don6.91.0
83910 ENCynthia RylantMcGinty, Alice B.6.92.0
65379 END-Day: June 6, 1944Sheehan, Sean8.32.0
118376 END-Day: The Liberation of Europe BeginsMurray, Doug5.81.0
16977 END.W. the Picky EaterBrown, Marc2.90.5
44353 ENDachshund, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.71.0
63320 ENDahliaMcClintock, Barbara3.00.5
85258 ENDaily LifeElgin, Kathy6.71.0
47948 ENDaily Life in a Covered WagonErickson, Paul7.02.0
47222 ENDaily Life in a Plains Indian Village 1868Terry, Michael Bad Hand7.11.0
4444 ENDaily Life in Ancient and Modern BeijingBaldwin, Robert F.7.71.0
47105 ENDaily Life in Ancient and Modern CairoBarghusen, Joan7.31.0
47106 ENDaily Life in Ancient and Modern IstanbulBator, Robert7.62.0
47108 ENDaily Life in Ancient and Modern LondonToht, Betony7.31.0
4447 ENDaily Life in Ancient and Modern TimbuktuBrook, Larry7.41.0
68213 ENDaily Prison Life (Crime and Detection)Rabiger, Joanna10.32.0
106282 ENDairy Queen: A NovelMurdock, Catherine Gilbert5.310.0
45702 ENDaja's BookPierce, Tamora5.78.0
64649 ENDalai Lama: Peacemaker from Tibet (Famous Lives), TheGibb, Chris6.81.0
84933 ENDale Earnhardt, Jr.Schaefer, A.R.4.10.5
89998 ENDale Earnhardt, Jr.: Born to RaceGarfield, Ken6.52.0
122734 ENDale Earnhardt Jr. (Capstone Press)Doeden, Matt3.20.5
72922 ENDale Earnhardt Jr.: Tragedy and TriumphGigliotti, Jim5.30.5
61977 ENDale Earnhardt: The Likable IntimidatorBarber, Phil5.30.5
16335 ENDalmatian, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.00.5
52455 ENDams (How Are They Built?)Stone, Lynn M.5.91.0
72979 ENDamsels Not in Distress: The...Women in Medieval TimesHopkins Ph.D, Andrea8.02.0
25573 ENDanceGrau, Andree8.61.0
65231 ENDance of Sisters, APorter, Tracey5.46.0
83946 ENDance Performance: From Rehearsal to Opening NightKessel, Kristin6.31.0
101232 ENDancing at the OdinochkaHill, Kirkpatrick5.58.0
754 ENDancing CarlPaulsen, Gary5.03.0
45118 ENDancing in Cadillac LightHolt, Kimberly Willis5.16.0
65236 ENDancing in the Streets of BrooklynLurie, April4.26.0
75438 ENDancing ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.78.0
101888 ENDancing Through FireLasky, Kathryn5.05.0
528 ENDandelion WineBradbury, Ray6.010.0
12468 ENDandelionsBunting, Eve3.50.5
17766 ENDanger Along the OhioWillis, Patricia5.46.0
68932 ENDanger at the Wild West ShowHart, Alison4.75.0
27726 ENDanger in the DesertFields, T.S.4.75.0
20682 ENDanger in the ExtremeDixon, Franklin W.4.64.0
15079 ENDanger on Midnight RiverPaulsen, Gary3.71.0
54375 ENDangerous Breakup, TheSchraff, Anne4.56.0
80184 ENDangerous Creatures (Kingfisher Knowledge)Wilkes, Angela7.72.0
104048 ENDangerous Engine: Benjamin Franklin...Scientist to Diplomat, ADash, Joan8.89.0
73108 ENDangerous GirlsStine, R.L.3.56.0
78940 ENDangerous Path, AHunter, Erin5.912.0
11461 ENDangerous Promise, ANixon, Joan Lowery6.07.0
54964 ENDangerous Rescue, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
19198 ENDangerous SkiesStaples, Suzanne Fisher5.89.0
65528 ENDaniel Boone and the Cumberland GapSantella, Andrew6.21.0
7362 ENDaniel's DuckBulla, Clyde Robert2.00.5
10766 ENDaniel's StoryMatas, Carol4.95.0
6060 ENDanny and the DinosaurHoff, Syd2.30.5
83947 ENDanny Harf: Wakeboarding SuperstarGoranson, Christopher D.8.02.0
72653 ENDanube: Cyanide SpillBryan, Nichol8.42.0
465 ENDaphne's BookHahn, Mary Downing4.26.0
12400 ENDar and the Spear-ThrowerCowley, Marjorie5.24.0
58677 ENDarbyFuqua, Jonathon Scott4.87.0
25446 ENDark Corner, ThePike, Christopher4.33.0
103059 ENDark Dreams: The Story of Stephen KingWhitelaw, Nancy8.04.0
20313 ENDark Frigate, TheHawes, Charles Boardman6.712.0
82415 ENDark Ground, TheCross, Gillian5.310.0
86676 ENDark Hills Divide, TheCarman, Patrick6.110.0
66894 ENDark Horse, TheSedgwick, Marcus4.35.0
109 ENDark Is Rising, TheCooper, Susan6.213.0
80688 ENDark Pond, TheBruchac, Joseph5.34.0
43476 ENDark Portal, TheJarvis, Robin5.310.0
71304 ENDark QuetzalRoberts, Katherine5.512.0
33623 ENDark Rival, TheWatson, Jude4.63.0
100575 ENDark SonsGrimes, Nikki4.82.0
10203 ENDark Stairs, TheByars, Betsy3.93.0
7855 ENDark-Thirty, TheMcKissack, Patricia C.4.64.0
53561 ENDarkening SkiesJenkins/LaHaye4.64.0
82929 ENDarkest Hour, TheHunter, Erin6.312.0
16661 ENDarkest KnightAnderson/Moesta7.96.0
13405 ENDarkest Secret, TheSchraff, Anne3.62.0
2233 ENDarknessSchraff, Anne4.43.0
48136 ENDarkness Before DawnDraper, Sharon M.4.88.0
14137 ENDarnell Rock ReportingMyers, Walter Dean4.34.0
100516 ENDarwin and the Theory of EvolutionGreenberger, Robert8.52.0
88571 ENDashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love, TheRushton, Rosie4.79.0
82455 ENDate Violence (Life Balance)Landau, Elaine7.42.0
61269 ENDaughter of MadrugadaWood, Frances M.4.65.0
88648 ENDaughter of the MountainsRankin, Louise6.18.0
11709 ENDaughters of EveDuncan, Lois5.410.0
100048 ENDaughters of the ArkMorgan, Anna6.07.0
83948 ENDave Mirra: BMX SuperstarRosenberg, Aaron7.31.0
103632 ENDavid BeckhamHarrison, Paul4.81.0
57266 ENDavid Bowie (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers)Forget, Thomas6.81.0
103835 ENDawnHunter, Erin5.111.0
81011 ENDawn of the Space Age (The History of Space Exploration)Kerrod, Robin8.62.0
19352 SPDawn y los mensajes aterradoresMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
6357 ENDay Before Christmas, TheBunting, Eve3.00.5
35988 ENDay I Had to Play with My Sister, TheBonsall, Crosby0.50.5
41445 ENDay I Was Rich, TheCosby, Bill2.90.5
5466 ENDay Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, TheNoble, Trinka Hakes2.20.5
100084 ENDay Joanie Frankenhauser Became a Boy, TheLantz, Francess Lin3.84.0
359 ENDay No Pigs Would Die, APeck, Robert Newton4.44.0
54965 ENDay of Reckoning, TheWatson, Jude5.04.0
86562 ENDay of Tears: A Novel in DialogueLester, Julius4.84.0
55606 ENDay of the DeadJohnston, Tony2.60.5
116516 ENDay Without Immigrants: Rallying Behind America's Newcomers, AOuellette, Jeannine7.72.0
67493 ENDays of Jubilee: The End of Slavery in the United StatesMcKissack, Patricia C.8.24.0
82198 ENDays of Magic, Nights of WarBarker, Clive5.419.0
75412 ENDaytona 500, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.20.5
15816 ENDead Letter: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.83.0
5410 ENDead Man in Indian Creek, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.94.0
62218 ENDead Man's Gold and Other StoriesYee, Paul5.93.0
88485 ENDead Reckoning: A Pirate Voyage with Captain DrakeLawlor, Laurie5.56.0
45858 ENDeadly Game of Magic, ANixon, Joan Lowery4.36.0
54966 ENDeadly Hunter, TheWatson, Jude4.63.0
13406 ENDeadly Obsession, ASchraff, Anne4.32.0
32561 ENDear Austin: Letters from the Underground RailroadWoodruff, Elvira5.23.0
12698 ENDear Benjamin BannekerPinkney, Andrea Davis6.40.5
45119 ENDear Diary, I'm DeadStine, R.L.3.43.0
43464 ENDear Ellen Bee: A Civil War Scrapbook of Two Union SpiesLyons/Branch5.65.0
7133 ENDear Mom, You're Ruining My LifeVan Leeuwen, Jean4.05.0
24 ENDear Mr. HenshawCleary, Beverly4.93.0
2235 ENDear Mr. KilmerSchraff, Anne4.83.0
61321 ENDear PapaYlvisaker, Anne4.64.0
12456 ENDear Peter RabbitAda, Alma Flor4.20.5
64360 ENDearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is an Adverb?Cleary, Brian P.3.50.5
36129 ENDeath: An Introduction to Medical-Ethical DilemmasAltman, Linda Jacobs7.73.0
83828 ENDeath and DiseaseWoolf, Alex9.12.0
82456 ENDeath and Dying (Life Balance)Peacock, Carol Antoinette6.72.0
57515 ENDeath and the Underworld (Discovering Mythology)Wyly, Michael J.8.95.0
43400 ENDeath at Devil's BridgeDeFelice, Cynthia5.36.0
65335 ENDeath Camps (The Holocaust), TheSheehan, Sean8.62.0
43984 ENDeath: Coping with the PainKuehn, Eileen5.31.0
123263 ENDeath in the AirPeacock, Shane6.210.0
54967 ENDeath of Hope, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
24553 ENDeath of Lies: SocratesSorenson, Margo3.03.0
49699 ENDeath on Sacred GroundFeder, Harriet K.4.24.0
59119 ENDeath on the AmazonZindel, Paul5.34.0
121176 ENDeath Penalty, TheWalker, Ida10.03.0
68201 ENDeath Row and Capital Punishment (Crime and Detection)Kerrigan, Michael10.32.0
15817 ENDeath's Door: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.73.0
49700 ENDeath Trap: The Story of the La Brea Tar PitsThompson, Sharon Elaine8.32.0
755 ENDeathwatchWhite, Robb6.07.0
560 ENDecember StillnessHahn, Mary Downing5.16.0
54956 ENDeceptionsWatson, Jude5.05.0
25106 ENDeclaration of Independence, TheStein, R. Conrad7.10.5
43415 ENDeclaration of Independence, TheMazer, Anne4.32.0
120007 ENDeclaration, TheMalley, Gemma6.211.0
103862 ENDeclaring Independence: Life During the American RevolutionMiller, Brandon Marie8.14.0
58492 ENDecomposers in the Food ChainMcGinty, Alice B.5.30.5
18808 ENDeenieBlume, Judy4.25.0
120694 ENDeep-Sea FishingThomas, William David4.20.5
65956 ENDeep-Sea Floor, TheCollard, Sneed B.6.00.5
9605 ENDeep TroubleStine, R.L.3.53.0
50405 ENDeep WizardryDuane, Diane6.111.0
61650 ENDeeper Song, ThePfitsch, Patricia Curtis4.65.0
66762 ENDeepest Lake, TheHirschmann, Kris6.71.0
51125 ENDeer Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Frahm, Randy4.90.5
4581 ENDeer WatchingBair/Wright4.00.5
16710 ENDeerslayer, TheCooper, James Fenimore11.244.0
107432 ENDefend Yourself! The Immune SystemParker, Steve6.51.0
54968 ENDefenders of the Dead, TheWatson, Jude5.14.0
100506 ENDefianceHobbs, Valerie4.03.0
41465 ENDefine "Normal"Peters, Julie Anne3.66.0
82304 ENDelawareWorth, Richard7.53.0
47036 ENDelaware (America the Beautiful)Blashfield, Jean F.8.43.0
89832 ENDelhiRowe, Percy8.62.0
69188 ENDelta Force: Counterterrorism Unit of the U.S. ArmyBurnett Ph.D., Betty7.51.0
120488 ENDelta Force in ActionRiley, Gail Blasser4.90.5
116260 ENDemocracyFitzpatrick, Anne9.31.0
71051 ENDemocracy (Ideas of the Modern World)Harris, Nathaniel11.33.0
66046 ENDemolition Derby CarsSavage, Jeff5.00.5
48145 ENDemon in the Teahouse, TheHoobler, Dorothy5.36.0
104770 ENDemon of River Heights, ThePetrucha, Stefan3.61.0
101700 ENDepartment of Agriculture, TheRosaler, Maxine9.92.0
101701 ENDepartment of Commerce, TheGoldberg, Jan11.22.0
102479 ENDepartment of Defense and State DepartmentBaker, David9.81.0
101702 ENDepartment of Energy, TheMargulies, Phillip9.92.0
68243 ENDepartment of Homeland Security, TheKerrigan, Michael10.02.0
101704 ENDepartment of Labor, TheCasil, Amy Sterling10.52.0
101705 ENDepartment of Transportation, TheOrr, Tamra10.42.0
44334 ENDerek JeterCovert, Kim4.20.5
80336 ENDerek Jeter: Daring to DreamThornley, Stew6.02.0
9732 SPDesaparecidaPascal/Suzanne3.93.0
17217 ENDesertMacQuitty, Miranda7.71.0
65466 ENDesert Animals (Animals of the Biomes)Steele, Christy5.01.0
14385 ENDesert Fox Family Book, TheLaukel, Hans Gerold5.50.5
85957 ENDesert Storm: The First Persian Gulf War in American HistoryMcArthur, Debra8.34.0
103748 ENDesert TortoisesLockwood, Sophie5.91.0
60788 ENDesert VoicesBaylor, Byrd4.20.5
68349 ENDeserts and Semideserts (Biomes Atlases)Allaby/Anderson/Crofton7.32.0
25260 ENDestination: JupiterSimon, Seymour5.70.5
60789 ENDestination: Rocky MountainsGrupper, Jonathan5.40.5
79688 ENDestination UnknownApplegate, K.A.4.84.0
54842 ENDestinyGrove, Vicki5.96.0
89726 ENDestroyersStone, Lynn M.7.30.5
79434 ENDestroyers: The Arleigh Burke ClassGreen, Michael5.00.5
121015 ENDetective Work with BallisticsWest, David4.91.0
48120 ENDetectives in TogasWinterfeld/Winston5.17.0
69238 ENDetectives: Life Investigating CrimeCroce, Nicholas7.81.0
74225 ENDeterring and Investigating Attack: The Role of the FBI and CIAKeeley, Jennifer11.54.0
73589 ENDetroit Red Wings (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.7.84.0
41251 ENDevil and His Boy, TheHorowitz, Anthony4.66.0
6998 ENDevil's Arithmetic, TheYolen, Jane4.66.0
8516 ENDevil's BridgeDeFelice, Cynthia4.73.0
32713 ENDevil's Highway, TheApplegate, Stanley4.55.0
113492 ENDexter the ToughHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.23.0
59942 SPdía que Pigasso conoció a Muutisse, ElLaden, Nina4.20.5
69875 ENDiabetes (Diseases and Disorders)Sheen, Barbara10.44.0
64521 ENDiabetes (Health Issues)Whelan, Jo8.32.0
10892 ENDiamond in the Window, TheLangton, Jane5.88.0
100376 ENDiamonds and Other GemsMorris, Neil7.61.0
77332 ENDian Fossey: Among the GorillasMara, Wil7.33.0
48581 ENDian Fossey (Groundbreakers)Wood, Richard/Sara7.11.0
28771 ENDiana: The People's Princess (Famous Lives)Wood, Richard6.41.0
17587 SPdiario de Pedro, ElConrad, Pam5.82.0
113950 ENDiary of a Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff5.23.0
119441 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick RulesKinney, Jeff5.23.0
127979 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last StrawKinney, Jeff5.43.0
530 ENDiary of a Young Girl, TheFrank, Anne6.514.0
46321 ENDiary of Melanie Martin or How I Survived...Tower of Pizza, TheWeston, Carol4.83.0
110 ENDicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5.011.0
103249 ENDickens: His Work and His WorldRosen, Michael6.32.0
116261 ENDictatorshipFandel, Jennifer9.21.0
63207 ENDid Dinosaurs Live in Your Backyard? Questions...DinosaursBerger, Melvin4.91.0
9015 ENDid I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?Seuss, Dr.3.50.5
100537 ENDiderot: French Philosopher and Father of the EncyclopediaStark, Sam8.12.0
23346 ENDido and PaAiken, Joan6.412.0
21804 SPDiego y los limones mágicosUribe, Verónica4.00.5
48885 ENDiet and NutritionWestcott, Patsy7.81.0
163 ENDifferent DragonsLittle, Jean3.73.0
28524 ENDifferent Kind of Hero, ABlakeslee, Ann R.4.45.0
50012 ENDifficult People: Dealing with Almost AnyoneRoy, Jennifer Rozines6.62.0
29443 ENDig a TunnelHunter, Ryan Ann2.80.5
16855 ENDigbyHazen, Barbara Shook1.20.5
18608 ENDigby and Kate and the Beautiful DayBaker, Barbara1.90.5
81824 ENDigesting FoodWalker, Richard7.11.0
85411 ENDigestionParker, Steve8.02.0
81234 ENDigestion and Reproduction (Understanding the Human Body)Parker, Steve7.91.0
41509 ENDigging for Bird-Dinosaurs: An Expedition to MadagascarBishop, Nic6.91.0
53625 ENDinosaur Parents, Dinosaur Young: Uncovering...FamiliesZoehfeld, Kathleen Wiedner7.51.0
67142 ENDinosaursHarris, Nicholas6.30.5
125497 ENDinosaursPodesto, Martine5.91.0
57569 ENDinosaurs: A Nonfiction Companion to Dinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Will5.01.0
28451 ENDinotopia: A Land Apart from TimeGurney, James6.93.0
17768 ENDipper of Copper CreekGeorge, Jean C./John6.27.0
32523 SPDirecto al aroCoy, John2.50.5
216 ENDirt Bike RacerChristopher, Matt4.04.0
79465 ENDirt BikesDoeden, Matt2.50.5
9804 ENDirt BikesYoung, Jesse4.50.5
61979 ENDirt Track Daredevils: The History of NASCARWoods, Bob5.60.5
69401 ENDirty Deed, AStenhouse, Ted4.45.0
9309 ENDirty LarryHamsa, Bobbie0.80.5
16765 ENDisability Rights Movement, TheKent, Deborah7.81.0
100298 ENDisappearance: A Premonitions MysteryWatson, Jude3.96.0
20069 ENDisappearing ActsByars, Betsy3.83.0
17862 ENDisappearing Card Trick, TheErwin, Vicki Berger3.93.0
115272 ENDiscovery of Dragons: New Research Revealed, TheBase, Graeme7.61.0
43704 ENDive! My Adventures in the Deep FrontierEarle, Sylvia A.7.01.0
70139 ENDivide, TheKay, Elizabeth5.311.0
74266 ENDivorceAbrams, Liesa10.64.0
7710 ENDivorce Express, TheDanziger, Paula4.34.0
43985 ENDivorce: Finding a PlaceKuehn, Eileen5.81.0
49055 ENDivorce (Talking Points)Charlish, Anne8.62.0
35369 ENDivorced Kids Club: and Other Stories, TheValgardson, W.D.4.85.0
82244 ENDizzyCassidy, Cathy4.46.0
120306 ENDNA Analysis: Forensic Fluids & FolliclesHamilton, Sue7.31.0
118170 ENDNA Gave It Away! Teens Solve Crime, TheMorrison, Yvonne5.40.5
83838 ENDNA on TrialKafka, Tina10.54.0
63208 ENDo All Spiders Spin Webs? Questions and Answers About SpidersBerger, Melvin4.81.0
63209 ENDo Bears Sleep All Winter? Questions and Answers About BearsBerger, Melvin/Gilda4.61.0
74855 ENDo Not Open This Crate!Krensky, Stephen2.70.5
63210 ENDo Penguins Get Frostbite? Questions...Polar AnimalsBerger, Melvin5.11.0
63211 ENDo Stars Have Points? Questions...About Stars and PlanetsBerger, Melvin/Gilda4.81.0
63212 ENDo Tarantulas Have Teeth? Questions...Poisonous CreaturesBerger, Melvin4.71.0
48946 ENDo Tornadoes Really Twist? Questions...Tornadoes & HurricanesBerger, Melvin5.31.0
63213 ENDo Whales Have Belly Buttons? Questions...Whales and DolphinsBerger, Melvin4.51.0
16766 ENDo You Know the Difference?Bischhoff-Miersch, Andrea/Michael6.20.5
102988 ENDo You Know the Monkey Man?Butler, Dori Hillestad3.87.0
16336 ENDoberman Pinscher, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.10.5
18532 SPDoble funciónWilson, Jacqueline4.13.0
16767 ENDoc Holliday (Outlaws and Lawmen of the Wild West)Green/Sanford5.01.0
82773 ENDoctor Illuminatus: The Alchemist's SonBooth, Martin5.97.0
8655 ENDoctor ZhivagoPasternak, Boris8.236.0
114561 ENDodger Blue: The Los Angeles DodgersAretha, David6.93.0
63214 ENDoes It Always Rain in the Rain Forest? Questions...ForestsBerger, Melvin/Gilda5.21.0
18609 ENDog and Cat Make a SplashSpohn, Kate2.20.5
15799 ENDog and Cat Shake a LegSpohn, Kate1.80.5
607 ENDog Called Kitty, AWallace, Bill4.24.0
13768 ENDog FridayMcKay, Hilary5.05.0
82934 ENDog-Gone MessStine, Megan2.70.5
164 ENDog on Barkham Street, AStolz, Mary4.65.0
102989 ENDog SenseCollard III, Sneed B.4.46.0
106544 ENDog WalkerSpafford-Fitz, Karen3.02.0
8057 ENDog Who Wouldn't Be, TheMowat, Farley7.910.0
63915 ENDogsStefoff, Rebecca8.03.0
75259 ENDogs and Their PuppiesTagliaferro, Linda1.40.5
360 ENDogsongPaulsen, Gary5.25.0
57925 ENDoll BabyBunting, Eve2.80.5
10516 ENDoll PartyAlbert, Shirley1.60.5
101369 ENDolley Madison Saves HistorySmalley, Roger3.60.5
76491 ENDollhouse Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
56235 ENDollmage, TheLeavitt, Martine4.97.0
46876 ENDolls (Cool Collectibles)Hooks, Kristine6.21.0
120237 ENDolores Huerta: Labor Leader and Civil Rights ActivistDoak, Robin S.7.02.0
43781 ENDolphin Adventure: A True StoryGrover, Wayne5.41.0
55017 ENDolphin Man: Exploring the World of DolphinsPringle, Laurence7.81.0
65520 ENDolphin (Natural World)Davies, Nic6.91.0
64342 ENDolphin's Body, AKalman, Bobbie6.61.0
123802 ENDolphin SongSt. John, Lauren6.610.0
49571 ENDolphinsWalker, Sally M.6.91.0
51512 ENDolphins and Porpoises (Endangered Animals & Habitats)Kallen, Stuart A.10.04.0
77252 ENDolphins of Laurentum, TheLawrence, Caroline4.86.0
28257 ENDolphins: What They Can Teach UsCerullo, Mary M.7.81.0
6411 ENDominicSteig, William5.63.0
46840 ENDominican Republic (Enchantment of the World), TheRogers, Lura/Barbara9.14.0
41110 ENDon QuixoteCervantes/Burgan, de4.74.0
32557 ENDon't Call It ParadisePearson, Gayle4.86.0
11412 ENDon't Call Me Beanhead!Wojciechowski, Susan4.21.0
34850 ENDon't Call Me MardaWelch, Sheila Kelly4.95.0
44157 ENDon't Forget Me!Stine, R.L.3.13.0
42574 ENDon't Fry My Veeblax!Coville, Bruce5.43.0
103466 ENDon't Go in the CellarStrong, Jeremy3.61.0
757 ENDon't Look Behind YouDuncan, Lois6.29.0
16580 ENDon't Look Now or EverSchraff, Anne3.91.0
22649 ENDon't Pat the Wombat!Honey, Elizabeth4.44.0
46113 ENDon't Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens: Simple Ways...Your CoolCarlson, Richard7.710.0
60038 ENDon't TellChandler, Elizabeth5.07.0
58253 ENDon't Tell AnyoneKehret, Peg4.84.0
85597 ENDon't Tell the Girls: A Family MemoirGiff, Patricia Reilly4.82.0
17808 ENDon't You Dare Read This, Mrs. DunphreyHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.94.0
66664 ENDonner Party, TheWerther, Scott P.5.11.0
105245 ENDonner Party, TheWelvaert, Scott R.3.50.5
115664 ENDonovan McNabb: Leader on and off the FieldRobinson, Tom7.63.0
14537 ENDoom Stone, TheZindel, Paul5.25.0
108706 ENDoomed and the Dead, TheEditors, Gareth Stevens6.85.0
59773 ENDoomspell, TheMcNish, Cliff4.67.0
75019 ENDoor in the Hedge, TheMcKinley, Robin7.210.0
34837 ENDoor in the Lake, TheButts, Nancy4.95.0
25 ENDoor in the Wall, TheDe Angeli, Marguerite6.24.0
28285 ENDoor Near Here, AQuarles, Heather5.110.0
101931 ENDoor Within, TheBatson, Wayne Thomas5.813.0
52799 ENDorothea Dix: Crusader for the Mentally IllHerstek, Amy Paulson9.23.0
71236 SPDos plumas de águilaGómez Cerdá, Alfredo4.50.5
84003 ENDouble-Dare to Be Scared: Another Thirteen Chilling TalesSan Souci, Robert D.5.96.0
59351 ENDouble DutchDraper, Sharon M.4.97.0
86798 ENDouble FakeWallace, Rich4.23.0
7264 ENDouble-HeaderHerman, Gail1.50.5
101056 ENDouble IdentityHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.08.0
88166 ENDouble LifeRichards, Justin5.27.0
49828 ENDouble Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese OrphanFa/White5.27.0
35616 ENDougal Dixon's Amazing DinosaursDixon, Dougal5.91.0
8462 ENDougal Dixon's DinosaursDixon, Dougal7.33.0
100252 ENDouglas MacArthur: America's GeneralHaugen, Brenda7.52.0
49972 ENDouglas MacArthur: Brilliant General, Controversial LeaderGaines, Ann Graham7.74.0
47307 ENDove SongFranklin, Kristine L.4.27.0
48519 ENDown a Dark HallDuncan, Lois5.37.0
65476 ENDown a Sunny Dirt Road: An AutobiographyBerenstain, Stan6.86.0
86936 ENDown the Rabbit HoleAbrahams, Peter4.310.0
116697 ENDowners: Depressant AbusePorterfield, Jason8.61.0
84965 ENDownhill BMXSchuette, Sarah L.2.40.5
11413 ENDownhill MeganMagraw, Trisha5.22.0
30843 ENDownsidersShusterman, Neal7.211.0
102422 ENDowntown BoyHerrera, Juan Felipe3.74.0
7215 ENDozen Dogs, AZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
62975 ENDr. Franklin's IslandHalam, Ann5.010.0
30555 ENDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Adapted)Stevenson, Robert Louis5.43.0
71762 ENDr. Seuss: Best-Loved AuthorFord, Carin T.6.93.0
9016 ENDr. Seuss's ABCSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
9017 ENDr. Seuss's Sleep BookSeuss, Dr.4.00.5
63441 ENDrackenberg Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.75.0
10029 ENDracula (Unabridged)Stoker, Bram6.625.0
89434 ENDrafting the ConstitutionEck, Kristin7.31.0
54043 ENDrag RacerPitt, Matthew5.01.0
65802 ENDrag Racing: Attacking the GreenSexton, Susan4.61.0
60790 ENDragon Bones and Dinosaur Eggs: A Photobiography...AndrewsBausum, Ann7.81.0
50629 ENDragon in the Sky: The Story of a Green Darner Dragonfly, APringle, Laurence5.91.0
88562 ENDragon KeeperWilkinson, Carole5.412.0
120085 ENDragon LifeDoeden, Matt4.30.5
73398 ENDragon of Doom, TheCoville, Bruce3.31.0
7041 ENDragon of the Lost SeaYep, Laurence5.86.0
14458 ENDragon's BloodYolen, Jane5.88.0
6666 ENDragon's Boy, TheYolen, Jane5.83.0
75911 ENDragon's BreathBaker, E.D.5.310.0
6019 ENDragon's MilkFletcher, Susan4.58.0
123131 ENDragon Tree, TheLangton, Jane5.33.0
116487 ENDragonfliesLockwood, Sophie6.41.0
125286 ENDragonfly Pool, TheIbbotson, Eva6.516.0
117626 ENDragonhavenMcKinley, Robin6.621.0
80934 ENDragonsHamilton, John6.51.0
24952 ENDragons in the WatersL'Engle, Madeleine5.513.0
14879 ENDragonslayers, TheCoville, Bruce4.63.0
6914 ENDragonsongMcCaffrey, Anne6.89.0
111 ENDragonwingsYep, Laurence5.310.0
79466 ENDragstersDoeden, Matt2.20.5
41466 ENDrawing LessonsMack, Tracy4.43.0
84650 ENDrawing (Mastering Art)Hodge, Anthony6.11.0
70015 ENDreadful ActsArdagh, Philip6.14.0
62759 ENDreadful Future of Blossom Culp, ThePeck, Richard5.26.0
70126 ENDream Bearer, TheMyers, Walter Dean4.55.0
100447 ENDream Builders: The World's Best Skate Park CreatorsHocking, Justin7.71.0
32293 ENDream Come True, AHurwitz, Johanna4.00.5
80459 ENDream Date Debate, TheStine, Megan3.32.0
43401 ENDream FreedomLevitin, Sonia5.06.0
83676 ENDream of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968, AMcWhorter, Diane9.17.0
44283 ENDream SoulYep, Laurence4.89.0
79689 ENDream StormApplegate, K.A.4.54.0
70878 ENDreaming in Black & WhiteJung/Bell4.42.0
41467 ENDreamlandDessen, Sarah5.812.0
113528 ENDreamquake: Book Two of the Dreamhunter DuetKnox, Elizabeth5.718.0
73603 ENDreamsKallen, Stuart A.9.44.0
82437 ENDreams and Sleep (Life Balance)Trueit, Trudi Strain7.42.0
18762 ENDreams in the Golden Country: The Diary of...Immigrant GirlLasky, Kathryn4.54.0
61756 ENDreams: The Sound of DRKlingel/Noyed1.10.5
77230 ENDred Scott Decision (American Moments), TheGunderson, Cory6.91.0
8008 ENDressed Up Book, TheStinson, Kathy1.40.5
104784 ENDrift House: The First VoyagePeck, Dale6.416.0
49056 ENDrinking, Smoking, and Other DrugsHaughton, Emma7.61.0
105850 ENDrita, My HomegirlLombard, Jenny3.94.0
27727 ENDrive-ByEwing, Lynne3.62.0
10893 ENDriver's EdCooney, Caroline B.4.67.0
25258 ENDrop of Water, AWick, Walter5.80.5
71111 ENDropping in with Andy Mac: The Life of a Pro SkateboarderMacdonald/DiGeronimo6.07.0
83667 ENDrought and Heat Wave Alert! (Disaster Alert!)Challen, Paul7.51.0
104060 ENDrought and Heat Waves: A Practical Survival GuideGoldstein, Natalie7.12.0
59898 ENDrought (Nature on the Rampage)Scheff, Duncan4.90.5
64315 ENDrowning AnnaMayfield, Sue3.55.0
81878 ENDrug CultureSmith, Andrea Claire Harte8.51.0
74262 ENDrug Trade (21st Century Debates), TheFooks, Louie9.83.0
87085 ENDrug Trade (Face the Facts), TheMcGuigan, Jim9.42.0
4492 ENDrug Use and Abuse (Perspectives on Physical Health)Graves, Bonnie6.11.0
64522 ENDrugs (Health Issues)Lennard-Brown, Sarah8.63.0
61547 ENDrugs (World Issues)Rees, Jonathan8.22.0
20383 ENDrummer Boy of Vicksburg, TheWisler, G. Clifton5.55.0
14459 ENDrummers of JerichoMeyer, Carolyn5.59.0
17614 ENDrums at SaratogaBanim, Lisa4.42.0
7854 ENDrylongsoHamilton, Virginia3.21.0
51128 ENDuck Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Frahm, Randy4.91.0
54510 ENDude Ranch DetectiveKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
44781 SPduende y el robot, ElAlonso, Fernando4.71.0
107562 ENDune BuggiesMarks, Jennifer L.3.10.5
51787 ENDuplicate, TheSleator, William4.76.0
759 ENDurango StreetBonham, Frank4.67.0
57938 ENDustSlade, Arthur4.66.0
85232 ENDust Bowl, TheHeinrichs, Ann4.90.5
78030 ENDust to Eat: Drought and Depression in the 1930sCooper, Michael L.7.41.0
101827 ENDybbuk: A VersionRogasky, Barbara3.81.0
64523 ENDyslexia (Health Issues)Wiltshire, Paula7.52.0
100497 ENE.B. WhiteAronson, Deb7.23.0
71763 ENE. B. White: Beyond Charlotte's Web and Stuart LittleLitwin, Laura Baskes7.23.0
19694 ENE-Mail Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
101447 ENEA-6B Prowler, TheHansen, Ole Steen5.70.5
44297 ENEagle and the Rainbow: Timeless Tales from Mexico, TheMadrigal, Antonio Hernández6.22.0
78075 ENEagle StrikeHorowitz, Anthony5.110.0
4582 ENEagle WatchingBair/Wright4.20.5
11713 ENEar, the Eye, and the Arm, TheFarmer, Nancy4.712.0
30717 ENEarly Bird, TheScarry, Richard1.80.5
54162 ENEarly Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber BillowsDenenberg, Barry5.63.0
46301 ENEarly Winter, AnBauer, Marion Dane4.53.0
72923 ENEarning a Ride: How to Become a NASCAR DriverWoods, Bob5.30.5
39681 ENEarth and Beyond (Science Topics), TheOxlade, Chris6.61.0
100234 ENEarth and Space, TheRiley, Peter D.6.61.0
65974 ENEarth and the Solar System (Science Alive!)Lauw/Puay6.10.5
77291 ENEarth Erupts: VolcanoesColson, Mary6.11.0
29932 ENEarth from A to Z, TheKalman/Crossingham4.50.5
69176 ENEarth Imaging SatellitesGoldberg, Jan9.42.0
120711 ENEarth's Crust and CoreBauman, Amy5.01.0
120712 ENEarth's EcosystemsPipe, Jim5.81.0
2193 ENEarth's Hidden TreasuresDowns, Sandra7.91.0
75605 ENEarth's History (Our Planet Earth)Ball et al., Jackie7.22.0
120713 ENEarth's Natural ResourcesBauman, Amy6.01.0
48975 ENEarth's Resources (Science Fact Files)Parker, Steve7.61.0
120714 ENEarth's Rocks and FossilsPipe, Jim4.81.0
120715 ENEarth's Water CycleBauman, Amy5.51.0
120716 ENEarth's Weather and ClimatePipe, Jim5.31.0
30324 ENEarth (Starting with Science), TheNicolson, Cynthia Pratt4.60.5
50043 ENEarth: The Third PlanetCole, Michael D.7.41.0
64501 ENEarthbornWaugh, Sylvia5.28.0
69279 ENEarthdance: How Volcanoes ... Shake Our Restless PlanetNicolson, Cynthia Pratt6.62.0
78656 ENEarthquake Alert! (Disaster Alert!)Mehta-Jones, Shilpa6.71.0
28279 ENEarthquake at DawnGregory, Kristiana5.55.0
13756 ENEarthquake TerrorKehret, Peg4.64.0
61640 ENEarthquakesSimon, Seymour6.50.5
46877 ENEarthquakesThompson, Luke5.91.0
104061 ENEarthquakes: A Practical Survival GuideMurdico, Suzanne J.7.42.0
88836 ENEarthquakes: Disaster & SurvivalReed, Jennifer6.21.0
49605 ENEarthquakes (Earth Watch)Walker, Sally M.8.11.0
49001 ENEarthquakes (Restless Planet)Maslin, Mark8.22.0
81384 ENEarthquakes & Volcanoes (Earth's Changing Landscape)Oxlade, Chris7.42.0
67682 ENEarthquakes (Watts Library)Trueit, Trudi Strain8.01.0
64772 ENEast Africa (Indigenous Peoples of Africa)Jenson-Elliot, Cynthia L.10.65.0
103568 ENEast Indians in AmericaAalgaard, Wendy7.42.0
17615 ENEast Side StoryBader, Bonnie4.12.0
9310 ENEat Your Peas, Louise!Snow, Pegeen0.70.5
64524 ENEating Disorders (Health Issues)Whelan, Jo8.02.0
82457 ENEating Disorders (Life Balance)Trueit, Trudi Strain7.62.0
49058 ENEating Disorders (Talking Points)Bryan, Jenny7.32.0
25130 ENEchohawkDurrant, Lynda4.65.0
60597 ENEconomy of Mexico, TheStokes, Erica M.6.71.0
39656 ENEcosystems & Environment (Science Topics)Fullick, Ann8.11.0
36143 ENEcstasy and Other Designer Drug DangersWeatherly, Myra7.51.0
57328 ENEcstasy and Your Heart: The Incredibly Disgusting StoryWerther, Scott P.8.41.0
46829 ENEcuador (Enchantment of the World)Morrison, Marion9.24.0
83590 ENEddie Rickenbacker: Boy Pilot and RacerSisson, Kathryn Cleven5.23.0
82774 ENEdgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and MadnessPoe, Edgar Allan8.82.0
76374 ENEdge of Extinction, TheCraig, Claire6.20.5
41120 ENEdge, TheBo, Ben5.05.0
31572 ENEdith ShayLaFaye, A.5.48.0
7007 ENEducation of Little Tree, TheCarter, Forrest5.511.0
106707 ENEdward Jenner: Conqueror of SmallpoxRodríguez, Ana María7.23.0
62407 ENEdward Teller and the Development of the Hydrogen BombBankston, John8.32.0
48582 ENEdwin Hubble (Groundbreakers)Macdonald, Fiona7.82.0
81391 ENEffects of Farming (Earth's Changing Landscape), TheSmith, Andrea Claire Harte7.11.0
14943 ENEgg Monsters from MarsStine, R.L.3.02.0
78761 ENEgg on Three Sticks, AnFischer, Jackie Moyer4.812.0
114833 ENEggsSpinelli, Jerry3.64.0
27004 ENEgypt (Enchantment of the World)Heinrichs, Ann6.82.0
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
101760 ENEgypt in Spectacular Cross-SectionBiesty, Stephen7.71.0
65607 ENEgypt (Steadwell Books World Tour)Blevins, Wiley5.31.0
103548 ENEgyptian MythologyBroyles, Janell7.51.0
103449 ENEgyptian MythsJeffrey, Gary3.91.0
48853 ENEgyptian Tomb (Look Inside), AnMoses, Brian6.80.5
51473 ENEight CousinsAlcott, Louisa May8.213.0
117392 ENEighth Amendment: The Right to MercySmith, Rich7.61.0
63442 ENEl Dorado Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.66.0
89884 ENEldestPaolini, Christopher7.036.0
64748 ENEleanor: Crown Jewel of AquitaineGregory, Kristiana5.75.0
17616 ENEleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the WorldFaber, Doris6.81.0
101341 ENEleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the WorldJacobson, Ryan3.90.5
73026 ENElection of 1800: Congress Helps Settle a Three-Way Vote, TheBeyer, Mark5.60.5
59899 ENElectric Eels (Animals of the Rain Forest)Scheff, Duncan4.90.5
116518 ENElectrical Circuits: Harnessing ElectricityDreier, David Louis7.41.0
36886 ENElectricianDonnelly, Karen J.5.80.5
11061 ENElectricityParker, Steve8.51.0
49097 ENElectricity and Magnetism (Science Fact Files)Parker, Steve8.92.0
100226 ENElectricity and PowerRiley, Peter D.7.51.0
39657 ENElectricity & Magnetism (Science Topics)Oxlade, Chris8.11.0
45294 ENElegy on the Death of César ChávezAnaya, Rudolfo4.60.5
56714 ENElements and Compounds (Chemicals in Action)Oxlade, Chris7.71.0
13985 ENElephantRedmond, Ian7.81.0
83032 ENElephant Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered WildlifeMorgan, Jody8.52.0
44982 ENElephantsSchwabacher, Martin5.50.5
63916 ENElephantsSchlaepfer, Gloria G.7.33.0
42575 ENElfangor's SecretApplegate, K.A.3.95.0
75466 ENEli Whitney: Cotton Gin GeniusPatchett, Kaye8.32.0
72324 ENEli Whitney: The Cotton Gin and American ManufacturingHuff, Regan A.9.13.0
46534 ENElie Wiesel: Spokesman for RemembranceBayer, Linda7.62.0
117751 ENElijah of BuxtonCurtis, Christopher Paul5.412.0
75247 ENElijah WoodDougherty, Terri8.44.0
118418 ENElizabeth and Her CourtHinds, Kathryn8.53.0
60698 ENElizabeth Cady Stanton: Leader of the Fight for Women's RightsSalisbury, Cynthia9.03.0
101342 ENElizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights PioneerMiller, Connie Colwell4.00.5
84126 ENElizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Suffrage and the First VoteAdiletta, Dawn C.8.32.0
100270 ENElizabeth I: Queen of Tudor EnglandWeatherly, Myra6.92.0
32239 ENElizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of TudorLasky, Kathryn5.56.0
17769 ENElla EnchantedLevine, Gail Carson4.68.0
17617 ENEllen Elizabeth HawkinsDuey, Kathleen5.75.0
5009 ENEllen TebbitsCleary, Beverly4.93.0
25142 ENEllis IslandStein, R. Conrad5.61.0
73056 ENEllis Island: A Primary Source History...AmericaHoughton, Gillian10.12.0
31094 SPEloise en ParísThompson, Kay5.31.0
77256 ENElton John (World Musicmakers)O'Mahony, John7.92.0
80935 ENElves and FairiesHamilton, John5.90.5
80583 ENElvis Presley: Music Legend, Movie Star, The KingPlantz, Connie6.53.0
57267 ENElvis Presley (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers)Alagna, Magdalena7.22.0
25107 ENEmancipation Proclamation, TheJanuary, Brendan7.41.0
53957 ENEmerald City of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank7.59.0
102129 ENEmergency QuarterbackWallace, Rich4.42.0
83821 ENEmergency ResponseThompson, Tamara10.25.0
70845 ENEmily Dickinson: Solitary and Celebrated PoetHerstek, Amy Paulson7.63.0
6262 ENEmily's Runaway ImaginationCleary, Beverly6.16.0
79185 ENEminem (People in the News)Lane, Stephanie8.04.0
59377 ENEmma and the Ruby RingMacGrory, Yvonne4.94.0
17618 ENEmma Eileen GroveDuey, Kathleen4.64.0
115733 ENEmma's TurtleBunting, Eve2.20.5
82458 ENEmotional IntelligenceAndrews, Linda Wasmer6.42.0
18811 ENEmperor MagePierce, Tamora5.810.0
58891 ENEncantado: Pink Dolphin of the AmazonMontgomery, Sy5.72.0
48138 ENEnchantress from the StarsEngdahl, Sylvia Louise7.315.0
31171 ENEncounter at EastonAvi5.04.0
6313 SPEncuentroYolen, Jane4.20.5
44897 ENEncyclopedia Brown Gets His ManSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
39634 ENEnd of Apartheid: A New South Africa, TheTames, Richard7.71.0
110253 ENEnd, TheSnicket, Lemony7.39.0
82995 ENEndangered PlanetBurnie, David8.53.0
75024 ENEndangered Plants (Watts Library)Souza, D.M.8.11.0
65327 ENEndangered Species: Our Impact on the PlanetPenny, Malcolm8.82.0
1838 ENEndangered Species (Revised Edition)Vergoth, Karin9.14.0
58508 ENEndeavour SRTM: Mapping the Earth, TheZelon, Helen5.70.5
28441 ENEnder's GameCard, Orson Scott5.516.0
361 ENEndless Steppe, TheHautzig, Esther6.310.0
69934 ENEndocrine System (Understanding the Human Body), TheWalker/Wood9.94.0
108710 ENEndymion SpringSkelton, Matthew6.313.0
58225 ENEnemy at Green Knowe, AnBoston, L.M.5.86.0
52589 ENEnemy in the FortBuckey, Sarah Masters4.65.0
11063 ENEnergyChalloner, Jack7.81.0
116997 ENEnergyClifford, Tim6.41.0
81357 ENEnergy (21st Century Science)Oxlade, Chris8.31.0
83581 ENEnergy AlternativesCruden, Gabriel10.14.0
65328 ENEnergy Resources: Our Impact on the PlanetMcLeish, Ewan9.12.0
39659 ENEnergy (Science Topics)Oxlade, Chris6.61.0
100207 ENEnergy SuppliesOxlade, Chris7.11.0
102372 ENEnergy Transfers (Raintree-Express)Saunders, N.5.71.0
74057 ENEngineers (History Makers)Tames, Richard8.02.0
68722 ENEnglandAllport, Alan10.64.0
27005 ENEngland (Enchantment of the World)Blashfield, Jean F.7.73.0
117132 ENEnjoy Your Meal: What Happens When You Eat?McGregor, Emily4.31.0
609 ENEnormous Egg, TheButterworth, Oliver5.06.0
54044 ENEnrique Iglesias (Celebrity Bios)Talmadge, Morgan5.51.0
114456 ENEnter Three WitchesCooney, Caroline B.5.110.0
85888 ENEntertainment (Yesterday and Today)Parks, Peggy J.6.61.0
83668 ENEnvironmental Disaster Alert! (Disaster Alert!)Challen, Paul8.21.0
119391 ENEnvironmental DisastersWoods, Michael5.71.0
77187 ENEnvironments (Sustainable World)Bowden, Rob10.12.0
114094 ENEpicKostick, Conor6.314.0
62615 ENEpidemiologists: Life Tracking Deadly DiseasesAsher, Dana9.01.0
61548 ENEqual Opportunities (World Issues)Macdonald, Fiona8.82.0
101562 ENEqual RightsO'Connor, Maureen8.72.0
100327 ENEquality of the Sexes?Haughton, Emma8.21.0
68755 ENEquestrian Sports (Action Sports)Herran/Thomas6.91.0
73019 ENEquipping a BandSchaefer, A.R.5.00.5
101287 ENER VetsJackson, Donna M.8.12.0
74404 ENEragonPaolini, Christopher5.625.0
79397 ENEric Gagné: Break BarriersGagné/Brown4.61.0
62663 ENErie Canal: A Primary Source History of the Canal...America, TheLevy, Janey8.12.0
121527 ENErie Canal, TheKendall, Martha E.7.43.0
85259 ENErosion: How Land Forms, How It ChangesStille, Darlene R.6.61.0
46103 ENErsatz Elevator, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
10268 ENEscape from ExileLevy, Robert4.06.0
13000 ENEscape from Fire MountainPaulsen, Gary4.11.0
71682 ENEscape from MemoryHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.88.0
60563 ENEscape from New BabylonJenkins/LaHaye4.34.0
79911 ENEscape from Saigon: How a Vietnam War Orphan...American BoyWarren, Andrea6.24.0
5934 ENEscape from SlaveryRappaport, Doreen5.03.0
45724 ENEscape to FreedomKasper, Vancy4.47.0
72379 ENEscape to Freedom: A Play About Young Frederick DouglassDavis, Ossie5.12.0
71321 ENEscapes!Scandiffio, Laura6.47.0
79219 ENEscapes from Man-Made DisastersCurrie, Stephen8.65.0
74583 ENEscapes from Religious OppressionCurrie, Stephen9.25.0
104893 ENEscaping into the NightFriedman, D. Dina4.46.0
70853 ENEscaping the Giant WaveKehret, Peg4.74.0
6348 SPescoba de la viuda, LaVan Allsburg, Chris4.70.5
2490 SPEscuela de magiaDoyle/Macdonald5.95.0
44286 ENEsperanza RisingRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
66820 ENEspionage (The Cold War)Keeley, Jennifer10.96.0
98 SPestanque del mirlo, ElSpeare, Elizabeth George5.79.0
5055 SP¿Estás ahí Dios? Soy yo, MargaretBlume, Judy3.64.0
41975 SPestatuilla del mago, LaDoyle/Macdonald5.85.0
15 SPEsto es corajeSperry, Armstrong6.23.0
362 ENEternal Spring of Mr. Ito, TheGarrigue, Shelia4.25.0
50671 ENEthan Frome & SummerWharton, Edith8.117.0
117941 ENEthan, SuspendedEhreberg, Pamela4.98.0
79315 ENEthiopia in Pictures (Revised Edition)Zuehlke, Jeffrey9.63.0
104253 ENEuclid: The Great GeometerHayhurst, Chris8.32.0
70846 ENEugene V. Debs: Outspoken Labor Leader and SocialistCarey Jr., Charles W.7.53.0
118057 ENEulalia!Jacques, Brian6.018.0
81333 ENEuthanasia (World Issues)Gifford, Clive8.72.0
63434 ENEverest Book One: The ContestKorman, Gordon5.14.0
63435 ENEverest Book Three: The SummitKorman, Gordon5.24.0
63436 ENEverest Book Two: The ClimbKorman, Gordon5.24.0
1769 ENEvery Day I Sing the Blues: The Story of B.B. KingShirley, David8.25.0
84759 ENEvery Living ThingRylant, Cynthia5.02.0
64316 ENEvery New DayBrooke, Lauren4.64.0
9311 ENEverybody SaysDobkin, Bonnie1.20.5
101580 ENEveryday Life in PrehistoryMorris, Neil7.92.0
67277 ENEveryday Witch, TheForrester, Sandra5.16.0
6610 ENEveryone Else's Parents Said YesDanziger, Paula4.33.0
24301 ENEverything...Dealing with LossesWeiss, Stephanie Iris6.41.0
48071 ENEverything on a WaffleHorvath, Polly5.85.0
46922 ENEverything You Need to Know About Birth OrderKrohn, Katherine6.61.0
46925 ENEverything You Need to Know About CliquesMoehn, Heather6.91.0
2728 ENEverything You Need to Know About Public SpeakingBlumstein, Rachel7.31.0
54969 ENEvil Experiment, TheWatson, Jude4.54.0
8867 ENEvil Under the SunChristie, Agatha7.39.0
11064 ENEvolutionGamlin, Linda8.51.0
902 ENEvolution of Calpurnia TateKelly, Jacqueline5.30.5
1885 ENEvolutionism and CreationismSonder, Ben10.65.0
57909 ENEvvy's Civil WarBrenaman, Miriam5.18.0
12391 ENExamination, TheBosse, Malcolm7.717.0
2478 ENExchange Student, TheGilmore, Kate6.49.0
100529 ENExerciseGoodger, Beverley7.91.0
80426 ENExiled: Memoirs of a CamelKarr, Kathleen4.75.0
16935 ENExiles at Home, TheMcKay, Hilary5.37.0
31212 ENExiles in Love, TheMcKay, Hilary4.86.0
51148 ENExotic Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.01.0
46738 ENExotic Pets: From Alligators to Zebra FishZeaman, John6.51.0
81385 ENExpanding Industry (Earth's Changing Landscape)Teichmann, Iris8.52.0
33627 ENExperiment, TheApplegate, K.A.4.13.0
61322 ENExpiration Date: NeverSpinner/Bisson4.02.0
39761 ENExploding Ants: Amazing Facts About How Animals AdaptSettel, Joanne6.41.0
113851 ENExploits of a Reluctant (But Extremely Goodlooking) HeroFergus, Maureen7.110.0
87114 ENExplorationStefoff, Rebecca8.11.0
66277 ENExploration of Mars (Fast Forward)Bergin, Mark7.70.5
83643 ENExploration of North AmericaCraats, Rennay6.51.0
60791 ENExploring Caves: Journeys into the EarthAulenbach/Barton/Delano6.91.0
83582 ENExploring MarsParks, Peggy J.10.14.0
48977 ENExploring Space (Our Universe)Vogt, Gregory5.21.0
73294 ENExploring the Ocean Depths: The Final FrontierJedicke, Peter7.92.0
51736 ENExploring the UniverseFredette/Lafleur9.62.0
102415 ENExtraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, TheYancey, Rick4.910.0
86682 ENExtraordinary American WritersTessitore, John11.011.0
61551 ENExtraordinary People (Civil War Chronicles)Ashby, Ruth7.71.0
83583 ENExtreme Athletes (History Makers)Horton, Ron8.54.0
71061 ENExtreme Dive Under the Antarctic Ice, AnMatsen, Brad4.81.0
71413 ENExtreme Downhill Skiing MovesFirestone, Mary4.70.5
71414 ENExtreme Halfpipe Snowboarding MovesFirestone, Mary4.60.5
66022 ENExtreme Mountain Biking MovesDeady, Kathleen W.4.70.5
66023 ENExtreme Rock Climbing MovesDeady, Kathleen W.4.60.5
104137 ENExtreme SnowmobilingMarx, Mandy R.3.40.5
84967 ENExtreme SurfingPeterson, Christine2.60.5
26642 ENExtreme, TheApplegate, K.A.4.13.0
66024 ENExtreme Wakeboarding MovesSchaefer, A.R.4.10.5
71415 ENExtreme Waterskiing MovesFirestone, Mary4.30.5
100694 ENExtreme WeatherJennings, Terry7.62.0
72654 ENExxon Valdez: Oil SpillBryan, Nichol7.22.0
60479 ENExxon Valdez: The Oil Spill off the Alaskan Coast, TheStreissguth, Tom5.10.5
57312 ENEye: Learning How We See, TheViegas, Jennifer8.01.0
32375 ENEye of the Great BearWallace, Bill4.35.0
118385 ENEyes in the Sky: Satellite Spies are Watching You!Rudy, Lisa Jo6.01.0
42788 ENEyes of Kid Midas, TheShusterman, Neal6.06.0
8518 ENEyes of the Amaryllis, TheBabbitt, Natalie5.03.0
69182 ENF-14 Tomcat, TheGardner, Adrian9.61.0
80602 ENF-15 EagleStone, Lynn M.6.70.5
80603 ENF-16 Fighting FalconStone, Lynn M.6.90.5
101448 ENF/A-22 Raptor, TheHansen, Ole Steen5.60.5
113529 ENFablehavenMull, Brandon4.811.0
122328 ENFablehaven: Grip of the Shadow PlagueMull, Brandon5.617.0
115046 ENFablehaven: Rise of the Evening StarMull, Brandon5.015.0
47400 ENFace First, ACummings, Priscilla4.86.0
5268 ENFace on the Milk Carton, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.86.0
54116 ENFace to Face with the UnknownSteiger, Sherry Hansen7.79.0
118683 ENFacts About Drug Dependence to Treatment, TheKlosterman, Lorrie9.24.0
118684 ENFacts About Drugs and Society, TheAxelrod-Contrada, Joan9.34.0
118685 ENFacts About Drugs and the Body, TheKlosterman, Lorrie10.34.0
81885 ENFacts About Electricity, TheHunter, Rebecca6.11.0
81886 ENFacts About Flowering Plants, TheHunter, Rebecca5.81.0
81887 ENFacts About Forces and Motion, TheHunter, Rebecca5.61.0
81888 ENFacts About Habitats, TheHunter, Rebecca6.31.0
81889 ENFacts About Light, TheHunter, Rebecca5.11.0
81890 ENFacts About Solids, Liquids, and Gases, TheHunter, Rebecca5.71.0
118686 ENFacts About the A-Z of Drugs, TheNaden, Corinne9.94.0
125746 ENFaerie Door, TheMaxwell, B.E.8.122.0
80498 ENFaery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm, TheDatlow/Windling5.520.0
736 ENFahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray5.27.0
101586 ENFair Trade?Cooper, Adrian8.42.0
53562 ENFair WeatherPeck, Richard4.74.0
73604 ENFairiesHoffman, Nancy8.94.0
41121 ENFairy's Mistake, TheLevine, Gail Carson4.01.0
63668 ENFairy's Return, TheLevine, Gail Carson3.81.0
17990 ENFaith and the Electric DogsJennings, Patrick4.13.0
12376 ENFaithful Friend, TheSan Souci, Robert D.5.20.5
58908 ENFalcon and the Charles Street WitchGray, Luli6.15.0
115457 ENFalconer's Knot: A Story of Friars, Flirtation and Foul Play, TheHoffman, Mary6.312.0
65382 ENFall of the Berlin Wall: November 9, l989, TheLevy, Pat7.92.0
39600 ENFall of the Berlin Wall: The Cold War Ends, TheKelly, Nigel8.11.0
80054 ENFall of the House of Usher, ThePoe, Edgar Allen11.42.0
25143 ENFall of the Soviet Union, TheHarvey, Miles6.51.0
9552 ENFalse FaceKatz, Welwyn Wilton4.66.0
79706 ENFalse Peace, TheWatson, Jude5.34.0
100195 ENFamilies: Relationships in ArtThomson, Ruth6.10.5
610 ENFamily Apart, ANixon, Joan Lowery5.47.0
77249 ENFamily ReunionCooney, Caroline B.5.26.0
82459 ENFamily Therapy (Life Balance)Landau, Elaine7.42.0
467 ENFamily Under the Bridge, TheCarlson, Natalie Savage4.73.0
79214 ENFamily ViolenceYuwiler, Janice M.9.73.0
81815 ENFamine and Drought (In Time of Need)Connolly, Sean7.91.0
81309 ENFamine, Drought, and Plagues (Natural Disasters)Walker, Jane7.31.0
55765 SPfamoso cohete, ElWilde, Oscar4.51.0
54688 ENFamous Adventures of Jack, TheDoherty, Berlie5.23.0
29656 ENFamous FinishesGaines, Ann Graham6.22.0
68215 ENFamous Prisons (Crime and Detection)Lock, Joan8.92.0
68216 ENFamous Trials (Crime and Detection)Lock, Joan8.22.0
89860 ENFamous Wagon TrailsSteele, Christy7.61.0
6212 ENFancy FeetGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
121148 ENFancy Nancy at the MuseumO'Connor, Jane1.80.5
121147 ENFancy Nancy: Bonjour, ButterflyO'Connor, Jane2.60.5
123269 ENFancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to ZanyO'Connor, Jane3.20.5
47408 ENFantastic Beasts & Where to Find ThemRowling, J.K.8.82.0
5011 ENFantastic Mr. FoxDahl, Roald4.11.0
12782 ENFar from the Madding CrowdHardy, Thomas9.725.0
11913 ENFar from the StormElmer, Robert4.57.0
17813 ENFar NorthHobbs, Will5.39.0
81882 ENFar Right and Racism, TheHibbert, Adam8.21.0
86276 ENFar TravelerTingle, Rebecca5.88.0
25230 ENFaraway SummerHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
363 ENFarewell to ManzanarHouston, Jeanne6.77.0
17221 ENFarmHalley, Ned7.21.0
10649 ENFarm TeamWeaver, Will4.58.0
112 ENFarmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.29.0
73122 ENFarmers and SlaversHarman, Amanda6.41.0
16769 ENFarming (Then and Now)Roden, Katie7.31.0
6462 ENFarthest-Away Mountain, TheBanks, Lynne Reid5.24.0
10114 ENFarthest Shore, TheLe Guin, Ursula K.6.110.0
71052 ENFascism (Ideas of the Modern World)Tames, Richard9.53.0
100050 ENFashion Disaster That Changed My Life!, TheMyracle, Lauren4.05.0
54045 ENFast-Attack Submarine: The Seawolf ClassPayan, Gregory5.31.0
85212 ENFast CompanyWallace, Rich3.92.0
61980 ENFast Families: Racing Together Through LifeBrock, Ted5.00.5
16856 ENFat Cat Sat on the Mat, TheKarlin, Nurit1.90.5
14817 ENFat ChanceNewman, Lesléa5.28.0
13797 ENFate Totally Worse Than Death, AFleischman, Paul4.83.0
762 ENFather FigurePeck, Richard4.86.0
31544 ENFavorite Greek MythsOsborne, Mary Pope6.12.0
125459 ENFBI AgentHorn, Geoffrey M.5.20.5
65535 ENFBI, TheDe Capua, Sarah8.21.0
67702 ENFBI (Top Secret), TheRamaprian, Sheela5.91.0
79997 SPFea Durmiente, LaDewin, Howie3.31.0
50383 ENFear GamesStine, R.L.3.83.0
11464 ENFear Place, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.45.0
106231 ENFearless Captain: The Adventures of John SmithLoker, Aleck9.05.0
66509 ENFearsome Fangs (Watts Library)Fredericks, Anthony D.7.31.0
61323 ENFeather BoySinger, Nicky3.97.0
45229 ENFeathered DinosaursSloan, Christopher7.11.0
113352 ENFeathersWoodson, Jacqueline4.44.0
104659 ENFederal Reserve Act: Making the American...System Stronger, TheApel, Melanie Ann7.81.0
73027 ENFederalists and Anti-Federalists: How...Why...Young America, ThePayan, Gregory6.70.5
73123 ENFeedersHouston, Rob6.51.0
49656 ENFeeding Our Feathered FriendsSpaulding, Dean T.5.01.0
83949 ENFeel the Beat! Dancing in Music VideosCutcher, Jenai7.01.0
20697 SP¡Feliz cumpleaños, Josefina!Tripp, Valerie4.31.0
121107 ENFellClement-Davies, David6.122.0
73181 ENFeminism (Ideas of the Modern World)Stearman, Kaye9.12.0
26517 ENFeral Cat (Wildcats!)Barrett, Jalma4.80.5
48583 ENFerdinand Magellan (Groundbreakers)Reid, Struan7.01.0
58177 ENFerocious FangsFleming, Sally5.61.0
4907 ENFerrariMcKenna, A.T.5.10.5
114876 ENFerret IslandJennings, Richard W.6.57.0
60612 ENFestivals of Mexico, TheWilliams, Colleen Madonna Flood6.71.0
83650 ENFetal Alcohol Syndrome (Diseases and Disorders)Stewart, Gail B.8.34.0
89891 ENFeudalism and Village Life in the Middle AgesPadrino, Mercedes7.42.0
42961 ENFever, 1793Anderson, Laurie Halse4.47.0
22617 ENFiddlebackHoney, Elizabeth4.45.0
64640 ENFidel Castro: Leader of Cuba's Revolution (Famous Lives)Gibb, Tom5.61.0
104382 ENField Hockey: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and SafetyConnolly, Helen7.51.0
6920 ENFifteenCleary, Beverly5.47.0
117393 ENFifth Amendment: The Right to FairnessSmith, Rich7.41.0
14461 ENFifth of March, TheRinaldi, Ann5.710.0
14138 ENFig PuddingFletcher, Ralph3.94.0
104900 ENFight for Peace: A History of Anti-War Movements in America, TheGottfried, Ted9.55.0
54970 ENFight for Truth, TheWatson, Jude4.64.0
69984 ENFight On: Mary Church Terrell's Battle for IntegrationFradin, Dennis/Judith8.06.0
89257 ENFight Renewed: The Civil Rights Movement, TheWoog, Adam9.75.0
84319 ENFight to Survive, TheBisson, Terry4.24.0
102223 ENFighter PilotParks, Peggy J.7.31.0
89185 ENFighter PlanesZuehlke, Jeffery2.70.5
76989 ENFighter Planes (Military Hardware in Action)Dartford, Mark6.71.0
76599 ENFighters Against Censorship (History Makers)Burns, Kate10.55.0
89873 ENFighting BackDowning, David8.32.0
566 ENFighting Ground, TheAvi4.24.0
39660 ENFighting Infectious DiseasesSnedden, Robert9.32.0
104651 ENFighting Racial Discrimination: Treating All Americans...LawAnderson, Wayne7.11.0
8911 ENFigure in the Shadows, TheBellairs, John4.85.0
43705 ENFiguring out FrancesWillner-Pardo, Gina3.64.0
85889 ENFilmmakers (History Makers)Koopmans, Andy9.65.0
29424 ENFinal Cut, TheBowen, Fred4.32.0
21607 ENFinal Journey, ThePausewang, Gudrun5.36.0
65435 ENFinal Reckoning, TheJarvis, Robin6.614.0
86063 ENFinal Showdown, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
75243 ENFinanceCassedy, Patrice11.65.0
32527 ENFind a Stranger, Say GoodbyeLowry, Lois4.87.0
46344 ENFind the BirdFoley, Cate1.00.5
46345 ENFind the FishFoley, Cate1.20.5
46346 ENFind the InsectFoley, Cate1.20.5
46347 ENFind the Polar AnimalFoley, Cate1.60.5
46348 ENFind the SnakeFoley, Cate1.10.5
52613 ENFind Where the Wind Goes: Moments from My LifeJemison, Mae7.27.0
73253 ENFinding My HatSon, John4.95.0
47870 ENFinding out About DinosaursKelsey, Elin7.61.0
48834 ENFinding out About WhalesKelsey, Elin7.01.0
65151 ENFinding SophieWatts, Irene N.4.14.0
32308 ENFine LinesHeller, Ruth4.50.5
6999 ENFine White Dust, ARylant, Cynthia4.23.0
120307 ENFingerprint Analysis: Hints from PrintsHamilton, Sue7.41.0
27006 ENFinland (Enchantment of the World)McNair, Sylvia7.92.0
36407 ENFiona's Private PagesCruise, Robin5.48.0
81816 ENFireConnolly, Sean7.01.0
70122 ENFire and IceHunter, Erin5.411.0
31875 ENFire Arrow: The Second Song of EirrenPattou, Edith6.214.0
21737 ENFire, Bed & BoneBranford, Henrietta5.04.0
45703 ENFire BringerClement-Davies, David6.025.0
10259 ENFire Bug Connection, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead4.64.0
79071 ENFire-Eaters, TheAlmond, David3.65.0
28235 ENFire: Friend or FoePatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.21.0
106293 ENFire In My Hands, ASoto, Gary5.41.0
82169 ENFire in the Hole!Farrell, Mary Cronk4.96.0
30638 ENFire in the SkyRansom, Candice F.4.21.0
17619 ENFire in the ValleyWest, Tracey4.12.0
6667 ENFire-Raiser, TheGee, Maurice4.06.0
68236 ENFirefightersLewis, Brenda Ralph7.22.0
66308 ENFirefly Biologist at Work, ACollard III, Sneed B.6.61.0
104062 ENFires and Wildfires: A Practical Survival GuideWillett, Edward6.92.0
20800 ENFires of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.09.0
46782 ENFires (Watts Library)Landau, Elaine7.41.0
63437 ENFiresongNicholson, William5.213.0
32303 ENFiretalkingPolacco, Patricia4.30.5
63237 ENFirewingOppel, Kenneth5.012.0
117394 ENFirst Amendment: The Right of ExpressionSmith, Rich7.41.0
102141 ENFirst BoySchmidt, Gary D.5.56.0
31197 ENFirst Horse I See, TheKeehn, Sally M.3.66.0
106409 ENFirst ImpressionsSachs, Marilyn4.24.0
25144 ENFirst Ladies, TheClinton, Susan6.21.0
72658 ENFirst Moon Landing, TheAnderson, Dale8.02.0
104648 ENFirst Moon Landing, TheHudson-Goff, Elizabeth4.70.5
77874 ENFirst Railroads (The American Adventure), TheIsaacs, Sally Senzell6.01.0
44707 ENFirst TestPierce, Tamora5.38.0
26656 ENFirst Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.27.0
17222 ENFishParker, Steve7.61.0
79068 ENFishMatthews, L.S.5.45.0
11072 ENFish (Our Living World)Ricciuti, Edward6.32.0
4495 ENFitness (Perspectives on Physical Health)Graves, Bonnie5.81.0
23773 ENFive Children and It (Unabridged)Nesbit, E.5.78.0
29318 ENFive Days of the GhostBell, William4.36.0
13591 ENFive Heavenly Emperors: Chinese Myths of CreationZhang, Song Nan5.71.0
113 ENFive Little Peppers and How They GrewSidney, Margaret7.913.0
64596 ENFive Pages a Day: A Writer's JourneyKehret, Peg6.65.0
85629 ENFlags of War, TheWilson, John5.85.0
73374 ENFlames of the TigerWilson, John Alexander5.25.0
9713 SPFlechazoPascal/Suzanne4.13.0
114 ENFledgling, TheLangton, Jane5.06.0
40786 ENFliesPascoe, Elaine5.41.0
116488 ENFliesLockwood, Sophie6.11.0
46739 ENFlies: From Flower Flies to MosquitoesMiller, Sara Swan5.11.0
48299 ENFlightHaslam, Andrew6.32.0
6046 ENFlight #116 Is DownCooney, Caroline B.5.17.0
4557 ENFlight AttendantWallner, Rosemary5.91.0
6003 ENFlight of Angels, ATrease, Geoffrey5.13.0
9967 ENFlight of the Dragon KynFletcher, Susan5.58.0
62881 ENFlight of the PhoenixWolverton, Dave5.33.0
5904 ENFlight: The Journey of Charles LindberghBurleigh, Robert3.50.5
64502 ENFlight to FreedomVeciana-Suarez, Ana5.66.0
50391 ENFling, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
71213 ENFlipLubar, David4.19.0
53684 ENFlippedVan Draanen, Wendelin4.88.0
83669 ENFlood and Monsoon Alert!Eagen, Rachel7.41.0
46886 ENFloodsThompson, Luke5.20.5
100883 ENFloods and Mudslides: Disaster & SurvivalCeban, Bonnie J.5.21.0
104063 ENFloods, Flash Floods, and Mudslides: A Practical Survival GuidePrentzas, G.S.8.32.0
49002 ENFloods (Restless Planet)Durham/Maslin7.81.0
48584 ENFlorence Nightingale (Groundbreakers)Malam, John6.71.0
64641 ENFlorence Nightingale: The Lady of the Lamp (Famous Lives)Barnham, Kay6.31.0
47070 ENFlorida (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.24.0
56535 ENFlorida: The Sunshine StateChui, Patricia8.42.0
20345 ENFlossLewis, Kim2.90.5
10265 ENFlour BabiesFine, Anne4.96.0
102518 ENFlower PowerWalsh, Ann3.72.0
101819 ENFlowering Plant Division, TheStefoff, Rebecca8.52.0
738 ENFlowers for AlgernonKeyes, Daniel5.813.0
165 ENFlunking of Joshua T. Bates, TheShreve, Susan5.12.0
101038 ENFlushHiaasen, Carl5.09.0
105950 ENFly by NightHardinge, Frances7.119.0
51130 ENFly Fishing (The Great Outdoors)Hopkins, Ellen4.50.5
58170 ENFly in the Sky, APratt, Kristin Joy6.81.0
2547 ENFlying Angels, TheHubbard, Coleen5.53.0
54046 ENFlying Gunship: The AC-130 SpectreFitzpatrick, Kevin J.5.91.0
67269 ENFlying LessonsMatthews, Kezi5.56.0
48949 ENFlying MachineNahum, Andrew7.91.0
32047 ENFlying SoloFletcher, Ralph3.93.0
105651 ENFlyteSage, Angie6.016.0
468 ENFog MagicSauer, Julia6.14.0
81846 ENFolk, Country, and ReggaeBrasch, Nicolas7.71.0
32731 ENFolk Keeper, TheBillingsley, Franny5.36.0
17866 ENFollow the StarElmer, Robert4.87.0
58240 ENFollowers, TheWatson, Jude5.84.0
49782 ENFollowing Fake ManHolmes, Barbara Ware3.76.0
18555 ENFollowing My Own FootstepsHahn, Mary Downing4.56.0
77188 ENFood and Farming (Sustainable World)Bowden, Rob9.42.0
82406 ENFood and Nutrition (Atlases of the Earth and Its Resources)Editors, GEOnext10.13.0
117133 ENFood Chains and Webs: The Struggle to SurviveSolway, Andrew4.71.0
58493 ENFood Chains in a Backyard HabitatNadeau, Isaac4.80.5
58494 ENFood Chains in a Desert HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.10.5
58495 ENFood Chains in a Forest HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.00.5
58496 ENFood Chains in a Meadow HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.10.5
58497 ENFood Chains in a Pond HabitatNadeau, Isaac4.90.5
58498 ENFood Chains in a Tide Pool HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.40.5
28862 ENFood Chains (Science Concepts)Silverstein/Nunn8.72.0
100208 ENFood for AllBellamy, Rufus7.20.5
86198 ENFood for Fuel: The Connection Between Food and Physical ActivityTecco, Betsy Dru6.71.0
117134 ENFood from the Sun: How Plants Live and GrowBrown, Harriet4.31.0
86199 ENFood Labels: Using Nutrition Information...Create a Healthy DietMcCarthy, Rose9.21.0
60613 ENFood of Mexico, TheMcDaniel, Jan7.51.0
83652 ENFood Poisoning (Diseases and Disorders)Sheen, Barbara9.74.0
86208 ENFood Pyramid and Basic Nutrition: Assembling...Healthy Diet, TheFaiella, Graham8.81.0
71727 ENFood Safety and FarmingSmith, Andrea Claire Harte7.41.0
65329 ENFood Supply: Our Impact on the PlanetBowden, Rob9.53.0
81334 ENFood Technology (World Issues)Gifford, Clive9.12.0
1923 ENFood: The Struggle to Sustain the Human CommunityGoldberg, Jake10.911.0
119913 ENFood Webs: Interconnecting Food ChainsGray, Susan H.7.01.0
9018 ENFoot Book, TheSeuss, Dr.0.60.5
86973 ENFootball All-Pro, AIngram, Scott7.62.0
46887 ENFootball: PassingHolden, Stephen5.10.5
46888 ENFootball: Rushing and TacklingHolden, Stephen5.60.5
59760 ENFootprints at the WindowNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds6.07.0
51727 ENFor a Horse and Other Selections by Newbery AuthorsGreenberg, Martin H.5.67.0
58056 ENFor All TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.78.0
63658 ENFor Biddle's SakeLevine, Gail Carson4.42.0
69056 ENFor Freedom: The Story of a French SpyBradley, Kimberly Brubaker4.05.0
82398 ENFor Girls Only: Wise Words, Good AdviceWeston, Carol5.65.0
83185 ENFor the Love of Chimps: The Jane Goodall StoryKendall, Martha E.6.12.0
44584 ENFor the Sake of Freedom and Other Selections by Newbery AuthorsGreenberg, Martin H.5.47.0
62181 ENForbidden Forest: The Story of Little John and Robin HoodCadnum, Michael6.88.0
17620 ENForbidden FriendshipWeber, Judith Eichler4.12.0
102931 ENForbidden Schoolhouse...Prudence Crandall and Her Students, TheJurmain, Suzanne6.93.0
116519 ENForce and Motion: Laws of MovementNardo, Don7.21.0
11065 ENForce & MotionLafferty, Peter7.81.0
72643 ENForces and GravityDoak, Robin6.91.0
49100 ENForces and Motion (Science Fact Files)Lafferty, Peter7.01.0
100228 ENForces and MovementRiley, Peter D.6.51.0
39663 ENForces & Motion (Science Topics)Riley, Peter6.81.0
120308 ENForensic Artist: Solving the Case with a FaceHamilton, Sue7.71.0
120309 ENForensic Ballistics: Styles of ProjectilesHamilton, Sue7.71.0
120310 ENForensic Entomology: Bugs & BodiesHamilton, Sue7.21.0
122988 ENForensic Evidence: Hairs and FibersStille, Darlene4.30.5
122989 ENForensic Evidence: PrintsTownsend, John4.00.5
59024 ENForensic SciencePentland, Peter7.31.0
81868 ENForensic Scientists (Scientists at Work)Inserra, Rose7.61.0
72644 ENForensicsBall, Jackie7.32.0
8522 ENForestLisle, Janet Taylor4.75.0
65467 ENForest Animals (Animals of the Biomes)Butz, Christopher4.81.0
120695 ENForest FirefighterThomas, William David4.21.0
46889 ENForest Fires (Natural Disasters)Thompson, Luke5.71.0
77292 ENForest Furnace: WildfiresColson, Mary5.91.0
41664 ENForest in the Clouds, TheCollard, Sneed B.5.20.5
73953 ENForest of SecretsHunter, Erin5.811.0
87625 ENForest of the PygmiesAllende, Isabel7.911.0
29914 ENForests (Wonders of Our World)Morris, Neil5.61.0
101199 ENForetelling, TheHoffman, Alice5.14.0
27724 ENForever Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.81.0
14814 ENForged by FireDraper, Sharon M.4.75.0
6359 ENForgotten Door, TheKey, Alexander5.05.0
73020 ENForming a BandSchaefer, A.R.4.80.5
101086 ENForming a New American GovernmentAnderson, Dale8.52.0
54047 ENFormula OnePitt, Matthew4.71.0
68745 ENFormula One Car Racing (Action Sports)Herran/Thomas7.01.0
79400 ENFormula One CarsSchaefer, A. R.4.40.5
107563 ENFormula One CarsSchuette, Sarah L.2.70.5
56794 ENFort Laramie (Visiting the Past)Binns, Tristan Boyer6.31.0
81251 ENFort Sumter: The Civil War BeginsUschan, Michael V.9.02.0
85474 ENFortune's Bones: The Manumission RequiemNelson, Marilyn5.60.5
27750 ENForty Acres and Maybe a MuleRobinet, Harriette Gillem4.35.0
102525 ENForty-Third War, TheMoeri, Louise5.89.0
17223 ENFossilTaylor, Paul D.8.21.0
58178 ENFossil Fish Found Alive: Discovering the CoelacanthWalker, Sally M.7.02.0
102373 ENFossil Fuel (Raintree-Express)Saunders, N.5.71.0
117184 ENFossil FuelsSolway, Andrew5.51.0
120928 ENFossils (Freestyle Express)Faulkner, Rebecca4.51.0
67683 ENFossils (Watts Library)Trueit, Trudi Strain7.81.0
34517 ENFoster's WarReeder, Carolyn5.99.0
60730 ENFounders of Famous Food Companies, TheKramer, Barbara6.83.0
102932 ENFounders: The 39 Stories Behind the U.S. Constitution, TheFradin, Dennis B.8.86.0
62200 ENFoundling and Other Tales of Prydain, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.93.0
9361 ENFour Good FriendsHillert, Margaret0.70.5
103228 ENFour Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best-Friend Must Do in EuropeHarrington, Jane5.64.0
60711 ENFour to the Pole: The American Women's...Antarctica, 1992-93Loewen/Bancroft6.73.0
117395 ENFourth Amendment: The Right to PrivacySmith, Rich7.51.0
17524 ENFox at SchoolMarshall, Edward2.20.5
218 ENFox Steals Home, TheChristopher, Matt4.54.0
50016 ENFractions and DecimalsJacques, Caron/St.6.51.0
57602 ENFragile Flag, TheLangton, Jane5.48.0
45308 ENFragile Frog, TheMara, William P.7.51.0
85983 ENFramed!Rose, Malcolm5.06.0
46830 ENFrance (Enchantment of the World)Nardo, Don9.74.0
65608 ENFrance (Steadwell Books World Tour)Mitten, Christopher5.21.0
40430 ENFrancesValgardson, W.D.4.56.0
2121 ENFrancieEnglish, Karen4.26.0
62392 ENFrancis Crick and James Watson: Pioneers in DNA ResearchBankston, John8.42.0
48585 ENFrancisco Pizarro (Groundbreakers)Manning, Ruth6.71.0
54426 ENFrank Lloyd Wright (Creative Lives)Middleton, Haydn8.12.0
48326 ENFrankenbugCousins, Steven5.14.0
533 ENFrankensteinShelley, Mary12.417.0
30533 ENFrankenstein (Adapted)Shelley, Mary6.13.0
69938 ENFrankenstein (Understanding Great Literature)Nardo, Don9.74.0
66657 ENFrankie Muniz (Celebrity Bios)Beyer, Mark4.80.5
50475 ENFranklin D. Roosevelt (Leading Lives)Taylor, David8.22.0
66971 ENFranklin D. Roosevelt (Presidential Leaders)Roberts, Jeremy8.43.0
6982 ENFranklin Delano RooseveltFreedman, Russell8.16.0
105259 ENFranklin Delano Roosevelt: The New Deal PresidentHaugen, Brenda7.22.0
18614 ENFranklin Goes to SchoolBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
18617 ENFranklin Is BossyBourgeois, Paulette2.20.5
5331 ENFreak the Mighty/The MightyPhilbrick, Rodman5.55.0
56363 ENFreaky Flowers (Watts Library)Souza, D.M.7.41.0
5067 ENFreaky FridayRodgers, Mary4.44.0
54048 ENFreddie Prinze, Jr. (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin5.51.0
70847 ENFrederic Remington: Artist of the American WestPlain, Nancy7.64.0
62408 ENFrederick Banting and the Discovery of InsulinBankston, John6.91.0
8305 ENFrederick DouglassRussell, Sharman8.73.0
58057 ENFreedom Beyond the SeaLewin/Crawford5.510.0
2232 ENFreedom Knows No ColorSchraff, Anne4.23.0
101563 ENFreedom of BeliefHirst, Mike9.21.0
101565 ENFreedom of SpeechSteele, Philip8.72.0
116520 ENFreedom Rides: Campaign for EqualityAnderson, Dale7.82.0
62551 ENFreedom's Light: A Story About Paul Revere's Midnight RideDell, Pamela5.81.0
61174 ENFreedom's RansomMcCaffrey, Anne6.915.0
57231 ENFreedom TrapElmer, Robert4.55.0
106043 ENFreegladerStewart, Paul6.413.0
52423 ENFreestyle Moto-X (Radsports Guides)Maurer, Tracy Nelson5.21.0
101288 ENFreeze Frame: A Photographic History of the Winter OlympicsMacy, Sue8.63.0
65383 ENFrench Revolution (Events & Outcomes), TheRoss, Stewart10.24.0
51132 ENFreshwater Fishing (The Great Outdoors)Hopkins, Ellen4.60.5
364 ENFriedrichRichter, Hans Peter4.75.0
85596 ENFriend Called Anne, ALee, Carol Ann6.75.0
9362 ENFriend for Dear Dragon, AHillert, Margaret0.80.5
34238 ENFriends and EnemiesGaeddert, LouAnn5.06.0
88563 ENFriends, EnemiesRushton, Rosie4.25.0
55556 ENFriends, No Matter WhatBevins, Rose3.51.0
102519 ENFriends of the Heart: Amici del CuoreBanks, Kate4.44.0
17772 ENFriends, TheYumoto, Kazumi4.16.0
25957 ENFriends, TheGuy, Rosa5.07.0
2114 ENFrightful's MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.78.0
16637 SPFríndelClements, Andrew5.43.0
16637 ENFrindleClements, Andrew5.42.0
6116 ENFrog and Toad Are FriendsLobel, Arnold2.90.5
83033 ENFrog Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered WildlifeHamilton, Garry7.92.0
69853 ENFrogs and Toads (Endangered Animals & Habitats)O'Connor, Rebecca K.10.34.0
46740 ENFrogs and Toads: The Leggy LeapersMiller, Sara Swan5.51.0
4995 ENFrom Algebra to Zits: A Girl's Guide to Making the Most...Strazzabosco, Jeanne6.21.0
101546 ENFrom Charlie's Point of ViewScrimger, Richard3.68.0
72925 ENFrom Finish to Start: A Week in the Life of a NASCAR Racing TeamBarber, Phil5.60.5
46741 ENFrom Pests to Pets: How Small Mammals Became Our FriendsZeaman, John6.61.0
106556 ENFrom Rags to Riches: A History of Girls' Clothing in AmericaSills, Leslie7.31.0
2411 ENFrom Smoke Signals to EmailJordan, Shirley4.82.0
108704 ENFrom the GraveEditors, Gareth Stevens7.85.0
83162 ENFrom the LighthouseChipman, Liz4.66.0
29 ENFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerKonigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
13413 ENFrozen Face, TheSchraff, Anne4.03.0
167 ENFrozen FireHouston, James4.95.0
32686 ENFrozen StiffShahan, Sherry4.85.0
36696 ENFrozen SummerAuch, Mary Jane4.87.0
117472 ENFuel and the EnvironmentWalker, Denise8.53.0
9363 ENFun DaysHillert, Margaret0.90.5
73182 ENFundamentalism (Ideas of the Modern World)Woolf, Alex9.92.0
9364 ENFunny Baby, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
101393 ENFunny CarsKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.10.5
28337 ENFunny Face Fight, TheKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
46784 ENFunny Fishes (Watts Library)Miller, Sara Swan6.21.0
50384 ENFur-ever Yours, Booker JonesDuffey, Betsy3.82.0
101439 ENFuture EnergyMorgan, Sally5.31.0
10033 ENFuture ShockToffler, Alvin11.630.0
70875 SP¡Gabí está aquí! Un día loco de palabras mezcladasMontes, Marisa2.92.0
46858 ENGadget, TheZindel, Paul4.54.0
219 ENGaffer Samson's LuckPaton Walsh, Jill4.74.0
20809 SPGafitasVázquez-Vigo, Carmen3.51.0
100905 ENGalapagos Penguin, TheO'Connell, Kim A.9.31.0
61642 ENGalaxiesSimon, Seymour6.80.5
85202 ENGalileo: Astronomer and PhysicistDoak, Robin S.7.92.0
100449 ENGalileo Galilei: Father of Modern ScienceHilliam, Rachel9.03.0
48586 ENGalileo (Groundbreakers)Mason, Paul7.91.0
14767 ENGallows HillDuncan, Lois6.99.0
87336 ENGame of Silence, TheErdrich, Louise5.99.0
79707 ENGame of Sunken Places, TheAnderson, M.T.4.68.0
220 ENGammage Cup, TheKendall, Carol5.98.0
64642 ENGandhi: The Peaceful Revolutionary (Famous Lives)Claybourne, Anna6.61.0
64796 ENGanges (Rivers of the World), TheBarter, James10.04.0
68934 ENGangsters at the Grand AtlanticBuckey, Sarah Masters4.35.0
51536 ENGangsters (History Makers)Woog, Adam9.65.0
100209 ENGarbage DisposalBedford, Deborah Jackson7.41.0
28734 ENGarbage Monster from Outer Space, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
84626 ENGarter SnakesDoeden, Matt3.90.5
123826 ENGarter SnakesWallach, Van3.50.5
69189 ENGary PaulsenThomson, Sarah L.6.52.0
49974 ENGary Paulsen: Author and Wilderness AdventurerFine, Edith Hope6.33.0
100499 ENGary SotoOrr, Tamra7.92.0
44063 ENGathering BlueLowry, Lois5.07.0
221 ENGathering of Days, ABlos, Joan W.6.75.0
241 SPgato tuerto, ElFox, Paula5.47.0
72926 ENGavilan: A Story of Hollywood During the McCarthy EraDell, Pamela5.51.0
48340 ENGawgon and The Boy, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.57.0
30 ENGay-Neck: The Story of a PigeonMukerji, Dhan Gopal6.56.0
86154 ENGay Rights Activists (History Makers)Burns, Kate9.84.0
81296 ENGemstones and the EnvironmentMercer, Ian6.50.5
70309 ENGene TherapyGeorge, Linda9.21.0
80185 ENGenes & DNA (Kingfisher Knowledge)Walker, Richard9.03.0
121171 ENGenetic EngineeringParmalee, Thomas9.63.0
87081 ENGenetic Engineering (Face the Facts)Parker, Steve9.12.0
102297 ENGenetically Engineered FoodsBledsoe, Karen E.8.81.0
101440 ENGenetically Modified FoodGreen, Jen5.61.0
103979 ENGenetics: A Living BlueprintStille, Darlene R.7.71.0
64554 ENGenetics: The Impact on Our LivesDowswell, Paul9.23.0
122474 ENGenghis: Birth of an EmpireIggulden, Conn6.524.0
102278 ENGenghis Khan's Mongol EmpireStreissguth, Thomas9.96.0
87082 ENGenocide (Face the Facts)Sheehan, Sean8.82.0
73295 ENGenomics and CloningFritz, Sandy8.32.0
222 ENGentle BenMorey, Walt4.88.0
86851 ENGentle's Holler: A NovelMadden, Kerry5.18.0
13753 ENGentleman Outlaw and Me, Eli: A Story of the Old West, TheHahn, Mary Downing5.57.0
117473 ENGeological ChangeWalker, Denise7.82.0
81869 ENGeologists (Scientists at Work)Hammonds, Heather7.21.0
116998 ENGeologyClifford, Tim5.71.0
50017 ENGeometryJacques, Caron/St.5.91.0
60699 ENGeorge Eastman: Bringing Photography to the PeoplePflueger, Lynda7.73.0
81159 ENGeorge & Martha WashingtonAshby, Ruth7.72.0
86722 ENGeorge W. Bush: America's 43rd PresidentDonnelly, Matt8.52.0
63029 ENGeorge W. Bush (Childhoods of the Presidents)Thompson, Bill/Dorcas6.61.0
81160 ENGeorge W. & Laura BushAshby, Ruth7.92.0
116066 ENGeorge WashingtonDolan, Edward F.8.73.0
83231 ENGeorge Washington: An Illustrated BiographyAdler, David A.8.29.0
105077 ENGeorge Washington Carver: Ingenious InventorOlson, Nathan4.20.5
66739 ENGeorge Washington Carver: Innovator in AgricultureHalvorsen, Lisa8.32.0
72327 ENGeorge Washington Carver: The Life of the...AgriculturistEdwards, Linda McMurry7.82.0
101343 ENGeorge Washington: Leading a New NationDoeden, Matt3.90.5
12477 ENGeorge Washington's SocksWoodruff, Elvira5.06.0
75828 ENGeorge Washington, Spymaster...Revolutionary WarAllen, Thomas B.7.94.0
84084 ENGeorge Washington: The Life of an American PatriotWest, David5.31.0
47071 ENGeorgia (America the Beautiful)Masters, Nancy Robinson9.04.0
71764 ENGeorgia O'Keeffe: Legendary American PainterShull, Jodie A.6.73.0
62434 ENGeorgia: The Peach StateHoltz, Eric Siegfried8.32.0
64317 ENGeorgieDoyle, Malachy3.83.0
105199 ENGeorgie's MoonWoodworth, Chris3.85.0
117185 ENGeothermal EnergySaunders, Nigel5.71.0
116533 ENGerardus Mercator: Father of Modern MapmakingHeinrichs, Ann6.82.0
62393 ENGerhard Domagk and the Discovery of SulfaBankston, John8.01.0
56716 ENGerm Killers: Fighting DiseaseMorgan, Sally9.03.0
15359 ENGerman Shepherd, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.80.5
65609 ENGermany (Steadwell Books World Tour)Mitten, Christopher5.11.0
69854 ENGermsNardo, Don10.85.0
100272 ENGeronimo: Apache WarriorHaugen, Brenda7.12.0
103467 ENGet That Ghost to Go!MacPhail, Catherine3.31.0
17312 ENGet Up and Go!Murphy, Stuart J.2.30.5
15573 ENGet Up and Go! The History of American Road TravelWhitman, Sylvia7.93.0
103553 ENGetting in the GameFitzGerald, Dawn5.65.0
1912 ENGetting into the GameGreenberg, Judith E.9.17.0
32742 ENGetting Near to BabyCouloumbis, Audrey5.16.0
17621 ENGettysburgKantor, MacKinlay7.45.0
25109 ENGettysburg Address, TheRichards, Kenneth6.01.0
46831 ENGhana (Enchantment of the World)Blauer/Lauré8.44.0
62755 ENGhost at the WindowMcAllister, Margaret4.74.0
9606 ENGhost BeachStine, R.L.3.43.0
30654 ENGhost Belonged to Me, ThePeck, Richard5.86.0
16582 ENGhost BikerSchraff, Anne3.91.0
13414 ENGhost Boy, TheSchraff, Anne3.22.0
5014 ENGhost BrotherAdler, C.S.4.25.0
6363 ENGhost CadetAlphin, Elaine Marie5.56.0
20113 ENGhost CanoeHobbs, Will5.98.0
79919 ENGhost FeverHayes, Joe5.11.0
7967 ENGhost Flyers, TheTownsend, Tom5.15.0
72872 ENGhost Girl: A Blue Ridge Mountain StoryRay, Delia5.47.0
82759 ENGhost HotelSlade, Arthur4.24.0
28295 ENGhost in Room 11, TheWright, Betty Ren4.02.0
10778 ENGhost in the Big Brass Bed, TheCoville, Bruce4.66.0
9634 ENGhost in the Mirror, TheBellairs, John5.36.0
20073 ENGhost in the Third Row, TheCoville, Bruce4.94.0
31178 ENGhost in the Tokaido Inn, TheHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas5.17.0
9607 ENGhost Next Door, TheStine, R.L.3.73.0
29388 ENGhost of a Hanged ManVande Velde, Vivian5.12.0
40454 ENGhost of Avalanche Mountain, TheLawson, Julie4.27.0
44720 ENGhost of Lizard Light, TheWoodruff, Elvira5.35.0
55568 ENGhost of Mangrove Manor, TheSchraff, Anne4.33.0
101892 ENGhost of Raven Hill/The Sorcerer's Apprentice, TheRodda, Emily4.17.0
70231 ENGhost of the Stanley Cup, TheMacGregor, Roy5.24.0
101953 ENGhost's Grave, TheKehret, Peg5.06.0
86698 ENGhost Ship: A NovelReiche, Dietlof5.29.0
50392 ENGhost Sitter, TheGriffin, Peni R.4.84.0
105200 ENGhost SoldiersRichards, Justin5.27.0
120507 ENGhost TownsParvis, Sarah5.10.5
20074 ENGhost Wore Gray, TheCoville, Bruce4.75.0
79435 ENGhostsMartin, Michael5.00.5
103408 ENGhosts and Poltergeists: Stories of the SupernaturalWest, David4.00.5
57308 ENGhosts and Poltergeists (Unsolved Mysteries: The Secret Files)Watkins, Graham7.51.0
122009 ENGhosts: And Real-Life Ghost HuntersTeitelbaum, Michael5.61.0
5068 ENGhosts I Have BeenPeck, Richard5.79.0
64513 ENGhosts of Rathburn Park, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.67.0
82903 ENGhosts of the White HouseHarness, Cheryl5.81.0
116085 ENGiant KangarooLindeen, Carol K.3.40.5
65522 ENGiant Panda (Natural World)Penny, Malcolm6.41.0
59901 ENGiant Pandas (Animals of the Rain Forest)Scheff, Duncan4.50.5
85481 ENGiant Rat of Sumatra or Pirates Galore, TheFleischman, Sid4.54.0
45683 ENGiant Shark: Megalodon, Prehistoric Super PredatorArnold, Caroline6.80.5
101876 ENGiantsSteffens, Bradley7.21.0
25056 ENGib Rides HomeSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.39.0
107535 ENGideon the Cutpurse/The Time TravelersBuckley-Archer, Linda6.317.0
18345 ENGift from Papá Diego, ASáenz, Benjamin Alire3.60.5
60428 ENGift from Zeus: Sixteen Favorite Myths, ASteig, Jeanne7.04.0
78895 ENGift Moves, TheLyon, Steve4.18.0
5269 ENGift of Magic, ADuncan, Lois6.07.0
18344 ENGift of the Poinsettia, TheMora/Berg3.50.5
102997 ENGiftedEvangelista, Beth5.97.0
50018 ENGigantic Long-Necked Plant-Eating Dinosaurs: The...SauropodsHolmes, Thom/Laurie9.13.0
63476 ENGila Monster, TheMiller, Jake5.10.5
103749 ENGila MonstersLockwood, Sophie5.61.0
69058 ENGilbert & Sullivan Set Me FreeKarr, Kathleen4.96.0
100077 ENGilda Joyce, Psychic InvestigatorAllison, Jennifer6.510.0
130107 ENGilda Joyce: The Dead DropAllison, Jennifer7.011.0
116584 ENGilda Joyce: The Ghost SonataAllison, Jennifer6.512.0
107136 ENGilda Joyce: The Ladies of the LakeAllison, Jennifer6.312.0
118300 ENGimmicks and Card Tricks: Illusions...Intermediate MagicianZenon, Paul6.01.0
64318 ENGina.Jamie.Father.BearLyon, George Ella3.74.0
31 ENGinger PyeEstes, Eleanor6.09.0
24557 ENGingerbread Heart, TheSchraff, Anne4.43.0
65523 ENGiraffe (Natural World)Leach, Michael6.31.0
81218 ENGirl, 15, Charming but InsaneLimb, Sue5.18.0
223 ENGirl Called Al, AGreene, Constance C.3.83.0
29789 ENGirl Called Boy, AHurmence, Belinda5.77.0
62557 ENGirl Coming in for a Landing: A Novel in PoemsWayland, April Halprin4.21.0
9554 ENGirl from Yamhill, ACleary, Beverly6.511.0
61461 ENGirl in a CageYolen, Jane4.99.0
50151 ENGirl in BlueRinaldi, Ann5.09.0
15809 ENGirl Named Disaster, AFarmer, Nancy5.114.0
102568 ENGirl, (Nearly) 16, Absolute TortureLimb, Sue5.08.0
48328 ENGirl of KosovoMead, Alice4.23.0
49658 ENGirl Power in the Classroom: A Book About Girls...Their FutureCordes, Helen6.62.0
49660 ENGirl Power in the Mirror: A Book About Girls...and ThemselvesCordes, Helen6.42.0
17251 ENGirl-Son, TheNeuberger, Anne E.5.04.0
80477 ENGirl TalkStine, Megan3.63.0
32208 ENGirl Who Chased Away Sorrow: The Diary of Sarah Nita, TheTurner, Ann5.15.0
122797 ENGirl Who Could Fly, TheForester, Victoria6.011.0
26712 ENGirl Who Dreamed Only Geese, TheNorman, Howard4.64.0
5069 ENGirl Who Owned a City, TheNelson, O.T.4.77.0
48376 ENGirl with 500 Middle Names, TheHaddix, Margaret Peterson3.82.0
18768 ENGirl with the Silver Eyes, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.37.0
44298 ENGirls Get Even, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
56460 ENGirls in LoveWilson, Jacqueline4.45.0
74757 ENGirls in TearsWilson, Jacqueline4.35.0
41076 ENGirls Know Best 3: Your Words, Your WorldMonson-Burton, Marianne6.54.0
67255 ENGirls out LateWilson, Jacqueline4.26.0
20267 ENGirls' Revenge, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
82841 ENGirls Rule!Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
64035 ENGirls Take Over, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
41790 ENGirls, TheKoss, Amy Goldman4.73.0
61386 ENGirls Under PressureWilson, Jacqueline4.36.0
86363 ENGirls' Yoga Book: Stretch Your Body...and Have Fun!, TheCaldwell, Michaela6.42.0
47260 ENGive a Boy a GunStrasser, Todd5.34.0
17313 ENGive Me Half!Murphy, Stuart J.2.20.5
8568 ENGiver, TheLowry, Lois5.77.0
107948 ENGladiatorsMartin, Michael4.80.5
116252 ENGladiatorsHanel, Rachael7.91.0
81297 ENGlass and the EnvironmentCackett, Susan7.11.0
74760 ENGlass Café, ThePaulsen, Gary5.62.0
81847 ENGlass (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink)Walker, Kate6.81.0
53954 ENGlinda of OzBaum, L. Frank7.97.0
119759 ENGlitch in Sleep, TheHulme, John6.69.0
85820 ENGlobal Counterstrike: International CounterterrorismKatz, Samuel M.8.93.0
71053 ENGlobal Debt: The Impact on Our LivesGarlake, Teresa8.02.0
83839 ENGlobal ResourcesParks, Peggy J.10.34.0
118225 ENGlobal WarmingFarrar, Amy9.43.0
71725 ENGlobalization of Trade, TheFrost, Randall10.62.0
105260 ENGloria Steinem: Champion of Women’s RightsAttebury, Nancy Garhan7.52.0
10943 ENGlory Field, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.012.0
45339 ENGlory of Unicorns, ACoville, Bruce5.46.0
16667 ENGlove of Darth Vader, TheDavids, Paul/Hollace6.72.0
87561 ENGnat Stokes and the Foggy Bottom Swamp QueenKeehn, Sally M.5.15.0
21609 ENGo and Come BackAbelove, Joan3.85.0
9312 ENGo-with WordsDobkin, Bonnie1.10.5
114002 ENGoatnappers, TheJordan, Rosa4.68.0
763 ENGoats, TheCole, Brock3.96.0
69394 ENGoblin Wood, TheBell, Hilari5.511.0
80936 ENGoblins and TrollsHamilton, John6.71.0
29997 ENGoblins in the CastleCoville, Bruce4.55.0
125275 ENGod of Animals, TheKyle, Aryn5.618.0
59378 ENGoddess of YesterdayCooney, Caroline B.5.111.0
52942 ENGoing for GoldSchraff, Anne4.33.0
34698 ENGoing for GreatBrockmann, Carolee4.13.0
169 ENGoing HomeMohr, Nicholasa4.46.0
20076 ENGoing SoloDahl, Roald6.19.0
100377 ENGold and SilverMorris, Neil7.91.0
170 ENGold Cadillac, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
41785 ENGold DustLynch, Chris4.67.0
15085 ENGolden Compass, ThePullman, Philip7.119.0
65524 ENGolden Eagle (Natural World)Penny, Malcolm6.41.0
46742 ENGolden Eagles of Devil MountainRauzon, Mark J.5.01.0
20316 ENGolden Goblet, TheMcGraw, Eloise Jarvis6.311.0
9366 ENGolden Goose, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
17622 ENGolden QuestBader, Bonnie3.82.0
15360 ENGolden Retriever, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.80.5
32223 ENGolden Rose, TheGaetz, Dayle Campbell5.07.0
20461 ENGoldstoneLawson, Julie4.15.0
82165 ENGolem's Eye, TheStroud, Jonathan5.924.0
20247 ENGone A-Whaling: The Lure of the Sea and the Hunt for...WhaleMurphy, Jim8.07.0
224 ENGone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.37.0
6494 ENGone FishingLong, Earlene0.90.5
534 ENGone with the WindMitchell, Margaret7.171.0
87328 ENGood Brother, Bad Brother...Edwin Booth & John Wilkes BoothGiblin, James Cross8.312.0
6067 ENGood-Bye Book, TheViorst, Judith1.90.5
13395 ENGood Driving, Amelia BedeliaParish, Herman2.10.5
106508 ENGood FortuneWong, Li Keng4.54.0
10519 ENGood Hunting, Blue SkyParish, Peggy2.00.5
30833 ENGood Liar, TheMaguire, Gregory5.13.0
32 ENGood Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.45.0
115900 ENGood Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval VillageSchlitz, Laura Amy5.62.0
124699 ENGood Neighbors: Kin, TheBlack, Holly2.71.0
1969 ENGood Night, MamanMazer, Norma Fox3.54.0
6316 ENGood Night, Mr. TomMagorian, Michelle4.812.0
65347 ENGood Place for Maggie, ALachtman, Ofelia Dumas4.15.0
20019 ENGood Work, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
7137 ENGoodbye, VietnamWhelan, Gloria5.24.0
8224 ENGoodnight KissStine, R.L.4.76.0
66201 ENGoodnight Little CritterMayer, Mercer1.40.5
116042 ENGooey JellyfishLunis, Natalie3.70.5
65304 ENGooney Bird GreeneLowry, Lois3.92.0
46846 ENGoose ChaseKindl, Patrice6.58.0
70071 ENGopher Tortoise, TheSchueler, Donald G.6.61.0
105737 ENGossamerLowry, Lois4.44.0
74146 ENGossip Times ThreeKoss, Amy Goldman6.56.0
125165 ENGothic ArtGunderson, Jessica10.51.0
83950 ENGotta Dance! The Rhythms of Jazz and TapCutcher, Jenai7.11.0
60417 ENGourmet Zombie, TheZindel, Paul5.14.0
104652 ENGovernment Regulation of the Railroads: Fighting...AmericaChiu, David6.51.0
42819 ENGraduation of Jake Moon, ThePark, Barbara4.54.0
9726 SPgran secreto, ElPascal/Suzanne4.32.0
123719 ENGrand Duchess Anastasia RomanovEnglar, Mary4.70.5
7138 ENGrand Escape, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
66244 ENGrandma's GardenMayer, Mercer1.30.5
71135 ENGranny Torrelli Makes SoupCreech, Sharon4.22.0
71753 ENGrape ThiefFranklin, Kristine L.4.28.0
120603 ENGrapplingOllhoff, Jim6.00.5
67615 ENGrasshoppers and Crickets of North AmericaMiller, Sara Swan5.51.0
65468 ENGrassland Animals (Animals of the Biomes)Steele, Christy4.71.0
64605 ENGrasslandsSeely, Debra5.35.0
72381 ENGraven ImagesFleischman, Paul5.52.0
15095 ENGraveyard GirlMyers, Anna4.34.0
29530 ENGraveyards Of The Dinosaurs: What ... Prehistor CreaturesTanaka, Shelley6.61.0
6724 ENGray Wolf, Red WolfPatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.11.0
70072 ENGray Wolf, TheReiter, Chris6.01.0
56392 ENGray Wolf (The Library of Wolves and Wild Dogs), TheHarrington, Fred H.5.30.5
65337 ENGreat Battles of World War IIHansen, Ole Steen8.42.0
61473 ENGreat Blue Yonder, TheShearer, Alex5.18.0
105613 ENGreat Brain Book: An Inside Look at the Inside of Your Head, TheNewquist, H.P.8.17.0
115 ENGreat Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.27.0
9313 ENGreat Bug Hunt, TheDobkin, Bonnie1.80.5
105246 ENGreat Chicago Fire of 1871, TheOlson, Kay Melchisedech3.30.5
118291 ENGreat Chicago Fire, TheOwens, L.L.7.02.0
16343 ENGreat Dane, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.20.5
9020 ENGreat Day for Up!Seuss, Dr.0.80.5
89780 ENGreat Depression: A Primary Source History, TheSchultz, Stanley8.42.0
25145 ENGreat Depression, TheStein, R. Conrad6.71.0
63859 ENGreat Elizabethan PlaywrightsNardo, Don10.15.0
707 ENGreat Expectations (Unabridged)Dickens, Charles9.235.0
17774 ENGreat Eye, TheShalant, Phyllis4.64.0
62760 ENGreat Ghost Rescue, TheIbbotson, Eva5.85.0
116 ENGreat Gilly Hopkins, ThePaterson, Katherine4.65.0
51863 ENGreat Good Thing, TheTownley, Roderick4.44.0
17775 ENGreat Interactive Dream Machine, ThePeck, Richard4.05.0
73173 ENGreat Land Rush (The American Adventure), TheIsaacs, Sally Senzell5.81.0
65803 ENGreat Moments at the OlympicsMattern, Joanne/James5.92.0
11414 ENGreat Quarterback Switch, TheChristopher, Matt4.22.0
121310 ENGreat Race: The Amazing Round-the-World Auto Race of 1908, TheBlackwood, Gary7.96.0
31190 ENGreat Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West, TheGregory, Kristiana5.75.0
124224 ENGreat Shakes: The Science of EarthquakesStille, Darlene R.7.61.0
54049 ENGreat Soccer: Team DefenseCope, Suzanne5.10.5
54050 ENGreat Soccer: Team OffenseCope, Suzanne5.11.0
79192 ENGreat Society: The War on Poverty, TheBlohm, Craig E.10.36.0
25153 ENGreat Turkey Walk, TheKarr, Kathleen4.56.0
65526 ENGreat White Shark (Natural World)Westwood, Brett6.31.0
44339 ENGreat White Sharks (Predators in the Wild)Deady, Kathleen W.4.60.5
85224 ENGreat Women of the Civil WarRaatma, Lucia6.50.5
101461 ENGreat Women of the Suffrage MovementRau, Dana Meachen6.81.0
58906 ENGreater Goode, AFerris, Amy Schor4.06.0
24910 ENGreater Than AngelsMatas, Carol4.35.0
46859 ENGreatest: Muhammad Ali, TheMyers, Walter Dean7.86.0
103450 ENGreek MythsShone, Rob3.71.0
56364 ENGreek Temples (Watts Library)Nardo, Don8.31.0
48851 ENGreek Theater (Look Inside), AChrisp, Peter6.01.0
67494 ENGreen AngelHoffman, Alice5.23.0
107949 ENGreen BeretsGlaser, Jason5.00.5
71420 ENGreen Berets at War, TheGreen, Michael/Gladys5.10.5
120489 ENGreen Berets in ActionNobleman, Marc Tyler4.50.5
69190 ENGreen Berets: The U.S. Army Special ForcesGoldberg, Jan7.42.0
470 ENGreen Book, ThePaton Walsh, Jill5.52.0
58516 ENGreen BoyCooper, Susan5.88.0
9021 ENGreen Eggs and HamSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
63477 ENGreen Iguana, TheMiller, Jake4.70.5
103477 ENGreen Men of Gressingham, TheArdagh, Philip4.71.0
106709 ENGreen Sea Turtle: Help Save This Endangered Species!, TheFletcher, Marty8.23.0
100324 ENGreen World?, ABaird, Nicola8.71.0
109014 ENGreenhouse Effect: Warming the Planet, TheStille, Darlene R.7.51.0
85422 ENGreenpeace (World Watch)Sheehan, Sean9.32.0
11466 ENGreenwitchCooper, Susan5.36.0
77333 ENGregor Mendel: Genetics PioneerYannuzzi, Della8.43.0
71754 ENGregor the OverlanderCollins, Suzanne4.88.0
33 ENGrey King, TheCooper, Susan6.29.0
44355 ENGreyhound, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.81.0
78518 ENGrierson's Raid: A Daring...Heart of the ConfederacyLalicki, Tom9.07.0
22 SPgrillo en Times Square, UnSelden, George4.94.0
81705 ENGrim Grotto, TheSnicket, Lemony6.58.0
118315 ENGrimpow: The Invisible RoadAbalos, Rafael7.920.0
15417 ENGrizzliesStone, Lynn M.6.41.0
14391 ENGrizzly Bear Family Book, TheHoshino, Michio5.70.5
65527 ENGrizzly Bear (Natural World)Leach, Michael6.21.0
54662 ENGrizzly Bears (Nature's Predators)Hall, Eleanor J.7.01.0
7316 ENGrizzwoldHoff, Syd2.00.5
42820 ENGrooming of Alice, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.97.0
45342 ENGroover's HeartCrowe, Carole4.45.0
32290 ENGrowing IdeasVan Leeuwen, Jean3.90.5
40788 ENGrowing Up (Nature Undercover)McLeod, Beatrice6.40.5
46307 ENGrowing WingsWinter, Laurel4.66.0
81393 ENGrowth of Cities (Earth's Changing Landscape), TheSnedden, Robert7.72.0
119034 ENGuan Yu: Blood Brothers to the EndJolley, Dan4.71.0
83856 ENGuatemalaDelgado, Kevin10.04.0
59574 ENGuero: A True Adventure Story, ElBorton deTreviño, Elizabeth5.44.0
9750 SPGuerra entre gemelasPascal/Suzanne4.63.0
73131 EN"Guide My Pen": The Poems of Phillis WheatleyRoza, Greg4.70.5
101236 ENGuinea Pig Scientists: Bold Self-Experimenters in...MedicineDendy, Leslie A.8.27.0
507 ENGulliver's Travels (Unabridged)Swift, Jonathan13.525.0
75062 ENGun ControlCurrie-McGhee, L.K.10.74.0
118226 ENGun ControlMagoon, Kekla9.22.0
105520 ENGunpowderTrueit, Trudi Strain8.32.0
44226 ENGuns for General WashingtonReit, Seymour6.14.0
41392 ENGuy TimeWeeks, Sarah5.04.0
64503 ENGuy WireWeeks, Sarah4.43.0
87588 ENGuys Write for Guys ReadScieszka, Jon6.29.0
66700 ENGypsies (Indigenous Peoples of the World), TheSharp, Anne Wallace9.65.0
47424 ENGypsies Never Came, TheRoos, Stephen3.53.0
35637 ENGypsy RizkaAlexander, Lloyd5.46.0
116369 ENH.I.V.E.: Higher Institute of Villainous EducationWalden, Mark7.512.0
120449 ENH.I.V.E.: The Overlord ProtocolWalden, Mark7.714.0
88722 ENH.P. Lovecraft: Master of Weird FictionSchoell, William9.05.0
367 SPhacha, ElPaulsen, Gary5.77.0
9737 SPHaciendo novillosPascal/Suzanne4.03.0
39869 ENHairy, Scary, Ordinary: What Is an Adjective?Cleary, Brian P.3.90.5
27007 ENHaiti (Enchantment of the World)Hintz, Martin7.03.0
8527 ENHalf-A-Moon Inn, TheFleischman, Paul5.73.0
105192 ENHalf-Caste and Other PoemsAgard, John5.01.0
76589 ENHalf-HumanCoville, Bruce5.27.0
105928 ENHalf-Moon InvestigationsColfer, Eoin4.29.0
62977 ENHalfway to the SkyBradley, Kimberly Brubaker3.86.0
8226 ENHalloween PartyStine, R.L.4.75.0
10035 ENHamletShakespeare, William10.57.0
63864 ENHan Dynasty, TheImmell, Myra10.26.0
60541 ENHana's SuitcaseLevine, Karen5.02.0
59209 ENHandbook for BoysMyers, Walter Dean4.95.0
117276 ENHandel's WorldLee, Lavina9.42.0
57751 ENHandful of Dirt, ABial, Raymond7.00.5
8067 ENHandful of Time, APearson, Kit4.86.0
8109 ENHandmaid's Tale, TheAtwood, Margaret5.414.0
58450 ENHands-on Projects About OceansWest, Krista4.80.5
58451 ENHands-on Projects About Rocks, Minerals, and FossilsWest, Krista5.70.5
14467 ENHang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons :The Story...Phillis WheatleyRinaldi, Ann4.09.0
67694 ENHang Gliding (X-Treme Outdoors)Zeigler, Heidi5.61.0
48074 ENHang in ThereNapoli, Donna Jo3.71.0
64607 ENHannah, DividedGriffin, Adele5.26.0
107184 ENHannah West in the Belltown TowersJohns, Linda4.85.0
508 ENHans Brinker, or The Silver SkatesDodge, Mary Mapes8.214.0
102840 ENHans Christian Andersen: His Fairy Tale LifeVarmer, Hjordis6.03.0
59123 ENHappeningsCobb, Katie5.07.0
9367 ENHappy Birthday, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
61757 ENHappy Birthday, Word Bird!Moncure, Jane Belk1.50.5
9368 ENHappy Easter, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
107185 ENHappy Kid!Gauthier, Gail4.98.0
78524 ENHappy Yellow Car, TheHorvath, Polly5.55.0
28795 ENHard BallWeaver, Will4.47.0
78033 ENHard Times for Jake SmithHenderson, Aileen Kilgore5.27.0
71396 ENHardy Boyz: Pro Wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy, TheKaelberer, Angie Peterson5.01.0
57681 ENHarlem Globetrotters: Clown Princes of Basketball, TheButler, Robbie5.01.0
43514 ENHarleyLivingstone, Star2.30.5
75417 ENHarley-Davidson MotorcyclesPreszler, Eric4.40.5
107564 ENHarley-Davidson MotorcyclesSchuette, Sarah L.3.10.5
62558 ENHarmonyMurphy, Rita5.14.0
59902 ENHarpy Eagles (Animals of the Rain Forest)Donovan, Sandra4.60.5
85203 ENHarriet Beecher Stowe: Author and AdvocateHaugen, Brenda6.92.0
58681 ENHarriet Spies AgainEricson, Helen4.96.0
226 ENHarriet the SpyFitzhugh, Louise4.58.0
366 ENHarriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground RailroadPetry, Ann6.69.0
55881 ENHarriet Tubman: Leader of the Underground RailroadLutz, Norma Jean4.91.0
84085 ENHarriet Tubman: The Life of an African-American AbolitionistShone, Rob4.21.0
85017 SPHarriet Tubman y el ferrocarril clandestinoMartin, Michael3.70.5
5332 ENHarris and MePaulsen, Gary5.75.0
60700 ENHarry Houdini: Escape Artist and Master MagicianKent, Zachary6.93.0
32081 ENHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J.K.6.714.0
116230 ENHarry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J.K.6.934.0
40670 ENHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J.K.6.832.0
89154 ENHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceRowling, J.K.7.229.0
69785 ENHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRowling, J.K.7.244.0
32082 ENHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J.K.6.718.0
26759 ENHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneRowling, J.K.5.512.0
611 ENHarry's MadKing-Smith, Dick4.83.0
66972 ENHarry S. Truman (Presidential Leaders)Lazo, Caroline Evensen7.73.0
120501 ENHarsh or Heroic? The Middle AgesKenney, Karen Latchana5.31.0
64366 ENHarvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar ChavezKrull, Kathleen5.60.5
367 ENHatchetPaulsen, Gary5.77.0
70123 ENHatching MagicDowner, Ann7.29.0
11411 ENHatchlingSnyder, Midori5.05.0
68217 ENHate CrimesWright, John9.42.0
109096 ENHattie Big SkyLarson, Kirby4.410.0
86351 ENHattie on Her WayClark, Clara Gillow5.35.0
32291 ENHau Kola Hello FriendGoble, Paul4.50.5
108705 ENHauntedEditors, Gareth Stevens7.45.0
104771 ENHaunted Dollhouse, ThePetrucha, Stefan3.91.0
16587 ENHaunted Hound, TheSchraff, Anne3.61.0
120509 ENHaunted HousesWilliams, Dinah5.10.5
81436 ENHaunted Houses (Fact or Fiction?)O'Neill, Terry9.38.0
9610 ENHaunted Mask, TheStine, R.L.3.83.0
55207 ENHaunted States of America: Haunted Houses...Canada Too!, TheHolub, Joan6.95.0
43405 ENHaunting at Home PlatePatneaude, David4.04.0
44299 ENHaunting at Stratton Falls, TheSeabrooke, Brenda4.34.0
53437 ENHaunting Hour, TheStine, R.L.3.45.0
89265 ENHaunting of Alaizabel Cray, TheWooding, Chris7.115.0
26664 ENHaunting of Cassie Palmer, TheAlcock, Vivien4.85.0
74151 ENHaunting of Swain's Fancy, TheSeabrooke, Brenda4.14.0
64319 ENHausaland Tales from the Nigerian MarketplaceMcIntosh, Gavin5.83.0
27963 ENHave Space Suit Will TravelHeinlein, Robert A.5.912.0
53426 ENHave You Been to the Beach Lately?Fletcher, Ralph4.90.5
2658 ENHavin' Fun and Hangin' Out: A Girl's Guide to Cool Stuff to DoWard, Kristin6.21.0
73962 ENHawaiiNeri, P.J.6.92.0
47072 ENHawaii (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin8.64.0
66658 ENHayden Christensen (Celebrity Bios)Friedman, Katherine5.90.5
117277 ENHaydn's WorldNorton, James R.9.32.0
101464 ENHaymarket Square Tragedy, TheBurgan, Michael6.41.0
7044 ENHaymeadow, ThePaulsen, Gary5.46.0
55749 ENHazardous HeightsSchraff, Anne4.83.0
55779 SPHe decidido llamarme MaxSmadja, Brigitte4.81.0
105201 ENHe Will Go FearlessLawlor, Laurie4.98.0
79209 ENHeadaches (Diseases and Disorders)Sheen, Barbara10.14.0
117 ENHeadless Cupid, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.38.0
11469 ENHeads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth GradeGantos, Jack4.66.0
20680 ENHealing of Texas Jake, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.43.0
85260 ENHealth and DiseaseElgin, Kathy6.81.0
67675 ENHealthy Diet (Watts Library), ALandau, Elaine6.81.0
82439 ENHealthy Sexuality (Life Balance)Kemp, Kristen7.12.0
69060 ENHear the Wind Blow: A Novel of the Civil WarHahn, Mary Downing4.58.0
81235 ENHeart, Blood, and Lungs (Understanding the Human Body)Parker, Steve7.41.0
81831 ENHeart in Action, TheWalker, Richard7.11.0
740 ENHeart Is a Lonely Hunter, TheMcCullers, Carson6.319.0
85416 ENHeart, Lungs, and Blood, TheParker, Steve7.11.0
32049 ENHeart of a Chief, TheBruchac, Joseph4.76.0
69855 ENHeart TransplantsHoffman, Nancy9.55.0
77515 ENHeartbeatCreech, Sharon5.02.0
13989 ENHeartlightBarron, T.A.5.48.0
66447 ENHeatBall, Jackie6.51.0
101154 ENHeat Hazard: Droughts (Raintree-Express)Watts, Claire4.51.0
27722 ENHeather and the Pink PoodlesEngle, Marion4.81.0
11417 ENHeather at the BarreSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.51.0
11419 ENHeather, Belle of the BallSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.11.0
11418 ENHeather Takes the ReinsSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.61.0
27949 ENHeavenJohnson, Angela4.73.0
57360 ENHeaven SentHantman, Clea4.75.0
82837 ENHeaven Shop, TheEllis, Deborah4.66.0
20079 ENHeaven to BetsyLovelace, Maud Hart5.810.0
64036 ENHeavenly Village, TheRylant, Cynthia5.42.0
71427 ENHeavy Bombers: The B-52 StratofortressesGreen, Michael5.50.5
120202 ENHeavy Bombers: The B-52 Stratofortresses (Revised Edition)Green, Michael5.30.5
123923 ENHeck: Where the Bad Kids GoBasye, Dale E.6.08.0
107730 ENHedy Lamarr and a Secret Communication SystemRobbins, Trina4.20.5
509 ENHeidi (Unabridged)Spyri, Johanna8.216.0
62559 ENHeir ApparentVande Velde, Vivian5.611.0
101344 ENHelen Keller: Courageous AdvocateWelvaert, Scott R.3.70.5
52015 ENHelen Keller: Rebellious SpiritLawlor, Laurie8.57.0
120973 ENHelen's Eyes: Photobiography of A. Sullivan, H. Keller's TeacherDelano, Marfé Ferguson7.02.0
88393 ENHello, Goodbye Window, TheJuster, Norton3.40.5
10521 ENHello, Two-Wheeler!Mason, Jane B.1.60.5
101726 ENHelp America Vote Act of 2002: Legislation...Voting Systems, TheHaulley, Fletcher9.61.0
9369 ENHelp for Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
118182 ENHelp! What's Eating My Flesh? Runaway Staph...Strep Infections!Tilden, Thomasine E. Lewis5.41.0
69876 ENHemophilia (Diseases and Disorders)Britton, Beverly10.64.0
87210 ENHenry and Mudge and the Great GrandpasRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
418 ENHenry and the ClubhouseCleary, Beverly5.14.0
663 ENHenry and the Paper RouteCleary, Beverly5.34.0
104254 ENHenry David Thoreau...Naturalist, Writer, and TranscendentalistOlson, Steven P.8.72.0
70849 ENHenry David Thoreau: Writer, Thinker, NaturalistMcCarthy, Pat7.34.0
107839 ENHenry Ford and the Model TO'Hearn, Michael4.00.5
48603 ENHenry Ford (Heinemann Profiles)Malam, John7.21.0
48587 ENHenry Hudson (Groundbreakers)Manning, Ruth7.01.0
34 ENHenry HugginsCleary, Beverly4.73.0
35 ENHenry Reed, Inc.Robertson, Keith5.58.0
36 ENHenry Reed's Baby-Sitting ServiceRobertson, Keith5.16.0
113369 ENHenry's Freedom BoxLevine, Ellen3.00.5
104255 ENHenry Wadsworth Longfellow: American Poet, Linguist...EducatorFitzmaurice, Meghan9.23.0
63860 ENHepatitis (Diseases and Disorders)Sheen, Barbara10.54.0
73142 ENHer Story, Her Words: The Narrative of Sojourner TruthRuffin, Frances E.4.00.5
58499 ENHerbivores in the Food ChainMcGinty, Alice B.5.20.5
107488 ENHercules: The Twelve LaborsStorrie, Paul D.3.61.0
106411 ENHere Lies the LibrarianPeck, Richard5.14.0
10119 ENHere's to You, Rachel RobinsonBlume, Judy4.36.0
73834 ENHere There Be DragonsYolen, Jane5.87.0
73835 ENHere There Be WitchesYolen, Jane5.45.0
82163 ENHere TodayMartin, Ann M.4.99.0
84086 ENHernán Cortés: The Life of a Spanish ConquistadorWest, David4.61.0
48588 ENHernando de Soto (Groundbreakers)Manning, Ruth6.71.0
41459 ENHero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich, AChildress, Alice5.65.0
227 ENHero and the Crown, TheMcKinley, Robin7.015.0
70435 ENHero Dogs: Courageous Canines in ActionJackson, Donna M.7.22.0
7899 ENHero of Lesser CausesJohnston, Julie4.38.0
47425 ENHero of Ticonderoga, TheGauthier, Gail5.59.0
44862 ENHero's Song: The First Song of EirrenPattou, Edith5.913.0
107348 ENHero Schliemann: The Dreamer Who Dug for Troy, TheSchlitz, Laura Amy6.72.0
61392 ENHero, TheWoods, Ron5.18.0
119040 ENHero Twins: Against the Lords of Death, TheJolley, Dan2.80.5
27127 ENHerod the Great (First Book)Green, Robert7.11.0
86945 ENHeroes and She-roes: Poems of Amazing and Everyday HeroesLewis, J. Patrick6.40.5
57518 ENHeroes (Discovering Mythology)Nardo, Don9.36.0
88487 ENHeroes Don't Run: A Novel of the Pacific WarMazer, Harry4.03.0
105276 ENHeroes of Baseball: The Men Who Made It America's Favorite GameLipsyte, Robert7.44.0
100863 ENHeroin=Busted!Hager, Holly6.42.0
88169 ENHeron CoveWallace-Brodeur, Ruth4.64.0
60040 ENHex: ShadowsLassiter, Rhiannon7.19.0
20346 ENHey, Dad, Get a Life!Strasser, Todd3.44.0
80606 ENHH-60 Pave HawkStone, Lynn M.6.50.5
9314 ENHi, CloudsGreene, Carol0.50.5
101305 ENHi, Fly Guy!Arnold, Tedd1.50.5
101362 ENHidden ChildMillman, Isaac5.21.0
80296 ENHidden MountainDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
54971 ENHidden Past, TheWatson, Jude4.64.0
5620 ENHidden Staircase, TheKeene, Carolyn5.56.0
28347 ENHidden Treasures, TheKeene, Carolyn3.31.0
53629 ENHidden Worlds: Looking Through a Scientist's MicroscopeKramer, Stephen7.01.0
30502 ENHide and SeekVos, Ida3.64.0
6671 ENHideout, TheBunting, Eve4.14.0
102480 ENHideouts and Training CampsBaker, David9.01.0
741 ENHiding Place, TheTenBoom, Corrie6.413.0
68864 ENHieroglyphsPrice Hossell, Karen6.31.0
44340 ENHigh-Altitude Spy Planes: The U-2sSweetman, Bill5.50.5
120203 ENHigh-Altitude Spy Planes: The U-2s (Revised Edition)Sweetman, Bill5.30.5
37 ENHigh King, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.111.0
54779 ENHigh Ridge Gobbler: A Story of the American Wild TurkeyStemple, David5.41.0
4465 ENHigh-Speed BoatsBornhoft, Simon5.40.5
54051 ENHigh Speed TrainsCefrey, Holly5.71.0
58755 ENHigh-Speed TrainsMaynard, Christopher6.21.0
1800 ENHigh-Tech HarvestMarshall, Elizabeth L.9.95.0
87130 ENHigh-Tech WeaponsAllen, John8.41.0
110101 ENHigher Power of Lucky, ThePatron, Susan5.95.0
44590 ENHighest Hit and Other Selections by Newbery Authors, TheGreenberg, Martin H.5.66.0
104781 ENHighest Tide: A Novel, TheLynch, Jim6.712.0
62202 ENHighwaymen (Bad Guys)Blackwood, Gary L.8.32.0
54522 SPhija del rey, LaDoyle/Macdonald5.96.0
102481 ENHijacking and SecurityBaker, David8.61.0
21927 SPhijos del vidriero, LosGripe, María4.95.0
70200 ENHill Hawk HattieClark, Clara Gillow4.84.0
120238 ENHillary Rodham Clinton: First Lady and SenatorBurgan, Michael7.42.0
82170 ENHimalayaNeale, Jonathan3.34.0
83823 ENHimalayas, TheCurrie, Stephen9.25.0
105247 ENHindenburg Disaster, TheDoeden, Matt3.90.5
101465 ENHindenburg, TheNobleman, Marc Tyler6.21.0
60480 ENHindenburg: The Fiery Crash of a German Airship, TheDeady, Kathleen W.4.80.5
39605 ENHinduism (World Beliefs and Cultures)Penney, Sue6.72.0
65508 ENHippopotamus (Natural World)Leach, Michael6.31.0
49575 ENHipposWalker, Sally M.6.91.0
103934 ENHiroshima and Nagasaki: Fire from the SkyLangley, Andrew7.72.0
65380 ENHiroshima: August 6, 1945Hook, Jason8.12.0
39606 ENHiroshima: The Shadow of the BombTames, Richard7.51.0
101259 ENHispanic CultureSteele, Christy6.81.0
21926 SPhistoria del doctor Dolittle, LaLofting, Hugh5.14.0
68208 ENHistory and Methods of Torture (Crime and Detection), TheInnes, Brian9.33.0
64892 ENHistory: Journey Through TimeGallant, Roy A.8.52.0
49694 ENHistory of Basketball for Girls and Women: From...Leagues, ALannin, Joanne8.56.0
89252 ENHistory of Free Blacks in America, AKallen, Stuart A.10.05.0
103605 ENHistory of Hip-Hop: The Roots of Rap, AHatch, Thomas3.60.5
57508 ENHistory of Medicine, TheYount, Lisa9.96.0
66817 ENHistory of NASA (Out of This World), TheSpangenburg/Moser8.83.0
84941 ENHistory of NASCAR, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.40.5
107994 ENHistory of Pirates: From Privateers to Outlaws, TheLassieur, Allison5.00.5
68220 ENHistory of Punishment (Crime and Detection), TheKerrigan, Michael10.32.0
107813 ENHistory of Rap and Hip-Hop, TheBaker, Soren9.85.0
100612 ENHistory of Reggae, TheKallen, Stuart A.9.65.0
1845 ENHistory of Rock and Roll, TheShirley, David9.47.0
63843 ENHistory of Rock and Roll, TheKallen, Stuart A.9.66.0
1824 ENHistory of Rockets (Venture Book), TheMiller, Ron8.53.0
80113 ENHistory of the Airplane, TheSomervill, Barbara A.5.31.0
80114 ENHistory of the Automobile, TheCunningham, Kevin5.81.0
102285 ENHistory of the Blues, TheKoopmans, Andy9.95.0
64789 ENHistory of the Elizabethan Theater, AWoog, Adam10.05.0
67686 ENHistory of the Internet (Watts Library), TheSherman, Josepha7.91.0
81609 ENHistory of the Jacksonville Jaguars, TheHawkes, Brian6.60.5
81595 ENHistory of the Miami Dolphins, TheSchmalzbauer, Adam6.90.5
67687 ENHistory of the Personal Computer (Watts Library), TheSherman, Josepha7.81.0
81599 ENHistory of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, TheGoodman, Michael E.6.80.5
80117 ENHistory of the Written Word, TheCunningham, Kevin6.41.0
109885 ENHistory of U.S. Immigration: Coming to America, TheByers, Ann6.73.0
107814 ENHistory of World Music, TheKallen, Stuart A.10.16.0
8228 ENHit and RunStine, R.L.3.84.0
8229 ENHitchhiker, TheStine, R.L.3.74.0
87191 ENHitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's ShadowBartoletti, Susan Campbell7.86.0
38 ENHitty: Her First Hundred YearsField, Rachel7.111.0
2519 ENHIV and AIDS (Perspectives on Disease and Illness)Gedatus, Gustav Mark5.81.0
34811 ENHive for the Honeybee, ALally, Soinbhe6.25.0
76366 ENHoaxes, Fibs, and FakesThompson, Lisa4.20.5
80442 ENHoaxes (The Unexplained)Herbst, Judith5.61.0
900 ENHobbit, TheTolkien, J.R.R6.60.5
511 ENHobbit, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.616.0
34963 ENHockey: A History of the Fastest Game on IceStewart, Mark8.56.0
83608 ENHoggeeMyers, Anna4.57.0
71416 ENHognose Snakes (Snakes)Richardson, Adele D.4.50.5
86535 ENHold Me TightGrover, Lorie Ann3.04.0
77178 ENHolding at ThirdZinnen, Linda4.44.0
44289 ENHolding up the EarthGray, Dianne E.5.97.0
59167 ENHole in My LifeGantos, Jack5.77.0
54638 ENHole in the World, AHite, Sid6.05.0
28081 ENHolesSachar, Louis4.67.0
42451 ENHollow Tree, TheLunn, Janet5.89.0
89757 ENHolocaust: A Primary Source History, TheBartel, Judy8.82.0
116538 ENHolocaust Museum, TheHaugen, Brenda6.91.0
21072 ENHolocaust Survivors, TheYeatts, Tabatha9.24.0
116240 ENHolocaust, TheBodden, Valerie8.41.0
9515 ENHomeRosen, Michael J.4.30.5
85678 ENHome in the Heart: The Story of Sandra Cisneros, ABrackett, Virginia8.54.0
71972 ENHome on the Moon: Living on a Space FrontierDyson, Marianne J.6.42.0
368 ENHomecomingVoigt, Cynthia4.416.0
107308 ENHomefrontGwaltney, Doris4.010.0
101727 ENHomeland Security Act of 2002: Legislation...Protect America, TheOlson, Steven P.9.11.0
35670 ENHomeless BirdWhelan, Gloria5.35.0
49060 ENHomelessness (Talking Points)Stearman, Kaye7.22.0
39 ENHomer PriceMcCloskey, Robert6.64.0
118 ENHomesick, My Own StoryFritz, Jean5.16.0
84185 ENHomestead Act of 1862: A Primary Source History...Century, ThePorterfield, Jason7.92.0
58918 ENHomeward Bounders, TheJones, Diana Wynne4.710.0
103771 ENHomework Machine, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
89833 ENHong KongBarber, Nicola9.42.0
26738 ENHonus and Me : A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.33.0
78078 ENHoodwinked: Deception and ResistanceShapiro/Forrester8.86.0
34695 ENHoofbeats of DangerHughes, Holly5.34.0
49136 ENHoop CrazyWalters, Eric3.84.0
766 ENHoopsMyers, Walter Dean4.67.0
19490 ENHooray for Diffendoofer Day!Seuss, Dr.3.80.5
9023 ENHop on PopSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
31177 ENHope's CrossingGoodman, Joan Elizabeth5.27.0
44672 ENHope Was HereBauer, Joan5.16.0
26643 ENHork-Bajir Chronicles, TheApplegate, K.A.4.35.0
50025 ENHorned Dinosaurs: The CeratopsiansHolmes, Thom/Laurie8.73.0
14948 ENHorror at Camp Jellyjam, TheStine, R.L.3.23.0
612 ENHorse and His Boy, TheLewis, C.S.5.88.0
31200 ENHorse for All Seasons, AWelch, Sheila Kelly4.75.0
87349 ENHorse from the Sea: An Epic Horse Story, TheHolmes, Victoria6.813.0
7222 ENHorse in Harry's Room, TheHoff, Syd2.30.5
122795 ENHorse of Her Own, AWedekind, Annie6.811.0
44591 ENHorse of the War God and Other Selections by Newbery Authors, TheGreenberg, Martin H.6.07.0
44988 ENHorsesStefoff, Rebecca8.13.0
46743 ENHorses and Rhinos: What They Have in CommonMiller, Sara Swan5.51.0
53273 ENHostile Hospital, TheSnicket, Lemony6.96.0
87582 ENHot Air: The Mostly True Story...First Hot-Air Balloon RidePriceman, Marjorie2.90.5
61981 ENHot Wheels: The Newest Stock Car StarsWoods, Bob5.21.0
17818 ENHot Zone, ThePreston, Richard7.316.0
117142 ENHottest Dragsters and Funny CarsGigliotti, Jim5.41.0
117143 ENHottest MotorcyclesWoods, Bob6.21.0
117144 ENHottest Muscle CarsWoods, Bob6.21.0
117145 ENHottest NASCAR MachinesKelley, K.C.5.91.0
116604 ENHottest Race CarsEgan, Erin5.61.0
117146 ENHottest Sports CarsWoods, Bob6.21.0
34724 ENHound for Hannah, AWiggin, Eric5.55.0
5984 ENHound of the Baskervilles (Unabridged), TheDoyle, Arthur Conan8.311.0
29760 ENHounds of the Morrigan, TheO'Shea, Pat6.224.0
80428 ENHour of Freedom: American History in PoetryMeltzer, Milton7.53.0
106313 ENHour of the Cobra, TheWilliams, Maiya5.111.0
63084 ENHouse Called Awful End, AArdagh, Philip6.34.0
9370 ENHouse for Little Red, AHillert, Margaret0.80.5
228 ENHouse of Dies Drear, TheHamilton, Virginia4.89.0
50682 ENHouse of Mirth, TheWharton, Edith9.726.0
40 ENHouse of Sixty Fathers, TheDe Jong, Meindert5.56.0
47131 ENHouse of StairsSleator, William6.37.0
61393 ENHouse of the Scorpion, TheFarmer, Nancy5.115.0
12786 ENHouse of the Seven Gables (Unabridged), TheHawthorne, Nathaniel11.022.0
58067 ENHouse of the Spirits, TheAllende, Isabel8.432.0
35561 ENHouse on Hound Hill, ThePrince, Maggie5.49.0
20914 ENHouse on Mango Street, TheCisneros, Sandra4.53.0
5667 ENHouse on the Cliff, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
80960 ENHouse on the Gulf, TheHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.98.0
112583 ENHouse Where Nobody Lived, TheStrickland, Brad6.06.0
9882 ENHouse with a Clock in Its Walls, TheBellairs, John5.06.0
65168 ENHow Angel Peterson Got His NamePaulsen, Gary6.03.0
79588 ENHow Baseball WorksThomas, Keltie6.43.0
86359 ENHow Basketball WorksThomas, Keltie6.33.0
40790 ENHow Birds Build Their Amazing HomesRobinson, W. Wright6.11.0
36326 ENHow Do Animals Move?Kalman/Walker5.30.5
63215 ENHow Do Bats See in the Dark? Questions...Night CreaturesBerger, Melvin4.81.0
63216 ENHow Do Flies Walk Upside Down? Questions...About InsectsBerger, Melvin/Gilda4.31.0
58060 ENHow Do I Love TheeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.46.0
104635 ENHow Do We Know about Genetics and Heredity?Freedman, Jeri10.32.0
104636 ENHow Do We Know the Nature of Energy?Greenberger, Robert9.42.0
104637 ENHow Do We Know the Nature of Human Origins?Anderson, Dale7.72.0
102019 ENHow High Can We Climb? The Story of Women ExplorersAtkins, Jeannine6.38.0
77705 ENHow I Found the Strong: A Civil War StoryMcMullan, Margaret4.94.0
80148 ENHow I Live NowRosoff, Meg6.78.0
28250 ENHow It Was with DoomsHopcraft, Xan/Carol4.81.0
125143 ENHow Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly?Jenkins, Steve6.31.0
4478 ENHow Maps Are Made (Maps & Mapmakers)Bramwell, Martyn7.41.0
72433 ENHow Mother Nature Flowered the Fields of Earth and MarsSchwartz, Tom6.55.0
40794 ENHow Spiders and Other Silkmakers Build Their Amazing HomesRobinson, W. Wright6.71.0
46744 ENHow the Wolf Became the DogZeaman, John6.81.0
120311 ENHow to Become a Crime Scene InvestigatorHamilton, Sue8.11.0
113799 ENHow to Cheat a Dragon's CurseCowell, Cressida6.85.0
1894 ENHow to Debate (Revised Edition)Dunbar, Robert E.10.04.0
58682 ENHow to Disappear Completely and Never Be FoundNickerson, Sara4.69.0
1832 ENHow to do a Science Fair ProjectTocci, Salvatore9.95.0
116089 ENHow to Draw Terrifying RobotsSautter, Aaron4.10.5
174 ENHow to Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas3.52.0
14951 ENHow to Kill a MonsterStine, R.L.2.92.0
106247 ENHow to Speak DragoneseCowell, Cressida6.55.0
78100 ENHow to Train Your DragonCowell, Cressida6.65.0
1897 ENHow to Write a LetterDragisic, Patricia8.75.0
1899 ENHow to Write a PoemRyan, Margaret7.57.0
1900 ENHow to Write a StoryPhillips, Kathleen C.6.85.0
1895 ENHow to Write a Term Paper (Revised Edition)Everhart, Nancy8.94.0
81827 ENHow We BreatheWalker, Richard6.91.0
81828 ENHow We MoveBellamy, Rufus7.11.0
48674 ENHow & Why Stories: World Tales Kids Can Read & TellHamilton/Weiss5.43.0
29765 ENHowl's Moving CastleJones, Diana Wynne5.412.0
67855 ENHowler Monkeys (Animals of the Rain Forest)Donovan, Sandra4.40.5
16588 ENHowling House, TheSchraff, Anne3.81.0
100517 ENHubble and the Big BangKupperberg, Paul9.52.0
30249 ENHubble Space Telescope (Countdown to Space)Cole, Michael D.7.21.0
66818 ENHubble Space Telescope (Out of This World), TheSpangenburg/Moser8.73.0
102998 ENHubert Invents the WheelMontgomery, Claire5.85.0
71395 ENHulk Hogan: Pro Wrestler Terry BolleaKaelberer, Angie Peterson5.01.0
39682 ENHuman Body (Science Topics), TheFullick, Ann7.61.0
1837 ENHuman Evolution (Venture Book)Gardner, Robert9.15.0
81832 ENHuman Lifecycle, TheBellamy, Rufus7.31.0
83843 ENHuman Rights in the Middle EastStewart, Gail B.9.15.0
36891 ENHuman Services WorkerWallner, Rosemary6.40.5
81833 ENHuman Skeleton, TheWalker, Richard7.51.0
123313 ENHummingbirdAngle, Kimberly Greene5.88.0
106710 ENHumpback Whale: Help Save This Endangered Species!, TheKops, Deborah7.93.0
85027 SPhundimiento del Titanic, ElDoeden, Matt4.80.5
41 ENHundred and One Dalmatians, TheSmith, Dodie5.47.0
65232 ENHundred Days from Home, AWright, Randall4.64.0
42 ENHundred Dresses, TheEstes, Eleanor5.41.0
79579 ENHunger MoonLamstein, Sarah3.03.0
9315 ENHungry Billy Goat, TheMilios, Rita1.60.5
49517 ENHungry Year, TheCrook, Connie Brummel4.57.0
84313 ENHunted: A Clone Wars NovelHand, Elizabeth4.04.0
63934 ENHunter's Moon, TheMelling, O.R.5.17.0
79166 ENHunters of the DuskShan, Darren5.76.0
5668 ENHunting for Hidden GoldDixon, Franklin W.6.36.0
61288 ENHurricane!Nicolson, Cynthia Pratt6.41.0
78661 ENHurricane and Typhoon Alert!Challen, Paul7.81.0
52806 ENHurricane HuntersGaffney, Timothy R.6.41.0
62617 ENHurricane Hunters and Tornado Chasers: Life...Eye of the StormSakany, Lois8.41.0
118286 ENHurricane KatrinaOuellette, Jeannine7.22.0
106171 ENHurricane Katrina Strikes the Gulf Coast: Disaster & SurvivalMiller, Mara5.71.0
36866 ENHurricanesAllen, Jean5.51.0
81312 ENHurricanes and Typhoons (Natural Disasters)Dineen, Jacqueline7.41.0
61874 ENHurricanes: Storms of the SeaRotter, Charles6.90.5
104848 ENHurricanes, Tsunamis, and Other Natural DisastersLangley, Andrew8.22.0
101470 ENHurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones: Disaster & SurvivalCeban, Bonnie J.6.31.0
43 ENHurry Home, CandyDe Jong, Meindert5.07.0
108317 ENHurt Go HappyRorby, Ginny5.29.0
55199 ENHushWoodson, Jacqueline4.24.0
117186 ENHydrogen FuelSolway, Andrew5.81.0
75418 ENHydroplane BoatsSavage, Jeff4.50.5
107565 ENHydroplanesDieker, Wendy Strobel2.90.5
24561 ENHyena Laughs at Night, TheSchraff, Anne4.43.0
48836 ENI Am ArachneSpires, Elizabeth5.02.0
23665 ENI Am DavidHolm, Anne5.68.0
117629 ENI Am Not Joey PigzaGantos, Jack5.38.0
6984 ENI Am ReginaKeehn, Sally M.4.48.0
5270 ENI Am the CheeseCormier, Robert5.27.0
14517 ENI Am the Ice WormEasley, MaryAnn4.54.0
74070 ENI and You and Don't Forget Who: What Is a Pronoun?Cleary, Brian P.3.00.5
63601 ENI Can BowlEckart, Edana1.20.5
62826 ENI Can Bowl!Johns, Linda0.90.5
68264 ENI Can Go FishingEckart, Edana0.80.5
63602 ENI Can Ice SkateEckart, Edana1.10.5
63603 ENI Can Play BaseballEckart, Edana1.00.5
63605 ENI Can Ride a BikeEckart, Edana1.10.5
68268 ENI Can SnowboardEckart, Edana1.00.5
63606 ENI Can SwimEckart, Edana1.00.5
18261 ENI Can't Believe I Have to Do ThisAlford, Jan4.85.0
18629 ENI Can't Take You Anywhere!Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds3.10.5
102130 ENI, CorianderGardner, Sally5.510.0
11717 ENI Hadn't Meant to Tell You ThisWoodson, Jacqueline4.13.0
65478 ENI Have a DreamKing Jr., Martin Luther7.20.5
5271 ENI Heard the Owl Call My NameCraven, Margaret6.06.0
76353 ENI, JackFinney, Patricia2.93.0
44 ENI, Juan de ParejaBorton de Treviño, Elizabeth6.57.0
767 ENI Know What You Did Last SummerDuncan, Lois4.77.0
33036 ENI Left My Sneakers in Dimension XCoville, Bruce5.55.0
9371 ENI Like ThingsHillert, Margaret1.00.5
51845 ENI Lost My Grandfather's BrainCoville, Bruce5.33.0
9316 ENI Love CatsMatthias, Catherine1.30.5
9317 ENI Love FishingDobkin, Bonnie0.70.5
9372 ENI Love You, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
59158 ENI'm a Vegetarian: Amazing Facts...Ideas for Healthy VegetariansSchwartz, Ellen6.82.0
60794 ENI'm in Charge of CelebrationsBaylor, Byrd3.90.5
29379 ENI'm Not Who You Think I AmKehret, Peg4.64.0
9373 ENI Need You, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
78520 ENI Tell a Lie Every So OftenClements, Bruce5.36.0
17624 ENI Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: The Diary of Patsy...GirlHansen, Joyce5.05.0
39871 ENI Walk at NightDuncan, Lois2.40.5
16771 ENI Want to Be a DancerGrace, Maze/O'Neill7.91.0
16772 ENI Want To Be a VeterinarianGrace, Maze/O'Neill6.61.0
16773 ENI Want to Be an AstronautGrace, Maze/O'Neill7.41.0
16774 ENI Want to Be an EngineerGrace, Maze/O'Neill8.41.0
45684 ENI Want to Be an EnvironmentalistMaze, Stephanie8.31.0
32022 ENI Was a Sixth Grade AlienCoville, Bruce4.74.0
14930 ENI Was Amelia EarhartMendelsohn, Jane6.45.0
14849 ENIceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.38.0
66475 ENIce Age Cave Bear: The Giant Beast That Terrified Ancient HumansHehner, Barbara6.81.0
66476 ENIce Age Sabertooth: The Most Ferocious Cat That Ever LivedHehner, Barbara7.01.0
47369 ENIce and the EarthBundey, Nikki5.10.5
101394 ENIce ClimbingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.40.5
6071 ENIce-Cold BirthdayCocca-Leffler, Maryann1.60.5
25946 ENIce Cream Scoop, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
9318 ENIce Is...Whee!Greene, Carol0.30.5
60473 ENIce Mummies: Frozen in TimeKudalis, Eric5.40.5
66049 ENIce StormsYlvisaker, Anne5.10.5
59903 ENIce Storms and Hailstorms (Nature on the Rampage)Scheff, Duncan4.70.5
5272 ENIceberg Hermit, TheRoth, Arthur6.48.0
115275 ENIcebound Land, TheFlanagan, John6.813.0
79913 ENIda B...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun...Save the WorldHannigan, Katherine5.35.0
47456 ENIda B. Wells-Barnett: Powerhouse with a PenWelch, Catherine A.6.53.0
2761 ENIdahoStefoff, Rebecca8.22.0
47037 ENIdaho (America the Beautiful)George, Charles/Linda8.73.0
104767 ENIdentity TheftLobdell, Scott3.51.0
83653 ENIdi AminBarter, James10.56.0
60464 ENIditarod: Story of the Last Great Race, TheYoung, Ian3.90.5
66813 ENIf an Asteroid Hit Earth (Out of This World)Spangenburg/Moser8.52.0
25234 ENIf I Forget, You RememberWilliams, Carol Lynch3.96.0
77836 ENIf Roast Beef Could FlyLeno, Jay3.60.5
175 ENIf You Didn't Have MeNilsson, Ulf4.23.0
119914 ENIgneous Rocks: From Fire to StoneStille, Darlene R.6.81.0
59904 ENIguanas (Animals of the Rain Forest)Donovan, Sandra4.30.5
118227 ENIllegal ImmigrationKenney, Karen9.22.0
11320 ENIllegal ProcedureDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
47073 ENIllinois (America the Beautiful)Santella, Andrew7.63.0
56536 ENIllinois: The Prairie StateFeeley, Kathleen9.02.0
86106 ENIllustrated Mum, TheWilson, Jacqueline4.09.0
8531 ENIllyrian Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.55.0
45049 ENImages of GodPaterson, John/Katherine6.62.0
42111 ENImagine That!Wilson, Janet3.20.5
108422 ENImmersed in Verse: An Informative, Slightly Irreverent... LifeWolf, Allan6.24.0
101587 ENImmigrationWilson, Ruth7.12.0
71729 ENImmigration and AsylumTeichmann, Iris8.11.0
29481 ENImp That Ate My Homework, TheYep, Laurence4.02.0
51423 ENImportance of Alexander Graham Bell, TheWeaver, Robyn M.8.95.0
83579 ENImportance of Charles Darwin, TheNardo, Don10.66.0
67137 ENImportance of Charles Lindbergh, TheKoopmans, Andy8.56.0
73574 ENImportance of Chuck Yeager, TheMartin, Michael J.8.15.0
51425 ENImportance of Dr. Seuss, TheLevine, Stuart P.8.66.0
64798 ENImportance of Henry Ford, TheTilton, Rafael9.15.0
75068 ENImportance of J.R.R. Tolkien, TheLevine, Stuart P.9.06.0
63816 ENImportance of Jonas Salk, TheBarter, James10.76.0
63817 ENImportance of Lucille Ball, TheWoog, Adam8.64.0
66701 ENImportance of Muhammad, TheOliver, Marilyn Tower9.16.0
73909 ENImportance of Neil Armstrong, TheKling, Andrew A.9.36.0
74230 ENImportance of Paul McCartney, TheBoyes, Kate8.15.0
63844 ENImportance of the Wright Brothers, TheMartin, Michael J.8.26.0
67635 ENImpossible Journey, TheWhelan, Gloria5.26.0
29372 ENImpossible ThingsLayefsky, Virginia5.28.0
125166 ENImpressionismGunderson, Jessica9.01.0
20232 ENIn a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary StoriesSchwartz, Alvin2.50.5
75428 ENIn Darkness, DeathHoobler, Dorothy5.26.0
71206 ENIn Defense of Liberty: The Story of America's Bill of RightsFreedman, Russell10.76.0
2682 ENIn-Line Skating! Get AggressiveKaminker, Laura6.41.0
69222 ENIn-Line Skating: Techniques and TricksMurdico, Suzanne J.6.41.0
49090 ENIn-Line Skating (To the Limit)Smith, Martin5.80.5
58909 ENIn Plain SightHurst, Carol Otis4.34.0
59450 ENIn Spite of Killer BeesJohnston, Julie5.310.0
30669 ENIn the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the WorldHamilton, Virginia4.53.0
73097 ENIn the Days of the Salem Witchcraft TrialsRoach, Marilynne K.8.22.0
615 ENIn the Face of DangerNixon, Joan Lowery5.06.0
20709 ENIn the Hand of the GoddessPierce, Tamora5.27.0
10945 ENIn the Middle of the NightCormier, Robert5.56.0
87603 ENIn the PaintRud, Jeff6.16.0
53233 ENIn the SeaDixon, Dougal7.41.0
53811 ENIn the Shadow of the AlamoGarland, Sherry6.210.0
53234 ENIn the SkyDixon, Dougal7.50.5
11175 ENIn the Small, Small PondFleming, Denise2.00.5
20117 ENIn the Stone CircleKimmel, Elizabeth Cody4.16.0
89145 ENIn the WildNordin, Sofia5.14.0
229 ENIn the Year of the Boar and Jackie RobinsonLord, Bette Bao4.64.0
79374 ENIn Your Face: The Facts About Your FeaturesJackson, Donna M.7.91.0
107433 ENIn Your Genes! Genetics and ReproductionParker, Steve6.91.0
120027 ENInca Empire (Freestyle Express), TheBingham, Jane4.01.0
117224 ENIncan Mythology and Other Myths of the AndesRoza, Greg8.32.0
17322 ENInch by InchLionni, Leo1.80.5
119 ENIncident at Hawk's HillEckert, Allan7.29.0
78521 ENIncluding AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.09.0
81891 ENIncredible Amphibians (Freestyle)Townsend, John5.41.0
81892 ENIncredible Arachnids (Freestyle)Townsend, John5.71.0
102376 ENIncredible Birds (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.31.0
81894 ENIncredible Fish (Freestyle)Townsend, John5.51.0
102359 ENIncredible Fish (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.61.0
72194 ENIncredible Hunt for the Giant Squid, TheMatsen, Brad5.21.0
81895 ENIncredible Insects (Freestyle)Townsend, John5.71.0
102360 ENIncredible Insects (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.51.0
230 ENIncredible Journey, TheBurnford, Sheila7.65.0
81896 ENIncredible Mammals (Freestyle)Townsend, John5.81.0
102361 ENIncredible Mammals (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.71.0
81897 ENIncredible Mollusks (Freestyle)Townsend, John5.91.0
102377 ENIncredible Mollusks (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.71.0
71067 ENIncredible Record-Setting Deep-Sea Dive of the Bathysphere, TheMatsen, Brad6.31.0
82828 ENIncredible ReptilesTownsend, John5.61.0
102378 ENIncredible Reptiles (Freestyle Express)Townsend, John4.61.0
71068 ENIncredible Search for the Treasure Ship Atocha, TheMatsen, Brad5.91.0
71069 ENIncredible Submersible Alvin Discovers a Strange...World, TheMatsen, Brad6.01.0
88837 ENIndependence National Historical ParkWarrick, Karen Clemens5.31.0
88743 ENIndiaGuile, Melanie7.51.0
73435 ENIndia: A Primary Source Cultural GuideDraper, Allison Stark8.35.0
64277 ENIndia in Pictures (Revised Edition)Engfer, Lee9.43.0
65610 ENIndia (Steadwell Books World Tour)Sapre, Reshma5.31.0
117106 ENIndian AmericansDoak, Robin5.91.0
10881 ENIndian Captive: The Story of Mary JemisonLenski, Lois5.410.0
231 ENIndian in the Cupboard, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.66.0
117225 ENIndian MythologyRamen, Fred7.51.0
47038 ENIndiana (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.83.0
126392 ENIndiana (Third Series)Stille, Darlene R.7.63.0
58061 ENIndigoHoffman, Alice5.82.0
102728 ENIndigo BlueCassidy, Cathy4.65.0
46119 ENIndioGarland, Sherry6.511.0
59992 ENIndonesia (Steadwell Books World Tour)Daley, Patrick5.01.0
65384 ENIndustrial Revolution (Events & Outcomes), TheSmith, Nigel9.53.0
84186 ENIndustrial Revolution in America: A Primary Source...Society, TheBrezina, Corona8.72.0
101395 ENIndy CarsBraulick, Carrie A.2.50.5
102482 ENInfiltration and SpyingBaker, David9.31.0
51135 ENInfluenza and Other VirusesMonroe, Judy6.32.0
71578 ENInformation Technology (Science Issues)Stoyles/Pentland/Demant6.81.0
89425 ENIngledoveYoumans, Marly6.58.0
116698 ENInhalant AbuseRobinson, Matthew8.01.0
57330 ENInhalants and Your Nasal Passages: The...Disgusting StoryO'Donnell, Kerri6.81.0
107761 ENInhalants=Busted!Bankston, John8.52.0
15086 ENInk-Keeper's Apprentice, TheSay, Allen4.87.0
71683 ENInkheartFunke, Cornelia5.423.0
46428 ENInline Skating (Radical Sports)Bizley, Kirk6.61.0
101820 ENInsect Class, TheZabludoff, Marc7.92.0
78129 ENInsectsFarndon, John5.61.0
26261 ENInsects in the GardenSouza, D.M.6.10.5
11082 ENInsects (Our Living World)Tesar, Jenny6.12.0
73391 ENInside OutTrueman, Terry4.63.0
101854 ENInside the Beagle with Charles DarwinMacdonald, Fiona6.91.0
81829 ENInside the BrainBellamy, Rufus8.41.0
51737 ENInside the EarthFredette et al., Nathalie9.22.0
103885 ENInside the Tomb of TutankhamunMorley, Jacqueline7.11.0
88762 ENInsulinYuwiler, Janice M.10.65.0
121185 ENIntellectual PropertyFreedman, Jeri8.61.0
82440 ENIntelligence (Life Balance)Andrews, Linda Wasmer6.92.0
76063 ENInterjectionsHeinrichs, Ann2.80.5
100924 ENInternational Space Station, TheLüsted, Marcia Amidon10.75.0
68204 ENInternational Terrorism (Crime and Detection)Innes, Brian10.43.0
54987 ENInternet: Electronic Global VillageJefferis, David7.51.0
65469 ENInternet History (Technology and You)Loughran, Donna6.21.0
49978 ENInternet Pioneers: The Cyber EliteFrench, Laura7.03.0
67684 ENInternet Safety (Watts Library)Sherman, Josepha6.61.0
76794 ENInternet Technologies (Tomorrow's Science)Rooney, Anne8.22.0
64559 ENInternet: The Impact on Our Lives, TheGraham, Ian9.03.0
73040 ENInterstate Commerce Act: The Government Takes...States, TheCefrey, Holly5.90.5
54988 ENInto Infinity: From the Earth to the StarsJefferis, David6.91.0
43105 ENInto the Abyss: A Tour of Inner SpaceHopkins, Ellen5.02.0
32363 ENInto the Candlelit RoomMcKean, Thomas5.68.0
65426 ENInto the LabyrinthTownley, Roderick4.75.0
11470 ENInto the Land of the UnicornsCoville, Bruce6.05.0
67278 ENInto the WildHunter, Erin5.610.0
102020 ENIntroducing...Sasha AbramowitzHalpern, Sue5.49.0
57000 ENIntruder in the DustFaulkner, William7.813.0
27610 ENInvasion of the UFOsMyers, Bill3.73.0
87018 ENInventionBender, Lionel8.41.0
101855 ENInventionBingham, Caroline5.61.0
113692 ENInvention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures, TheSelznick, Brian5.14.0
125498 ENInventionsPodesto, Martine5.21.0
61555 ENInventions and TradeReid, Struan9.62.0
60455 ENInventions: Great Ideas and Where They Came FromHoughton, Sarah4.10.5
41514 ENInventorsSandler, Martin W.9.31.0
86515 ENInvisible Allies: Microbes That Shape our LivesFarrell, Jeanette9.15.0
89426 ENInvisible Enemies: Stories of Infectious DiseaseFarrell, Jeanette9.412.0
47039 ENIowa (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin8.53.0
62435 ENIowa: The Hawkeye StateMartin, Michael A.9.42.0
73436 ENIran: A Primary Source Cultural GuideSpencer, Lauren10.16.0
66838 ENIran-Iraq War, TheSchaffer, David11.97.0
73183 ENIraq: 1968-2003Downing, David9.23.0
27008 ENIraq (Enchantment of the World)Foster, Leila Merrell7.83.0
59993 ENIreland (Steadwell Books World Tour)Daley, Patrick5.11.0
78797 ENIrish in AmericaGoldstein, Margaret J.7.12.0
63958 ENIrish Potato Famine: The Story of Irish-American Immigration, TheDolan, Edward F.8.73.0
5425 ENIrish RedKjelgaard, Jim5.87.0
24058 ENIrish Setter, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.80.5
100378 ENIronMorris, Neil7.71.0
12693 ENIron JohnKimmel, Eric A.4.10.5
17776 ENIron Ring, TheAlexander, Lloyd4.810.0
101466 ENIroquois and Their History, TheSt. Lawrence, Genevieve5.40.5
69987 ENIs a Dolphin a Fish? Questions and Answers About DolphinsBerger, Melvin4.81.0
769 ENIs Anybody There?Bunting, Eve3.94.0
41626 ENIs Everyone Moonburned but Me?Pevsner, Stella4.25.0
101862 ENIs This Forever, or What? Poems & Paintings from TexasNye, Naomi Shihab6.23.0
48589 ENIsaac Newton (Groundbreakers)Allan, Tony7.71.0
62886 ENIsabel: Taking WingDalton, Annie5.95.0
101 SPIsla de Abel, LaSteig, William5.93.0
45 SPisla de los delfines azules, LaO'Dell, Scott5.46.0
39611 ENIslam (World Beliefs and Cultures)Penney, Sue6.72.0
118407 ENIslamic Empires (Freestyle), TheSpilsbury, Louise7.32.0
72980 ENIslamic Weapons, Warfare, and Armies: Muslim...CrusadersHilliam, Paul8.92.0
12586 ENIsland Far from Home, AnDonahue, John4.95.0
45 ENIsland of the Blue DolphinsO'Dell, Scott5.46.0
57591 ENIsland of the LoonsHyde, Dayton O.7.06.0
5071 ENIsland on Bird Street, TheOrlev, Uri4.67.0
10579 ENIsland Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.88.0
5273 ENIsland, ThePaulsen, Gary5.78.0
20791 ENIslander, TheRylant, Cynthia5.31.0
63091 ENIslands of the Black MoonFarber/Sansevere4.84.0
79690 ENIsolationApplegate, K.A.4.54.0
27009 ENIsrael (Enchantment of the World)Hintz, Stephen/Martin8.13.0
59994 ENIsrael (Steadwell Books World Tour)Seshan, Sandya/Priya5.01.0
72841 ENIsraeli-Palestinian Conflict, TheGunderson, Cory5.91.0
89834 ENIstanbulBarber, Nicola9.22.0
9611 ENIt Came from Beneath the Sink!Stine, R.L.3.12.0
11420 ENIt Goes Eeeeeeeeeeeee!Gilson, Jamie2.91.0
71271 ENIt's a Dog's LifeBalaban, Bob6.14.0
9374 ENIt's Circus Time, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9375 ENIt's Halloween, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
46 ENIt's Like This, CatNeville, Emily Cheney4.75.0
44711 ENIt's Not Easy Being BadVoigt, Cynthia5.17.0
78798 ENItalians in AmericaBehnke, Alison7.02.0
46832 ENItaly (Enchantment of the World)Blashfield, Jean F.8.84.0
101877 ENIvan the TerribleNardo, Don7.83.0
770 ENIzzy, Willy-NillyVoigt, Cynthia4.912.0
100586 ENJ. D. SalingerSommers, Michael A.8.43.0
100253 ENJ. Edgar Hoover: Controversial FBI DirectorCunningham, Kevin7.52.0
69191 ENJ. K. RowlingCompson, William7.42.0
89906 ENJ.K. RowlingPezzi, Bryan5.31.0
111824 ENJ.K. Rowling (2007)Steffens, Bradley8.03.0
44290 ENJ. K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry PotterShapiro, Marc7.33.0
85851 ENJ. Robert OppenheimerAllman, Toney8.53.0
123169 ENJack and the Beanstalk: The Graphic NovelHoena, Blake A.2.30.5
42809 ENJack Black & the Ship of ThievesHughes, Carol5.27.0
32319 ENJack London: A Life of AdventureBains, Rae4.81.0
53284 ENJack London Collected Short StoriesLondon, Jack6.84.0
104768 ENJack London's the Call of the Wild: The Graphic NovelKleid, Neil5.01.0
34710 ENJack on the TracksGantos, Jack5.16.0
27948 ENJack's Black BookGantos, Jack4.86.0
47236 ENJack's New PowerGantos, Jack4.38.0
64151 ENJack: The Early Years of John F. KennedyCooper, Ilene7.86.0
6925 ENJackarooVoigt, Cynthia5.614.0
67526 ENJackie Chan (Martial Arts Masters)Poolos, J.7.61.0
40653 ENJackie & MeGutman, Dan4.34.0
101345 ENJackie Robinson: Baseball's Great PioneerGlaser, Jason3.80.5
25147 ENJackie Robinson Breaks the Color LineSantella, Andrew6.61.0
68162 ENJackie's Wild SeattleHobbs, Will4.68.0
120 ENJacob Have I LovedPaterson, Katherine5.78.0
75300 ENJacob Ladder, TheHausman/Hinds4.53.0
7046 ENJacob's Rescue: A Holocaust StoryDrucker, Malka4.53.0
69091 ENJacques Cartier (Groundbreakers)Santella, Andrew6.21.0
47458 ENJacques Cousteau (A&E Biography)DuTemple, Lesley A.7.33.0
41245 ENJade Green: A Ghost StoryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.85.0
121085 ENJaguar: Help Save This Endangered Species!, TheFeinstein, Stephen8.73.0
49214 ENJaguars (Animals of the Rain Forest)Lalley, Pat3.60.5
64749 ENJahanara: Princess of PrincessesLasky, Kathryn6.05.0
107840 ENJake Burton Carpenter and the SnowboardO'Hearn, Michael3.60.5
50946 ENJake Drake, Bully BusterClements, Andrew3.51.0
74086 ENJake, ReinventedKorman, Gordon5.26.0
42436 ENJake's OrphanBrooke, Peggy5.48.0
102661 ENJamaica in Pictures (Revised Edition)Hamilton, Janice9.13.0
232 ENJames and the Giant PeachDahl, Roald4.84.0
29478 ENJames Baldwin: Voice from HarlemGottfried, Ted7.95.0
100254 ENJames Beckwourth: Mountaineer, Scout and PioneerGregson, Susan R.7.02.0
69092 ENJames Cook (Groundbreakers)McCarthy, Shaun7.11.0
100500 ENJames Lincoln CollierSonneborn, Liz8.22.0
116067 ENJames MadisonElish, Dan8.63.0
54052 ENJames Van Der Beek (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin5.01.0
39664 ENJames Watt (Groundbreakers)Champion, Neil7.92.0
16779 ENJamestown Colony, TheSakurai, Gail6.11.0
107828 ENJamie FoxxDougherty, Terri8.34.0
47459 ENJane Austen (A&E Biography)Ruth, Amy7.83.0
50176 ENJane Goodall: Animal Behaviorist and WriterJanuary, Brendan7.42.0
105078 ENJane Goodall: Animal ScientistKrohn, Katherine4.40.5
84946 ENJane Goodall: Finding Hope in the Wilds of AfricaBriscoe, Diana5.31.0
104883 ENJane Goodall: Legendary PrimatologistHaugen, Brenda7.42.0
72992 ENJane YolenDaniel, Susanna7.62.0
6223 ENJanet's ThingamajigsCleary, Beverly3.20.5
78010 ENJanuary 1905Boling, Katharine3.93.0
27010 ENJapan (Enchantment of the World)Heinrichs, Ann6.93.0
65611 ENJapan (Steadwell Books World Tour)Becker, Michelle Aki5.41.0
65529 ENJapanese American Internment CampsSakurai, Gail7.21.0
117226 ENJapanese MythologyLevin, Judith7.91.0
233 ENJar of Dreams, AUchida, Yoshiko5.04.0
29662 ENJarretts, TheHuff, Richard6.61.0
80337 ENJason Kidd: Leader on the CourtRappoport, Ken6.42.0
32529 ENJason's GoldHobbs, Will5.58.0
7877 ENJayhawkerBeatty, Patricia5.07.0
27715 ENJazmin's NotebookGrimes, Nikki5.83.0
16924 ENJean and JohnnyCleary, Beverly5.68.0
67527 ENJean-Claude Van Damme (Martial Arts Masters)Lawrence, Katherine7.41.0
14141 ENJedera Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.65.0
16672 ENJedi Under SiegeAnderson/Moesta6.75.0
75407 ENJeff GordonLeebrick, Kristal4.30.5
17369 ENJeff Gordon (Race Car Legends)Brinster, Richard6.02.0
122028 ENJeff Gordon: Racing's Brightest StarGitlin, Marty7.03.0
61982 ENJeff Gordon: Simply the BestGigliotti, Jim4.90.5
123675 ENJellabySoo, Kean2.00.5
272 ENJelly BellySmith, Robert Kimmel4.14.0
46890 ENJennifer Love Hewitt (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin5.60.5
5940 ENJennifer Murdley's ToadCoville, Bruce4.64.0
109552 ENJeremy Fink and the Meaning of LifeMass, Wendy4.511.0
5918 ENJeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherCoville, Bruce4.94.0
10263 ENJericho's JourneyWisler, G. Clifton4.94.0
58683 ENJericho WallsCollier, Kristi3.96.0
72993 ENJerry SpinelliSeidman, David6.92.0
57268 ENJerry West (Basketball Hall of Famers)Ramen, Fred7.52.0
89835 ENJerusalemBowden, Rob9.42.0
8313 ENJesse JacksonJakoubek, Robert8.25.0
8319 ENJesse Owens (Black Americans of Achievement)Gentry, Tony7.53.0
66659 ENJessica Alba (Celebrity Bios)Rivera, Ursula5.20.5
79401 ENJet Fighter PlanesSchaefer, A. R.4.90.5
54053 ENJet Fighter: The Harrier AV-8BBeyer, Julie5.51.0
67528 ENJet Li (Martial Arts Masters)Marx, Christy6.61.0
54054 ENJet SkiThompson, Luke5.31.0
107566 ENJetsBraulick, Carrie A.3.00.5
27716 ENJewel of the Sea Cruise, TheKorman, Susan4.52.0
62674 ENJim Bowie: Frontier Legend, Alamo HeroEdmondson, J.R.7.82.0
65427 ENJim Davis: A High-Sea AdventureMasefield, John5.78.0
79402 ENJim MorrisonBurgan, Michael4.60.5
106286 ENJim Thorpe: Original All-AmericanBruchac, Joseph5.810.0
86724 ENJimmy Carter: America's 39th PresidentKent, Deborah7.92.0
88020 ENJimmy Coates, Assassin?Craig, Joe5.09.0
14992 ENJip: His StoryPaterson, Katherine5.37.0
83096 ENJLA: Superman's Guide to the UniverseGaff, Jackie6.81.0
41394 ENJoe and the SkyscraperNeumann, Dietrich5.90.5
45124 ENJoey Pigza Loses ControlGantos, Jack4.97.0
29525 ENJoey Pigza Swallowed the KeyGantos, Jack4.95.0
107841 ENJohann Gutenberg and the Printing PressOlson, Kay Melchisedech4.20.5
48801 ENJohann Gutenberg: Master of Modern PrintingPollard, Michael8.02.0
85681 ENJohann Sebastian Bach and the Art of Baroque MusicGetzinger, Donna8.24.0
100255 ENJohannes Gutenberg: Inventor of the Printing PressRees, Fran7.12.0
101370 ENJohn Brown's Raid on Harpers FerryGlaser, Jason3.80.5
48590 ENJohn Cabot (Groundbreakers)Champion, Neil7.01.0
49980 ENJohn Chapman: The Legendary Johnny AppleseedWarrick, Karen Clemens7.93.0
1791 ENJohn Coltrane: A Sound SupremeSelfridge, John8.33.0
48802 ENJohn D. Rockefeller: Richest Man EverCoffey, Ellen Greenman8.64.0
48075 ENJohn DiamondGarfield, Leon5.88.0
66660 ENJohn F. Kennedy and PT109Abraham, Philip4.90.5
50476 ENJohn F. Kennedy (Leading Lives)Downing, David8.72.0
43640 ENJohn Glenn: Astronaut and U.S. SenatorGreen, Robert8.02.0
71765 ENJohn Grisham: Best-Selling AuthorIshizuka, Katy7.63.0
85204 ENJohn Hancock: Signer for IndependenceSomervill, Barbara A.6.92.0
81161 ENJohn & Jacqueline KennedyAshby, Ruth7.62.0
79403 ENJohn LennonPreszler, June4.50.5
64643 ENJohn Lennon: Voice of a Generation (Famous Lives)Gogerly, Liz5.91.0
39665 ENJohn Logie Baird (Groundbreakers)Reid, Struan7.82.0
109085 ENJohn Madden's Heroes of Football: The Story of America's GameMadden, John7.56.0
85239 ENJohn Paul Jones: Father of the American NavyHaugen, Brenda7.32.0
74773 ENJohn Quincy Adams: America's 6th PresidentMcCollum, Sean8.32.0
42437 ENJohn Riley's DaughterMatthews, Kezi5.25.0
49982 ENJohn Steinbeck: America's AuthorFlorence, Donné6.73.0
101371 ENJohn Sutter and the California Gold RushDoeden, Matt3.60.5
64803 ENJohn TravoltaNaden/Blue7.74.0
74774 ENJohn Tyler: America's 10th PresidentOchester, Betsy8.33.0
103910 ENJohn Winthrop: Colonial Governor of MassachusettsBurgan, Michael7.02.0
79186 ENJohnny DeppHiggins, Kara8.34.0
47 ENJohnny TremainForbes, Esther5.913.0
83911 ENJohnny Tremain and the American RevolutionBrezina, Corona7.51.0
66661 ENJon Krakauer's Adventure on Mt. EverestWerther, Scott P.5.40.5
107842 ENJonas Salk and the Polio VaccineKrohn, Katherine5.30.5
17625 ENJosefina Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.52.0
17626 ENJosefina's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.61.0
89137 ENJoseph Lister: Father of AntisepticsParks, Peggy J.9.23.0
50477 ENJoseph Stalin (Leading Lives)Downing, David7.92.0
32161 ENJosie PoeDuey, Kathleen4.74.0
1921 ENJournal of a Revolutionary War WomanGreenberg/McKeever8.25.0
32209 ENJournal of Ben Uchida, Citizen 13559: Mirror Lake...Camp, TheDenenberg, Barry5.24.0
121989 ENJournal of Curious Letters, TheDashner, James6.015.0
55208 ENJournal of Douglas Allen Deeds: The Donner Party Expedition, ThePhilbrick, Rodman5.74.0
27944 ENJournal of James Edmond Pease: A Civil War Union Soldier, TheMurphy, Jim5.76.0
64753 ENJournal of Jedediah Barstow: An Emigrant on the Oregon Trail, TheLevine, Ellen5.35.0
52608 ENJournal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy, TheBruchac, Joseph6.26.0
31189 ENJournal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.04.0
59356 ENJournal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty: United States...Corps, TheWhite, Ellen Emerson5.97.0
70048 ENJournal of Rufus Rowe...Battle of Fredericksburg, TheHite, Sid5.93.0
34709 ENJournal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A World War II Soldier, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.04.0
32210 ENJournal of Sean Sullivan: A Transcontinental Railroad Worker, TheDurbin, William5.95.0
27945 ENJournal of William Thomas Emerson: A ...War Patriot, TheDenenberg, Barry5.64.0
35833 ENJournal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner, TheYep, Laurence4.86.0
103571 ENJournalists at Risk: Reporting America's WarsSullivan, George8.04.0
5073 ENJourney HomeUchida, Yoshiko5.34.0
74599 ENJourney Home, TheDuey, Kathleen4.11.0
6926 ENJourney of the SparrowsBuss, Fran Leeper4.67.0
234 ENJourney OutsideSteele, Mary5.75.0
69079 ENJourney: The Autobiography of Apolo Anton Ohno, AOhno/Richardson7.18.0
6371 ENJourney to AmericaLevitin, Sonia4.75.0
31208 ENJourney to an 800 NumberKonigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
12378 ENJourney to Freedom: A Story of the Underground RailroadWright, Courtni4.10.5
369 ENJourney to Jo'burgNaidoo, Beverley4.62.0
17777 ENJourney to NowhereAuch, Mary Jane4.67.0
30538 ENJourney to the Center of the Earth (Adapted), AVerne, Jules5.13.0
17627 ENJourney to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience..., ALasky, Kathryn6.04.0
58234 ENJourney to the River SeaIbbotson, Eva5.612.0
31578 ENJourneys with ElijahGoldin, Barbara Diamond5.42.0
7111 ENJoy Luck Club, TheTan, Amy5.714.0
48591 ENJuan Ponce de León (Groundbreakers)Manning, Ruth7.11.0
17821 ENJubilee JourneyMeyer, Carolyn5.48.0
39617 ENJudaism (World Beliefs and Cultures)Penney, Sue6.72.0
16780 ENJudge Roy Bean (Outlaws and Lawmen of the Wild West)Green/Sanford5.11.0
83912 ENJudy BlumeTelford, Cee7.32.0
57332 ENJudy Johnson (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro Leagues)Billus, Kathleen7.52.0
48375 SPJudy Moody está de mal humor, de muy mal humorMcDonald, Megan3.51.0
85026 SPjuicios por brujería en Salem, LosMartin, Michael4.50.5
104752 ENJulia's KitchenFerber, Brenda A.3.94.0
11720 ENJulieGeorge, Jean Craighead5.06.0
49 ENJulie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean Craighead5.86.0
17778 ENJulie's Wolf PackGeorge, Jean Craighead5.76.0
73767 ENJuliet Dove, Queen of LoveCoville, Bruce5.07.0
83594 ENJuliette Low: Girl Scout FounderHiggins, Helen Boyd4.03.0
5987 ENJulius CaesarShakespeare, William10.86.0
84079 ENJulius Caesar: The Life of a Roman GeneralJeffrey, Gary4.41.0
21567 ENJuly 7thMcCorkle, Jill5.217.0
6614 ENJump Ship to FreedomCollier, James/Christopher5.37.0
51864 ENJumping Tree, TheSaldaña Jr., René5.16.0
78605 ENJumpMan: Rule 1: Don't Touch AnythingValentine, James4.58.0
103376 ENJumpMan Rule #2: Don't Even Think About It!Valentine, James4.68.0
34797 ENJunebug and the ReverendMead, Alice3.45.0
70863 ENJuneteenth: A Celebration of FreedomTaylor, Charles A.8.72.0
17227 ENJungleGreenaway, Theresa7.81.0
54972 ENJungle Book (Book I) (Unabridged), TheKipling, Rudyard7.59.0
20237 ENJungle Book (Books I & II), TheKipling, Rudyard7.420.0
28504 ENJungle DogsSalisbury, Graham3.74.0
14676 SPJunie B. Jones espía un poquirritínPark, Barbara2.91.0
17571 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Party AnimalPark, Barbara2.81.0
48982 ENJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (Our Universe)Vogt, Gregory5.11.0
50044 ENJupiter: The Fifth PlanetCole, Michael D.7.61.0
106221 ENJust Another Day in My Insanely Real LifeDee, Barbara4.26.0
24562 ENJust Another Name for LonelySchraff, Anne4.43.0
771 ENJust as Long as We're TogetherBlume, Judy3.77.0
54847 ENJust Ask IrisFrank, Lucy3.66.0
34884 ENJust EllaHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.56.0
50412 ENJust ImagineCollins, Pat Lowery5.38.0
30692 ENJust JuiceHesse, Karen3.83.0
7158 ENJust Like MartinDavis, Ossie5.28.0
9320 ENJust Like MeNeasi, Barbara0.70.5
7277 ENJust Me and My PuppyMayer, Mercer1.60.5
177 ENJustin and the Best Biscuits in the WorldWalter, Mildred Pitts3.93.0
235 ENJustin Morgan Had a HorseHenry, Marguerite5.85.0
103637 ENJustin TimberlakeWhitcombe, Dan5.51.0
75458 ENK Is for KwanzaaFord, Juwanda G.5.20.5
52596 ENKaiulani: The People's PrincessWhite, Ellen Emerson6.46.0
49577 ENKangaroosBurt, Denise6.01.0
46745 ENKangaroos and Koalas: What They Have in CommonSwan, Erin Pembrey5.01.0
73965 ENKansasIngram, W. Scott8.12.0
47040 ENKansas (America the Beautiful)Masters, Nancy Robinson8.94.0
100587 ENKaren CushmanDaniel, Susanna8.23.0
31634 ENKat's SurrenderGolding, Theresa Martin4.96.0
123206 ENKatani's Jamaican HolidayBryant, Annie5.06.0
51846 ENKatarínaWinter, Kathryn4.18.0
12473 ENKate Shelley: Bound for LegendSan Souci, Robert D.5.70.5
72382 ENKathleen: The Celtic KnotParkinson, Siobhán5.14.0
9321 ENKatie CanMcDaniel, Becky2.00.5
9322 ENKatie Couldn'tMcDaniel, Becky1.00.5
54055 ENKatie Holmes (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin4.81.0
16934 ENKavik: The Wolf DogMorey, Walt4.97.0
46429 ENKayaking (Radical Sports)Revell, Phil6.01.0
668 ENKeep the Lights Burning, AbbieRoop, Peter/Connie2.20.5
102145 ENKeeperPeet, Mal5.18.0
20081 ENKeeper of the LightPfitsch, Patricia Curtis4.66.0
68983 ENKeeper of the NightHolt, Kimberly Willis4.45.0
82460 ENKeeping a Journal (Life Balance)Trueit, Trudi Strain6.92.0
2934 ENKeiko's StoryKurth, Linda Moore6.92.0
11421 ENKeisha Leads the WayReed, Teresa5.02.0
11422 ENKeisha, the Fairy Snow QueenReed, Teresa4.91.0
60456 ENKen Griffey Jr. (Sports Heroes)Schaefer, A.R.4.60.5
20243 ENKennedy Assassinated! The World MournsHampton, Wilborn6.62.0
65385 ENKennedy Assassination: November 22, l963, TheGogerly, Liz8.02.0
86292 ENKent State Tragedy (American Moments), TheKoestler-Grack, Rachel A.6.21.0
47074 ENKentucky (America the Beautiful)Stein, R. Conrad7.53.0
62437 ENKentucky: The Bluegrass StatePollock/Jaffe8.92.0
65612 ENKenya (Steadwell Books World Tour)Daley, Patrick4.91.0
100518 ENKepler and the Laws of Planetary MotionHasan, Heather8.32.0
54397 ENKeri Russell (Celebrity Bios)Parker, Judy5.21.0
6615 ENKestrel, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.29.0
44341 ENKevin GarnettMolzahn, Arlene Bourgeois4.40.5
116605 ENKevin Garnett: All-Star on and off the CourtRoselius, J. Chris6.83.0
83951 ENKevin Jones: Snowboarding SuperstarWeinstein, Anna7.21.0
33006 ENKey to the Indian, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.88.0
69223 ENKick Scooters: Techniques and TricksRosenberg, Aaron6.11.0
101396 ENKickboxingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.50.5
79467 ENKickboxingSievert, Terri4.10.5
27962 ENKid from Tomkinsville, TheTunis, John R.5.48.0
178 ENKid in the Red Jacket, ThePark, Barbara3.93.0
20340 ENKid Who Invented the Popsicle, TheWulffson, Don L.7.42.0
17779 ENKid Who Ran for President, TheGutman, Dan4.73.0
512 ENKidnappedStevenson, Robert Louis7.614.0
24908 ENKidnappers: A Mystery, TheRoberts, Willo Davis4.85.0
116498 ENKidnapping File: The Graeme Thorne CaseHoward, Amanda5.00.5
1876 ENKids and GunsSchwarz, Ted8.25.0
18392 SPKikePerera, Hilda4.33.0
2059 ENKiller Bees (Dangerous Animals)Hinds, Marcia4.60.5
118386 ENKiller Lipstick and Other Spy GadgetsRauf, Don5.81.0
103468 ENKiller SharksCullimore, Stan2.70.5
65509 ENKiller Whale (Natural World)Carwardine, Mark6.10.5
54666 ENKiller Whales (Nature's Predators)Woog, Adam6.81.0
73126 ENKillersMartin, James W.R.6.61.0
87180 ENKillers of the DawnShan, Darren5.46.0
772 ENKilling Mr. GriffinDuncan, Lois4.88.0
114912 ENKimchi & CalamariKent, Rose4.66.0
29334 ENKin: Po's Story, TheDickinson, Peter5.26.0
116521 ENKinetic Energy: The Energy of MotionNardo, Don7.11.0
34558 ENKing ArthurKrensky, Stephen3.81.0
107490 ENKing Arthur: Excalibur UnsheathedLimke, Jeff4.11.0
107305 ENKing DorkPortman, Frank7.317.0
102678 ENKing in the Window, TheGopnik, Adam6.217.0
103361 ENKing of Attolia, TheTurner, Megan Whalen5.714.0
27923 ENKing of Dragons, TheFenner, Carol5.47.0
34721 ENKing of ShadowsCooper, Susan6.28.0
82290 ENKing of the Middle MarchCrossley-Holland, Kevin4.212.0
69069 ENKing of the Mild Frontier: An Ill-Advised AutobiographyCrutcher, Chris6.89.0
51 ENKing of the WindHenry, Marguerite5.45.0
51136 ENKing Snakes (Snakes)George, Linda4.60.5
13623 ENKing Solomon's Mines (Unabridged)Haggard, H. Rider8.915.0
60457 ENKing Tut: Tales from the TombBriscoe, Diana C.4.30.5
67856 ENKing Vultures (Animals of the Rain Forest)Redmond, Jim4.10.5
100601 ENKingdom Keepers, ThePearson, Ridley4.29.0
78482 ENKingdom of the Golden DragonAllende, Isabel8.317.0
59357 ENKingfisher's Gift, TheBeckhorn, Susan Williams5.77.0
46786 ENKings and Queens of Central Africa (Watts Library)Diouf, Sylviane Anna7.21.0
46787 ENKings and Queens of East Africa (Watts Library)Diouf, Sylviane Anna7.01.0
46788 ENKings and Queens of Southern Africa (Watts Library)Diouf, Sylviane Anna7.21.0
46789 ENKings and Queens of West Africa (Watts Library)Diouf, Sylviane Anna7.21.0
117924 ENKings of the Court: The Cleveland CavaliersAretha, David7.53.0
74071 ENKira-KiraKadohata, Cynthia4.77.0
88034 ENKirsten DunstHill, Anne E.7.93.0
5520 ENKiss for Little Bear, AMinarik, Else Holmelund1.40.5
103615 ENKissing Brendan CallahanAmessé, Susan3.44.0
28514 ENKissing DoorknobsHesser, Terry Spencer4.45.0
54121 ENKissing Tennessee and Other Stories from the Stardust DanceAppelt, Kathi5.63.0
10528 ENKit and KatDe Paola, Tomie1.40.5
86202 ENKitchen Smarts: Food Safety and Kitchen EquipmentRuffin, Frances E.7.41.0
39888 ENKite Fighters, ThePark, Linda Sue5.54.0
60012 ENKite Rider, TheMcCaughrean, Geraldine6.510.0
236 ENKneeknock RiseBabbitt, Natalie4.42.0
51722 ENKnife for Tomaso and Other Selections by Newbery Authors, AGreenberg, Martin H.5.67.0
8231 ENKnife, TheStine, R.L.4.34.0
124974 ENKnightButterfield, Moira7.32.0
51847 ENKnight's CastleEager, Edward5.36.0
116253 ENKnightsHanel, Rachael7.91.0
100852 ENKnights and HeroesHamilton, John6.71.0
89895 ENKnights, Castles, and Warfare in the Middle AgesMacdonald, Fiona7.62.0
74044 ENKnock on WoodWong, Janet S.4.60.5
118677 ENKnuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken IdentityWillems, Mo2.40.5
65510 ENKoala (Natural World)Leach, Michael5.41.0
49578 ENKoalasBurt, Denise6.01.0
57671 ENKobe Bryant (Sports Heroes)Schaefer, A.R.4.40.5
61313 ENKobe Bryant: Star GuardKennedy, Nick5.92.0
14200 ENKokopelli's FluteHobbs, Will5.36.0
57672 ENKomodo Dragons (Predators in the Wild)Welsbacher, Anne4.40.5
117107 ENKorean AmericansAnderson, Dale6.11.0
103936 ENKorean War: America's Forgotten War, TheFitzgerald, Brian7.62.0
103572 ENKoreans in AmericaTaus-Bolstad, Stacy8.02.0
120240 ENKristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass: Igniting...JewsFitzgerald, Stephanie7.92.0
71258 ENKristina: The Girl KingMeyer, Carolyn6.64.0
6529 SPKristy y el pequeño desastreMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
6527 SPKristy y el secreto de SusanMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
75882 ENKung Fu and Tai Chi (Kids' Guides to Martial Arts)Heinrichs, Ann5.10.5
79404 ENKurt CobainMartin, Michael4.30.5
60458 ENKurt Warner (Sports Heroes)Schaefer, A.R.4.40.5
27011 ENKuwait (Enchantment of the World)Foster, Leila Merrell8.33.0
28140 ENKwian and the Lazy SunLilly, Melinda4.10.5
103792 ENL. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz: The Graphic NovelCavallaro, Michael3.61.0
9506 SP¡La verdadera historia de los tres cerditos!Scieszka, Jon3.00.5
104653 ENLabor Legislation: The Struggle to Gain Rights...WorkforceLawrence, Katherine6.10.5
15365 ENLabrador Retriever, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.40.5
87298 ENLace Dowry, TheCheng, Andrea3.53.0
61332 ENLady KnightPierce, Tamora5.616.0
53427 ENLady of Ch'iao Kuo: Warrior of the SouthYep, Laurence5.38.0
124975 ENLady of the ManorButterfield, Moira6.92.0
7918 ENLady, or the Tiger?, TheStockton, Frank8.60.5
15420 ENLadybugologyRoss, Michael Elsohn5.71.0
106546 ENLaggan Lard ButtsWalters, Eric3.92.0
100995 ENLake of Souls, TheShan, Darren5.98.0
101200 ENLambkins, TheBunting, Eve3.74.0
121919 ENLamplighterCornish, D.M.7.423.0
84947 ENLance Armstrong: Champion for Life!Young, Ian4.71.0
75608 ENLand and Water (Our Planet Earth)Burgan et al., Michael6.62.0
44585 ENLand of DreamsNixon, Joan Lowery5.56.0
6389 ENLand of HopeNixon, Joan Lowery5.56.0
59678 ENLand of Immigrants (We Came to America)Hammerschmidt, Peter A.8.01.0
68064 ENLand of the Buffalo Bones: The Diary of...Girl in MinnesotaBauer, Marion Dane5.97.0
67616 ENLand Predators Around the WorldSwan, Erin Pembrey5.41.0
46746 ENLand Predators of North AmericaSwan, Erin Pembrey5.31.0
54637 ENLand, TheTaylor, Mildred D.5.018.0
17628 ENLanding of the Pilgrims, TheDaugherty, James7.04.0
31641 ENLandry News, TheClements, Andrew6.04.0
81673 ENLands of Mystery (The Unexplained)Herbst, Judith5.51.0
36888 ENLandscape ContractorMaupin/Brown6.41.0
8312 ENLangston Hughes (Black Americans of Achievement)Rummel, Jack8.34.0
100256 ENLangston Hughes: The Voice of HarlemHaugen, Brenda6.62.0
58454 ENLarge Telescopes: Inside and OutVillard, Ray8.72.0
117204 ENLargest Indoor Parks and Malls, TheMitchell, Susan K.6.11.0
117205 ENLargest Stadiums, TheMitchell, Susan K.6.31.0
109086 ENLarklightReeve, Philip7.013.0
9324 ENLarry and the CookieMcDaniel, Becky1.20.5
57270 ENLarry Bird (Basketball Hall of Famers)Beyer, Mark6.32.0
85021 SPLas aventuras de Marco PoloSmalley, Roger4.20.5
20251 SPLas aventuras del Capitán CalzoncillosPilkey, Dav4.31.0
18389 SPLas ballenas cautivasVillanes-Cairo, Carlos5.13.0
44796 SPLas cosas del abuelodel Cañizo, José Antonio4.92.0
75461 SPLas manzanas del Sr. PeabodyMadonna3.80.5
19 SPLas telarañas de CarlotaWhite, E.B.4.45.0
73609 ENLasersNardo, Don10.04.0
121 ENLassie Come-HomeKnight, Eric5.49.0
20678 SPLassie (Spanish)Wells, Rosemary4.81.0
619 ENLast Battle, TheLewis, C.S.5.67.0
45221 ENLast Book in the Universe, ThePhilbrick, Rodman5.06.0
67367 ENLast Dog on Earth, TheEhrenhaft, Daniel4.38.0
109784 ENLast Dragon, TheDe Mari, Silvana6.514.0
16591 ENLast Flight of 007, TheWoodson, Frank5.41.0
82274 ENLast Holiday Concert, TheClements, Andrew5.44.0
117772 ENLast Knight: A Knight and Rogue Novel, TheBell, Hilari6.112.0
59108 ENLast Lobo, TheSmith, Roland4.75.0
16917 ENLast Man's Reward, ThePatneaude, David4.25.0
620 ENLast of the Really Great Whangdoodles, TheEdwards, Julie Andrews4.48.0
16868 ENLast One in Is a Rotten EggKessler, Leonard2.00.5
10933 ENLast Safe Place on Earth, ThePeck, Richard4.45.0
85215 ENLast Shot: A Final Four MysteryFeinstein, John4.89.0
61277 ENLast Snake Runner, TheLittle, Kimberly Griffiths5.38.0
47487 ENLast Summer with MaizonWoodson, Jacqueline4.03.0
69250 ENLast Treasure, TheAnderson, Janet S.4.19.0
16851 ENLater, RoverZiefert, Harriet0.90.5
1913 ENLatinos in BeisbolCockcroft, James D.8.98.0
118235 ENLaura Ingalls WilderBerne, Emma Carlson6.23.0
71766 ENLaura Ingalls Wilder: Real-Life Pioneer...Little House BooksFord, Carin T.6.43.0
83913 ENLaurence YepLawrence, Katherine7.62.0
46891 ENLauryn Hill (Celebrity Bios)Laslo, Cynthia6.21.0
83822 ENLawBell-Rehwoldt, Sheri10.65.0
63224 ENLaziest: Amazing Facts About Lazy Animals, TheDoinet, Mymi5.30.5
157 ENLazy Lions, Lucky LambsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
51545 ENLeaders of Women's Suffrage (History Makers)Dumbeck, Kristina9.75.0
65338 ENLeaders of World War IIRoss, Stewart9.72.0
54056 ENLeAnn Rimes (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin5.41.0
88385 ENLeap, TheStroud, Jonathan5.49.0
10296 ENLearning by HeartYoung, Ronder4.05.0
48804 ENLeaves and TreesPascoe, Elaine4.91.0
31210 ENLeaving EmmaBrokaw, Nancy Steele4.24.0
78023 ENLeaving ProtectionHobbs, Will5.26.0
103662 ENLeBron JamesStewart, Mark5.61.0
103607 ENLeBron James: King of the CourtSibila, Tom3.50.5
74381 ENLee Bennett Hopkins: A Children's PoetStrong, Amy8.03.0
47128 ENLegacy of LiesChandler, Elizabeth5.46.0
101066 ENLegalizing DrugsLoonin, Meryl11.44.0
1784 ENLegend of Jesse Owens, TheNuwer, Hank8.77.0
57194 ENLegend of Lady Ilena, TheMalone, Patricia4.68.0
30337 ENLegend of Luke, TheJacques, Brian5.716.0
7115 ENLegend of Sleepy Hollow, TheIrving/Rackham11.03.0
82906 ENLegend of the Old Man of the Mountain, TheOrtakales, Denise5.50.5
47465 ENLegends of Santa Claus (A&E Biography)Jeffers, H. Paul6.92.0
69095 ENLeif Eriksson (Groundbreakers)Burgan, Michael6.82.0
83844 ENLeisure Life of the Ancient GreeksNardo, Don10.36.0
276 ENLemming Condition, TheArkin, Alan4.31.0
59380 ENLemony Snicket: The Unauthorized AutobiographySnicket, Lemony7.33.0
5522 ENLeo the Late BloomerKraus, Robert1.20.5
67180 ENLeonard Bernstein: In Love with MusicLazo, Caroline Evensen8.13.0
118236 ENLeonardo da VinciHall, M.C.6.83.0
46892 ENLeonardo DiCaprio (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin5.51.0
63845 ENLeopard (Endangered Animals & Habitats), ThePovey, Karen10.64.0
63479 ENLeopard Gecko, TheMiller, Jake4.30.5
65511 ENLeopard (Natural World)Jordan, Bill6.11.0
63220 ENLeopardsFeeney, Kathy5.71.0
12789 ENLes Miserables (Unabridged)Hugo, Victor9.8105.0
88672 ENLet Me Play: The Story of Title IX...Future of Girls in AmericaBlumenthal, Karen8.76.0
35391 ENLet My People Go: Bible Stories Told by a Freeman of ColorMcKissack, Patricia/Fredrick5.65.0
9612 ENLet's Get Invisible!Stine, R.L.3.33.0
9376 ENLet's Go, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
28172 ENLet's Go Fishing for a LivingTravis, George4.40.5
16388 ENLet's Go, Froggy!London, Jonathan1.90.5
9377 ENLet's Have a PlayHillert, Margaret0.90.5
46393 ENLet's Play Hide-and-SeekHughes, Sarah1.00.5
83683 ENLet's Pretend This Never Happened: By Jamie KellyBenton, Jim6.11.0
105114 ENLet's Snowboard!DeGezelle, Terri1.30.5
237 ENLet the Circle Be UnbrokenTaylor, Mildred D.5.715.0
32299 ENLetter from Phoenix Farm, AYolen, Jane4.00.5
5970 ENLetters from a Slave GirlLyons, Mary E.5.14.0
1902 ENLetters from a World War II GIGreenberg/McKeever7.05.0
41272 ENLetters from CampKlise, Kate6.15.0
26634 ENLetters from the InsideMarsden, John4.75.0
35203 ENLetters from VinnieSappey, Maureen Stack7.511.0
1805 ENLeukemia (Venture Book)Siegel/Newton8.42.0
107843 ENLevi Strauss and Blue JeansOlson, Nathan3.80.5
83595 ENLew Wallace: Boy WriterSchaaf, Martha E.4.42.0
30784 ENLewis and Clark's Journey of Discovery in American HistoryEdwards, Judith7.73.0
72264 ENLeyla: The Black TulipCroutier, Alev Lytle5.65.0
20309 ENLi Lun: Lad of CourageTreffinger, Carolyn4.83.0
29375 ENLiar, LiarDeClements, Barthe4.04.0
44166 ENLiar LiarStine, R.L.3.03.0
36620 ENLiar, Liar, Pants on FireKorman, Gordon3.21.0
114406 ENLiar of KudzuSchooley, Bob6.15.0
5026 ENLibby on WednesdaySnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.38.0
89128 ENLiberation of Gabriel King, TheGoing, K.L.4.55.0
104910 ENLiberia in Pictures (Revised Edition)Streissguth, Tom8.23.0
25112 ENLiberty Bell, TheSakurai, Gail6.11.0
118173 ENLiberty: Blessing or Burden?Rees, Peter6.21.0
24962 ENLibrary Card, TheSpinelli, Jerry4.34.0
25149 ENLibrary of Congress, TheSakurai, Gail8.31.0
46833 ENLibya (Enchantment of the World)Willis, Terri8.64.0
2063 ENLicensed Practical NurseWallner, Rosemary5.51.0
80965 ENLichee TreeRussell, Ching Yeung4.15.0
29995 SPLidia, reina de PalestinaOrlev, Uri4.66.0
11067 ENLifeBurnie, David8.41.0
83921 ENLife Aboard a Space StationBelfiore, Michael9.46.0
106007 ENLife All Around Me by Ellen Foster, TheGibbons, Kaye6.78.0
54057 ENLife as a ParatrooperKennedy, Robert C.5.71.0
74226 ENLife as a POWMartin, Michael J.8.66.0
54058 ENLife as an Air Force Fighter PilotKennedy, Robert C.6.41.0
54059 ENLife as an Army Demolition ExpertKennedy, Robert C.6.40.5
73405 ENLife at a High Altitude (Life in Extreme Environments)Levin, Judy6.71.0
55000 ENLife Cycle of a Bird, TheKalman, Bobbie5.20.5
58818 ENLife Cycle of a Lion, TheKalman, Bobbie5.70.5
58456 ENLife Cycle of a Mouse, TheHipp, Andrew4.50.5
58820 ENLife Cycle of a Tree, TheKalman, Bobbie5.41.0
64350 ENLife in a Dolphin PodKalman, Bobbie6.51.0
51608 ENLife in a Medieval MonasterySherrow, Victoria10.26.0
73689 ENLife in a Medieval VillageBarter, James9.36.0
67209 ENLife in a Rain Forest (Ecosystems in Action)Welsbacher, Anne7.42.0
87408 ENLife in Ancient RomeAdams, Simon8.22.0
54060 ENLife in Army Basic TrainingGartman, Gene6.01.0
83923 ENLife in Castro's CubaDunn, John M.10.37.0
73406 ENLife in Outer Space (Life in Extreme Environments)Littlejohn, Randy8.61.0
54061 ENLife in the Army Special ForcesKennedy, Robert C.6.31.0
29452 ENLife in the DesertsBaker, Lucy5.80.5
28445 ENLife in the Fat LaneBennett, Cherie4.09.0
48367 ENLife in the IslandsHooper, Rosanne5.40.5
54062 ENLife in the MarinesKennedy, Robert C.6.21.0
83924 ENLife in the Negro Baseball LeaguesWukovits, John F.8.56.0
29454 ENLife in the OceansBaker, Lucy5.90.5
29450 ENLife in the Rain ForestsBaker, Lucy6.10.5
66676 ENLife Inside the Air Force AcademyAlagna, Magdalena6.21.0
66675 ENLife Inside the Coast Guard AcademyWeintraub, Aileen6.21.0
66677 ENLife Inside the Merchant Marine AcademyAlagna, Magdalena6.91.0
66678 ENLife Inside the Military AcademyWeintraub, Aileen5.71.0
66679 ENLife Inside the Naval AcademyFine, Jil6.41.0
51622 ENLife of a Nazi SoldierCartlidge, Cherese9.46.0
69930 ENLife of a Roman GladiatorNardo, Don10.26.0
63822 ENLife of a Soldier in Washington's Army (The American Revolution)Stewart, Gail B.9.16.0
73543 ENLife of an American SoldierYancey, Diane8.75.0
65915 ENLife of PiMartel, Yann5.716.0
49579 ENLife of the HoneybeeFischer-Nagel, Heiderose6.41.0
83925 ENLife on a New World VoyageKling, Andrew A.9.26.0
54063 ENLife on a SubmarinePayan/Guelke5.91.0
83926 ENLife on an Indian ReservationWagner, Katherine9.96.0
100230 ENLife on EarthRiley, Peter D.7.01.0
43788 ENLife on Ellis IslandRebman, Renee C.9.34.0
101810 ENLife on the EdgeWinner, Cherie6.21.0
79189 ENLife on the Front Lines: The Fight for Civil RightsUschan, Michael V.8.96.0
74545 ENLife Under IceCerullo, Mary M.6.61.0
83927 ENLife Under the TalibanStewart, Gail B.8.76.0
54064 ENLife with the Navy SealsKennedy, Robert C.6.41.0
1821 ENLife Without Light (Venture Book)Stewart, Melissa9.04.0
11068 ENLightBurnie, David7.31.0
100231 ENLight and ColorRiley, Peter D.6.81.0
111034 ENLight and ColorCheshire, Gerard7.12.0
49104 ENLight and Sound (Science Fact Files)Parker, Steve8.01.0
109160 ENLight at Tern Rock, TheSauer, Julia L.4.81.0
42790 ENLight Beyond the Forest, TheSutcliff, Rosemary6.66.0
86913 ENLight Bulb, TheMatthews, John R.7.01.0
47264 ENLight-Gathering PoemsRosenberg, Liz6.22.0
122 ENLight in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.55.0
32207 ENLight in the Storm: The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin, AHesse, Karen5.34.0
39667 ENLight & Sound (Science Topics)Oxlade, Chris7.01.0
32451 ENLightbulb, TheWallace, Joseph7.72.0
44587 ENLighthouse Island and Other Selections by Newbery AuthorsGreenberg, Martin H.6.16.0
65429 ENLightLandMcCutchen, H.L.4.67.0
36587 ENLightningSimon, Seymour6.50.5
129228 ENLightning Key, TheBerkeley, Jon6.513.0
89885 ENLightning Thief, TheRiordan, Rick4.713.0
32358 ENLightning TimeRees, Douglas4.46.0
326 ENLike Jake and MeJukes, Mavis2.90.5
73956 ENLily B. on the Brink of CoolKimmel, Elizabeth Cody5.67.0
101687 ENLily B. on the Brink of LoveKimmel, Elizabeth Cody4.96.0
17781 ENLily's CrossingGiff, Patricia Reilly4.65.0
71854 ENLily's GhostsRuby, Laura4.38.0
238 ENLincoln: A PhotobiographyFreedman, Russell7.75.0
25113 ENLincoln-Douglas Debates, TheJanuary, Brendan6.71.0
102818 ENLincoln's Gettysburg Address: A Primary Source InvestigationOlson, Steven P.8.52.0
25891 ENLine in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, AGarland, Sherry5.66.0
31592 ENLion and the Mouse, TheHerman, Gail0.70.5
46893 ENLion AttacksFitzgerald, Patrick J.5.61.0
49242 ENLion (Natural World)Jordan, Bill5.70.5
88276 ENLion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Abridged), TheOram, Hiawyn4.50.5
52 ENLion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.5.76.0
75913 ENLionboyCorder, Zizou5.712.0
82409 ENLionboy: The ChaseCorder, Zizou5.411.0
102039 ENLionboy: The TruthCorder, Zizou4.98.0
63093 ENLionclaw: A Tale of Rowan HoodSpringer, Nancy5.14.0
102023 ENLioness and Her Knight, TheMorris, Gerald5.111.0
20711 ENLioness RampantPierce, Tamora5.011.0
64232 ENLiquids and Gases: Principles of Fluid MechanicsFleisher, Paul6.51.0
49645 ENLirael: Daughter of the ClayrNix, Garth7.123.0
100864 ENLisa Leslie: Slam Dunk QueenSavage, Jeff6.32.0
106310 ENListen!Tolan, Stephanie S.5.46.0
9325 ENListen to MeNeasi, Barbara1.60.5
89524 ENListening for LionsWhelan, Gloria5.77.0
17536 ENListening Walk, TheShowers, Paul2.30.5
18074 ENLithuaniaKagda, Sakina8.33.0
25227 ENLittle Clearing in the WoodsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
9378 ENLittle Cookie, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9379 ENLittle Cowboy and the Big Cowboy, TheHillert, Margaret1.10.5
78606 ENLittle CricketBrown, Jackie6.07.0
79632 ENLittle Crow: Leader of the DakotaSwain, Gwenyth6.53.0
88170 ENLittle DarlingsLlewellyn, Sam4.97.0
86303 ENLittle Green: Growing Up During the Chinese Cultural RevolutionYu, Chun5.93.0
179 ENLittle House in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.35.0
53 ENLittle House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.98.0
105609 ENLittle House Traveler...Wilder's Journeys Across America, AWilder, Laura Ingalls5.89.0
107774 ENLittle People and a Lost World: An Anthropological MysteryGoldenberg, Linda8.63.0
123 ENLittle Prince, TheSaint-Exupery, Antoine de5.02.0
124 ENLittle Princess (Unabridged), ABurnett, Frances Hodgson6.011.0
9380 ENLittle PuffHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9381 ENLittle Red Riding HoodHillert, Margaret1.10.5
180 ENLittle Riders, TheShemin, Margaretha5.42.0
60744 ENLittle Rock School Desegregation Crisis in American History, TheSomerlott, Robert8.33.0
9382 ENLittle Runaway, TheHillert, Margaret0.50.5
73145 ENLittle Sure Shot: Annie Oakley and the Buffalo Bill's...ShowSilate, Jennifer4.10.5
53489 ENLittle Wolf, Forest DetectiveWhybrow, Ian4.21.0
65062 ENLittle Wolf, Pack LeaderWhybrow, Ian4.82.0
32564 ENLittle Wolf's Book of BadnessWhybrow, Ian3.92.0
44948 ENLittle Wolf's Diary of Daring DeedsWhybrow, Ian4.32.0
44949 ENLittle Wolf's Haunted Hall for Small HorrorsWhybrow, Ian4.42.0
513 ENLittle Women (Book I and II) (Unabridged)Alcott, Louisa May7.933.0
34706 ENLittlejim's DreamsHouston, Gloria6.08.0
12496 ENLittlejim's GiftHouston, Gloria4.51.0
72928 ENLive From the Racetrack: NASCAR on TVWoods, Bob5.70.5
46549 ENLives of Christopher Chant, TheJones, Diana Wynne5.813.0
39683 ENLiving World (Science Topics), TheFullick, Ann7.81.0
277 ENLizard MusicPinkwater, Daniel4.95.0
44990 ENLizardsSchafer, Susan5.40.5
78550 ENLizzie Bright and the Buckminster BoySchmidt, Gary D.5.910.0
55786 SPLo de soñarAlvarez, Naiara4.61.0
73761 ENLoamhedgeJacques, Brian5.319.0
31564 ENLocal NewsSoto, Gary5.15.0
103411 ENLoch Ness Monster and Other Lake Mysteries, TheJeffrey, Gary4.11.0
79439 ENLoch Ness Monster, TheSievert, Terri5.00.5
57315 ENLoch Ness Monster (Unsolved Mysteries: The Secret Files), TheDelrio, Martin7.81.0
5074 ENLocked in TimeDuncan, Lois6.510.0
44168 ENLocker 13Stine, R.L.3.33.0
64368 ENLocomotionWoodson, Jacqueline4.72.0
100503 ENLois DuncanCasil, Amy Sterling8.82.0
69192 ENLois LowryDaniel, Susanna7.22.0
9985 ENLombardo's LawWittlinger, Ellen4.54.0
18500 ENLone WolfFranklin, Kristine L.4.26.0
102999 ENLonek's Journey: The True Story of a Boy's Escape to FreedomWhiteman, Dorit Bader5.74.0
105476 ENLong Ball: The Legend and Lore of the Home RunStewart, Mark6.52.0
20083 ENLong Patrol, TheJacques, Brian6.015.0
66025 ENLong-Range Bombers: The B-1B LancersGreen, Michael5.60.5
120205 ENLong-Range Bombers: The B-1B Lancers (Revised Edition)Green, Michael5.40.5
6618 ENLong Secret, TheFitzhugh, Louise4.37.0
75010 ENLong Time Ago Today, AWarner, Sally6.37.0
27940 ENLong Way from Chicago, APeck, Richard5.05.0
112792 ENLong Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, ABeah, Ishmael6.113.0
11424 ENLong Way to Go: A Story of Women's Right to Vote, AOneal, Zibby3.71.0
370 ENLong Winter, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.310.0
32261 ENLongest Hair in the World, TheDuncan, Lois3.20.5
117207 ENLongest Tunnels, TheMitchell, Susan K.5.81.0
67641 ENLook at Earth (Out of This World), ATabak, John8.23.0
66809 ENLook at Jupiter (Out of This World), ASpangenburg/Moser8.42.0
66810 ENLook at Mars (Out of This World), ASpangenburg/Moser8.52.0
100196 ENLook at Me: Self-PortraitsThomson, Ruth6.61.0
67642 ENLook at Mercury (Out of This World), ASpangenburg/Moser8.42.0
66811 ENLook at Moons (Out of This World), ASpangenburg/Moser7.52.0
67643 ENLook at Neptune (Out of This World), ATabak, John8.12.0
67644 ENLook at Pluto (Out of This World), ATocci, Salvatore7.83.0
67645 ENLook at Saturn (Out of This World), ASpangenburg/Moser8.22.0
116601 ENLook at the Bill of Rights: Protecting the Rights of Americans, AGraham, Amy5.82.0
115436 ENLook at the Eighteenth and Twenty-First Amendments, AGraham, Amy5.32.0
115437 ENLook at the Second Amendment: To Keep and Bear Arms, AGonzales, Doreen7.52.0
67646 ENLook at the Sun (Out of This World), ASpangenburg/Moser8.83.0
67647 ENLook at Uranus (Out of This World), ATocci, Salvatore7.83.0
67648 ENLook at Venus (Out of This World), ASpangenburg/Moser8.12.0
11425 ENLook Who's Playing First BaseChristopher, Matt3.92.0
117419 ENLooking at Aerial PhotographsBelmont, Helen6.61.0
104111 ENLooking at Differences Between Living and Nonliving Things...Roza, Greg8.11.0
104112 ENLooking at How Genetic Traits Are Inherited...Graphic OrganizersHayhurst, Chris8.21.0
104113 ENLooking at How Species Compete Within Environments...Porterfield, Jason9.71.0
117420 ENLooking at MapsTaylor, Barbara6.91.0
117421 ENLooking at SettlementsAnderson, Judith6.91.0
104114 ENLooking at the Human Impact on the Environment...Porterfield, Jason9.21.0
104115 ENLooking at the Interdependence of Plants...Environment...Cobb, Allan B.8.21.0
86391 ENLooking for AlaskaGreen, John5.811.0
66477 ENLooking for Life in the Universe: The Search for...IntelligenceJackson, Ellen6.91.0
35411 ENLooking for XEllis, Deborah4.64.0
109069 ENLooking Glass Wars, TheBeddor, Frank6.712.0
122999 ENLooksGeorge, Madeleine6.510.0
64506 ENLoose ThreadsGrover, Lorie Ann3.53.0
43407 ENLord BrocktreeJacques, Brian5.516.0
5989 ENLord JimConrad, Joseph9.124.0
744 ENLord of the FliesGolding, William5.09.0
73690 ENLord of the Flies (Understanding Great Literature)Koopmans, Andy8.94.0
32217 ENLord of the FriesWynne-Jones, Tim4.37.0
54164 ENLord of the Nutcracker MenLawrence, Iain4.58.0
101372 ENLords of the Sea: The Vikings Explore the North AtlanticLassieur, Allison3.30.5
29319 ENLorinda's DiaryWilson, Budge4.74.0
64787 ENLos Angeles Dodgers (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.7.64.0
17782 ENLosers, Inc.Mills, Claudia4.65.0
6049 ENLosing Joe's PlaceKorman, Gordon5.58.0
79691 ENLost and FoundApplegate, K.A.4.73.0
59383 ENLost at SeaNeale, Jonathan3.43.0
122990 ENLost at SeaRidley, Frances3.90.5
86061 ENLost BulletRose, Malcolm5.16.0
115974 ENLost CitiesHamilton, Sue6.91.0
66731 ENLost City of Faar, TheMacHale, D.J.4.917.0
82400 ENLost Goat LaneJordan, Rosa4.68.0
538 ENLost HorizonHilton, James9.512.0
14745 ENLost in CyberspacePeck, Richard3.94.0
7740 ENLost in the Dark Unchanted ForestErickson, John R.4.63.0
65430 ENLost in the LabyrinthKindl, Patrice6.27.0
27932 ENLost in the WarAntle, Nancy4.14.0
53958 ENLost Princess of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank7.68.0
17998 ENLost Years of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.112.0
10895 ENLostman's RiverDeFelice, Cynthia5.46.0
371 ENLottery Rose, TheHunt, Irene5.67.0
34708 ENLottie Project, TheWilson, Jacqueline4.87.0
107829 ENLou Gehrig's DiseaseAbramovitz, Melissa10.94.0
63225 ENLoudest: Amazing Facts About Loud Animals, TheDoinet, Mymi5.60.5
104629 ENLouis ArmstrongO'Hern, Kerri4.50.5
29965 ENLouis BrailleDavidson, Margaret3.82.0
69096 ENLouis Jolliet (Groundbreakers)Binns, Tristan Boyer6.52.0
39668 ENLouis Pasteur (Groundbreakers)Fullick, Ann8.81.0
72997 ENLouis SacharGreene, Meg7.32.0
30516 ENLouisa May Alcott: Young NovelistGormley, Beatrice6.45.0
106574 ENLouisiana (2nd Edition)LeVert, Suzanne9.33.0
47075 ENLouisiana (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin8.74.0
73028 ENLouisiana Purchase: Expanding America's Boundaries, TheAlagna, Magdalena5.90.5
25114 ENLouisiana Purchase, TheSakurai, Gail7.41.0
29541 ENLove Among the WalnutsFerris, Jean5.78.0
52807 ENLove Canal: Toxic Waste TragedySherrow, Victoria6.91.0
77434 ENLove, Ghosts, & Facial HairHerrick, Steven5.62.0
102702 ENLoveSickCoburn, Jake5.58.0
57316 ENLower Limbs: Learning How We Use Our Thighs...and Feet, TheViegas, Jennifer7.81.0
51137 ENLowridersParr, Danny4.50.5
83574 ENLSD (Drug Education Library)Petechuk, David11.35.0
36141 ENLSD, PCP, and Hallucinogen Drug DangersMonroe, Judy6.81.0
9711 SPLucha por la famaPascal/Suzanne4.13.0
16925 ENLuckiest Girl, TheCleary, Beverly5.910.0
65031 ENLucky ChuckCleary, Beverly3.90.5
673 ENLucky Dog DaysDelton, Judy2.91.0
181 ENLucky Stone, TheClifton, Lucille4.41.0
56463 ENLucy the GiantSmith, Sherri L.4.07.0
57317 ENLungs: Learning How We Breathe, TheHayhurst, Chris8.11.0
30661 ENLupita MananaBeatty, Patricia4.77.0
18075 ENLuxembourgSheehan, Patricia9.54.0
6024 ENLyddiePaterson, Katherine5.69.0
66973 ENLyndon B. Johnson (Presidential Leaders)Levy, Debbie7.93.0
100588 ENLynne Reid BanksLiberman, Sherri8.42.0
125 ENM.C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.410.0
108008 ENM109 PaladinBaker, David8.20.5
108009 ENM1097 HumveeBaker, David8.40.5
108010 ENM1126 StrykerBaker, David8.20.5
108011 ENM113 Armored Personnel VehicleBaker, David8.90.5
108012 ENM1A1 Abrams TankBaker, David7.60.5
108013 ENM2A2 Bradley Fighting VehicleBaker, David8.40.5
75121 ENMable Riley: A Reliable Record...RomanceJocelyn, Marthe6.18.0
69015 ENMacaroni BoyAyres, Katherine4.76.0
67793 ENMacaws (Animals of the Rain Forest)Deiters, Erika/Jim4.00.5
5990 ENMacbethShakespeare, William10.94.0
4559 ENMachinistBoraas, Tracey5.30.5
83575 ENMad Cow Disease (Diseases and Disorders)Sheen, Barbara9.34.0
46834 ENMadagascar (Enchantment of the World)Blauer/Lauré8.24.0
107731 ENMadam C.J. Walker and New CosmeticsKrohn, Katherine E.4.20.5
84102 ENMadam PresidentThimmesh, Catherine8.31.0
129352 ENMadame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible EdiblesKingfisher, Rupert6.32.0
29676 ENMadeleine Albright (Women of Achievement)Hasday, Judy L.10.04.0
9730 SPMademoiselle JessicaPascal/Suzanne4.24.0
64805 ENMadonnaKoopmans, Andy8.64.0
17824 ENMaestro, TheWynne-Jones, Tim5.09.0
122438 ENMaggie Bean Stays AfloatRayburn, Tricia6.110.0
74694 ENMaggie's DoorGiff, Patricia Reilly5.05.0
9383 ENMagic Beans, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
88517 ENMagic by the BookBernstein, Nina6.87.0
9991 ENMagic Circle, TheNapoli, Donna Jo4.04.0
9384 ENMagic Nutcracker, TheHillert, Margaret0.90.5
53959 ENMagic of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank7.37.0
65374 ENMagic of Spider Woman, TheDuncan, Lois5.20.5
118302 ENMagic of the Mind: Tricks for the Master MagicianZenon, Paul6.01.0
16400 ENMagic Porridge Pot, TheZiefert, Harriet1.90.5
100855 ENMagic Rings and Other Magical ThingsHamilton, John6.81.0
41470 ENMagic StepsPierce, Tamora5.79.0
73510 ENMagical Adventures of Pretty Pearl, TheHamilton, Virginia4.210.0
100856 ENMagical CitiesHamilton, John7.01.0
53438 ENMagical Worlds of Harry Potter, TheColbert, David8.05.0
622 ENMagician's Nephew, TheLewis, C.S.5.46.0
123315 ENMagician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, TheScott, Michael6.117.0
46550 ENMagicians of Caprona, TheJones, Diana Wynne5.210.0
11478 ENMagnificent Mummy Maker, TheWoodruff, Elvira4.94.0
86518 ENMagykSage, Angie6.018.0
59109 ENMahalia: A Life in Gospel MusicOrgill, Roxane5.94.0
83596 ENMahalia Jackson: Gospel Singer and Civil Rights ChampionDunham, Montrew5.53.0
18393 SPMaiPerera, Hilda4.23.0
104818 ENMaid Marian: A NovelWatson, Elsa6.917.0
44342 ENMain Battle Tanks (Land and Sea)Abramovitz, Melissa5.30.5
47041 ENMaine (America the Beautiful)Kent, Deborah7.84.0
36883 ENMaine Coon Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.11.0
69372 ENMaine: The Pine Tree StateDeFord, Deborah8.62.0
68218 ENMajor Unsolved Crimes (Crime and Detection)Innes, Brian8.42.0
12494 ENMake a Wish, MollyCohen, Barbara3.41.0
9466 ENMake LemonadeWolff, Virginia Euwer5.05.0
87583 ENMakeovers by MarciaMills, Claudia4.75.0
71568 ENMaking Global ConnectionsWatson, Susan7.81.0
86916 ENMaking of America...United States from 1492...Present, TheJohnston, Robert D.9.510.0
6544 SPmala suerte de Mary Anne, LaMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
89256 ENMalariaAbramovitz, Melissa12.15.0
67857 ENMalayan Sun Bears (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy4.40.5
8316 ENMalcolm XRummel, Jack8.94.0
85025 SPmaldición de la tumba del Faraón Tut, LaBurgan, Michael4.30.5
25802 SPmaldito huevo de pascua, ElStone, Tom B.3.82.0
102642 ENMale Action FiguresGray, Peter C.5.91.0
122042 ENMali (2nd Edition)Blauer, Ettagale7.75.0
68145 ENMalifex, TheAlton, Steve5.97.0
6077 ENMama, Do You Love Me?Joosse, Barbara M.2.30.5
102175 ENMama Learns to DriveDavis, Donald5.44.0
22679 ENMama's BabiesCrew, Gary6.45.0
71417 ENMambas (Snakes)Richardson, Adele D.4.40.5
17229 ENMammalParker, Steve7.81.0
46811 ENMammal Misfits (Watts Library)Miller, Sara Swan5.61.0
68361 ENMammalsGreen, Jen5.61.0
100157 ENMammoths: Ice-Age GiantsAgenbroad, Larry D.8.73.0
48964 ENMan-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans, TheMontgomery, Sy6.01.0
6931 ENMan from the Other Side, TheOrlev, Uri5.68.0
9952 ENMan in the Ceiling, TheFeiffer, Jules5.34.0
40632 ENMan of the FamilyKarr, Kathleen4.54.0
71787 ENMan Walks on the Moon (Dates with History)Malam, John7.11.0
70103 ENMan Who Made Time Travel, TheLasky, Kathryn6.41.0
32301 ENMan Who Paints Nature, TheLocker, Thomas3.60.5
10130 ENMan Who Was Poe, TheAvi4.26.0
49581 ENManateesWalker, Sally M.6.51.0
16740 ENMandie and Her Missing KinLeppard, Lois Gladys4.96.0
17872 ENMandie and Jonathan's PredicamentLeppard, Lois Gladys5.06.0
17873 ENMandie and the Courtroom BattleLeppard, Lois Gladys5.17.0
17874 ENMandie and the Schoolhouse's SecretLeppard, Lois Gladys5.36.0
17875 ENMandie and the Unwanted GiftLeppard, Lois Gladys5.06.0
623 ENMandyEdwards, Julie4.87.0
69677 ENMango-Shaped Space, AMass, Wendy4.79.0
5075 ENManiac MageeSpinelli, Jerry4.75.0
84180 ENManifest Destiny: A Primary Source History...19th CenturyMoriarty, J.T.7.82.0
101404 ENManipulating Light: Reflection, Refraction, and AbsorptionStille, Darlene R.6.51.0
51159 ENMankind: Pro Wrestler Mick FoleyMolzahn, Arlene Bourgeois4.80.5
103611 ENMannings: Football's Famous Family, TheWorthington, J.A.4.00.5
105310 ENManny Files, TheBurch, Christian5.29.0
9884 ENMansion in the Mist, TheBellairs, John6.06.0
60481 ENManx Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne4.91.0
5945 ENMany WatersL'Engle, Madeleine4.710.0
72668 ENMao ZedongHatt, Christine9.54.0
75609 ENMapping Earth (Our Planet Earth)Ball/Peterson/Prokos6.92.0
66517 ENMapping the Seas (Watts Library)Oleksy, Walter8.31.0
66518 ENMapping the Skies (Watts Library)Oleksy, Walter8.51.0
32739 ENMapping the WorldJohnson, Sylvia A.7.51.0
66520 ENMaps in History (Watts Library)Oleksy, Walter8.21.0
44784 SPmar sigue esperando, ElMurciano, Carlos4.42.0
57596 ENMara, Daughter of the NileMcGraw, Eloise Jarvis6.714.0
57333 ENMarathon CyclingTurner, Cherie7.61.0
57334 ENMarathon SkiingStiefer, Sandy6.71.0
73023 ENMarbury v. Madison: The New Supreme Court Gets More PowersRandolph, Ryan P.6.40.5
125580 ENMarch On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the WorldFarris, Christine King5.30.5
116523 ENMarch on Washington: Uniting Against Racism, TheDoak, Robin S.7.82.0
48592 ENMarco Polo (Groundbreakers)Reid, Struan7.11.0
50385 ENMarco's MillionsSleator, William4.95.0
107830 ENMarcus Garvey and the Back to Africa MovementKallen, Stuart A.10.75.0
120241 ENMarcus Garvey: Black Nationalist Crusader and EntrepreneurHaugen, Brenda7.82.0
54065 ENMariah Carey (Celebrity Bios)Parker, Judy4.81.0
40137 ENMarie Antoinette: Princess of VersaillesLasky, Kathryn6.27.0
100649 ENMarie CurieHealy, Nick7.81.0
74393 ENMarie Curie: A Scientific PioneerLassieur, Allison7.83.0
107732 ENMarie Curie and RadioactivityMiller, Connie Colwell4.60.5
39669 ENMarie Curie (Groundbreakers)Fullick, Ann8.12.0
7168 ENMariel of RedwallJacques, Brian5.716.0
46946 ENMarijuana and Your Lungs: The Incredibly Disgusting StoryStanley, Debbie7.11.0
65681 ENMarikaCheng, Andrea4.15.0
2103 ENMarine BiologistWendt, Jennifer5.80.5
60976 ENMarine Corps in Action, TheAaseng, Nathan10.53.0
120490 ENMarine Force Recon in ActionSandler, Michael4.20.5
83352 ENMariner's Curse, TheLunn, John4.47.0
47123 SPmariposa, LaJiménez, Francisco6.31.0
55780 SPmariposa transparente, LaCalleja, Seve4.61.0
36332 ENMaritime Disasters (Watts Library)Landau, Elaine7.81.0
72929 ENMark Martin: Perennial ContenderPeterson, Brian C.5.90.5
36875 ENMark McGwirePowell, Phelan4.40.5
54974 ENMark of the Crown, TheWatson, Jude4.74.0
47467 ENMark Twain (A&E Biography)Aller, Susan Bivin7.33.0
104643 ENMark Twain Along the MississippiYoungblood, Wayne7.92.0
54427 ENMark Twain (Creative Lives)Middleton, Haydn7.22.0
28453 ENMarlfoxJacques, Brian5.717.0
102233 ENMarooned: The...Alexander Selkirk the Real Robinson CrusoeKraske, Robert6.63.0
14800 ENMarrying Malcolm MurgatroydFarrell, Mame4.44.0
54668 ENMars (Eyes on the Sky)Haugen, David M.7.31.0
18560 ENMars (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.6.50.5
47372 ENMars (Planet Library)Kerrod, Robin7.11.0
102536 ENMarshfield Dreams: When I Was a KidFletcher, Ralph4.23.0
100257 ENMartha Washington: First Lady of the United StatesHaugen, Brenda6.82.0
71325 ENMartial Arts Book, TheScandiffio, Laura7.22.0
120607 ENMartial Arts MoviesOllhoff, Jim6.41.0
12790 ENMartian Chronicles, TheBradbury, Ray6.29.0
105262 ENMartin Luther: Father of the ReformationSomervill, Barbara A.7.12.0
64644 ENMartin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Hero (Famous Lives)Claybourne, Anna6.51.0
109006 ENMartin Luther King, Jr.: Great Civil Rights LeaderFandel, Jennifer4.20.5
43642 ENMartin Luther King, Jr.: Minister and Civil Rights ActivistJanuary, Brendan7.33.0
10784 ENMartin the WarriorJacques, Brian5.514.0
74775 ENMartin Van Buren: America's 8th PresidentFavor, Lesli J.8.12.0
116505 ENMartina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban FolktaleDeedy, Carmen Agra3.10.5
77943 ENMarvellous Mongolian, TheAldridge, James5.87.0
53960 ENMarvelous Land of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank8.07.0
63444 ENMarvelous Misadventures of Sebastian, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.58.0
17630 ENMary Alice PealeDuey, Kathleen4.84.0
6538 SPMary Anne y la gran bodaMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
86156 ENMary-Kate and Ashley OlsenDougherty, Terri8.24.0
17631 ENMary McLeod Bethune: Voice of Black HopeMeltzer, Milton6.12.0
109853 ENMary Pope OsborneBanting, Erinn6.11.0
54 ENMary PoppinsTravers, P.L.6.16.0
58029 ENMary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a CountryLasky, Kathryn6.06.0
103789 ENMary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Graphic NovelReed, Gary3.51.0
47042 ENMaryland (America the Beautiful)Burgan, Michael8.74.0
62419 ENMaryland: The Old Line StateMartin, Michael A.9.22.0
2757 ENMassachusettsLeVert, Suzanne8.52.0
47076 ENMassachusetts (America the Beautiful)McNair, Sylvia8.24.0
121104 ENMassacre at Virginia Tech: Disaster & SurvivalWorth, Richard6.31.0
63669 ENMaster of Disguise, TheWatson, Jude4.74.0
55 ENMaster Puppeteer, ThePaterson, Katherine5.47.0
120608 ENMasters & HeroesOllhoff, Jim5.80.5
56 ENMatchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter D.5.11.0
117474 ENMaterialsWalker, Denise8.73.0
100232 ENMaterials and MatterRiley, Peter D.6.81.0
56719 ENMaterials Changes and Reactions (Chemicals in Action)Oxlade, Chris8.21.0
53974 ENMaterials Technology (Material World)Snedden, Robert8.71.0
43469 ENMatilda BoneCushman, Karen5.75.0
11069 ENMatterCooper, Christopher8.31.0
64233 ENMatter and Energy: Principles of Matter and ThermodynamicsFleisher, Paul7.02.0
39671 ENMatter (Science Topics)Fullick, Ann8.01.0
101373 ENMatthew Henson: Arctic AdventurerHoena, B.A.3.90.5
6050 ENMattimeoJacques, Brian5.218.0
41275 ENMaura's AngelBanks, Lynne Reid4.95.0
109414 ENMax's WordsBanks, Kate2.60.5
72349 ENMaxx Comedy: The Funniest Kid in AmericaKorman, Gordon4.74.0
101829 ENMay Bird and the Ever AfterAnderson, Jodi Lynn5.112.0
25898 ENMaya AngelouHarper, Judith E.6.21.0
43643 ENMaya Angelou: Author and Documentary FilmmakerRaatma, Lucia6.32.0
62495 ENMayan Writing in MesoamericaFine, Jil4.30.5
124051 ENMayflower and the Pilgrims' New World, ThePhilbrick, Nathaniel8.314.0
10040 ENMayor of Casterbridge, TheHardy, Thomas9.522.0
27951 ENMaze, TheDavid, Peter5.04.0
28488 ENMaze, TheHobbs, Will5.07.0
41557 ENMcKendreeBelton, Sandra4.97.0
71397 ENMcMahons: Vince McMahon and Family, TheKaelberer, Angie Peterson5.01.0
80136 ENMe and BillyCollier, James Lincoln4.77.0
34673 ENMe and Rupert GoodyO'Connor, Barbara4.53.0
7284 ENMe Too!Mayer, Mercer1.50.5
7580 ENMean SoupEveritt, Betsy1.70.5
63226 ENMeanest: Amazing Facts About Aggressive Animals, TheDoinet, Mymi5.80.5
87155 ENMeasle and the DragodonOgilvy, Ian6.110.0
81580 ENMeasle and the WrathmonkOgilvy, Ian5.66.0
102280 ENMeasles and RubellaSaffer, Barbara11.04.0
50027 ENMeat-Eating Dinosaurs: The TheropodsHolmes, Thom/Laurie8.93.0
67617 ENMeat-Eating MarsupialsSwan, Erin Pembrey5.51.0
56365 ENMeat-Eating Plants (Watts Library)Souza, D.M.7.61.0
2104 ENMechanical DrafterWallner, Rosemary6.10.5
87353 ENMedia & CommunciationGifford, Clive8.91.0
86759 ENMedia Madness: An Insider's Guide to MediaAli, Dominic6.52.0
100328 ENMedia Power?Cooper, Alison8.91.0
64560 ENMedia: The Impact on Our Lives, ThePetley, Julian10.73.0
72842 ENMedia War, TheRivera, Sheila6.51.0
17578 SPMedianoche en la LunaOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
50028 ENMedical Ethics: Life and Death IssuesJudson, Karen10.34.0
11809 ENMedicineParker, Steve9.11.0
81361 ENMedicine (21st Century Science)Kerrod, Robin8.72.0
76797 ENMedicine Now (Tomorrow's Science)Rooney, Anne8.12.0
118406 ENMedieval Europe (Freestyle)Haywood, John7.12.0
72983 ENMedieval Feasts and Banquets: Food, Drink, and...AgesBhote, Tehmina7.21.0
86150 ENMedieval Knight, ABarter, James10.15.0
86151 ENMedieval Merchant, AKallen, Stuart A.10.55.0
73601 ENMedieval Monk, ABarter, James10.05.0
60437 ENMedieval Tales That Kids Can Read & TellCzarnota, Lorna MacDonald5.02.0
81879 ENMedieval Town and Country LifeJohnson, Emma8.01.0
72984 ENMedieval Weapons and Warfare: Armies and Combat...Medieval TimesHilliam, Paul8.12.0
82441 ENMeditation (Life Balance)Andrews, Linda Wasmer6.42.0
17632 ENMeet JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.12.0
72639 ENMeet Mindy: A Native Girl from the SouthwestSecakuku, Susan6.61.0
10131 ENMeet the AustinsL'Engle, Madeleine5.38.0
122912 ENMeet the Dancers: From Ballet, Broadway, and BeyondNathan, Amy6.66.0
45690 ENMeeting Dolphins: My Adventures in the SeaDudzinski, Kathleen7.01.0
27719 ENMegan and the Borealis ButterflyAlexander, Nina4.51.0
570 ENMegan's IslandRoberts, Willo Davis5.07.0
57520 ENMel GibsonMcAvoy, Jim8.94.0
86072 ENMelanie in ManhattanWeston, Carol4.66.0
61272 ENMelanie Martin Goes Dutch: The Private Diary of My...Go GoWeston, Carol4.86.0
66662 ENMelissa Joan Hart (Celebrity Bios)Giacobello, John5.20.5
64507 ENMelonheadde Guzman, Michael4.26.0
54169 ENMeltdown: A Race Against Nuclear Disaster at Three Mile IslandHampton, Wilborn7.73.0
14478 ENMemoirs of a BookbatLasky, Kathryn5.06.0
41788 ENMemories of SummerWhite, Ruth4.74.0
75832 ENMemories of Sun: Stories of Africa and AmericaKurtz, Jane5.17.0
103126 ENMemories of SurvivalKrinitz, Esther Nisenthal5.81.0
46849 ENMemory BoyWeaver, Will4.45.0
100519 ENMendel and the Laws of GeneticsHasan, Heather8.02.0
100520 ENMendeleyev and the Periodic TableWhite, Katherine8.12.0
49066 ENMental Illness (Talking Points)Leigh, Vanora8.82.0
9742 SPMentirijillasPascal/Suzanne4.53.0
80611 ENMercedes (Hot Cars)Stacy, Lee5.91.0
66636 ENMerchant of Death, TheMacHale, D.J.5.018.0
78046 ENMerchant of Venice (Saddleback Shakespeare), TheShakespeare/Hutchinson4.42.0
52808 ENMercury: The First PlanetCole, Michael D.8.31.0
48983 ENMercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars (Our Universe)Vogt, Gregory4.81.0
12475 ENMerlin and the DragonsYolen, Jane4.20.5
12464 ENMerlin Effect, TheBarron, T.A.5.39.0
571 ENMermaid Summer, TheHunter, Mollie6.15.0
515 ENMerry Adventures of Robin Hood, ThePyle, Howard8.621.0
5526 ENMerry Christmas, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
9385 ENMerry Christmas, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
53107 ENMesa VerdeShuter, Jane6.61.0
103409 ENMesoamerican MythsWest, David4.01.0
77348 ENMessengerLowry, Lois4.95.0
65222 ENMessengerSchwartz, Virginia Frances4.69.0
9326 ENMessy BesseyMcKissack, Patricia C.2.00.5
117475 ENMetals and NonmetalsWalker, Denise8.53.0
81298 ENMetals and the EnvironmentWhyman, Kathryn6.40.5
56720 ENMetals (Chemicals in Action)Oxlade, Chris7.81.0
120930 ENMetamorphic Rock (Freestyle Express)Faulkner, Rebecca4.51.0
119915 ENMetamorphic Rocks: Recycled RockStille, Darlene R.7.11.0
58068 ENMetamorphosis, TheKafka, Franz10.512.0
101567 ENMetaphors, Similes, and Other Word PicturesFandel, Jennifer6.51.0
85751 ENMeteorology: Predicting the WeatherWills, Susan9.95.0
67649 ENMeteors, Meteorites, and Meteoroids (Out of This World)Spangenburg/Moser8.13.0
101471 ENMeth & Speed=Busted!Mintzer, Richard8.92.0
101773 ENMethamphetamineMarcovitz, Hal10.05.0
109121 ENMetric System, TheFandel, Jennifer8.91.0
84188 ENMexican-American War: A Primary Source History...States, TheSonneborn, Liz8.02.0
75251 ENMexican Americans, TheBloom, Barbara Lee9.46.0
60592 ENMexican Art and ArchitectureCarew-Miller, Anna8.51.0
85233 ENMexican War, TheNobleman, Marc Tyler7.11.0
81674 ENMexicans in AmericaBehnke, Alison8.62.0
73438 ENMexico: A Primary Source Cultural GuideCobb, Allan B.8.35.0
27012 ENMexico (Enchantment of the World)Stein, R. Conrad7.22.0
65613 ENMexico (Steadwell Books World Tour)Dolan, Sean6.11.0
64 SPMi rincón en la montañaGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
55800 SPMi tigre es lluviaPuerto, Carlos5.04.0
27703 SPMi vida con la olaCowan, Catherine4.20.5
64758 ENMichael CrichtonAaseng, Nathan9.84.0
39672 ENMichael Faraday (Groundbreakers)Fullick, Ann8.82.0
63813 ENMichael J. FoxWukovits, John F.8.44.0
57673 ENMichael Jordan: The Best EverHoughton, Sarah4.11.0
85240 ENMichelangelo: Sculptor and PainterSomervill, Barbara A.6.92.0
67532 ENMichelle Yeoh (Martial Arts Masters)Stair, Nancy L.7.81.0
47077 ENMichigan (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin8.24.0
56539 ENMichigan: The Wolverine StateBarenblat, Rachel8.52.0
11480 ENMick Harte Was HerePark, Barbara4.52.0
100158 ENMickey MantleMarlin, John6.93.0
68470 ENMickey & Me : A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
118387 ENMicro Spies: Spy Planes the Size of Birds!Rudy, Lisa Jo5.51.0
74585 ENMicroscope, TheWoog, Adam11.25.0
82997 ENMicroscopic LifeWalker, Richard8.42.0
81372 ENMicroscopic Life in the GardenWard, Brian6.91.0
81373 ENMicroscopic Life in the HomeWard, Brian7.11.0
81374 ENMicroscopic Life in Your BodyWard, Brian7.31.0
81375 ENMicroscopic Life in Your FoodWard, Brian7.01.0
117002 ENMicroworlds: Unlocking the Secrets of Atoms and MoleculesClaybourne, Anna5.11.0
83848 ENMiddle East: An Overview, TheYancey, Diane10.55.0
5076 ENMiddle School BluesKassem, Lou3.75.0
87627 ENMidnightHunter, Erin6.012.0
65355 ENMidnight Is a PlaceAiken, Joan6.314.0
34516 ENMidnight MagicAvi4.76.0
45418 ENMidnight Ride of Paul Revere, TheLongfellow, Henry Wadsworth5.70.5
36683 ENMidnight's ChoiceThompson, Kate6.27.0
44721 ENMidnight Train Home, TheTamar, Erika4.26.0
16717 ENMidsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William10.93.0
11553 ENMidwife's Apprentice, TheCushman, Karen6.03.0
74695 ENMidwinter NightingaleAiken, Joan5.69.0
71723 ENMigrants and RefugeesSmith, Trevor9.22.0
120242 ENMiguel de Cervantes: Novelist, Poet, and PlaywrightNardo, Don7.52.0
21823 SPMiguel Vicente pata calienteAraujo, Orlando4.80.5
55790 SPmilagros de Max, LosSmadja, Brigitte3.01.0
100590 ENMildred TaylorHoughton, Gillian8.63.0
1766 ENMiles DavisCrisp, George R.7.75.0
42440 ENMiles' SongMcGill, Alice5.67.0
102281 ENMilitaryBell-Rehwoldt, Sheri10.35.0
84279 ENMilitary Aircraft (Mean Machines)Dowswell, Paul6.61.0
46894 ENMilitary Collectibles (Cool Collectibles)Newell, Patrick6.11.0
4575 ENMilitary PoliceGreen, Michael5.60.5
125211 ENMilitary TechnologyGraham, Ian7.31.0
66790 ENMill on the Floss, TheEliot, George9.941.0
116068 ENMillard FillmoreGottfried, Ted9.23.0
73256 ENMillicent Min, Girl GeniusYee, Lisa5.88.0
72355 ENMillion Dollar Goal, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
87183 ENMillion Dollar Strike, TheGutman, Dan4.54.0
15803 ENMilo's ToothacheLuttrell, Ida2.20.5
6129 ENMilton the Early RiserKraus, Robert1.20.5
70021 ENMind GamesGrunwell, Jeanne Marie5.13.0
122010 ENMind Readers: Science Examines ESPTilden, Thomasine E. Lewis5.31.0
47415 ENMindStorms: Stories to Blow Your MindShusterman, Neal5.95.0
44360 ENMine Hunting Ships (Land and Sea)Abramovitz, Melissa5.30.5
120931 ENMinerals (Freestyle Express)Faulkner, Rebecca4.51.0
85261 ENMinerals: From Apatite to ZincStille, Darlene R.6.61.0
46895 ENMiniature Cars (Cool Collectibles)Beyer, Julie5.41.0
87513 ENMinister's Daughter, TheHearn, Julie5.611.0
47043 ENMinnesota (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin8.33.0
62420 ENMinnesota: Land of 10,000 LakesPollack/Jaffe8.62.0
67139 ENMinnesota Vikings (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.7.94.0
83832 ENMinoans, TheNardo, Don10.76.0
82771 ENMinstrel's Daughter, TheSmith, Linda4.18.0
52609 ENMinstrel's Melody, TheTate, Eleanora E.5.15.0
85234 ENMinutemen, TheRaatma, Lucia5.90.5
11427 ENMiracle at the PlateChristopher, Matt4.12.0
110893 ENMiracle on 49th StreetLupica, Mike4.78.0
82110 ENMiracle on Ice (American Moments)Pierce, Alan6.61.0
41559 ENMiracle's BoysWoodson, Jacqueline4.33.0
59 ENMiracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.97.0
101723 ENMiranda Rights: Protecting the Rights of the AccusedPrentzas, G.S.9.61.0
73058 ENMiranda v. Arizona: The Rights of the AccusedSonneborn, Liz7.42.0
64750 ENMirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Diary of Bess BrennanDenenberg, Barry6.04.0
103252 ENMirror of Fire and Dreaming, TheDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee6.113.0
32741 ENMirror of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.49.0
41284 ENMiserable Mill, TheSnicket, Lemony6.25.0
54853 ENMisfits, TheHowe, James5.27.0
116747 ENMiss Crandall's School for Young Ladies & Little Misses of ColorAlexander, Elizabeth5.90.5
126 ENMiss HickoryBailey, Carolyn Sherwin5.94.0
76995 ENMissiles and Rockets (Military Hardware in Action)Dartford, Mark6.11.0
47133 ENMissingPascal, Francine6.07.0
5671 ENMissing Chums, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
51849 ENMissing from Haymarket SquareRobinet, Harriette Gillem4.44.0
8539 ENMissing 'Gator of Gumbo Limbo, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead4.64.0
86251 ENMissing Manatee, TheDeFelice, Cynthia C.4.95.0
6673 ENMissing MayRylant, Cynthia5.33.0
41016 ENMissing MollyJahn-Clough, Lisa1.80.5
5277 ENMissing Since MondayMartin, Ann M.4.35.0
47078 ENMississippi (America the Beautiful)George, Charles/Linda9.04.0
117249 ENMississippi Jack: Being an Account of the..Lily of the WestMeyer, L.A.6.025.0
69373 ENMississippi: The Magnolia StateFigueroa, Acton8.92.0
59706 ENMississippi Trial, 1955Crowe, Chris5.59.0
47044 ENMissouri (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin8.24.0
126395 ENMissouri (Third Series)Blashfield, Jean F.6.83.0
52921 ENMister Fudge & Missy MoranSchraff, Anne3.93.0
60 ENMisty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.34.0
6336 ENMitch and AmyCleary, Beverly6.26.0
48476 ENMixed MagicsJones, Diana Wynne5.66.0
77147 ENMixtures, Compounds, and Solutions (Material Matters)Baldwin, Carol6.41.0
83914 ENMoby Dick and the Whaling Industry of the 19th CenturyFaiella, Graham7.11.0
66478 ENMoby Dick: Based on the Novel by Herman Melville (Abridged)Melville/Schwartz6.82.0
711 ENMoby-Dick, or, The WhaleMelville, Herman10.342.0
41542 ENMoby Dick (Saddleback Classics)Melville/Lorimer4.62.0
373 ENMoccasin TrailMcGraw, Eloise Jarvis5.812.0
9717 SPMocosos insoportablesPascal/Suzanne4.33.0
85020 ENModern Mummies: 20th-Century Wonders and BeyondMartin, Michael4.80.5
61 ENMoffats, TheEstes, Eleanor5.26.0
70407 ENMojaveSiebert, Diane5.30.5
46747 ENMoles and Hedgehogs: What They Have in CommonMiller, Sara Swan5.21.0
59028 ENMollusks: Snails, Clams, and Their RelativesBlaxland, Beth5.61.0
10256 ENMolly DonnellyThesman, Jean4.66.0
105079 ENMolly Pitcher: Young American PatriotGlaser, Jason3.70.5
81304 ENMona Lisa, TheKalz, Jill8.11.0
122043 ENMonaco (2nd Edition)King, David C.9.24.0
8477 ENMonarchsLasky, Kathryn6.81.0
116262 ENMonarchyFandel, Jennifer9.61.0
60907 ENMonday's TrollPrelutsky, Jack6.00.5
17714 SPmoneda de oro, LaAda, Alma Flor3.90.5
87354 ENMoneyCribb, Joe8.21.0
57597 ENMoney HungryFlake, Sharon G.4.24.0
100596 ENMonkeyStone, Jeff4.35.0
5909 ENMonkey IslandFox, Paula5.05.0
89897 ENMonks and Monasteries in the Middle AgesAnderson, Dale8.02.0
2522 ENMononucleosis (Perspectives on Disease and Illness)Gedatus, Gustav Mark5.51.0
53428 ENMonsieur EekIves, David5.44.0
29945 ENMonsterMyers, Walter Dean5.15.0
9613 ENMonster BloodStine, R.L.4.13.0
122991 ENMonster CrocsJackson, Tom3.70.5
57606 ENMonster Garden, TheAlcock, Vivien4.25.0
52956 ENMonster in the Mountains, TheSchraff, Anne4.73.0
5947 ENMonster's Ring, TheCoville, Bruce3.92.0
79468 ENMonster TrucksDoeden, Matt2.50.5
108464 ENMonster Trucks (Mighty Machines)Doeden, Matt2.10.5
102389 ENMonstersGray, Peter6.21.0
49138 ENMonstersFunston, Sylvia6.71.0
54106 ENMonsters of Morley Manor, TheCoville, Bruce5.37.0
115975 ENMonsters of MysteryHamilton, Sue6.61.0
55607 SPmonstruo Graciopeo, ElDayán, Linda Marcos3.10.5
18288 SPmonstruo y la bibliotecaria, ElGómez Cerdá, Alfredo5.11.0
47045 ENMontana (America the Beautiful)George, Charles/Linda8.94.0
69374 ENMontana: The Treasure StateHirschmann, Kris8.72.0
57335 ENMonte Irvin (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro Leagues)Haegele, Katie8.12.0
100543 ENMontesquieu: The French Philosopher Who Shaped Modern GovernmentGordon, Susan9.63.0
1822 ENMonteverde: Science and Scientists in a Costa Rican Cloud ForestCollard, Sneed B.8.43.0
86293 ENMontgomery Bus Boycott (American Moments), ThePierce, Alan6.31.0
104776 ENMontmorency and the AssassinsUpdale, Eleanor6.015.0
87256 ENMontmorency on the Rocks: Doctor, Aristocrat, Murderer?Updale, Eleanor6.312.0
77128 ENMontmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?Updale, Eleanor7.48.0
88768 ENMontrealRowe, Percy8.12.0
50056 ENMoon: Earth's Companion in Space, TheCole, Michael D.7.21.0
86286 ENMoon Landing (American Moments)Koestler-Grack, Rachel A.6.51.0
65386 ENMoon Landing: July 20, 1969, TheMason, Paul7.82.0
39637 ENMoon Landing: The Race into Space, TheKelly, Nigel7.51.0
81015 ENMoon Missions (The History of Space Exploration)Woodford, Chris8.11.0
36556 ENMoon of Two Dark HorsesKeehn, Sally M.4.47.0
125504 ENMoon, ThePodesto, Martine5.61.0
75039 ENMoon (Watts Library), TheCarruthers, Margaret W.7.11.0
17539 ENMoonbear's PetAsch, Frank2.50.5
35502 ENMoonkid and LibertyKropp, Paul5.06.0
374 ENMoonlight Man, TheFox, Paula5.16.0
47417 ENMoonpie and IvyO'Connor, Barbara4.24.0
100080 ENMoonriseHunter, Erin5.811.0
48984 ENMoons (Our Universe)Vogt, Gregory4.51.0
62597 ENMoons (The Galaxy)Vogt, Gregory L.3.80.5
53571 ENMoonshiner's GoldErickson, John R.4.46.0
15500 ENMoorchild, TheMcGraw, Eloise Jarvis5.59.0
14877 ENMoose TracksCasanova, Mary4.73.0
16911 ENMopwater Files, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
375 ENMore Adventures of the Great BrainFitzgerald, John D.5.26.0
1834 ENMore Ideas For Science ProjectsAdams/Gardner8.15.0
18776 ENMore Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkSchwartz, Alvin4.71.0
11179 ENMore Spaghetti, I Say!Gelman, Rita Golden1.20.5
27734 ENMore Stories Huey TellsCameron, Ann3.32.0
29498 ENMore than a HorseAdler, C.S.4.76.0
84954 ENMorgan Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.60.5
79190 ENMormonism (Religions of the World)Naden/Blue9.66.0
1847 ENMormons (The American Religious Experience), TheWilliams, Jean Kinney8.83.0
6674 ENMorning GirlDorris, Michael4.92.0
27020 ENMorocco (Enchantment of the World)Blauer/Lauré7.53.0
7332 ENMorris Goes to SchoolWiseman, Bernard2.00.5
68865 ENMorse Code (Communicating)Hossell, Karen Price7.02.0
74320 ENMortal EnginesReeve, Philip6.613.0
6688 ENMossflowerJacques, Brian5.117.0
25562 ENMost Beautiful Roof in the World, TheLasky, Kathryn6.71.0
7582 ENMother for Choco, AKasza, Keiko2.20.5
109007 ENMother Jones: Labor LeaderMiller, Connie Colwell4.40.5
79692 ENMother, May I?Applegate, K.A.4.73.0
48607 ENMother Teresa (Heinemann Profiles)Middleton, Haydn7.21.0
67618 ENMoths and Butterflies of North AmericaList, Ilka5.51.0
85024 SPmotín del té de Boston, ElDoeden, Matt4.40.5
87390 ENMotion PicturesConley, Robyn8.12.0
82204 ENMotion Pictures: Making Cinema MagicDe Angelis, Gina9.55.0
55999 ENMotion (Science Alive!)Lauw/Puay5.80.5
68758 ENMotocrossHerran/Thomas6.61.0
122992 ENMotocrossJohnson, Ben3.80.5
51139 ENMotocross CyclesSchaefer, A.R.4.50.5
79405 ENMotocross FreestyleDoeden, Matt2.40.5
75408 ENMotocross FreestyleSchwartz, Tina P.4.60.5
104138 ENMotocross RacingMarx, Mandy R.3.20.5
75409 ENMotocross RacingSievert, Terri4.70.5
49084 ENMotocross (To the Limit)Freeman, Gary5.90.5
82823 ENMotorbikesMorris, Mark5.41.0
103695 ENMotorbikesGraham, Ian4.20.5
68747 ENMotorcycle Grand Prix Racing (Action Sports)Herran/Thomas7.21.0
17373 ENMotorcyclesSavage, Jeff7.52.0
80560 ENMount Vernon (We the People)Santella, Andrew6.21.0
66051 ENMountain BikesSavage, Jeff4.80.5
45778 ENMountain Biking: Check It Out!Eck, Kristin1.60.5
46431 ENMountain Biking (Radical Sports)Bizley, Kirk6.31.0
69224 ENMountain Biking: Techniques and TricksRosenberg, Aaron6.41.0
49080 ENMountain Biking (To the Limit)Mason, Paul5.70.5
67695 ENMountain Biking (X-Treme Outdoors)Weintraub, Aileen5.31.0
107105 ENMountain Gorilla: Help Save This Endangered Species!, TheImbriaco, Alison8.93.0
47418 ENMountain PoseWilson, Nancy Hope4.47.0
87611 ENMountain That Walked, TheHolubitsky, Katherine5.69.0
11554 ENMountain ValorHouston, Gloria5.07.0
68350 ENMountains and Highlands (Biomes Atlases)Harris, Tim7.82.0
182 ENMouse and the Motorcycle, TheCleary, Beverly5.13.0
9461 ENMouse PaintWalsh, Ellen Stoll2.20.5
5278 ENMouse Rap, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.35.0
107434 ENMove Your Body! Bones and MusclesParker, Steve5.81.0
775 ENMoves Make the Man, TheBrooks, Bruce5.411.0
108801 ENMovie ActingHorn, Geoffrey M.5.31.0
108802 ENMovie AnimationHorn, Geoffrey M.5.11.0
108803 ENMovie Makeup, Costumes, and SetsHorn, Geoffrey M.5.31.0
108804 ENMovie Soundtracks and Sound EffectsHorn, Geoffrey M.5.41.0
108805 ENMovie Stunts and Special EffectsHorn, Geoffrey M.5.51.0
47242 ENMr. BeansHyde, Dayton O.6.66.0
9037 ENMr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
48333 ENMr. Dickens Hits TownMark, Jan5.41.0
12366 ENMr. Lincoln's DrummerWisler, G. Clifton5.35.0
627 ENMr. Mysterious & CompanyFleischman, Sid4.75.0
17633 ENMr. Peale's BonesWest, Tracey4.31.0
58 ENMr. Popper's PenguinsAtwater, Richard/Florence5.63.0
16867 ENMr. Rabbit and the Lovely PresentZolotow, Charlotte2.30.5
18777 ENMr. Revere and ILawson, Robert7.55.0
11481 ENMr. TucketPaulsen, Gary5.04.0
7335 ENMrs. Brice's MiceHoff, Syd2.30.5
62 ENMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (The Secret of NIMH)O'Brien, Robert C.5.18.0
63 ENMrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.23.0
83576 ENMuammar QaddafiNaden, Corinne J.9.85.0
109046 ENMuch Ado About GrubstakeFerris, Jean4.78.0
58575 ENMuch Ado About Nothing for KidsBurdett, Lois5.11.0
17328 ENMuch Bigger Than MartinKellogg, Steven2.50.5
104660 ENMuckrakers: American Journalism During the Age of Reform, TheGallagher, Aileen5.80.5
429 ENMuggie MaggieCleary, Beverly4.51.0
116120 ENMuhammad Ali: American ChampionBurgan, Michael3.80.5
49081 ENMuhammad Ali: The Greatest (Famous Lives)Hook, Jason5.71.0
1786 ENMuhammad Ali: The World's ChampionTessitore, John8.05.0
79383 ENMulticultural AmericaLoonin, Meryl11.14.0
46792 ENMultimedia Magic (Watts Library)Perry, Robert L.8.51.0
28593 ENMultiple ChoiceTashjian, Janet4.95.0
50031 ENMultiplication and DivisionJacques, Caron/St.5.70.5
45565 ENMummiesFunston, Sylvia7.11.0
88378 ENMummies, Myth, and Magic: Religion in Ancient EgyptNardo, Don10.26.0
103230 ENMummies: The Newest, Coolest, & Creepiest from Around the WorldTanaka, Shelley7.72.0
44144 ENMummies, Tombs, and Treasures: Secrets of Ancient EgyptPerl, Lila7.93.0
122011 ENMummies Unwrapped! The Science of Mummy-MakingGrace, N.B.5.71.0
13672 ENMurder at Hockey CampMacGregor, Roy5.13.0
116499 ENMurder File: A Killer's ManualNicholson, Edward5.50.5
376 ENMurder for Her Majesty, AHilgartner, Beth5.08.0
7743 ENMurder in the Middle PastureErickson, John R.4.63.0
102323 ENMurder of Abraham Lincoln, TheGeary, Rick6.61.0
8882 ENMurder on the Orient ExpressChristie, Agatha6.29.0
104210 ENMurder on the RidgeStenhouse, Ted5.27.0
17231 ENMusicArdley, Neil8.01.0
10940 ENMusic from a Place Called Half MoonOughton, Jerrie4.55.0
17783 ENMusic of Dolphins, TheHesse, Karen3.43.0
127435 ENMusician's Daughter, TheDunlap, Susanne6.513.0
17784 ENMustang FlatsWisler, G. Clifton4.44.0
103865 ENMutants, Clones, and Killer Corn: Unlocking...BiotechnologySeiple, Samantha9.13.0
79693 ENMutationApplegate, K.A.4.54.0
42588 ENMutation, TheApplegate, K.A.4.13.0
712 ENMutiny on the BountyNordhoff, Charles8.422.0
102538 ENMy 13th SeasonRoberts, Kristi4.44.0
45154 ENMy America: A Poetry Atlas of the United StatesHopkins, Lee Bennett4.91.0
28511 ENMy AngelicaWilliams, Carol Lynch3.95.0
16398 ENMy Brother, AntByars, Betsy1.70.5
55298 ENMy Brother, My Sister, and IWatkins, Yoko Kawashima4.98.0
62756 ENMy Brother's HeroFogelin, Adrian3.89.0
88567 ENMy Brother's KeeperMcCormick, Patricia5.36.0
127 ENMy Brother Sam Is DeadCollier, James/Christopher4.97.0
102395 ENMy Childhood Under Fire: A Sarajevo DiaryHalilbegovich, Nadja5.83.0
71324 ENMy Crazy Life: How I Survived My FamilyFlaming/Scowen5.36.0
105872 ENMy Dad's a Punk: 12 Stories About Boys and Their FathersBradman, Tony4.69.0
574 ENMy DanielConrad, Pam4.75.0
17785 ENMy Dog SkipMorris, Willie7.15.0
54170 ENMy Face to the Wind: The Diary of Sarah Jane Price...TeacherMurphy, Jim5.66.0
77535 ENMy Father's Summers: A Daughter's MemoirAppelt, Kathi5.53.0
47820 ENMy First Day at CampWeiss, Ellen2.00.5
516 ENMy Friend FlickaO'Hara, Mary6.015.0
18822 ENMy Gal SundayClark, Mary Higgins6.39.0
83017 ENMy Guardian AngelWeil, Sylvie5.46.0
48678 ENMy GuyWeeks, Sarah4.54.0
31191 ENMy Heart Is on the Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little RoseRinaldi, Ann4.35.0
59214 ENMy HeartbeatFreymann-Weyr, Garret4.75.0
106056 ENMy Lady, PocahontasKudlinski, Kathleen V.4.89.0
54681 ENMy Land Sings: Stories from the Río GrandeAnaya, Rudolfo4.95.0
105612 ENMy Last Skirt: The Story of Jennie Hodgers, Union SoldierDurrant, Lynda4.66.0
27973 ENMy Life Among the AliensGauthier, Gail4.13.0
32325 ENMy Life with the ChimpanzeesGoodall, Jane6.15.0
28086 ENMy Louisiana SkyHolt, Kimberly Willis4.65.0
42384 ENMy Man BlueGrimes, Nikki3.90.5
82171 ENMy Mom and Other Mysteries of the UniverseWillner-Pardo, Gina4.16.0
121405 ENMy Most Excellent Year: A Novel...Mary Poppins, & Fenway ParkKluger, Steve6.113.0
114888 ENMy Mother the CheerleaderSharenow, Robert5.16.0
32310 ENMy Mysterious WorldMahy, Margaret4.10.5
9956 ENMy Name Is Brain BrianBetancourt, Jeanne4.34.0
44169 ENMy Name Is EvilStine, R.L.3.24.0
5077 ENMy Name Is Not AngelicaO'Dell, Scott4.84.0
7234 ENMy New BoyPhillips, Joan1.00.5
103281 ENMy Nights at the ImprovSiebold, Jan4.12.0
71657 ENMy Not-So-Terrible Time at the Hippie HotelGraham, Rosemary5.57.0
124693 ENMy One Hundred AdventuresHorvath, Polly5.08.0
47265 ENMy Own True Name...Poems for Young Adults, 1984-1999Mora, Pat5.91.0
48334 ENMy Own Worst EnemySonenklar, Carol4.65.0
83684 ENMy Pants Are Haunted! By Jamie KellyBenton, Jim6.21.0
183 ENMy Robot BuddySlote, Alfred3.61.0
44821 ENMy Secret War: The World War II Diary of Madeline BeckOsborne, Mary Pope5.54.0
64 ENMy Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
9958 ENMy Sister AnnieDodds, Bill3.52.0
11482 ENMy Teacher Flunked the PlanetCoville, Bruce5.05.0
11483 ENMy Teacher Fried My BrainsCoville, Bruce4.84.0
11484 ENMy Teacher Glows in the DarkCoville, Bruce4.94.0
5433 ENMy Teacher Is an AlienCoville, Bruce5.33.0
80685 ENMy Travels with Capts. Lewis and Clark, by George ShannonMcMullan, Kate4.58.0
184 ENMy Trip to Alpha ISlote, Alfred4.31.0
32297 ENMy Writing DayAdler, David A.4.40.5
116798 ENMyanmar in Pictures (Second Series)Streissguth, Thomas7.03.0
59029 ENMyriapods: Centipedes, Millipedes, and Their RelativesBlaxland, Beth5.91.0
78629 ENMysteries of Body and MindTownsend, John4.91.0
20324 ENMysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan7.911.0
122839 ENMysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, TheStewart, Trenton Lee6.119.0
113801 ENMysterious Benedict Society, TheStewart, Trenton Lee5.618.0
74152 ENMysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel), TheRaskin, Ellen4.94.0
78631 ENMysterious DisappearancesTownsend, John4.71.0
78632 ENMysterious EncountersTownsend, John5.21.0
53440 ENMysterious Matter of I.M. Fine, TheStanley, Diane4.56.0
78633 ENMysterious MonstersTownsend, John5.11.0
73381 ENMysterious Mummer, TheFalcone, L.M.3.65.0
118337 ENMysterious PlacesAdasiewicz, Sue5.20.5
78634 ENMysterious SignsTownsend, John5.31.0
121990 ENMysterious Universe: Supernovae, Dark Energy...Black Holes, TheJackson, Ellen7.52.0
78635 ENMysterious Urban MythsTownsend, John4.91.0
78636 ENMysterious VisitorsTownsend, John5.11.0
85682 ENMystery and Terror: The Story of Edgar Allan PoeSchoell, William8.95.0
58235 ENMystery at Chilkoot PassSteiner, Barbara4.65.0
11428 ENMystery at the Ballpark, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
49139 ENMystery from HistoryGaetz, Dayle Campbell4.85.0
14829 ENMystery of Drear House, TheHamilton, Virginia3.76.0
35820 ENMystery of the Dark TowerColeman, Evelyn4.14.0
29527 ENMystery of the Mammoth Bones, TheGiblin, James Cross8.03.0
53572 ENMystery of the Roman RansomWinterfeld/McCormick4.95.0
11429 ENMystery of the Stolen Boxcar, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
19693 ENMystery on MauiKeene, Carolyn5.14.0
87355 ENMythologyPhilip, Neil7.51.0
87007 ENMythology of the WorldPhilip, Neil8.48.0
87587 ENMzungu Boy, TheMwangi, Meja4.55.0
46896 ENN Sync (Celebrity Bios)Laslo, Cynthia5.31.0
15424 ENNaked Mole-RatsJarrow, Gail6.51.0
80299 ENNaming MayaKrishnaswami, Uma4.45.0
86157 ENNanotechnologyMaddox, Dianne8.31.0
73691 ENNarcotics (Drug Education Library)Walker/Wood9.84.0
36057 ENNASA Space Vehicles: Capsules, Shuttles, and Space StationsCole, Michael D.7.21.0
122993 ENNASCAR BlastClayton, David3.90.5
84935 ENNASCAR's Wildest WrecksDoeden, Matt4.20.5
124665 ENNASCAR TechWoods, Bob6.41.0
120102 ENNASCAR TechnologyRiley, Gail Blasser3.00.5
58757 ENNASCAR (The Need for Speed)Johnstone, Michael6.61.0
105080 ENNat Turner's Slave RebellionBurgan, Michael3.90.5
104717 ENNatalie's SecretMorgan, Melissa J.4.95.0
49123 ENNatchez Under-the-HillApplegate, Stanley4.67.0
330 ENNate the GreatSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.00.5
5237 ENNate the Great and the Missing KeySharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
678 ENNate the Great and the Musical NoteSharmat, Marjorie/Craig2.90.5
101374 ENNathan Hale: Revolutionary SpyOlson, Nathan3.80.5
116524 ENNational Grape Boycott: A Victory for Farmworkers, TheDavis, Barbara J.7.22.0
68245 ENNational Guard, TheKerrigan, Michael9.72.0
85273 ENNational League CentralSilbaugh, John6.71.0
85274 ENNational League EastTeitelbaum, Michael6.51.0
85275 ENNational League WestGigliotti, Jim6.81.0
73184 ENNationalism (Ideas of the Modern World)Tames, Richard9.52.0
45299 ENNative American Animal StoriesBruchac/Caduto5.02.0
59807 ENNative American CookingCarew-Miller, Anna7.41.0
101263 ENNative American CultureGleason, Katherine6.31.0
59809 ENNative American Festivals and CeremoniesGlatzer, Jenna7.51.0
59810 ENNative American HorsemanshipAykroyd, Clarissa6.81.0
117227 ENNative American MythologyRamen, Fred6.61.0
54313 ENNative American Shipwrecks (Watts Library)Delgado, James P.6.71.0
85262 ENNatural Resources: Using and Protecting Earth's SuppliesStille, Darlene R.6.71.0
74589 ENNatural World (Discovering Mythology), TheGlick, Susan8.45.0
71398 ENNature Boy: Pro Wrestler Ric Flair, TheKaelberer, Angie Peterson4.91.0
32296 ENNature! Wild and WonderfulPringle, Laurence4.30.5
47662 SPnáufragos de El Holandés Errante, LosJacques, Brian5.414.0
75717 ENNavajo Code Talkers (We the People)Santella, Andrew6.80.5
60796 ENNavajo Long Walk: The Tragic Story...March from Their HomelandBruchac, Joseph7.11.0
34853 ENNavajo SummerDewey, Jennifer Owings4.85.0
60971 ENNavy Combat Aircraft and PilotsHolden, Henry M.5.91.0
60978 ENNavy in Action, TheGaines, Ann Graham9.43.0
120491 ENNavy SEALs in ActionYomtov, Nel4.80.5
69193 ENNavy Seals: Special Operations for the U.S. NavyPayment, Simone6.71.0
89874 ENNazi Death CampsDowning, David8.02.0
79436 ENNear-Death ExperiencesMartin, Michael5.00.5
47079 ENNebraska (America the Beautiful)McNair, Sylvia8.24.0
62422 ENNebraska: The Cornhusker StateFlocker, Michael E.8.82.0
59964 ENNebulas (Our Universe)Vogt, Gregory4.71.0
114313 ENNeddiad: How Neddie Took the Train...and Saved Civilization, ThePinkwater, Daniel5.18.0
72843 ENNeed for Oil, TheGunderson, Cory6.81.0
120182 ENNegro Leagues, TheBurgan, Michael6.31.0
64645 ENNeil Armstrong: The First Man on the Moon (Famous Lives)Goldsmith, Mike6.71.0
104631 ENNelson MandelaO'Hern, Kerri4.50.5
64646 ENNelson Mandela: Father of Freedom (Famous Lives)Adi, Hakim7.11.0
62282 ENNeptune: The Eighth PlanetCole, Michael D.7.71.0
103469 ENNervousNorman, Tony3.20.5
32677 ENNest of Dinosaurs, ANorell/Dingus7.42.0
46841 ENNetherlands (Enchantment of the World), TheHintz, Martin8.44.0
48819 ENNeurological DisordersGoldsmith, Connie7.72.0
62351 ENNevadaStefoff, Rebecca8.32.0
47046 ENNevada (America the Beautiful)Stein, R. Conrad7.93.0
16984 ENNever Cry "Arp!" and Other Great AdventuresMcManus, Patrick F.5.54.0
78562 ENNever Mind! A Twin NovelAvi/Vail3.65.0
6078 ENNever Spit on Your ShoesCazet, Denys2.00.5
70165 ENNever War, TheMacHale, D.J.4.414.0
15578 ENNeverending Story, TheEnde, Michael5.918.0
35656 ENNevermoreSchechter, Harold10.621.0
129587 ENNevermore: A Photobiography of Edgar Allan PoeLange, Karen E.7.82.0
61017 ENNew African Americans, TheAshabranner, Brent8.63.0
48741 ENNew Animal DiscoveriesOrenstein, Ronald6.91.0
47047 ENNew Hampshire (America the Beautiful)Stein, R. Conrad8.04.0
69376 ENNew Hampshire: The Granite StateMattern, Joanne8.12.0
47080 ENNew Jersey (America the Beautiful)Stein, R. Conrad8.13.0
62423 ENNew Jersey: The Garden StateHoltz, Eric Siegfried8.32.0
71569 ENNew Materials (21st Century Science)Kerrod, Robin8.21.0
47081 ENNew Mexico (America the Beautiful)Kent, Deborah7.23.0
69377 ENNew Mexico: Land of EnchantmentBurgan, Michael8.12.0
74255 ENNew Religious Movements (21st Century Debates)Mason, Claire10.53.0
73025 ENNew Roads, Canals, and Railroads in Early-19th-Century AmericaRay, Kurt5.90.5
84311 ENNew Threat: A Clone Wars Novel, AHand, Elizabeth5.04.0
47134 ENNew Year's to Kwanzaa: Original Stories of CelebrationHaven, Kendall6.011.0
47082 ENNew York (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.24.0
72689 ENNew York CityWalsh, Frank7.82.0
69860 ENNew York Knicks (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.7.94.0
66695 ENNew York Rangers (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.7.84.0
67219 ENNew York Subways, TheDuTemple, Lesley A.8.23.0
120498 ENNew York (Third Series)Somervill, Barbara A.8.04.0
57527 ENNew York Yankees (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.7.85.0
1910 ENNewcomers to AmericaGreenberg, Judith E.6.84.0
51487 ENNewfangled Fairy Tales (Book #1)Lansky, Bruce4.73.0
30913 ENNewfoundland, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.00.5
100521 ENNewton and the Three Laws of MotionCroce, Nicholas8.52.0
89275 ENNFC EastWelsh, Nick6.51.0
124721 ENNFC EastKelley, K.C.6.81.0
89276 ENNFC NorthWoods, Bob6.81.0
124722 ENNFC NorthKelley, K.C.6.61.0
89277 ENNFC SouthLogan, Jim6.31.0
89278 ENNFC WestWalters, John6.01.0
124724 ENNFC WestKelley, K.C.6.41.0
51961 ENNibbling on Einstein's Brain: The Good ... the Bogus in ScienceSwanson, Diane9.15.0
123308 ENNick of Time: An Adventure Through TimeBell, Ted6.319.0
44714 ENNick's SecretBlatchford, Claire H.4.25.0
69866 ENNicolas CageBlue/Naden8.13.0
85205 ENNicolaus Copernicus: Father of Modern AstronomySomervill, Barbara A.7.92.0
64764 ENNicotine (Drug Education Library)Rackley, Jenny9.85.0
46835 ENNiger (Enchantment of the World)Heinrichs, Ann7.84.0
59997 ENNigeria (Steadwell Books World Tour)Daley, Patrick5.11.0
5279 ENNightWiesel, Elie4.84.0
66026 ENNight Attack Gunships: The AC-130H SpectresGreen, Michael/Gladys5.30.5
120206 ENNight Attack Gunships: The AC-130H Spectres (Revised Edition)Green, Michael5.10.5
12492 ENNight Crossing, TheAckerman, Karen5.31.0
377 ENNight CryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.46.0
34692 ENNight Flyers, TheJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.05.0
85440 ENNight GateCarmody, Isobelle5.611.0
40657 ENNight HoopsDeuker, Carl4.58.0
27941 ENNight JourneysAvi4.94.0
54371 ENNight of DisasterSchraff, Anne4.53.0
11551 ENNight of FearKehret, Peg4.75.0
14955 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIStine, R.L.3.13.0
628 ENNight of the TwistersRuckman, Ivy4.74.0
17635 ENNight Raiders Along the CapeWaters, John F.4.62.0
68960 ENNight Spies, TheKacer, Kathy5.27.0
20127 ENNight Terrors: Stories of Shadow and SubstanceDuncan, Lois4.66.0
14967 ENNight the Heads Came, TheSleator, William4.85.0
9638 ENNight Without Stars, AHowe, James3.95.0
23350 ENNightbirds on NantucketAiken, Joan5.88.0
80601 ENNighthawk F-117AStone, Lynn M.6.30.5
6935 ENNightmareRoberts, Willo Davis5.79.0
2501 ENNightmare HourStine, R.L.3.54.0
6989 ENNightmare MountainKehret, Peg4.65.0
76369 ENNightmares of NatureRohr, Ian5.40.5
108737 ENNightmares That Ghosts Have, TheArnold, Louise6.311.0
49988 ENNikki Giovanni: Poet of the PeopleJosephson, Judith Pinkerton6.93.0
69353 ENNile (Great Rivers of the World), TheCumming, David7.02.0
107733 ENNinjaGlaser, Jason4.80.5
120609 ENNinjaOllhoff, Jim6.21.0
71431 ENNinjas, Piranhas, and GalileoSmith, Greg Leitich5.25.0
60964 ENNiño & La Niña: Deadly Weather, ElBredeson, Carmen6.71.0
146 SPniño que pagaba el pato, ElFleischman, Sid3.92.0
55772 SPniño que pintó el mundo, Eldel Amo, Javier3.91.0
55773 SPniño que vino con el viento, ElFarias, Juan3.81.0
39838 ENNino: Stormy Weather for People and Wildlife, ElArnold, Caroline8.41.0
118371 ENNo Animals, No Plants: Species at RiskIrvine, Sarah5.91.0
11430 ENNo Arm in Left FieldChristopher, Matt4.32.0
43409 ENNo Condition Is PermanentKessler, Cristina5.56.0
17330 ENNo Fair!Holtzman, Caren1.40.5
123735 ENNo Girls Allowed: Tales of Daring Women Dressed...AdventureHughes, Susan3.91.0
32531 ENNo Man's LandBartoletti, Susan Campbell4.64.0
48259 ENNo More Dead DogsKorman, Gordon4.55.0
7385 ENNo More Monsters for MeParish, Peggy1.70.5
82868 ENNo One Must KnowWiseman, Eva4.36.0
115396 ENNo TalkingClements, Andrew5.04.0
82280 ENNo Time Like Show TimeHoeye, Michael3.88.0
55299 ENNo Time to DieChandler, Elizabeth5.37.0
82250 ENNo Way Out (Hardy Boys Mysteries)Dixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
84135 ENNoah Webster and the First American DictionaryFodde Melis, Luisanna9.13.0
73216 ENNobel Book of Answers, TheStiekel, Bettina8.08.0
16595 ENNobody Lives in Apartment N-2Schraff, Anne3.71.0
53632 ENNobody Particular: One Woman's Fight to Save the BaysBang, Molly4.91.0
29788 ENNobody's Family Is Going to ChangeFitzhugh, Louise4.37.0
80290 ENNobody Was Here: 7th Grade in the Life of Me, PenelopePollet, Alison5.57.0
10680 SPnoche de los ninjas, LaOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
59314 ENNocturnal Animals (Wildlife Ed.)Wexo, John Bonnett4.90.5
77149 ENNonmetals (Material Matters)Baldwin, Carol6.31.0
239 ENNoonday Friends, TheStolz, Mary4.86.0
10911 ENNora: Maybe a Ghost StoryGreene, Constance C.4.24.0
78679 ENNorthNapoli, Donna Jo4.09.0
46793 ENNorth American Indian Games (Watts Library)Anderson, Madelyn Klein6.31.0
56366 ENNorth American Indian Music (Watts Library)Ench/Cravath7.11.0
47375 ENNorth American MooseDuTemple, Lesley A.5.81.0
71418 ENNorth American Racer Snakes (Snakes)Richardson, Adele D.4.30.5
28549 ENNorth by Night: A Story of the Underground RailroadAyres, Katherine4.86.0
47083 ENNorth Carolina (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin/Stephen8.74.0
126396 ENNorth Carolina (Third Series)Heinrichs, Ann7.53.0
47048 ENNorth Dakota (America the Beautiful)Hintz, Martin8.53.0
69378 ENNorth Dakota: The Peace Garden StateFontes, Justine7.92.0
68735 ENNorth KoreaSalter, Christopher10.34.0
83866 ENNorth Korea in PicturesBehnke, Alison10.13.0
121222 ENNorth Korea (Second Series)Kummer, Patricia K.7.13.0
82190 ENNorth of EverythingCrist-Evans, Craig4.50.5
629 ENNorth to FreedomHolm, Anne5.79.0
80967 ENNorth TownGraham, Lorenz5.57.0
81377 ENNorthern Forests (Habitats)Snedden, Robert6.51.0
8081 ENNorthern Nativity, AKurelek, William5.71.0
103761 ENNorthwest Division, TheBrock, Ted7.31.0
119636 ENNorthwest Division, TheKelley, James S.6.71.0
46836 ENNorway (Enchantment of the World)Blashfield, Jean F.8.04.0
36700 ENNory Ryan's SongGiff, Patricia Reilly4.35.0
68636 ENNot as Crazy as I SeemHarrar, George4.37.0
9386 ENNot I, Not IHillert, Margaret0.70.5
12372 ENNot in the House, Newton!Gilliland, Judith Heide3.30.5
32160 ENNot Just a Summer CrushAdler, C.S.4.43.0
240 ENNot-Just-Anybody Family, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
73393 ENNot Quite a StrangerRodowsky, Colby5.36.0
48680 ENNotes from a Liar and Her DogCholdenko, Gennifer3.87.0
185 ENNothing's Fair in Fifth GradeDeClements, Barthe3.74.0
76065 ENNounsHeinrichs, Ann3.40.5
80453 ENNow You See Him, Now You Don'tStine, Megan3.52.0
39861 ENNowhere to Call HomeDeFelice, Cynthia5.37.0
73906 ENNuclear Accidents (Man-Made Disasters)Mayell, Mark11.65.0
104064 ENNuclear, Biological, and Chemical Disasters...Survival GuidePayment, Simone8.12.0
71579 ENNuclear Energy (Science Issues)Stoyles/Pentland/Demant7.21.0
83835 ENNuclear Power Plant, ALüsted, Marcia/Greg11.75.0
82174 ENNuclear Winter Man, TheDeary, Terry5.93.0
20890 SPnudo, Eldel Amo, Montserrat3.71.0
9723 SPnueva Jessica, LaPascal/Suzanne3.83.0
379 ENNumber the StarsLowry, Lois4.54.0
59767 ENNumbering All the BonesRinaldi, Ann4.25.0
107816 ENNuremberg Trials, TheDavenport, John9.84.0
86204 ENNutrition Sense: Counting Calories...Eating Balanced MealsBickerstaff, Linda8.11.0
105765 ENNutty News, TheBarrett, Ron4.61.0
43740 ENNzingha: Warrior Queen of MatambaMcKissack, Patricia C.5.63.0
79210 ENObesity (Diseases and Disorders)Abramovitz, Melissa11.14.0
64234 ENObjects in Motion: Principles of Classical MechanicsFleisher, Paul7.32.0
17233 ENOceanMacQuitty, Miranda7.71.0
83243 ENOceanGray, Samantha5.11.0
65470 ENOcean Animals (Animals of the Biomes)Donovan, Sandra4.71.0
87566 ENOcean of Osyria, TheLobdell, Scott3.31.0
83671 ENOcean Storm Alert!Gleason, Carrie6.91.0
15984 ENOceansMorris, Neil5.60.5
67146 ENOceansSerrano, Marta7.01.0
68351 ENOceans and Beaches (Biomes Atlases)Day, Trevor7.92.0
45106 ENOceans and Skies (Mapping Our World)Sammis, Fran7.92.0
49217 ENOcelots (Animals of the Rain Forest)Dollar, Sam3.70.5
60482 ENOcicat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne4.90.5
19538 ENOctopus: Phantom of the Sea, TheCerullo, Mary M.7.51.0
67619 ENOctopuses, Squids, and CuttlefishTrueit, Trudi Strain6.31.0
10294 ENOddballsSleator, William6.23.0
29308 ENOdder than EverCoville, Bruce5.57.0
84007 ENOdysseusMcCaughrean, Geraldine6.06.0
79380 ENOdyssey of Ben O'Neal, TheTaylor, Theodore5.96.0
101891 ENOf Flowers and ShadowsKirwan, Anna5.96.0
8665 ENOf Mice and MenSteinbeck, John4.54.0
24639 ENOff Road RacingMcKenna, A.T.6.11.0
31893 ENOff the RoadBawden, Nina4.86.0
100452 ENOff the Wall: A Skateboarder's Guide to Riding Bowls and PoolsHocking, Justin6.31.0
82172 ENOffsidesEsckilsen, Erik E.5.67.0
80937 ENOgres and GiantsHamilton, John7.10.5
106749 ENOh, Rats! The Story of Rats and PeopleMarrin, Albert6.22.0
9040 ENOh, the Thinks You Can Think!Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
47049 ENOhio (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.54.0
56542 ENOhio: The Buckeye StateMartin, Michael A.9.82.0
73907 ENOil and Chemical Spills (Man-Made Disasters)Owens, Peter11.15.0
100380 ENOil and GasMorris, Neil7.41.0
120697 ENOil Rig RoughneckHorn, Geoffrey M.4.81.0
69239 ENOil Rig Workers: Life Drilling for OilWhite, Katherine7.71.0
73035 ENOil, Steel, and Railroads: America's Big Businesses...Late 1800sJarnow, Jesse4.50.5
81299 ENOils and the EnvironmentMercer, Ian6.61.0
85163 ENOjibwe and Their History, TheRosinsky, Natalie M.6.00.5
67858 ENOkapis (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy4.40.5
47084 ENOklahoma (America the Beautiful)Reedy, Jerry8.64.0
62424 ENOklahoma: The Sooner StateMartin, Michael A.9.62.0
6080 ENOld Black FlyAylesworth, Jim1.40.5
24593 ENOld-Fashioned Girl (Unabridged), AnAlcott, Louisa May8.218.0
5994 ENOld Man and the Sea, TheHemingway, Ernest5.14.0
65 ENOld Mother West WindBurgess, Thornton5.23.0
82156 ENOld Willis Place: A Ghost Story, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.27.0
66 ENOld YellerGipson, Fred5.05.0
71432 ENOlive's OceanHenkes, Kevin4.74.0
7336 ENOliverHoff, Syd2.10.5
30573 ENOliver's WarsWilson, Budge4.54.0
7116 ENOliver TwistDickens, Charles11.333.0
60474 ENOlympic Hero: Pro Wrestler Kurt AngleSchaefer, A.R.4.60.5
87356 ENOlympicsOxlade, Chris8.31.0
27013 ENOman (Enchantment of the World)Foster, Leila Merrell7.52.0
58500 ENOmnivores in the Food ChainMcGinty, Alice B.4.60.5
128 ENOn My HonorBauer, Marion Dane4.72.0
67 ENOn the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura Ingalls4.68.0
8483 ENOn the Brink of ExtinctionArnold, Caroline7.01.0
39879 ENOn the Edge: Stories at the BrinkDuncan, Lois5.47.0
630 ENOn the Far Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.56.0
32240 ENOn the LineBowen, Fred4.32.0
82984 ENOn Writing for Children and Other PeopleLester, Julius7.76.0
67650 ENOnboard the Space Shuttle (Out of This World)Spangenburg/Moser8.53.0
14799 ENOnce on This IslandWhelan, Gloria5.46.0
18780 ENOnce on This RiverWyeth, Sharon Dennis4.45.0
44952 ENOnce Upon a FarmArtley, Bob7.44.0
62564 ENOnce Upon a MarigoldFerris, Jean5.78.0
32304 ENOnce Upon a TimeBunting, Eve3.50.5
122193 ENOnce Upon a Time in the NorthPullman, Philip6.34.0
9619 ENOne Day at HorrorLandStine, R.L.3.43.0
11432 ENOne Day in the Alpine TundraGeorge, Jean Craighead5.51.0
44824 ENOne Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping: The Diary of Julie WeissDenenberg, Barry5.66.0
241 ENOne-Eyed CatFox, Paula5.47.0
9042 ENOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
8667 ENOne Flew over the Cuckoo's NestKesey, Ken6.218.0
18781 ENOne Hundredth Thing About Caroline, TheLowry, Lois4.64.0
679 ENOne in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo, TheBlume, Judy2.50.5
41581 ENOne Less FishToft/Sheather3.30.5
32311 ENOne Man ShowAsch, Frank4.10.5
24964 ENOne More RiverBanks, Lynne Reid5.09.0
49786 ENOne Unhappy HorseAdler, C.S.4.45.0
114142 ENOne Whole and Perfect DayClarke, Judith5.49.0
68 ENOnion JohnKrumgold, Joseph4.58.0
32721 ENOnly Outcast, TheJohnston, Julie5.59.0
56340 ENOnly Witness, TheWatson, Jude5.43.0
58659 ENOnly You Can Save MankindPratchett, Terry3.95.0
64495 ENOpening of the West (American Voices From), TheStefoff, Rebecca7.74.0
111938 ENOpheliaKlein, Lisa M.6.214.0
83577 ENOpium (Drug Education Library)Barter, James11.65.0
89967 ENOprah WinfreyHudak, Heather C.4.80.5
68986 ENOr Give Me Death: A Novel of Patrick Henry's FamilyRinaldi, Ann4.06.0
77523 ENOracle Betrayed, TheFisher, Catherine4.810.0
65512 ENOrangutanBrend, Stephen6.31.0
100907 ENOrangutan, TheHarkrader, Lisa7.21.0
49218 ENOrangutans (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy3.80.5
46324 ENOrca: Admiral of the Sea, TheBloas/Julienne, Le6.10.5
43072 ENOrcas: High Seas SupermenHopkins, Ellen4.41.0
5078 ENOrdinary Princess, TheKaye, M.M.6.44.0
106575 ENOregon (2nd Edition)Stefoff, Rebecca8.33.0
47050 ENOregon (America the Beautiful)Ingram, William Scott8.54.0
25116 ENOregon Trail, TheStein, R. Conrad6.01.0
102317 ENOrgan TransplantsBarter, James10.44.0
68205 ENOrganized Crime (Crime and Detection)Black, Andy10.43.0
60483 ENOriental Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.31.0
75421 ENOrienteering (Great Outdoors)Mattern, Joanne4.90.5
6393 ENOriginal Freddie Ackerman, TheIrwin, Hadley6.06.0
89876 ENOrigins of the Holocaust, TheDowning, David8.72.0
67 SPorillas del río Plum, AWilder, Laura Ingalls4.68.0
102282 ENOrlando BloomDougherty, Terri8.44.0
17829 ENOrnament Tree, TheThesman, Jean4.97.0
103994 ENOrphan Trains, TheFlanagan, Alice K.6.21.0
76943 ENOsama bin Laden (A&E Biography)Woolf, Alex9.23.0
73576 ENOsbournes, TheKoopmans, Andy8.24.0
57271 ENOscar Robertson (Basketball Hall of Famers)Cohen, Joel H.7.52.0
80839 ENOscar: The Life and Music of Oscar PetersonMarin, Reva7.66.0
63840 ENOskar SchindlerWukovits, John F.8.74.0
62412 ENOswald Avery and the Story of DNASevers/Whiting8.91.0
10949 ENOthelloLester, Julius5.25.0
87459 ENOther EchoesGeras, Adèle4.65.0
32359 ENOther Ones, TheThesman, Jean4.25.0
28543 ENOther Shepards, TheGriffin, Adele5.06.0
53694 ENOther Side of Truth, TheNaidoo, Beverley5.39.0
10269 ENOthers See UsSleator, William5.86.0
6482 ENOtis SpoffordCleary, Beverly4.64.0
100908 ENOtter, TheImbriaco, Alison8.11.0
107312 ENOur Country's Presidents (Revised and Expanded)Bausum, Ann9.27.0
84812 ENOur Dad Died/After You Lose Someone You LoveDennison, Amy5.14.0
101284 ENOur Eleanor...Look at Eleanor Roosevelt's Remarkable LifeFleming, Candace8.010.0
16784 ENOur Natural HomesCollard, Sneed B.5.60.5
35294 ENOur Only May AmeliaHolm, Jennifer L.4.87.0
51739 ENOur Planet TodayFredette et al., Nathalie9.82.0
83037 ENOur Secret, Siri AangKessler, Cristina6.28.0
102673 ENOur Stories, Our Songs: African Children Talk About AIDSEllis, Deborah4.74.0
5079 ENOut from This PlaceHansen, Joyce4.65.0
65079 ENOut of Bounds: Seven Stories of Conflict and HopeNaidoo, Beverley5.45.0
8578 ENOut of ControlMazer, Norma Fox4.05.0
11728 ENOut of NowhereSebestyen, Ouida4.56.0
106170 ENOut of PatienceMeehl, Brian4.99.0
18782 ENOut of the BlueEllis, Sarah4.14.0
60574 ENOut of the DarknessBrooke, Lauren4.45.0
18783 ENOut of the DustHesse, Karen5.33.0
31181 ENOut of the WildernessVanasse, Deb4.85.0
61644 ENOut of Their MindsMatas/Nodelman5.38.0
102721 ENOut Standing in My FieldJennings, Patrick4.35.0
15097 ENOutcast of RedwallJacques, Brian6.315.0
76086 ENOutcasts of 19 Schuyler Place, TheKonigsburg, E.L.5.59.0
73784 ENOutlaw Princess of Sherwood: A Tale of Rowan HoodSpringer, Nancy5.24.0
631 ENOutlaw RedKjelgaard, Jim6.68.0
62208 ENOutlaws (Bad Guys)Blackwood, Gary L.7.72.0
75590 ENOutlaws of Sherwood, TheMcKinley, Robin6.919.0
16933 ENOutrageously AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.05.0
106274 ENOutside Groove, TheEsckilsen, Erik E.5.610.0
381 ENOutsiders, TheHinton, S.E.4.77.0
85927 ENOvarian CancerSheen, Barbara9.84.0
129 ENOver Sea, Under StoneCooper, Susan5.412.0
63094 ENOver the RiverMoranville, Sharelle Byars5.16.0
41560 ENOver the WallRitter, John H.4.210.0
66872 ENOverboardFama, Elizabeth5.16.0
65325 ENOvercrowded World? Our Impact on the Planet, AnBowden, Rob9.42.0
64369 ENOvernightGriffin, Adele4.45.0
55841 ENOwen Foote, Super SpyGreene, Stephanie3.62.0
59261 ENOwl Service, TheGarner, Alan3.76.0
46749 ENOwls: The Silent HuntersMiller, Sara Swan5.11.0
16785 ENOzone Hole ( (Closer Look At), TheEdmonds, Alex7.30.5
84653 ENOzone Hole (Environmental Disasters), TheWalker, Jane8.71.0
20090 ENP.S. Longer Letter LaterDanziger/Martin4.55.0
54428 ENPablo Picasso (Creative Lives)Wallis, Jeremy7.82.0
29228 ENPacific CrossingSoto, Gary4.64.0
103762 ENPacific Division, TheBrock, Ted7.01.0
75849 ENPacific Division: The Golden State Warriors...Supersonics, TheBrock, Ted7.01.0
6483 ENPaddle-to-the-SeaHolling, Holling Clancy5.41.0
45795 ENPagePierce, Tamora5.49.0
58522 ENPaint by MagicReiss, Kathryn4.710.0
79469 ENPaintballSievert, Terri4.10.5
104139 ENPaintballMarx, Mandy R.3.10.5
84652 ENPainting (Mastering Art)Hodge, Anthony6.11.0
123849 ENPainting the Wild Frontier: The Art and Adventures of G. CatlinReich, Susanna7.57.0
55804 SPPajarulí: Poemas para seguir andandoPlaza, José María3.41.0
6400 SPPalabras de piedraHenkes, Kevin5.05.0
70861 ENPan Am Flight 103: Terrorism over LockerbieSpies, Karen Bornemann8.11.0
83858 ENPanamaArmstrong, David M.9.85.0
102646 ENPanama in Pictures (Revised Edition)Streissguth, Tom8.53.0
77550 ENPanda Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered WildlifeBortolotti, Dan8.32.0
83123 ENPandora of Athens: 399 B.C.Denenberg, Barry7.13.0
31186 ENPankration: The Ultimate GameBlacklock, Dyan5.96.0
67221 ENPantheon, TheDuTemple, Lesley A.8.03.0
81850 ENPaper (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink)Walker, Kate7.11.0
34711 ENPaperboyHolland, Isabelle4.24.0
18642 ENPaperboy, ThePilkey, Dav2.90.5
59145 SPPara que no me olvidesBosak, Susan V.4.30.5
119521 ENParade of ShadowsWhelan, Gloria6.611.0
64508 ENParadiseGoodman, Joan Elizabeth4.46.0
84949 ENParamedics to the Rescue: When Every Second CountsSilverstone, Michael5.11.0
120493 ENPararescuemen in ActionSandler, Michael4.20.5
2105 ENPark NaturalistDawson, Jim5.30.5
382 ENPark's QuestPaterson, Katherine4.25.0
1806 ENParkinson's Disease (Venture Book)Landau, Elaine10.13.0
20130 ENParrot in the OvenMartínez, Víctor6.17.0
46750 ENParrots Around the WorldRauzon, Mark J.5.41.0
46852 ENParsifal's PageMorris, Gerald5.58.0
8237 ENParty SummerStine, R.L.4.36.0
62222 ENParvana's JourneyEllis, Deborah4.55.0
16718 ENPassage to India, AForster, E.M.7.718.0
78250 ENPast Perfect, Present Tense: New and Collected StoriesPeck, Richard4.96.0
59031 ENPasta and NoodlesJones, Carol5.90.5
53961 ENPatchwork Girl of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank7.29.0
68681 ENPatiently AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.77.0
101375 ENPatrick Henry: Liberty or DeathGlaser, Jason4.30.5
101777 ENPatriot Act, TheTorr, James D.12.45.0
83188 ENPatriot School: The United States Military Academy at West PointBoyer, Allen B.6.62.0
78551 ENPatriots in Petticoats: Heroines of the American RevolutionRedmond, Shirley Raye5.41.0
100428 ENPatriots Win the American Revolution, TheAnderson, Dale7.92.0
59487 ENPatrol: An American Soldier in VietnamMyers, Walter Dean3.00.5
62413 ENPaul Ehrlich and Modern Drug DevelopmentZannos, Susan8.21.0
60922 ENPaul Laurence Dunbar: Portrait of a PoetReef, Catherine7.63.0
25117 ENPaul RevereSakurai, Gail6.41.0
101376 ENPaul Revere's RideNiz, Xavier3.70.5
9331 ENPaul the PitcherSharp, Paul1.80.5
83915 ENPaul ZindelDaniel, Susanna8.52.0
83916 ENPaula FoxDaniel, Susanna7.72.0
28289 ENPawnsRoberts, Willo Davis5.46.0
101775 ENPCPMarcovitz, Hal10.55.0
60716 ENPeace Tales: World Folktales to Talk AboutMacDonald, Margaret Read4.22.0
74522 ENPeacekeepersLinden, Dianne5.07.0
51851 ENPeanut Butter Lover BoyCoville, Bruce5.23.0
104904 ENPearl Harbor: Day of InfamyFitzgerald, Stephanie7.42.0
11433 ENPearl Harbor is Burning! A Story of World War IIKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.51.0
39623 ENPearl Harbor: The US Enters World War IITames, Richard7.91.0
7119 ENPearl, TheSteinbeck, John7.14.0
15829 ENPearls of LutraJacques, Brian6.118.0
124978 ENPeasantHull, Robert7.02.0
2064 ENPediatricianWallner, Rosemary5.21.0
47266 ENPedro and Me: Friendship, Loss, and What I LearnedWinick, Judd3.92.0
17587 ENPedro's JournalConrad, Pam5.82.0
67620 ENPelicans, Cormorants, and Their KinSwan, Erin Pembrey6.01.0
9702 SPPeligra una amistadPascal/Suzanne4.34.0
41958 SPPeligro en el palacioDoyle/Macdonald6.55.0
9731 SPpeluca muy cara, UnaPascal/Suzanne4.24.0
87332 ENPendragon: The Guide to the Territories of HallaMacHale, D.J.6.40.5
65513 ENPenguin (Natural World)Reid, Keith6.41.0
63221 ENPenguinsWinner, Cherie5.51.0
67621 ENPenguins: From Emperors to MacaronisSwan, Erin Pembrey6.51.0
39624 ENPenicillin: A Breakthrough in MedicineTames, Richard8.41.0
47051 ENPennsylvania (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.74.0
56543 ENPennsylvania: The Keystone StateIngram, Scott8.62.0
108040 ENPenny from HeavenHolm, Jennifer L.4.07.0
85838 ENPentagon Papers: National Security or the Right to Know, TheGold, Susan Dudley10.06.0
101791 ENPenultimate Peril, TheSnicket, Lemony7.47.0
80066 ENPeople of Sparks, TheDuPrau, Jeanne4.911.0
27014 ENPeople's Republic of China (Enchantment of the World)Dramer, Kim8.33.0
48822 ENPerceptionBrynie, Faith7.52.0
46751 ENPerching Birds of North AmericaMiller, Sara Swan5.31.0
52018 ENPeregrineGoodman, Joan Elizabeth4.97.0
101802 ENPerfect Shot, TheAlphin, Elaine Marie6.114.0
20307 ENPerilous Road, TheSteele, William O.4.75.0
85966 ENPerilous Search for the Fabled Northwest Passage...History, TheWarrick, Karen Clemens6.63.0
69808 ENPerilous Year, TheCrook, Connie Brummel4.36.0
31641 SPperiódico Landry, ElClements, Andrew5.34.0
34832 ENPerloo the BoldAvi4.97.0
89875 ENPersecution and EmigrationDowning, David8.62.0
76929 ENPersepolis: The Story of a ChildhoodSatrapi, Marjane3.32.0
36884 ENPersian Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.01.0
46794 ENPersonal Computer Communications (Watts Library)Perry, Robert L.8.21.0
46837 ENPeru (Enchantment of the World)Morrison, Marion9.04.0
65614 ENPeru (Steadwell Books World Tour)Cavan, Seamus5.51.0
21932 SPPesadilla en VancúverWilson, Eric5.34.0
83056 ENPeter and the StarcatchersBarry, Dave5.213.0
517 ENPeter PanBarrie, James M.7.28.0
44614 SPPeter Pan (Spanish)Barrie, James M.3.51.0
34834 ENPeteyMikaelsen, Ben4.86.0
52958 ENPetition, TheSchraff, Anne4.53.0
32052 ENPetty CrimesSoto, Gary5.05.0
16597 ENPhantom Falcon, TheSchraff, Anne4.21.0
10684 ENPhantom in the Mirror, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
115241 ENPhantom Isles, TheAlter, Stephen6.88.0
64322 ENPhantom of 86th Street, TheZindel, Paul4.54.0
10043 ENPhantom of the Opera (Unabridged), TheLeroux, Gaston7.112.0
130 ENPhantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton6.77.0
57674 ENPheasant Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Martin, Michael4.90.5
10942 ENPhiladelphia Adventure, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.85.0
131 ENPhilip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5.04.0
46842 ENPhilippines (Enchantment of the World), TheOleksy, Walter9.24.0
62675 ENPhillis Wheatley: A Revolutionary PoetMcLendon, Jacquelyn8.63.0
73169 ENPhillis Wheatley: African American PoetMoriarty, J.T.3.40.5
100259 ENPhillis Wheatley: Slave and PoetDoak, Robin S.7.22.0
107951 ENPhilo Farnsworth and the TelevisionNiz, Ellen Sturm3.90.5
83845 ENPhilosophy and Science in Ancient Greece...Pursuit of KnowledgeNardo, Don10.76.0
106819 ENPhineas L. MacGuire...Erupts! The First ExperimentDowell, Frances O'Roark5.02.0
11733 ENPhoenix RisingHesse, Karen4.06.0
86587 ENPhoto by Brady: A Picture of the Civil WarArmstrong, Jennifer8.85.0
101415 ENPhysical Change: Reshaping MatterStille, Darlene R.6.51.0
100530 ENPhysicsGore, Bryson7.41.0
114723 ENPhysikSage, Angie6.517.0
100331 ENPiano, TheHealy, Nick8.21.0
10044 ENPickwick Papers, TheDickens, Charles11.860.0
61634 ENPicture Book of Dwight David Eisenhower, AAdler, David A.5.20.5
17636 ENPicture of Freedom: The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl, AMcKissack, Patricia C.4.65.0
61467 ENPictures of Hollis WoodsGiff, Patricia Reilly4.45.0
45692 ENPicturing Lincoln: Famous Photographs...Popularized...PresidentSullivan, George8.32.0
34626 ENPie Rats Ahoy!Scarry, Richard2.10.5
47401 ENPiece of Heaven, AWyeth, Sharon Dennis3.65.0
77282 ENPier PressureLantz, Francess4.15.0
80294 ENPig in the Spigot, TheWilbur, Richard4.40.5
119113 ENPig Who Saved the World, TheShipton, Paul6.010.0
780 ENPigman, TheZindel, Paul5.56.0
9639 ENPigs Might FlyKing-Smith, Dick6.04.0
17333 ENPigs on a Blanket: Fun with Math and TimeAxelrod, Amy2.90.5
11434 ENPilgrim Village Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
32525 ENPilgrims of Plimoth, TheSewall, Marcia5.61.0
86294 ENPilgrims, TheKoestler-Grack, Rachel A.5.91.0
48823 ENPill Bugs & Sow Bugs and Other CrustaceansPascoe, Elaine5.91.0
242 ENPinballs, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
9387 ENPinocchioHillert, Margaret1.20.5
89863 ENPioneer Life in the American WestSteele, Christy8.42.0
1909 ENPioneer Woman's Memoir, AGreenberg/McKeever7.46.0
57534 ENPioneers of the Internet (History Makers)Henderson, Harry9.85.0
69 ENPippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.24.0
2061 ENPiranhas (Dangerous Animals)McAuliffe, Emily4.30.5
26479 ENPiranhas (Naturebooks)Berendes, Mary3.80.5
9291 SPPiratas después del mediodíaOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
106779 ENPirate CurseMeyer, Kai5.712.0
56740 ENPirate Diary: The Journal of Jake CarpenterPlatt, Richard6.42.0
108537 ENPirateologySteer, Dugald A.7.01.0
116254 ENPiratesHanel, Rachael8.01.0
72016 ENPirates and Privateers of the High SeasWren, Laura Lee7.43.0
103886 ENPirates and SmugglersButterfield, Moira8.22.0
73564 ENPirates of Pompeii, TheLawrence, Caroline5.06.0
123364 ENPirates of Turtle Rock, TheJennings, Richard W.7.86.0
106424 ENPish PoshPotter, Ellen5.66.0
6086 ENPish, Posh, said Hieronymus BoschWillard, Nancy4.00.5
5282 ENPistachio Prescription, TheDanziger, Paula3.85.0
71419 ENPit Vipers (Snakes)Richardson, Adele D.4.50.5
84288 ENPitch and Throw, Grasp and Know: What Is a Synonym?Cleary, Brian P.2.80.5
103470 ENPitt Street PiratesDeary, Terry3.41.0
89661 ENPity Party: 8th Grade in the Life of Me, Cass, ThePollet, Alison5.14.0
65436 ENPlace at the Edge of the Earth, TheRice, Bebe Faas4.88.0
27952 ENPlace in the Sun, ARubalcaba, Jill4.42.0
77428 ENPlace Like This, AHerrick, Steven4.32.0
5920 ENPlace of Lions, TheCampbell, Eric5.56.0
632 ENPlace to Belong, ANixon, Joan Lowery4.96.0
89898 ENPlague and Medicine in the Middle Ages, TheMacdonald, Fiona8.22.0
83673 ENPlague and Pandemic Alert! (Disaster Alert!)Karner, Julie8.01.0
57506 ENPlagues (Natural Disasters)Hirschmann, Kris9.94.0
15820 ENPlain CityHamilton, Virginia3.56.0
7688 ENPlain GirlSorensen, Virginia4.84.0
46752 ENPlanes, Rockets, and Other Flying Machines (Fast Forward)Graham, Ian7.00.5
40056 ENPlanet DoomSchraff, Anne4.51.0
47376 ENPlanet Earth (Planet Library)Kerrod, Robin6.81.0
132 ENPlanet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.17.0
48744 ENPlanets and Their Moons (Awesome Space)Farndon, John5.70.5
30326 ENPlanets (Starting with Space), TheNicolson, Cynthia Pratt5.10.5
86207 ENPlanning and Preparing Healthy Meals...Snacks: A Day...DietSilate, Jennifer7.91.0
117422 ENPlanning for a Sustainable FutureBelmont, Helen7.71.0
17235 ENPlantBurnie, David7.51.0
103980 ENPlant Cells: The Building Blocks of PlantsStille, Darlene R.6.91.0
75025 ENPlant Invaders (Watts Library)Souza, D.M.7.61.0
75026 ENPlant Tricksters (Watts Library)Halfmann, Janet5.91.0
70411 ENPlants on the Trail with Lewis and ClarkPatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.72.0
76370 ENPlants That Bite BackPike, Katy3.90.5
81300 ENPlastics and the EnvironmentWhyman, Kathryn6.41.0
81851 ENPlastics (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink)Walker, Kate6.61.0
100653 ENPlate Tectonics and Continental DriftEdwards, John7.91.0
109012 ENPlate Tectonics: Earth’s Moving CrustStille, Darlene R.7.21.0
28873 ENPlate Tectonics (Science Concepts)Silverstein/Nunn8.82.0
6087 ENPlay Ball, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.30.5
42444 ENPlay to the AngelDahlberg, Maurine F.4.76.0
60008 ENPlaying the FieldRallison, Janette4.96.0
32312 ENPlaying with WordsHowe, James4.60.5
42453 ENPlaymaker, TheCheaney, J. B.7.014.0
13429 ENPlease Don't Ask Me to Love YouSchraff, Anne3.32.0
9334 ENPlease, Wind?Greene, Carol0.40.5
73059 ENPlessy v. Ferguson: Legalizing SegregationAnderson, Wayne10.12.0
48987 ENPluto and the Search for New Planets (Our Universe)Vogt, Gregory5.31.0
18562 ENPluto (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.6.00.5
4873 ENPluto (The Galaxy)Vogt, Gregory L.4.40.5
62283 ENPluto: The Ninth PlanetCole, Michael D.7.51.0
71138 ENPocahontasBruchac, Joseph6.37.0
59168 ENPoint BlankHorowitz, Anthony4.88.0
45414 ENPoison Dart FrogsDewey, Jennifer Owings5.30.5
106425 ENPoison IvyKoss, Amy Goldman5.75.0
36318 ENPoisoners and PretendersChinery, Michael7.21.0
27015 ENPoland (Enchantment of the World)Hintz, Martin7.73.0
66309 ENPolar Bear Biologist at Work, APatent, Dorothy Hinshaw5.91.0
49245 ENPolar Bear (Natural World)Penny, Malcolm5.80.5
63222 ENPolar BearsTagliaferro, Linda5.61.0
54669 ENPolar Bears (Nature's Predators)Hall, Eleanor J.6.31.0
12499 ENPolar the Titanic BearSpedden, Daisy5.00.5
104007 ENPole BendingBroyles, Matthew7.91.0
84616 ENPoles Apart: Why Penguins & Polar Bears Will Never Be NeighborsScott, Elaine7.42.0
101120 ENPolice BrutalityStewart, Gail B.8.83.0
68238 ENPolice Crime PreventionKerrigan, Michael9.62.0
36894 ENPolice DetectiveBoraas, Tracey6.21.0
2073 ENPolice DogsGeorge, Charles/Linda4.50.5
62620 ENPolice SWAT Teams: Life on High AlertGoranson, Christopher D.8.71.0
75252 ENPolish Americans, TheGreene, Meg9.96.0
79220 ENPolitical Activists of the 1960sKallen, Stuart A.9.54.0
120078 ENPolitical ElectionsMiller, Davis Worth5.40.5
104654 ENPolitical Reforms: American Citizens Gain...GovernmentWingate, Katherine6.40.5
87212 ENPolo's MotherNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.76.0
53110 ENPompeii & HerculaneumSeely, John/Elizabeth6.61.0
84190 ENPony Express: A Primary Source History of the Race...West, ThePayment, Simone6.52.0
43096 ENPony Express: Heroes in the Saddle, TheJordan, Shirley4.31.0
25119 ENPony Express, TheAnderson, Peter6.41.0
77536 ENPool BoySimmons, Michael4.45.0
11548 ENPool of Fire, TheChristopher, John7.08.0
9640 ENPopcorn Days & Buttermilk NightsPaulsen, Gary5.14.0
63135 ENPope John Paul II (Breaking Barriers)Wheeler, Jill C.6.11.0
64647 ENPope John Paul II: Pope for the People (Famous Lives)Burns, Peggy6.41.0
14795 ENPoppyAvi4.54.0
81387 ENPopulation Growth (Earth's Changing Landscape)Steele, Philip7.32.0
73042 ENPopulist Party: A Voice for the Farmers...Industrial Society, TheBrexel, Bernadette6.60.5
10759 SP¡Por la gran cuchara de cuerno!Fleischman, Sid5.16.0
124700 ENPorcupine Year, TheErdrich, Louise5.66.0
80612 ENPorsche (Hot Cars)Stacy, Lee6.00.5
81443 ENPossessions and Exorcisms (Fact or Fiction?)Head, Tom10.76.0
73036 ENPossibilities and Problems in America's New Urban CentersMurdico, Suzanne J.5.60.5
117093 ENPostage Stamp, TheFandel, Jennifer8.01.0
49067 ENPoverty: Changing Attitudes 1900-2000Garlake, Teresa7.82.0
61558 ENPoverty (World Issues)Stearman, Kaye6.72.0
117129 ENPower in Pinstripes: The New York YankeesAretha, David7.13.0
49131 ENPower of Light: Eight Stories for Hanukkah, TheSinger, Isaac Bashevis5.72.0
84105 ENPower of One: Daisy Bates and the Little Rock Nine, TheFradin, Judith Bloom7.97.0
102972 ENPower of One (Young Readers' Edition), TheCourtenay, Bryce6.315.0
13430 ENPower of the Rose, TheSchraff, Anne4.42.0
73114 ENPower of ThreeJones, Diana Wynne5.012.0
48512 ENPower of UN, TheEtchemendy, Nancy4.85.0
117244 ENPowersLe Guin, Ursula K.6.018.0
25155 ENPowers of the Supreme CourtStein, R. Conrad7.70.5
30313 ENPrairie DogsPatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.11.0
490 ENPrairie SongsConrad, Pam5.35.0
70569 ENPrairie WhispersArrington, Frances3.85.0
75982 ENPraying at the Sweetwater MotelFritz, April Young4.66.0
34751 ENPreacher's BoyPaterson, Katherine5.27.0
36316 ENPredators and PreyChinery, Michael6.21.0
102299 ENPredicting Natural DisastersAllen, John8.91.0
64525 ENPregnancy (Health Issues)Lamb, Kirsten8.13.0
17445 ENPrehistoric LifeParker, Steve7.71.0
82461 ENPrejudice (Life Balance)Davidson, Tish8.72.0
4497 ENPremenstrual Syndrome (Perspectives on Physical Health)Gregson, Susan R.5.81.0
83021 ENPremonitionsWatson, Jude3.87.0
76066 ENPrepositionsHeinrichs, Ann3.90.5
49222 ENPresidency (American Government Today), TheSanders, Mark6.91.0
83892 ENPresident and the Executive Branch (A...Citizenship), TheEgan, Tracie7.20.5
11435 ENPressure PlayChristopher, Matt4.34.0
52959 ENPrice of Friendship, TheSchraff, Anne4.53.0
714 ENPride and Prejudice (Unabridged)Austen, Jane12.027.0
18341 ENPrietita and the Ghost WomanAnzaldúa, Gloria4.10.5
101821 ENPrimate Order, TheStefoff, Rebecca8.23.0
46754 ENPrimates: From Howler Monkeys to HumansSwan, Erin Pembrey5.21.0
6663 SPPrimosHamilton, Virginia3.74.0
80494 ENPrince Across the WaterYolen, Jane5.111.0
30552 ENPrince and the Pauper (Adapted), TheTwain, Mark5.03.0
634 ENPrince CaspianLewis, C.S.5.77.0
41647 ENPrince Ivan and the FirebirdLodge, Bernard5.00.5
57771 ENPrince of Butterflies, TheCoville, Bruce4.90.5
67745 ENPrince of Ireland and the Three Magic Stallions, TheMilligan, Bryce4.80.5
46897 ENPrince William (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin5.90.5
104732 ENPrincess AcademyHale, Shannon6.010.0
6436 ENPrincess and the Goblin (Unabridged), TheMacDonald, George6.18.0
121692 ENPrincess BenMurdock, Catherine Gilbert7.911.0
44873 ENPrincess Diaries, TheCabot, Meg5.79.0
58064 ENPrincess in LoveCabot, Meg5.88.0
77562 ENPrincess in PinkCabot, Meg6.09.0
51782 ENPrincess in the SpotlightCabot, Meg5.78.0
86753 ENPrincess in TrainingCabot, Meg5.58.0
68066 ENPrincess in WaitingCabot, Meg6.18.0
11436 ENPrincess MeganMagraw, Trisha5.31.0
82265 ENPrincess of Neptune, TheDodd, Quentin5.27.0
41277 ENPrincess Sonora and the Long SleepLevine, Gail Carson4.12.0
41124 ENPrincess TestLevine, Gail Carson4.01.0
77350 ENPrincess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight, TheMorris, Gerald5.210.0
71118 ENPrincess & the Pauper, TheBrian, Kate5.110.0
100857 ENPrincesses and HeroinesHamilton, John6.41.0
39626 ENPrinting Press: A Breakthrough in Communication, TheTames, Richard7.41.0
46290 ENPrivate Captain: A Story of GettysburgCrisp, Marty5.410.0
51142 ENPro Stock CarsDubois, Muriel L.4.40.5
49723 ENPro Wrestling: From Carnivals to Cable TVGreenberg, Keith Elliot8.54.0
73037 ENProblems and Progress in American Politics: The...Late 1800sPorterfield, Jason4.40.5
86129 ENProfessional Athlete and Sports OfficialLibal, Joyce8.92.0
104655 ENProgressive Leaders: The Platforms and Policies...PoliticiansSakany, Lois7.11.0
74412 ENProhibitionOrr, Tamra B.9.11.0
68659 ENProhibition Era in American History, TheLieurance, Suzanne8.33.0
66815 ENProject Apollo (Out of This World)Spangenburg/Moser8.03.0
66816 ENProject Gemini (Out of This World)Spangenburg/Moser8.02.0
67651 ENProject Mercury (Out of This World)Spangenburg/Moser8.03.0
87375 ENProject MulberryPark, Linda Sue4.36.0
51225 ENProject Puffin: How We Brought Puffins Back to Egg RockKress/Salmansohn5.61.0
63023 ENProject UltraSwanOsborn, Elinor6.21.0
8239 ENProm Queen, TheStine, R.L.3.84.0
20481 ENPromise SongHoleman, Linda5.311.0
27707 ENPromise, TheFarley, Steven4.34.0
41248 ENPromises to the DeadHahn, Mary Downing5.58.0
76067 ENPronounsHeinrichs, Ann3.60.5
42590 ENProphecy, TheApplegate, K.A.4.23.0
71570 ENProtecting Global EnvironmentsWatson, Susan6.91.0
100210 ENProtecting HabitatsBellamy, Rufus7.00.5
16871 ENProtecting MarieHenkes, Kevin5.16.0
68239 ENProtecting the Nation with the U.S. Air ForceMcNab, Chris10.13.0
68240 ENProtecting the Nation with the U.S. ArmyMcNab, Chris9.93.0
68241 ENProtecting the Nation with the U.S. NavyMcNab, Chris9.73.0
59034 ENProtecting WildlifeDalgleish, Sharon5.61.0
68219 ENProtecting Yourself Against Criminals (Crime and Detection)Lock, Joan7.92.0
73185 ENProtesting Capitalism (Ideas of the Modern World)Grant, R.G.11.03.0
72646 ENProtists and Fungi (Universes Large and Small)Ball et al., Jackie6.61.0
101822 ENProtoctist Kingdom, TheZabludoff, Marc8.43.0
6625 ENProud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, AKonigsburg, E.L.5.45.0
44071 ENPteranodonRodriguez, K.S.3.90.5
104013 ENPtolemy's GateStroud, Jonathan5.720.0
74256 ENPuberty (Health Issues)Elliot-Wright, Susan8.13.0
88763 ENPublishingVentresca, Yvonne9.94.0
101421 ENPueblo and Their History, TheSt. Lawrence, Genevieve6.01.0
78801 ENPuerto Ricans in AmericaTaus-Bolstad, Stacy7.92.0
47052 ENPuerto Rico (America the Beautiful)Davis, Lucile8.74.0
49586 ENPuffinsQuinlan, Susan E.6.21.0
107435 ENPump It up! Respiration and CirculationParker, Steve6.21.0
100325 ENPunishment to Fit the Crime?, ACooper, Alison8.11.0
101568 ENPuns, Allusions, and Other Word SecretsFandel, Jennifer6.51.0
82838 ENPuppet Wrangler, TheGrant, Vicki4.86.0
14482 ENPuppies, Dogs and Blue Northers: Reflections on...Sled DogsPaulsen, Gary6.02.0
28335 ENPuppy Problem, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
108517 ENPure Dead BattyGliori, Debi7.412.0
74698 ENPure Dead BrilliantGliori, Debi7.511.0
117015 ENPure Dead FrozenGliori, Debi7.612.0
58207 ENPure Dead MagicGliori, Debi5.96.0
100507 ENPure Dead TroubleGliori, Debi7.510.0
64510 ENPure Dead WickedGliori, Debi6.88.0
29377 ENPurloined Corn Popper, TheHildick, E.W.4.45.0
9335 ENPurple Is Part of a RainbowKowalczyk, Carolyn1.10.5
9388 ENPurple Pussycat, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
24862 ENPursuing AmyKaye, Marilyn4.24.0
84315 ENPursuitHand, Elizabeth5.13.0
635 ENPushcart War, TheMerrill, Jean6.56.0
84628 ENPythonsDoeden, Matt3.30.5
119367 ENPythonsRake, Jody Sullivan2.10.5
66511 ENPythons and Boas: Squeezing SnakesSchlaepfer/Samuelson6.71.0
14878 ENQuake!Cottonwood, Joe4.04.0
78552 ENQuake! Disaster in San Francisco, 1906Karwoski, Gail Langer4.76.0
1848 ENQuakers (The American Religious Experience), TheWilliams, Jean Kinney9.43.0
33625 ENQueen AmidalaWatson, Jude4.63.0
102112 ENQueen BeeClugston, Chynna3.21.0
64648 ENQueen Elizabeth II: Monarch of Our Times (Famous Lives)Barton-Wood, Sara6.01.0
64650 ENQueen Mother: Grandmother of a Nation (Famous Lives), TheWood, Richard/Sara6.81.0
104885 ENQueen Noor: American-Born Queen of JordanRaatma, Lucia7.92.0
36676 ENQueen of Attolia, TheTurner, Megan Whalen6.714.0
87347 ENQueen of the Toilet BowlWishinsky, Frieda3.72.0
40715 ENQueen's Own FoolYolen, Jane6.012.0
133 ENQueenie PeavyBurch, Robert5.65.0
20806 SPQuerida Susi, querido PaulNöstlinger, Christine3.01.0
55807 SPQuerido Señor DiabloNöstlinger, Christine4.53.0
7019 ENQuest for a MaidHendry, Frances Mary5.313.0
101069 ENQuest for Freedom: The Abolitionist Movement, TheCurrie, Stephen10.25.0
57523 ENQuests and Journeys (Discovering Mythology)Nardo, Don8.75.0
59907 ENQuetzals (Animals of the Rain Forest)Donovan, Sandra4.40.5
16853 ENQuick, Quack, Quick!Arnold, Marsha1.50.5
66758 ENQuicksandHirschmann, Kris6.71.0
18590 ENQuicksand Pony, TheLester, Alison5.14.0
47419 ENQuidditch Through the AgesRowling, J.K.8.22.0
379 SP¿Quién cuenta las estrellas?Lowry, Lois4.54.0
106548 ENQuilt of States: Piecing Together AmericaYorinks, Adrienne8.82.0
65239 ENQuit ItByalick, Marcia5.26.0
51521 ENR.L. StineCohen, Joel H.8.23.0
71 ENRabbit HillLawson, Robert6.43.0
9686 ENRabbit's Birthday KiteMacdonald, Maryann2.00.5
51377 ENRabbit Tattoo, TheBrin, Susannah3.71.0
61926 ENRabbits and Hares (Welcome to the World of Animals)Swanson, Diane4.80.5
67622 ENRabbits, Pikas, and HaresMiller, Sara Swan5.31.0
5035 ENRabble StarkeyLowry, Lois5.37.0
68206 ENRace and Crime (Crime and Detection)Wright, John9.13.0
57352 ENRace Car Drivers: Life on the Fast TrackCefrey, Holly6.31.0
61984 ENRace Day! The Fastest Show on EarthCavin, Curt5.10.5
66663 ENRachael Leigh Cook (Celebrity Bios)Rivera, Ursula5.00.5
50179 ENRachel Carson: Biologist and WriterStewart, Melissa8.02.0
100765 ENRachel Carson: Founder of the Environmental MovementShea, George9.12.0
6938 ENRachel ChanceThesman, Jean5.27.0
51852 ENRacing the PastDeans, Sis5.86.0
5036 ENRacing the SunPitts, Paul4.45.0
84936 ENRacing with the Pit CrewSchaefer, A.R.4.10.5
49068 ENRacism: Changing Attitudes 1900-2000Grant, R.G.9.42.0
74062 ENRacism (World Issues)Gifford, Clive8.72.0
57675 ENRadar Jammers: The EA-6B ProwlersSweetman, Bill5.20.5
10258 ENRadical RedDuffy, James4.55.0
46796 ENRadical Reptiles (Watts Library)Miller, Sara Swan6.01.0
51149 ENRagdoll Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne5.01.0
13431 ENRage of the TigerSchraff, Anne3.93.0
41629 ENRagweedAvi4.45.0
73038 ENRailroads and Steamships: Important...American TransportationMurdico, Suzanne J.5.40.5
16787 ENRain Forest BabiesDarling, Kathy3.90.5
65502 ENRain Forest BirdsParker, Edward7.82.0
65503 ENRain Forest Insects and SpidersParker, Edward8.22.0
65504 ENRain Forest MammalsParker, Edward7.82.0
65505 ENRain Forest PeopleParker, Edward8.02.0
65506 ENRain Forest Reptiles and AmphibiansParker, Edward8.22.0
65507 ENRain Forest Trees and PlantsParker, Edward8.02.0
65330 ENRain Forests: Our Impact on the PlanetMcLeish, Ewan8.42.0
56368 ENRain, Hail, and Snow (Watts Library)Trueit, Trudi Strain7.41.0
9336 ENRain! Rain!Greene, Carol0.40.5
42130 ENRainbow and You, TheKrupp, E.C.4.50.5
12377 ENRainbow Bridge, TheWood, Audrey4.70.5
30711 ENRainbow People, TheYep, Laurence4.86.0
8091 ENRainbow ValleyMontgomery, L.M.7.614.0
29905 ENRainforest BirdsKalman, Bobbie5.50.5
114132 ENRaining SardinesFlores-Galbis, Enrique5.36.0
83501 ENRainmakerJackson, Alison5.16.0
28541 ENRaising SweetnessStanley, Diane4.00.5
77114 ENRaising the GriffinWyatt, Melissa4.29.0
81927 ENRakkety TamJacques, Brian5.516.0
75422 ENRally CarsSavage, Jeff4.60.5
112300 ENRally CarsBraulick, Carrie A.2.80.5
336 ENRalph S. MouseCleary, Beverly5.13.0
104260 ENRalph Waldo Emerson: The Father of the American RenaissancePoolos, J.9.22.0
1825 ENRamblin' RobotsWickelgren, Ingrid9.14.0
72 ENRamona and Her FatherCleary, Beverly5.23.0
491 ENRamona and Her MotherCleary, Beverly4.84.0
186 ENRamona ForeverCleary, Beverly4.84.0
134 ENRamona Quimby, Age 8Cleary, Beverly5.63.0
32142 ENRamona's WorldCleary, Beverly4.84.0
285 ENRamona the BraveCleary, Beverly4.93.0
492 ENRamona the PestCleary, Beverly5.14.0
57676 ENRandy Moss (Sports Heroes)Molzahn, Arlene Bourgeois4.40.5
61315 ENRandy Moss: Star Wide ReceiverBernstein, Ross7.02.0
5283 ENRansomDuncan, Lois4.97.0
65158 ENRapid Ray: The Story of Ray LewisCooper, John7.36.0
34705 ENRaptorZindel, Paul5.15.0
73 ENRascalNorth, Sterling7.17.0
51714 ENRaspberry House BluesHoleman, Linda4.28.0
46898 ENRat AttacksLaslo, Cynthia5.01.0
51143 ENRat Snakes (Snakes)George, Linda4.50.5
87184 ENRatastrophe Catastrophe, TheStone, David Lee5.67.0
117949 ENRatha and Thistle-Chaser: The Third Book of the NamedBell, Clare6.411.0
117950 ENRatha's Challenge: The Fourth Book of the NamedBell, Clare5.08.0
116020 ENRatha's Creature: The First Book of the NamedBell, Clare5.311.0
43473 ENRatsZindel, Paul5.46.0
84629 ENRattlesnakesDoeden, Matt3.90.5
123827 ENRattlesnakesMattern, Joanne3.30.5
60475 ENRattlesnakes (Predators in the Wild)Richardson, Adele4.90.5
71252 ENRaven QuestStewart, Sharon4.711.0
89053 ENRaven's GateHorowitz, Anthony4.410.0
58911 ENRavineHickman, Janet5.28.0
107831 ENRay Charles and the Birth of SoulWoog, Adam8.84.0
62580 ENRay Charles (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers)Beyer, Mark5.42.0
62397 ENRaymond Damadian and the Development of MRIKjelle, Marylou Morano8.81.0
58065 ENReach for TomorrowMcDaniel, Lurlene4.45.0
27937 ENReaching DustinGrove, Vicki5.67.0
124500 ENReaching OutJiménez, Francisco6.17.0
82462 ENReaching Your Goals (Life Balance)Silverman, Robin L.6.32.0
28919 ENRead for Your LifeRead-Magazine-Editors5.65.0
28921 ENRead into the MilleniumRead-Magazine-Editors4.74.0
19190 ENRealHolman, Felice5.67.0
4984 ENReal Deal: A Guy's Guide to Being a Guy, TheRoberts, Jeremy5.51.0
123995 ENReal Pirates: The Untold Story...Slave Ship to Pirate ShipClifford, Barry6.21.0
10792 ENReal Plato Jones, TheBawden, Nina5.67.0
65159 ENReal Stories from the RinkMcFarlane, Brian7.35.0
72807 ENReal-Time Reporting (War in Iraq)Hamilton, John8.11.0
74439 ENReal Vikings: Craftsmen, Traders, and Fearsome Raiders, TheBerger, Melvin7.62.0
76371 ENReal-World RobotsMcEvoy, Paul5.70.5
125167 ENRealismGunderson, Jessica9.31.0
72386 ENReality Bug, TheMacHale, D.J.4.515.0
18829 ENRealms of the Gods, ThePierce, Tamora5.910.0
39880 ENRebel: A Tibetan OdysseyAylward Whitesel, Cheryl5.66.0
62191 ENRebels Against Slavery: American Slave RevoltsMcKissack, Patricia C.8.55.0
56723 ENRebuilding the Body: Organ TransplantationFullick, Ann9.13.0
84181 ENReconstruction: A Primary Source History...the Civil WarFlanagan, Timothy9.72.0
103995 ENReconstruction Amendments, TheBurgan, Michael7.61.0
55564 ENRecord Breakers: Incredible Sports AchievementsMattern, Joanne/James5.32.0
30554 ENRed Badge of Courage (Adapted), TheCrane, Stephen5.43.0
83918 ENRed Badge of Courage and the Civil War, TheBickerstaff, Linda7.81.0
715 ENRed Badge of Courage (Unabridged), TheCrane, Stephen8.08.0
7021 ENRed CapWisler, G. Clifton5.46.0
72669 ENRed Cross and Red Crescent (International Organizations)Blashfield, Jean F.9.02.0
85425 ENRed Cross Movement (World Watch), TheBingham, Jane9.32.0
6394 ENRed-Dirt JessieMyers, Anna4.23.0
43478 ENRed-Eared Ghosts, TheAlcock, Vivien4.47.0
8034 ENRed Is BestStinson, Kathy1.80.5
82252 ENRed KayakCummings, Priscilla4.98.0
58912 ENRed MidnightMikaelsen, Ben4.37.0
5284 ENRed Pony, TheSteinbeck, John6.16.0
113898 ENRed Wolf: Help Save This Endangered Species!, TheImbriaco, Alison8.33.0
7129 ENRedwallJacques, Brian5.616.0
73570 ENReese WitherspoonHill, Anne E.7.34.0
65387 ENReformation (Events & Outcomes), TheMacdonald, Fiona10.54.0
74257 ENRefugees (Face the Facts)Maddocks, Steven9.12.0
7913 SPregalo de los Reyes Magos, ElHenry, O.6.20.5
109353 ENRegarding the Bathrooms: A Privy to the PastKlise, Kate6.14.0
27919 ENRegarding the Fountain: A Tale in Letters, of Liars, and LeaksKlise, Kate5.82.0
117252 ENRegarding the Sink: Where, Oh Where, Did Waters Go?Klise, Kate6.03.0
34833 ENRegular GuyWeeks, Sarah5.53.0
64235 ENRelativity and Quantum Mechanics: Principles of Modern PhysicsFleisher, Paul7.22.0
100769 ENRelocation of the North American Indian, TheDunn, John M.10.25.0
5285 ENReluctant God, TheService, Pamela F.6.39.0
6626 ENReluctantly AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.06.0
62192 ENREM WorldPhilbrick, Rodman4.95.0
7022 ENRemarkable Journey of Prince Jen, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.49.0
60559 SPremedios de mi nana, LosRivera-Ashford, Roni Capin2.90.5
78968 ENRemember D-Day: The Plan, the Invasion, Survivor StoriesDrez, Ronald J.7.92.0
493 ENRemember Me to Harold SquareDanziger, Paula4.34.0
65060 ENRemember Pearl Harbor: American and Japanese...StoriesAllen, Thomas6.12.0
578 ENRemembering the Good TimesPeck, Richard4.56.0
65684 ENRemote ManHoney, Elizabeth4.68.0
118408 ENRenaissance (Freestyle), TheClaybourne, Anna7.62.0
102380 ENRenewable Energy (Raintree-Express)Saunders, N.5.51.0
59035 ENRenewing EnergyDalgleish, Sharon5.61.0
63439 ENReport to the Principal's OfficeSpinelli, Jerry4.54.0
115639 ENRepossessed: A NovelJenkins, A.M.4.86.0
85413 ENReproductionParker, Steve8.02.0
79191 ENReproductive TechnologyZach, Kim K.11.35.0
17240 ENReptileMcCarthy, Colin7.61.0
101823 ENReptile Class, TheZabludoff, Marc7.92.0
41286 ENReptile Room, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
84905 ENReptilesRichardson, Joy4.80.5
61825 ENReptiles (Plant and Animal Kingdoms)Mander/Parker6.41.0
73043 ENRepublican Party in the Late 1800s: A Changing...Government, TheStites, Bill4.60.5
87360 ENRescueWatts, Claire8.81.0
68242 ENRescue at Sea with the U.S. and Canadian Coast GuardsLyons, Lewis9.72.0
60972 ENRescue Helicopters and AircraftHolden, Henry M.6.01.0
7199 ENRescue Josh McGuireMikaelsen, Ben4.49.0
72547 ENRescue-Mania!Bingham, Caroline5.60.5
27950 ENRescue PartyGarland, Mark A.4.43.0
7121 ENRescue: The Story of How Gentiles Saved Jews in the HolocaustMeltzer, Milton7.77.0
106493 ENResearch Ate My Brain...Panic-Proof Guide to Surviving HomeworkLibrary, Toronto Public6.62.0
44022 ENResilience: Bouncing Off, Bouncing BackWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.51.0
103471 ENResistanceJungman, Ann4.01.0
44722 ENResistance, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
74227 ENResponding to Attack: Firefighters and PoliceTorr, James D.12.04.0
67177 ENReturn of Gabriel, TheArmistead, John4.46.0
28475 ENReturn of Santa Paws, TheEdwards, Nicholas4.75.0
11437 ENReturn of the Home Run KidChristopher, Matt4.74.0
383 ENReturn of the Indian, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.65.0
5996 ENReturn of the Native, TheHardy, Thomas10.242.0
29768 ENReturn, TheLevitin, Sonia4.58.0
384 ENReturn to Bitter CreekSmith, Doris Buchanan4.86.0
51381 ENReturn to Gallows HillSchraff, Anne3.91.0
25231 ENReturn to Hawk's HillEckert, Allan W.7.47.0
44827 ENReturn to the IslandWhelan, Gloria5.86.0
42592 ENReunion, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
75021 ENRevealers, TheWilhelm, Doug3.77.0
101658 ENRevenge of the Forty Seven Samurai, TheHaugaard, Erik Christian5.710.0
101692 ENRevenge of the WitchDelaney, Joseph5.69.0
31531 ENRewindSleator, William4.13.0
119775 ENRhiannonGrove, Vicki7.017.0
69354 ENRhine (Great Rivers of the World), TheAllan, Tony7.62.0
106164 ENRhino Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered WildlifeHamilton, Garry7.91.0
100909 ENRhino, TheCzech, Jan M.8.11.0
89283 ENRhinosMurray, Peter5.61.0
48393 ENRhinos (Naturebooks, Revised Edition)Murray, Peter4.00.5
47053 ENRhode Island (America the Beautiful)McNair, Sylvia8.43.0
69381 ENRhode Island: The Ocean StateMattern, Joanne8.12.0
101569 ENRhyme, Meter, and Other Word MusicFandel, Jennifer6.41.0
78846 ENRibbajack & Other Curious Yarns, TheJacques, Brian5.76.0
18252 ENRibbonsYep, Laurence4.76.0
7745 ENRibsyCleary, Beverly5.04.0
116069 ENRichard M. NixonAronson, Billy9.03.0
66974 ENRichard M. Nixon (Presidential Leaders)Márquez, Herón8.74.0
73000 ENRichard PeckSommers, Michael A.7.72.0
61985 ENRichard Petty: "The King"Teitelbaum, Michael6.10.5
85683 ENRichard Wagner and German OperaGetzinger, Donna8.65.0
61310 ENRichard Wright: Author of Native Son and Black BoyWesten, Robin7.73.0
54398 ENRicky Martin (Celebrity Bios)Parker, Judy5.31.0
5039 ENRiddle of Penncroft Farm, TheJensen, Dorothea5.47.0
41681 ENRiddle of Roses, AMullin, Caryl Cude5.810.0
52604 ENRiddle of the Prairie BrideReiss, Kathryn5.55.0
82778 ENRider in the Dark: An Epic Horse StoryHolmes, Victoria6.711.0
27747 ENRiding FreedomRyan, Pam Muñoz4.53.0
61327 ENRiding the FlumePfitsch, Patricia Curtis4.97.0
14483 ENRifle, ThePaulsen, Gary6.83.0
75 ENRifles for WatieKeith, Harold6.114.0
83954 ENRight Moves: Preparing for Dance Competitions, TheChancey, Pam6.31.0
100332 ENRight to Die?, TheWalker, Richard8.71.0
100333 ENRight to Smoke?, TheHaughton, Emma8.71.0
5951 ENRighteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.44.0
102628 ENRighteous Smuggler, TheSpring, Debbie3.94.0
100329 ENRights for Animals?Rochford, Deirdre7.51.0
10902 ENRimwalkersGrove, Vicki6.18.0
135 ENRing of Endless Light, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.211.0
14484 ENRio Grande StoriesMeyer, Carolyn6.07.0
16986 ENRiotCasanova, Mary4.34.0
52296 ENRip Van Winkle and Other Stories (Unabridged)Irving, Washington11.19.0
100454 ENRippin' Ramps: A Skateboarder's Guide to Riding Half-PipesHocking, Justin6.11.0
1886 ENRise and Fall of Jim Crow, TheWormser, Richard8.65.0
73044 ENRise of American Capitalism: The Growth of American Banks, TheMoriarty, J.T.5.00.5
112568 ENRise of the Black Wolf, TheBenz, Derek6.112.0
33622 ENRising Force, TheWolverton, Dave5.05.0
75834 ENRising StormHunter, Erin6.111.0
56438 ENRising WaterPetersen, P.J.3.84.0
58241 ENRiver at Green Knowe, TheBoston, L.M.5.95.0
23326 ENRiver BoyBowler, Tim5.36.0
7037 ENRiver RatsStevermer, Caroline4.68.0
7023 ENRiver, ThePaulsen, Gary5.54.0
1819 ENRivers and StreamsMartin, Patricia A. Fink7.94.0
81388 ENRivers in Action (Earth's Changing Landscape)Green, Mary7.31.0
68352 ENRivers, Lakes, Streams, and Ponds (Biomes Atlases)Beatty, Richard8.73.0
89886 ENRivers of Zadaa, TheMacHale, D.J.4.518.0
48336 ENRivka's WayKanefield, Teri5.65.0
243 ENRoad from Home, TheKherdian, David5.79.0
42791 ENRoad to Camlann, TheSutcliff, Rosemary6.86.0
43422 ENRoad to Home, TheAuch, Mary Jane4.97.0
5953 ENRoad to Memphis, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.512.0
74088 ENRoad to There: Mapmakers and Their Stories, TheRoss, Val8.16.0
80499 ENRoar of the Crowd, TheWallace, Rich4.22.0
25157 ENRoaring Twenties, TheStein, R. Conrad7.41.0
25057 ENRobber and Me, TheHolub, Josef4.77.0
116501 ENRobbery File: The Museum HeistHoward, Amanda5.60.5
62414 ENRobert A. Weinberg and the Search for the Cause of CancerGaines/Whiting8.42.0
87132 ENRobert Boyle: Father of ChemistryAllen, John8.12.0
69194 ENRobert CormierThomson, Sarah L.7.42.0
62677 ENRobert Fulton: And the Development of the SteamboatPierce, Morris A.9.02.0
75475 ENRobert Fulton: Innovator with Steam PowerParks, Peggy J.8.42.0
62415 ENRobert Goddard and the Liquid Rocket EngineBankston, John7.52.0
87133 ENRobert Goddard: Rocket PioneerPatchett, Kaye8.53.0
122907 ENRobert H. Jackson: New Deal Lawyer...Nuremberg ProsecutorJarrow, Gail7.55.0
116535 ENRobert Hooke: Natural Philosopher and Scientific ExplorerBurgan, Michael7.62.0
62398 ENRobert Jarvik and the First Artificial HeartBankston, John8.21.0
103793 ENRobert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island: The Graphic NovelHamilton, Tim3.71.0
100159 ENRoberto Clemente: Baseball's Humanitarian HeroMárquez, Herón6.52.0
73571 ENRobin WilliamsWukovits, John F.8.94.0
520 ENRobinson CrusoeDefoe, Daniel12.327.0
66681 ENRobotics (Life in the Future)Beyer, Mark6.01.0
102390 ENRobotsGray, Peter6.41.0
66278 ENRobots (Fast Forward)Bergin, Mark7.60.5
103609 ENRock Climbing: Making It to the TopDean, Cynthia A.3.70.5
46432 ENRock Climbing (Radical Sports)Champion, Neil6.11.0
67696 ENRock Climbing (X-Treme Outdoors)Weintraub, Aileen5.41.0
2680 ENRock & Ice Climbing! Top the TowerRoberts, Jeremy5.61.0
59654 ENRock 'N' RollMarcovitz, Hal7.41.0
51162 ENRock: Pro Wrestler Rocky Maivia, TheBurgan, Michael4.30.5
14784 ENRocks and MineralsSymes, R.F.8.31.0
46899 ENRocks and Minerals (Cool Collectibles)Chasek, Ruth5.51.0
67685 ENRocks, Gems, and Minerals (Watts Library)Trueit, Trudi Strain8.01.0
29916 ENRocks & Minerals (Wonders of Our World)Morris, Neil5.80.5
46755 ENRodents: From Mice to MuskratsMiller, Sara Swan5.41.0
104008 ENRodeo ClownsKupperberg, Paul7.51.0
68142 ENRodzinaCushman, Karen4.86.0
85836 ENRoe v. Wade: A Woman's Choice?Gold, Susan Dudley9.05.0
73060 ENRoe v. Wade: The Right to ChoosePayment, Simone7.01.0
122913 ENRogelia's House of MagicWood, Jamie Martinez5.412.0
105263 ENRoger Williams: Founder of Rhode IslandBurgan, Michael7.32.0
81884 ENRole of the United Nations, TheAdams, Simon9.21.0
101385 ENRoll CallRose, Malcolm4.96.0
136 ENRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.5.710.0
79406 ENRoller CoastersSchaefer, A. R.4.20.5
76 ENRoller SkatesSawyer, Ruth6.38.0
62586 ENRolling Stones (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers), TheForget, Thomas7.42.0
56369 ENRoman Amphitheaters (Watts Library)Nardo, Don7.81.0
79212 ENRoman Gladiator, ANardo, Don9.95.0
103451 ENRoman MythsWest, David4.00.5
51628 ENRoman Roads and AqueductsNardo, Don9.74.0
83852 ENRoman Senator, ANardo, Don10.85.0
48852 ENRoman Villa (Look Inside), ADargie, Richard5.91.0
46838 ENRomania (Enchantment of the World)Willis, Terri9.04.0
1792 ENRomare Bearden: Celebrating the VictorySchwartzman, Myron7.74.0
81830 ENRome (Stories from Ancient Civilizations)Husain, Shahrukh5.41.0
52784 ENRomeo and Juliet for KidsBurdett, Lois4.41.0
494 ENRomeo and Juliet Together (and Alive) at LastAvi5.43.0
32450 ENRomiette and JulioDraper, Sharon M.4.710.0
81162 ENRonald & Nancy ReaganAshby, Ruth8.32.0
18361 SPRonda de cada día, LaAlcántara, Ricardo4.93.0
5380 ENRookie of the YearTunis, John R.5.06.0
101416 ENRoosevelt's Rough RidersSantella, Andrew5.30.5
5080 ENRoot Cellar, TheLunn, Janet5.210.0
5081 ENRoots in the OutfieldZirpoli, Jane3.74.0
24000 ENRope BurnSiebold, Jan4.42.0
62573 ENRope Trick, TheAlexander, Lloyd3.96.0
58070 ENRopemaker, TheDickinson, Peter6.321.0
102969 ENRosaGiovanni, Nikki4.90.5
21292 SPRosa BlancaInnocenti, Roberto3.20.5
89968 ENRosa ParksBanting, Erinn5.60.5
108460 ENRosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus BoycottMiller, Connie Colwell4.70.5
63136 ENRosa Parks (Breaking Barriers)Wheeler, Jill C.5.91.0
6395 ENRosa Parks, My StoryParks/Haskins6.26.0
21873 SPRosalinde tiene ideas en la cabezaNöstlinger, Christine4.22.0
18554 ENRose DaughterMcKinley, Robin6.824.0
83817 ENRose That Grew from Concrete, TheShakur, Tupac6.31.0
77995 ENRoses Red as BloodSchraff, Anne4.31.0
74672 ENRosie in Chicago: Play Ball!Matas, Carol3.93.0
76518 ENRosie in Los Angeles: Action!Matas, Carol3.63.0
71117 ENRosie in New York City: Gotcha!Matas, Carol4.13.0
117136 ENRot and Decay: Decomposing and RecyclingLevete, Sarah5.11.0
15382 ENRottweiler, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.70.5
44302 ENRoundhill, TheKing-Smith, Dick5.42.0
49788 ENRowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood ForestSpringer, Nancy5.25.0
105172 ENRoxie and the HooligansNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.32.0
60484 ENRoyal Mummies: Remains from Ancient Egypt, TheKudalis, Eric5.60.5
70201 ENRuby ElectricNelson, Theresa4.48.0
82129 ENRuby Gloom's Keys to HappinessLynch, Clam2.80.5
63099 ENRudest Alien on Earth, TheConly, Jane Leslie4.35.0
53287 ENRudyard Kipling Collected Short StoriesKipling, Rudyard5.82.0
89662 ENRuins of Gorlan, TheFlanagan, John7.012.0
106154 ENRulesLord, Cynthia3.94.0
44303 ENRumpelstiltskin Problem, TheVande Velde, Vivian5.74.0
25225 ENRun Away HomeMcKissack, Patricia C.4.94.0
14500 ENRun for Your LifeLevy, Marilyn4.16.0
59532 ENRunaway Rabbit, TheBridwell/Margulies1.70.5
5041 ENRunaway RalphCleary, Beverly5.34.0
8544 ENRunaway to FreedomSmucker, Barbara5.05.0
14531 ENRunning Out of TimeHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.87.0
86103 ENRunning with the Reservoir PupsBateman, Colin5.89.0
65615 ENRussia (Steadwell Books World Tour)Daley, Patrick5.21.0
65388 ENRussian Revolution (Events & Outcomes), TheRoss, Stewart10.33.0
85417 ENRussian Revolution: October 25, 1917, TheDowswell, Paul8.72.0
103574 ENRussians in AmericaBehnke, Alison8.52.0
72930 ENRusty Wallace: Short Track to SuccessPeterson, Brian C.5.70.5
69195 ENS.E. HintonWilson, Antoine7.42.0
337 ENS.O.R. LosersAvi3.62.0
61464 SPS.O.S. La odisea de los búhosHiaasen, Carl5.210.0
72267 ENSaba: Under the Hyena's FootKurtz, Jane5.45.0
12454 ENSableHesse, Karen3.81.0
295 SPsabor a moras, UnSmith, Doris Buchanan4.02.0
17837 ENSabrielNix, Garth7.39.0
35646 ENSacajaweaBruchac, Joseph5.78.0
101765 ENSacrifice, TheDuble, Kathleen Benner4.65.0
87693 ENSacrifice: The Story of the Trojan WarShanower, Eric3.43.0
76944 ENSaddam Hussein (A&E Biography)Anderson, Dale7.43.0
31198 ENSafe at SecondJohnson, Scott4.38.0
58687 ENSaffy's AngelMcKay, Hilary4.56.0
51144 ENSailing AdventuresTodd, Anne M.4.61.0
16349 ENSaint Bernard, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.30.5
122045 ENSaint Lucia (2nd Edition)Orr, Tamra8.14.0
80743 ENSaint of Dragons, TheHightman, Jason5.211.0
72986 ENSaladin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem: The...AD 1187Hancock, Lee7.81.0
61647 ENSaladin: Noble Prince of IslamStanley, Diane7.01.0
10793 ENSalamandastronJacques, Brian5.716.0
15705 ENSalamanders (Naturebooks)Maruska, Ed4.30.5
46756 ENSalamanders: Secret, Silent LivesMiller, Sara Swan5.11.0
62665 ENSalem Witch Trials: A Primary Source History...Massachusetts, TheMacBain, Jenny8.12.0
100382 ENSaltMorris, Neil7.51.0
75424 ENSaltwater Fishing (Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie4.70.5
114621 ENSalvador in Pictures (Second Series), ElDiPiazza, Francesca Davis7.33.0
55791 SPsalvadores del país, LosNesbit, Edith4.71.0
100260 ENSam Houston: Texas HeroGregson, Susan R.7.32.0
83022 ENSam I AmCooper, Ilene5.18.0
29749 ENSam the MinutemanBenchley, Nathaniel2.90.5
78582 ENSam Walton: Department Store GiantDougherty, Terri7.42.0
10539 ENSamantha the SnobCristaldi, Kathryn1.80.5
61474 ENSame Stuff as Stars, ThePaterson, Katherine4.38.0
68572 ENSammy Keyes and the Art of DeceptionVan Draanen, Wendelin4.39.0
44716 ENSammy Keyes and the Curse of Moustache MaryVan Draanen, Wendelin4.68.0
48079 ENSammy Keyes and the Hollywood MummyVan Draanen, Wendelin4.99.0
28507 ENSammy Keyes and the Hotel ThiefVan Draanen, Wendelin4.66.0
83235 ENSammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty QueenVan Draanen, Wendelin4.09.0
34513 ENSammy Keyes and the Runaway ElfVan Draanen, Wendelin4.47.0
61273 ENSammy Keyes and the Search for Snake EyesVan Draanen, Wendelin4.09.0
32155 ENSammy Keyes and the Sisters of MercyVan Draanen, Wendelin5.28.0
28508 ENSammy Keyes and the Skeleton ManVan Draanen, Wendelin5.17.0
7341 ENSammy the SealHoff, Syd2.00.5
30914 ENSamoyed, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.90.5
85207 ENSamuel Adams: Patriot and StatesmanBurgan, Michael7.52.0
107735 ENSamuraiLeavitt, Caroline5.10.5
120610 ENSamuraiOllhoff, Jim6.31.0
74231 ENSan Antonio Spurs (Great Sports Teams), TheBednar, Chuck8.04.0
57528 ENSan Francisco 49ers (Great Sports Teams), TheGrabowski, John F.7.85.0
32214 ENSan Francisco Earthquake 1906Duey, Kathleen5.98.0
106781 ENSand Dollar SummerJones, Kimberly K.4.66.0
45708 ENSandry's BookPierce, Tamora5.59.0
63100 ENSands of Time, TheHoeye, Michael4.18.0
107901 ENSandy KoufaxDoeden, Matt6.53.0
31174 ENSang SpellNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.27.0
25129 ENSanta Fe Trail, TheAlter, Judy6.61.0
59062 ENSanta Paws, Come HomeEdwards, Nicholas5.26.0
59061 ENSanta Paws to the RescueEdwards, Nicholas5.46.0
17639 ENSarah Anne HartfordDuey, Kathleen5.14.0
385 ENSarah BishopO'Dell, Scott4.97.0
46900 ENSarah Michelle Gellar (Celebrity Bios)Laslo, Cynthia6.01.0
137 ENSarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
100261 ENSarah Winnemucca: Scout, Activist, and TeacherRosinsky, Natalie M.6.62.0
79211 ENSARS (Diseases and Disorders)Stewart, Gail B.9.74.0
69196 ENSAS: British Special Air ServiceFerguson, Amanda7.92.0
34510 ENSasquatchSmith, Roland4.55.0
103588 ENSatch & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.15.0
57336 ENSatchel Paige (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro Leagues)Schmidt, Julie7.42.0
102128 ENSatellitesJohnson, Rebecca L.7.31.0
9 SPSauce AzulGates, Doris6.56.0
68200 ENSaudi Arabia in Pictures (Revised Edition)Broberg, Catherine9.63.0
59036 ENSausageJones, Carol5.90.5
39890 ENSavage Damsel and the Dwarf, TheMorris, Gerald5.37.0
6342 ENSavage SamGipson, Fred5.78.0
68682 ENSaving GraceCummings, Priscilla4.98.0
17789 ENSaving ShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
66311 ENSaving the Prairie BanditPatent, Dorothy Hinshaw5.91.0
59037 ENSaving WaterDalgleish, Sharon5.11.0
100211 ENSaving WildlifeBellamy, Rufus7.31.0
122451 ENSavvyLaw, Ingrid6.09.0
9623 ENSay Cheese and Die!Stine, R.L.3.93.0
14958 ENSay Cheese and Die - Again!Stine, R.L.3.23.0
60009 ENSay YesCouloumbis, Audrey3.65.0
77551 ENScams!Schroeder, Andreas8.07.0
117228 ENScandinavian MythologyPorterfield, Jason7.42.0
9624 ENScarecrow Walks at Midnight, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
544 ENScarlet Pimpernel (Unabridged), TheOrczy, B. Emma8.015.0
85561 ENScarlet Stockings Spy, TheNoble, Trinka Hakes5.60.5
112578 ENScary StoriesMoser, Barry6.79.0
17592 ENSchernoff Discoveries, ThePaulsen, Gary5.63.0
82463 ENSchizophrenia (Life Balance)Landau, Elaine8.12.0
89752 ENSchool CheerleadingMaurer, Tracy4.61.0
68450 ENSchool of Fear, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
11439 ENSchool Spirit SabotageLevy, Elizabeth3.91.0
86977 ENSchool SurvivalTym, Kate6.03.0
116321 ENSchoolchildren's Blizzard, TheLemke, Donald B.4.00.5
15656 ENScience Project Ideas...RainGardner, Robert6.52.0
15659 ENScience Project Ideas...SunGardner, Robert6.42.0
15657 ENScience Project Ideas...TreesGardner, Robert6.42.0
31495 ENScience Projects...Kitchen ChemistryGardner, Robert7.33.0
39677 ENScientists and DiscoveriesSnedden, Robert9.62.0
81256 ENScopes "Monkey" Trial, TheUschan, Michael V.9.12.0
86813 ENScorpiaHorowitz, Anthony5.012.0
386 ENScorpionsMyers, Walter Dean3.76.0
46757 ENScorpions: The Sneaky StingersLassieur, Allison5.31.0
1778 ENScott Joplin: A Life in RagtimeOtfinoski, Steven8.95.0
100591 ENScott O'DellPayment, Simone7.12.0
73049 ENScottsboro Boys Trial: A Primary Source Account, TheSorensen, Lita8.01.0
72407 ENScream of the Hawk, TheBelgue, Nancy4.23.0
15105 ENScreaming EaglesKehret, Peg4.73.0
82173 ENScribbleJennings, Richard W.6.66.0
7342 ENScruffyParish, Peggy1.90.5
100202 ENSculpture: Three Dimensions in ArtCivardi, Anne7.11.0
83348 ENSea ChaseParkinson, Curt4.86.0
73519 ENSea GiftAshby, John5.27.0
49590 ENSea HorsesWalker, Sally M.6.31.0
76968 ENSea HorsesWalker, Sally M.3.80.5
67623 ENSea Jellies: From Corals to JellyfishSharth, Sharon6.21.0
85477 ENSea LegsShearer, Alex4.810.0
107541 ENSea MonstersSautter, Aaron3.40.5
43074 ENSea Monsters: Myth and TruthCosson, M.J.4.71.0
81202 ENSea of Trolls, TheFarmer, Nancy4.716.0
103622 ENSea Singer, TheMoodie, Craig5.05.0
54864 ENSea So Far, AThesman, Jean5.47.0
51226 ENSea Soup: PhytoplanktonCerullo, Mary M.7.51.0
51227 ENSea Soup: ZooplanktonCerullo, Mary M.6.60.5
4583 ENSea Turtle WatchingBair/Wright4.30.5
717 ENSea-Wolf (Unabridged), TheLondon, Jack8.118.0
67624 ENSeahorses, Pipefishes, and Their KinMiller, Sara Swan5.81.0
63223 ENSealsLynch, Wayne6.11.0
67625 ENSeals, Sea Lions, and WalrusesStewart, Melissa5.81.0
86519 ENSearch for Belle Prater, TheWhite, Ruth4.85.0
5042 ENSearch for Delicious, TheBabbitt, Natalie5.44.0
107824 ENSearch for Extraterrestrial Life, TheNardo, Don10.54.0
66312 ENSearch for Poison-Dart Frogs, TheFridell, Ron5.51.0
32376 ENSearch for Snout, TheCoville, Bruce5.66.0
83646 ENSearch for the Northwest Passage, TheForan, Jill6.41.0
14144 ENSearch for the ShadowmanNixon, Joan Lowery4.94.0
72728 ENSearch of the Moon King's DaughterHoleman, Linda5.512.0
28542 ENSearching for Candlestick ParkKehret, Peg4.55.0
6991 ENSearching for DragonsWrede, Patricia C.5.39.0
17241 ENSeashoreParker, Steve7.61.0
66729 ENSeaward BornWait, Lea4.55.0
117398 ENSecond and Third Amendments: The Right to SecuritySmith, Rich7.71.0
17300 ENSecond Bend in the River, TheRinaldi, Ann3.77.0
39903 ENSecond CousinsHamilton, Virginia3.25.0
24949 ENSecond Mrs. Giaconda, TheKonigsburg, E.L.5.74.0
125610 ENSecond Siege, TheNeff, Henry H.6.521.0
102730 ENSecond SightBlackwood, Gary L.5.911.0
32744 ENSecond Sight: Stories for a New MillenniumL'Engle, Madeleine5.24.0
86538 ENSecret AgentSpizman, Robyn Freedman3.87.0
87335 ENSecret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez, TheGoldschmidt, Judy4.76.0
78 ENSecret Garden, TheBurnett, Frances Hodgson6.313.0
17888 ENSecret in the Old Book, TheErwin, Vicki Berger4.23.0
50396 ENSecret in the Stones, TheFarber/Sansevere5.68.0
637 ENSecret Language, TheNordstrom, Urusula4.14.0
27748 ENSecret Letters from 0 to 10Morgenstern, Susie5.24.0
30691 ENSecret Life of Amanda K. Woods, TheCameron, Ann5.05.0
80188 ENSecret of Castle Cant, TheBath, K.P.6.612.0
5043 ENSecret of Gumbo Grove, TheTate, Eleanora E.4.67.0
21572 ENSecret of Platform 13, TheIbbotson, Eva5.87.0
5642 ENSecret of Red Gate Farm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.75.0
63651 ENSecret of Sabrina Fludde, TheFisk, Pauline5.59.0
14487 ENSecret of Sarah Revere, TheRinaldi, Ann3.77.0
5643 ENSecret of Shadow Ranch, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
79 ENSecret of the AndesClark, Ann Nolan4.75.0
11440 ENSecret of the Attic, TheSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.71.0
5684 ENSecret of the Caves, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
5645 ENSecret of the Old Clock, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5686 ENSecret of the Old Mill, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
60581 ENSecret of the Red Flame, TheKimball, K.M.5.16.0
115060 ENSecret of the SirensGolding, Julia6.614.0
85217 ENSecret of the SpaKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
103478 ENSecret Room, TheTownson, Hazel5.21.0
67697 ENSecret Service (Top Secret)Beyer, Mark6.61.0
62285 ENSecret Spy Satellites: America's Eyes in SpaceGaffney, Timothy R.6.61.0
60421 ENSecret Within, TheGolding, Theresa5.09.0
85867 ENSecrets of a Civil War Submarine: Solving the...H. L. HunleyWalker, Sally M.8.24.0
60577 ENSecrets of New BabylonJenkins/LaHaye4.13.0
66479 ENSecrets of Sound: Studying the Calls and Songs...Sayre, April Pulley7.42.0
65958 ENSecrets of Vesuvius, TheLawrence, Caroline5.06.0
34697 ENSecrets on 26th StreetJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.45.0
119916 ENSedimentary Rocks: A Record of Earth's HistoryStille, Darlene R.7.11.0
19828 ENSeedfolksFleischman, Paul4.32.0
52606 ENSeeds of Hope: The Gold Rush Diary of Susanna FairchildGregory, Kristiana5.55.0
56401 ENSeeing Stone, TheCrossley-Holland, Kevin4.310.0
32302 ENSeeing the CircleBruchac, Joseph4.20.5
53476 ENSeekFleischman, Paul4.74.0
51145 ENSelf-Acceptance: Building ConfidenceWandberg Ph.D., Robert5.81.0
62400 ENSelman Waksman and the Discovery of StreptomycinGordon, Karen7.71.0
56373 ENSeminole (Watts Library), TheSonneborn, Liz7.01.0
100203 ENSense of Place: LandscapesThomson, Leo6.71.0
27922 ENSentriesPaulsen, Gary5.45.0
102462 ENSeparate But Not Equal: The Dream and the StruggleHaskins, Jim9.66.0
545 ENSeparate Peace, AKnowles, John6.910.0
53978 ENSeparating Materials (Material World)Snedden, Robert8.11.0
42593 ENSeparation, TheApplegate, K.A.3.33.0
65530 ENSeptember 11, 2001Santella, Andrew6.81.0
57677 ENSerena and Venus Williams (Sports Heroes)Schaefer, A.R.4.50.5
116502 ENSerial Killer File: The Doctor of Death InvestigationSitford, Mikaela5.60.5
68207 ENSerial Murders (Crime and Detection)Innes, Brian8.83.0
29378 ENSerial Sneak Thief, TheHildick, E.W.5.35.0
80500 ENSerpent Never Sleeps: A Novel of Jamestown and Pocahontas, TheO'Dell, Scott5.68.0
54068 ENSeth Green (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin6.00.5
73300 ENSETI: The Search for Alien IntelligenceJedicke, Peter8.42.0
104657 ENSettlement Houses: Improving...America's ImmigrantsFriedman, Michael6.20.5
7592 ENSeven Blind MiceYoung, Ed1.90.5
100865 ENSeven Natural Wonders of the United States and CanadaDeFries, Cheryl L.7.71.0
28468 ENSeven Songs of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.212.0
12478 ENSeven Spiders SpinningMaguire, Gregory5.54.0
16735 ENSeven Strange & Ghostly TalesJacques, Brian5.86.0
52327 ENSeven Wonders of the Ancient WorldCurlee, Lynn8.21.0
100866 ENSeven Wonders of the Modern WorldGonzales, Doreen7.01.0
100867 ENSeven Wonders of the Natural WorldGraham, Amy6.11.0
39904 ENSeventh-Grade TangoLevy, Elizabeth4.34.0
78662 ENSevere Storm and Blizzard Alert!Peppas, Lynn6.71.0
100533 ENSex and RelationshipsHibbert, Adam7.21.0
64526 ENSexually Transmitted Diseases (Health Issues)Whelan, Jo8.02.0
105241 ENShackleton and the Lost Antarctic ExpeditionHoena, B.A.4.20.5
66665 ENShackleton Expedition, TheFine, Jil4.80.5
86105 ENShackleton's StowawayMcKernan, Victoria4.812.0
57930 ENShades of Simon GrayMcDonald, Joyce6.110.0
10140 ENShadow BoxerLynch, Chris4.47.0
41249 ENShadow-CatcherLevin, Betty5.45.0
12312 ENShadow Children, TheSchnur, Steven4.92.0
70202 ENShadow HorseHart, Alison4.96.0
86643 ENShadow Life: A Portrait of Anne Frank and Her FamilyDenenberg, Barry7.46.0
13438 ENShadow Man, TheSchraff, Anne3.73.0
80 ENShadow of a BullWojciechowska, Maia5.25.0
16600 ENShadow on the SnowSchraff, Anne4.21.0
28438 ENShadow SpinnerFletcher, Susan4.68.0
105312 ENShadow Thieves, TheUrsu, Anne5.112.0
84321 ENShadow Trap, TheWatson, Jude4.94.0
43424 ENShadowed Unicorn, TheWelch, Sheila Kelly4.66.0
8489 ENShadows of NightBash, Barbara5.10.5
71686 ENShadows on the SeaHarlow, Joan Hiatt4.25.0
59769 ENShadows on the WallNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.76.0
81 ENShadrachDe Jong, Meindert4.95.0
1846 ENShakers (The American Religious Experience), TheWilliams, Jean Kinney9.03.0
87537 ENShakespeareChrisp, Peter6.91.0
48572 ENShakespeare: A LifeGreenhill/Wignall6.71.0
54173 ENShakespeare: His Work & His WorldRosen, Michael6.32.0
101237 ENShakespeare's SecretBroach, Elise4.06.0
77299 ENShaky Ground: EarthquakesColson, Mary6.01.0
77884 ENShamer's Daughter, TheKaaberbol, Lene5.38.0
9044 ENShape of Me and Other StuffSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
58914 ENShaperHaas, Jessie4.26.0
39911 ENShaping the EarthPatent, Dorothy Hinshaw7.92.0
60460 ENShaquille O'Neal (Sports Heroes)Schaefer, A.R.4.50.5
59328 ENSharing the World with Animals (Wildlife Ed.)Elwood, Ann6.10.5
17242 ENSharkMacQuitty, Miranda7.31.0
122994 ENShark AttackJackson, Tom4.00.5
46901 ENShark AttacksFitzgerald, Patrick J.5.61.0
59386 ENShark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie ClarkMcGovern, Ann4.91.0
86644 ENShark LifeWojtyla, Karen7.48.0
60461 ENShark! The Truth Behind the TerrorStrong, Mike4.00.5
67626 ENSharks and Rays: Underwater PredatorsSharth, Sharon5.81.0
100505 ENSharon CreechMcGinty, Alice B.7.42.0
47247 ENSharp Horns on the MoonCrowe, Carole4.84.0
58188 ENSharp ShootersFeeney, Kathy5.61.0
54975 ENShattered Peace, TheWatson, Jude4.64.0
56465 ENShattered: Stories of Children and WarArmstrong, Jennifer5.26.0
68683 ENShatterglassPierce, Tamora5.814.0
10941 ENShe Flew No FlagsManley, Joan5.59.0
67434 ENShe'll Be Coming Around the Mountain (Traditional Songs)Owen, Ann3.20.5
72768 ENShe, ThePlum-Ucci, Carol5.513.0
120558 ENShe Touched the World: Laura Bridgman, Deaf-Blind PioneerAlexander, Sally Hobart6.92.0
6648 ENSheep in a JeepShaw, Nancy1.00.5
10540 ENSheep out to EatShaw, Nancy1.20.5
11391 ENSheep Take a HikeShaw, Nancy1.50.5
70436 ENShelf Life: Stories by the BookPaulsen, Gary4.86.0
17243 ENShellArthur, Alex8.71.0
31193 ENShelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted StraysKehret, Peg6.53.0
79592 ENShen of the Sea: Chinese Stories for ChildrenChrisman, Arthur Bowie5.46.0
73045 ENSherman Antitrust Act: Getting Big Business Under Control, TheCefrey, Holly5.60.5
61316 ENSheryl Swoopes: Star ForwardRappoport, Ken6.22.0
101428 ENShetland Pony, TheParise-Peterson, Amanda4.60.5
30915 ENShetland Sheepdog, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.80.5
84937 ENShifter Karts: High-Speed Go-KartsDoeden, Matt2.40.5
5440 ENShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.44.0
13758 ENShiloh SeasonNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.85.0
9338 ENShine, Sun!Greene, Carol0.40.5
58379 ENShingebiss: An Ojibwe LegendVan Laan, Nancy4.90.5
10141 ENShining Company, TheSutcliff, Rosemary7.113.0
46758 ENShips and Submarines (Fast Forward)Graham, Ian6.30.5
17244 ENShipwreckPlatt, Richard7.71.0
24314 ENShipwreck SeasonHill, Donna4.36.0
14959 ENShocker on Shock Street, AStine, R.L.3.23.0
5085 ENShoebagJames, Mary4.74.0
57144 ENShoeless Joe and MeGutman, Dan4.34.0
11441 ENShoot for the HoopChristopher, Matt4.32.0
31635 ENShoot to ScoreRichmond, Sandra4.74.0
34961 ENShooting Hoops and Skating LoopsHegedus, Alannah7.44.0
5690 ENShore Road Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
46759 ENShorebirds: From Stilts to SanderlingsMiller, Sara Swan5.21.0
64251 ENShort and Bloody History of Pirates, TheFarman, John7.83.0
64252 ENShort and Bloody History of Spies, TheFarman, John7.73.0
78958 EN(Short) Story of My Life, TheJones, Jennifer B.4.03.0
6143 ENShortcutCrews, Donald1.40.5
11442 ENShortstop from TokyoChristopher, Matt3.92.0
68353 ENShrublands (Biomes Atlases)Burnie, David7.32.0
106224 ENShugHan, Jenny4.07.0
74048 ENShutting Out the Sky: Life in...Tenements of New York 1880-1924Hopkinson, Deborah6.84.0
36885 ENSiamese Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne4.91.0
88694 ENSiberiaHalam, Ann5.511.0
24062 ENSiberian Husky, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.70.5
48285 ENSick Day, TheMacLachlan, Patricia2.50.5
42594 ENSickness, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
73001 ENSid FleischmanFreedman, Jeri7.32.0
5243 ENSideways Stories from Wayside SchoolSachar, Louis3.33.0
69098 ENSieur de La Salle (Groundbreakers)Santella, Andrew6.31.0
59131 ENSight, TheClement-Davies, David6.123.0
48142 ENSightsVance, Susanna5.17.0
106708 ENSigmund Freud: Exploring the Mysteries of the MindBankston, John8.23.0
51228 ENSigmund Freud: Pioneer of the MindReef, Catherine8.55.0
68866 ENSign Language (Communicating)Hossell, Karen Price6.01.0
138 ENSign of the Beaver, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George4.95.0
16981 ENSign of the DoveFletcher, Susan4.77.0
78012 ENSign of the QinBass, L.G.8.117.0
63725 ENSigners: The 56 Stories...Declaration of Independence, TheFradin, Dennis Brindell7.73.0
73399 SPsigno del crisantemo, ElPaterson, Katherine5.64.0
39629 ENSikhism (World Beliefs and Cultures)Penney, Sue6.72.0
67229 ENSilent Boy, TheLowry, Lois5.16.0
60912 ENSilent MovieAvi1.90.5
8242 ENSilent NightStine, R.L.4.56.0
15092 ENSilent NightClark, Mary Higgins5.35.0
10251 ENSilent Storm, TheGarland, Sherry5.59.0
36396 ENSilent Thunder: A Civil War StoryPinkney, Andrea Davis5.47.0
44292 ENSilent to the BoneKonigsburg, E.L.5.47.0
83647 ENSilk Road, TheWells, Donald7.01.0
16791 ENSilk Route: 7,000 Miles of History, TheMajor, John S.6.70.5
74912 ENSilk UmbrellasMarsden, Carolyn5.42.0
639 ENSilver Chair, TheLewis, C.S.5.78.0
6378 ENSilver DaysLevitin, Sonia3.96.0
6682 ENSilver on the TreeCooper, Susan6.014.0
88569 ENSilverFinHigson, Charlie5.914.0
21734 ENSilverwingOppel, Kenneth4.79.0
8039 ENSimon and the WindTibo, Gilles1.90.5
78287 ENSimple Gift, TheHerrick, Steven5.32.0
118304 ENSimple Sleight-of-Hand: Card and Coin Tricks...MagicianZenon, Paul6.11.0
59216 ENSimply AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.27.0
20134 ENSin Eater, TheSchmidt, Gary D.5.88.0
87331 ENSing a Song of Tuna Fish: Hard to Swallow Stories...Fifth GradeCodell, Esmé Raji5.43.0
244 ENSing down the MoonO'Dell, Scott4.94.0
77009 ENSinger of All Songs, TheConstable, Kate6.213.0
106303 ENSinging HandsRay, Delia5.98.0
49768 ENSingle Shard, APark, Linda Sue6.66.0
101422 ENSioux and Their History, TheEnglar, Mary5.61.0
48593 ENSir Francis Drake (Groundbreakers)Champion, Neil7.11.0
104413 ENSir ThursdayNix, Garth6.512.0
69099 ENSir Walter Raleigh (Groundbreakers)McCarthy, Shaun7.62.0
29535 ENSirenaNapoli, Donna Jo3.95.0
16926 ENSister of the BrideCleary, Beverly5.910.0
73520 ENSister Spider Knows AllFogelin, Adrian4.19.0
82147 ENSister to the WolfTrottier, Maxine5.513.0
53483 ENSisterhood of the Traveling Pants, TheBrashares, Ann4.59.0
70719 ENSitter, TheStine, R.L.3.49.0
84087 ENSitting Bull: The Life of a Lakota Sioux ChiefJeffrey, Gary4.81.0
52183 ENSixteen Fleecy Sheep: A Book About VowelsThomson, Ruth2.30.5
53478 ENSixteen: Short Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young AdultsGallo, Donald R.4.96.0
117400 ENSixth Amendment: The Right to a Fair TrialSmith, Rich8.11.0
245 ENSixth Grade Can Really Kill YouDeClements, Barthe4.34.0
103472 ENSkateboard PowerZucker, Jonny3.00.5
68750 ENSkateboardingHerran/Thomas6.41.0
125522 ENSkateboardingMattern, Joanne3.60.5
57694 ENSkateboarding Greats: Champs of the RampsKaelberer, Angie Peterson4.30.5
57695 ENSkateboarding History: From the Backyard to the Big TimeMartin, Michael4.20.5
2683 ENSkateboarding! Surf the PavementBurke, L.M.6.31.0
69226 ENSkateboarding: Techniques and TricksWillett, Edward5.81.0
49083 ENSkateboarding (To the Limit)Horsley, Andy5.60.5
57696 ENSkateboards: Designs and EquipmentHoena, B.A.4.60.5
6010 ENSkeeterSmith, Kay4.37.0
69937 ENSkeletal and Muscular System (Understanding the Human Body), TheWalker/Wood9.54.0
46955 ENSkeletal System (Insider's Guide to the Body), TheGilbert, Laura8.11.0
2912 ENSkeletonParker, Steve7.70.5
85419 ENSkeleton and Muscles, TheParker, Steve7.21.0
69602 ENSkeleton KeyHorowitz, Anthony4.910.0
52617 ENSkeleton ManBruchac, Joseph4.83.0
28292 ENSkelligAlmond, David3.54.0
68759 ENSkiing (Action Sports)Herran/Thomas6.61.0
4498 ENSkin Care (Perspectives on Physical Health)Gregson, Susan R.5.51.0
14833 ENSkin Deep and Other Teenage ReflectionsMedearis, Angela Shelf4.60.5
100354 ENSkin, Hair, and HygieneGreen, Jen6.11.0
32275 ENSkin I'm In, TheFlake, Sharon G.4.14.0
81236 ENSkin, Muscles, and Bones (Understanding the Human Body)Parker, Steve7.51.0
46315 ENSkinny Melon and MeUre, Jean5.55.0
16732 ENSkull of Truth, TheCoville, Bruce4.76.0
44866 ENSkullcrackBo, Ben5.06.0
42447 ENSkullduggeryKarr, Kathleen5.06.0
59330 ENSkunks and Their Relatives (Wildlife Ed.)Biel, Timothy Levi5.80.5
87368 ENSky CarverWhitlock, Dean5.012.0
5956 ENSky Is Falling, ThePearson, Kit5.29.0
1914 ENSky KingsBayne, Bijan C.7.75.0
67698 ENSky Marshals (Top Secret)Beyer, Mark6.31.0
58902 ENSky's the Limit: Stories of Discovery by Women and Girls, TheThimmesh, Catherine8.42.0
104141 ENSkydivingMarx, Mandy R.3.20.5
2685 ENSkydiving! Take the LeapRoberts, Jeremy5.91.0
67699 ENSkysurfing (X-Treme Outdoors)Cefrey, Holly5.91.0
5335 ENSlake's LimboHolman, Felice6.44.0
15087 ENSlam!Myers, Walter Dean4.58.0
82205 ENSlangalicious: Where We Got That Crazy LingoO'Reilly, Gillian6.63.0
82 ENSlave Dancer, TheFox, Paula6.06.0
65389 ENSlave Trade (Events & Outcomes), TheMonaghan, Tom10.84.0
84182 ENSlavery in America: A Primary Source History...of SlaveryBuell, Tonya8.42.0
46798 ENSlavery in Ancient Egypt and MesopotamiaGreene, Jacqueline Dembar7.21.0
46799 ENSlavery in Ancient Greece and RomeGreene, Jacqueline Dembar7.11.0
88867 ENSlavery in the Plantation SouthCurrie, Stephen9.95.0
57116 ENSlaves of the MasteryNicholson, William5.314.0
8244 ENSleepwalker, TheStine, R.L.3.85.0
7242 ENSleepy DogZiefert, Harriet0.80.5
70886 ENSlightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley, TheMurray, Martine5.07.0
26507 ENSlime, Molds, and FungiPascoe, Elaine6.41.0
72848 ENSlippery Slope, TheSnicket, Lemony7.19.0
104055 ENSloppy Copy Slipup, TheDiSalvo, DyAnne3.92.0
10928 ENSlot MachineLynch, Chris4.78.0
67794 ENSloths (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy4.20.5
5957 ENSluggersSullivan, George6.83.0
12371 ENSluggers Club: A Sports Mystery, TheWalker, Paul Robert4.25.0
25977 ENSlumber PartyPike, Christopher4.25.0
7343 ENSmall PigLobel, Arnold2.30.5
102722 ENSmall StepsSachar, Louis4.27.0
77137 ENSmallpox (Diseases and Disorders)Saffer, Barbara10.04.0
34816 ENSmart DogVande Velde, Vivian5.54.0
60462 ENSmokejumpers: Battling the Forest FlamesBriscoe, Diana4.20.5
57355 ENSmokejumpers: Life Fighting FiresBeyer, Mark5.91.0
64527 ENSmoking (Health Issues)Morgan, Sally8.73.0
83 ENSmoky the Cow HorseJames, Will6.513.0
34691 ENSmuggler's Treasure, TheBuckey, Sarah Masters4.95.0
11595 ENSmugglers' IslandAvi4.05.0
34885 ENSmugglers, TheLawrence, Iain4.76.0
43475 ENSnail Mail No MoreDanziger/Martin5.17.0
15438 ENSnailologyRoss, Michael Elsohn6.01.0
120294 ENSnakeheadHorowitz, Anthony5.414.0
51523 ENSnakesBarth, Kelly L.11.04.0
66868 ENSnakesMitchell, Melanie2.30.5
46760 ENSnakes and Lizards: What They Have in CommonMiller, Sara Swan5.11.0
57678 ENSnakes! Deadly Predators or Harmless Pets?Houghton, Sarah4.61.0
77521 ENSnapMcGhee, Alison5.13.0
107294 ENSnatchedHautman, Pete4.15.0
9045 ENSneetches and Other Stories, TheSeuss, Dr.3.40.5
62319 ENSnocross (Radsports Guides)Maurer, Tracy Nelson5.01.0
9389 ENSnow Baby, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
8934 ENSnow DogKjelgaard, Jim7.48.0
9340 ENSnow JoeGreene, Carol0.30.5
52785 ENSnow: Learning for the Fun of ItEdwards, Frank B.7.72.0
69020 ENSnow Pony, TheLester, Alison6.08.0
52427 ENSnow Skiing (Radsports Guides)Maurer, Tracy Nelson5.31.0
85 ENSnow TreasureMcSwigan, Marie5.35.0
14750 ENSnowballsEhlert, Lois1.30.5
46434 ENSnowboarding (Radical Sports)Fraser, Andy5.91.0
2678 ENSnowboarding! Shred the PowderHayhurst, Chris6.31.0
69227 ENSnowboarding: Techniques and TricksMurdico, Suzanne J.5.91.0
49085 ENSnowboarding (To the Limit)Mason, Paul5.60.5
67700 ENSnowboarding (X-Treme Outdoors)Brown, Gillian C.P.5.81.0
31651 ENSnowfallPeyton, K.M.5.514.0
84938 ENSnowmobilesDoeden, Matt2.40.5
51146 ENSnowmobilesDubois, Muriel L.4.30.5
57679 ENSnowmobiling (The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie5.01.0
6092 ENSnowy Day, TheKeats, Ezra Jack2.50.5
10542 ENSnug BugDubowski, Cathy East1.10.5
78419 ENSo B. ItWeeks, Sarah5.06.0
17641 ENSo Far from Home: The Diary of Mary Driscoll, an Irish Mill GirlDenenberg, Barry4.43.0
387 ENSo Far from the Bamboo GroveWatkins, Yoko Kawashima4.76.0
82253 ENSo Hard to SaySanchez, Alex4.26.0
14491 ENSo You Want to Be a WizardDuane, Diane5.911.0
27933 ENSoaring EagleFinley, Mary Peace4.75.0
87362 ENSoccerHornby, Hugh7.41.0
82556 ENSoccer: A History of the World's Most Popular GameStewart, Mark8.88.0
108862 ENSoccer Chick RulesFitzGerald, Dawn5.36.0
61274 ENSoccer ShockNapoli, Donna Jo3.65.0
104661 ENSocialist Party: Eugene V. Debs...Working Class, TheSkahill, Carolyn M.7.41.0
190 ENSocksCleary, Beverly5.22.0
107913 ENSocrates: Ancient Greek in Search of TruthDell, Pamela7.72.0
85263 ENSoil: Digging into Earth's Vital ResourceStille, Darlene R.6.61.0
120933 ENSoil (Freestyle Express)Faulkner, Rebecca4.31.0
49992 ENSojourner Truth: Abolitionist and Women's Rights ActivistBernard, Catherine7.83.0
55890 ENSojourner Truth: Abolitionist, Suffragist, and PreacherLutz, Norma Jean6.41.0
8324 ENSojourner Truth (Black Americans of Achievement)Krass, Peter8.43.0
62679 ENSojourner Truth: From Slave to Activist for FreedomButler, Mary G.7.82.0
21971 SPsol de los venados, ElDíaz, Gloria Cecilia6.33.0
117188 ENSolar PowerRooney, Anne5.51.0
51744 ENSolar System and the Stars, TheFredette/Lafleur8.72.0
48994 ENSolar System (Science Fact Files), TheCooper, Chris7.71.0
72648 ENSolar System (Universes Large and Small), TheEgan, Lorraine Hopping5.81.0
81225 ENSoldier's Life in the Civil War, AAnderson, Dale8.22.0
46856 ENSoldier XWulffson, Don L.5.77.0
71237 ENSoledad Sigh-SighsGonzález, Rigoberto2.90.5
388 ENSolitary Blue, AVoigt, Cynthia5.311.0
121016 ENSolving Crimes Through Criminal ProfilingShone, Rob4.91.0
121017 ENSolving Crimes with Trace EvidenceJeffrey, Gary5.21.0
16194 ENSome of the Kinder PlanetsWynne-Jones, Tim4.85.0
2229 ENSomeday the Sun Will Shine AgainSchraff, Anne4.53.0
117931 ENSomeday This Pain Will Be Useful to YouCameron, Peter6.09.0
788 ENSomeone Is Hiding on Alcatraz IslandBunting, Eve4.14.0
103473 ENSomething EvilOrme, David3.20.5
21749 ENSomething Fishy at MacDonald HallKorman, Gordon4.56.0
32518 ENSomething for JoeyMcNeely/Peck5.98.0
105300 ENSomething Out of Nothing: Marie Curie and RadiumMcClafferty, Carla Killough8.35.0
5958 ENSomething UpstairsAvi4.13.0
61177 ENSon of the MobKorman, Gordon4.88.0
68867 ENSonar (Communicating)Hossell, Karen Price6.61.0
59355 ENSondok: Princess of the Moon and StarsHolman, Sheri6.65.0
34699 ENSong for Jeffrey, AFoland, Constance M.3.44.0
65240 ENSong of Sampo LakeDurbin, William5.48.0
44094 ENSong of the Molimo, TheCutler, Jane5.26.0
191 ENSong of the TreesTaylor, Mildred D.3.81.0
32242 ENSong of the WandererCoville, Bruce5.89.0
84962 ENSong of the Water Boatman: And Other Pond PoemsSidman, Joyce5.00.5
63440 ENSong QuestRoberts, Katherine5.311.0
65294 ENSong Shoots Out of My Mouth, TheAdoff, Jamie3.40.5
47387 ENSongbirds: The Language of SongJohnson, Sylvia A.7.01.0
44959 ENSongs of FaithJohnson, Angela4.52.0
78700 ENSonny's House of SpiesLyon, George Ella4.18.0
5087 ENSons from AfarVoigt, Cynthia5.313.0
43414 ENSoon Be FreeRuby, Lois5.59.0
65241 ENSoul Moon SoupJohnson, Lindsay Lee4.72.0
87988 ENSoul StealerBooth, Martin6.19.0
66453 ENSoundBall, Jackie6.71.0
100233 ENSound and VibrationsRiley, Peter D.6.71.0
14542 ENSound the JubileeForrester, Sandra5.06.0
84 ENSounderArmstrong, William H.5.33.0
192 ENSoupPeck, Robert Newton4.42.0
10871 ENSource of Magic, TheAnthony, Piers8.217.0
27017 ENSouth Africa (Enchantment of the World)Blauer/Lauré7.62.0
65616 ENSouth Africa (Steadwell Books World Tour)Leslie, Tonya5.91.0
47054 ENSouth Carolina (America the Beautiful)Stein, R. Conrad7.83.0
62426 ENSouth Carolina: The Palmetto StateVolkwein, Ann9.22.0
47055 ENSouth Dakota (America the Beautiful)Shepherd, Donna Walsh8.24.0
69382 ENSouth Dakota: The Mount Rushmore StateHirschmann, Kris8.52.0
103763 ENSoutheast Division, TheGigliotti, Jim7.41.0
119638 ENSoutheast Division, TheKelley, James S.7.01.0
66699 ENSouthern Africa (Indigenous Peoples of Africa)Jenson-Elliott, Cynthia L.10.76.0
105853 ENSouthpawWallace, Rich4.32.0
103764 ENSouthwest Division, TheWalters, John7.01.0
119639 ENSouthwest Division, TheKelley, James S.6.71.0
116999 ENSpaceClifford, Tim5.91.0
7691 ENSpace BratCoville, Bruce3.71.0
36334 ENSpace Disasters (Watts Library)Landau, Elaine8.71.0
36055 ENSpace Emergency: Astronauts in DangerCole, Michael D.6.41.0
66683 ENSpace Exploration (Life in the Future)Beyer, Mark6.41.0
81018 ENSpace Pioneers (The History of Space Exploration)Kerrod, Robin8.12.0
103435 ENSpace PiratesOrme, David3.50.5
81019 ENSpace Probes (The History of Space Exploration)Kerrod, Robin8.42.0
42813 ENSpace RaceWaugh, Sylvia5.68.0
59038 ENSpace SciencePentland, Peter6.91.0
57495 ENSpace Shuttle, TheTaylor, Robert11.35.0
81020 ENSpace Shuttles (The History of Space Exploration)Kerrod, Robin9.02.0
11490 ENSpace Station Seventh GradeSpinelli, Jerry4.88.0
81021 ENSpace Stations (The History of Space Exploration)Kerrod, Robin8.52.0
85929 ENSpace TravelAllman, Toney8.11.0
103436 ENSpace WreckOrme, David3.20.5
84282 ENSpacecraftFurniss, Tim6.11.0
103610 ENSpaceShipOne: Making Dreams Come TrueSibila, Tom3.30.5
25158 ENSpanish-American War, TheCollins, Mary7.20.5
6380 ENSpanish Kidnapping Disaster, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.75.0
101429 ENSpanish Mustang, TheParise-Peterson, Amanda4.80.5
58688 ENSparks Fly UpwardMatas, Carol4.46.0
7895 ENSparrow Hawk RedMikaelsen, Ben4.26.0
32480 ENSpeakAnderson, Laurie Halse4.57.0
106651 ENSpecialsWesterfeld, Scott6.112.0
6241 ENSpectacular Stone SoupGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
84342 ENSpectacular Women in SpaceGueldenpfennig, Sonia8.04.0
32019 ENSpecter from the Magician's Museum, TheStrickland, Brad5.25.0
54069 ENSpeed BoatBeyer, Mark5.01.0
8546 ENSpell of the Sorcerer's Skull, TheBellairs, John5.66.0
25472 ENSpellboundPike, Christopher4.78.0
62198 ENSpellfallRoberts, Katherine5.011.0
125169 ENSpellman Files, TheLutz, Lisa5.514.0
88772 ENSphere of Secrets, TheFisher, Catherine4.511.0
51150 ENSphynx Cat (Learning About Cats), TheMattern, Joanne4.90.5
83648 ENSpice Trade, TheWells, Donald7.01.0
54816 ENSpider-Man's Amazing PowersBuckley Jr., James6.21.0
35644 ENSpider SparrowKing-Smith, Dick6.15.0
53633 ENSpider Spins a Story: Fourteen Legends from Native AmericaMax, Jill5.72.0
46762 ENSpiders of North AmericaSquire, Ann O.5.51.0
82999 ENSpies (Kingfisher Knowledge)Gifford, Clive9.52.0
72073 ENSpies! Real People, Real StoriesPortalupi, Laura4.60.5
83250 ENSpies: The Undercover World of Secrets, Gadgets and LiesOwen, David10.05.0
4455 ENSpill the Beans and Pass the Peanuts: LegumesHughes, Meredith Sayles7.82.0
41479 ENSpindle's EndMcKinley, Robin7.222.0
36032 ENSpindriftRodowsky, Colby5.04.0
80292 ENSpinning Through the Universe: A Novel in Poems from Room 214Frost, Helen3.51.0
47559 ENSpirit Like a Storm: The Story of Mary ShelleyMiller, Calvin Craig7.74.0
79000 ENSpirit Line, TheThurlo, Aimée5.67.0
86289 ENSpirit of St. Louis (American Moments)Koestler-Grack, Rachel A.5.51.0
14776 ENSpirit SeekerNixon, Joan Lowery4.67.0
28903 ENSpirits and Sorcerers: Myths of Africa, Egypt and ArabiaRoss, Stewart4.81.0
69017 ENSpitting ImageCrum, Shutta4.58.0
39886 ENSplit Image: A Story in PoemsGlenn, Mel4.62.0
103474 ENSplitzaroniWhite, Kathryn2.90.5
102523 ENSpoiled RottenGaetz, Dayle Campbell3.52.0
120511 ENSpooky CemeteriesWilliams, Dinah5.20.5
79473 ENSports CarsDoeden, Matt2.60.5
58758 ENSports Great Alex RodriguezMacnow, Glen5.31.0
69340 ENSports Great Allen IversonMacnow, Glen5.11.0
69341 ENSports Great Daunte CulpepperBernstein, Ross6.72.0
69342 ENSports Great Donovan McNabbSteenkamer, Paul5.12.0
69343 ENSports Great Kurt WarnerRekela, George6.52.0
69344 ENSports Great Peyton ManningWilner, Barry6.52.0
69345 ENSports Great Sammy SosaTorres, John Albert6.42.0
58759 ENSports Great Tim DuncanTorres, John6.71.0
84244 ENSports Injuries (Health Issues)Lennard-Brown, Sarah9.23.0
60596 ENSports of MexicoStokes, Erica M.6.11.0
101897 ENSports Shorts: An Anthology of Short StoriesBruchac, Joseph5.43.0
27749 ENSpotlight on CodyDuffey, Betsy3.31.0
62899 ENSpring Pearl: The Last FlowerYep, Laurence5.35.0
54070 ENSprint CarThompson, Luke5.31.0
65805 ENSprint Car Racing: Unleashing the PowerSexton, Susan5.01.0
79409 ENSprint CarsSchaefer, A. R.4.30.5
107567 ENSprint CarsSchuette, Sarah L.3.10.5
118019 ENSpudvan de Ruit, John6.816.0
125974 ENSpud--The Madness Continues...van de Ruit, John6.614.0
42796 ENSpy Among the Girls, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
65431 ENSpy CatKehret, Peg4.65.0
17642 ENSpy in the King's Colony, ABanim, Lisa4.42.0
69177 ENSpy SatellitesKupperberg, Paul10.82.0
120091 ENSpy SkillsMartin, Michael5.20.5
106851 ENSpy TechnologyFridell, Ron5.81.0
51856 ENSpyhole SecretsSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.66.0
14530 ENSpying on Miss MullerBunting, Eve4.46.0
18990 ENSqueezeSteiber, Ellen4.43.0
49790 ENSquirePierce, Tamora5.615.0
31638 ENSquire, His Knight, & His Lady, TheMorris, Gerald5.27.0
28280 ENSquire's Tale, TheMorris, Gerald4.87.0
66454 ENSquirrels (Welcome to the World of Animals)Swanson, Diane4.80.5
104212 ENSquirt! The Most Interesting Book You'’ll Ever Read about BloodRomanek, Trudee6.81.0
77873 ENStagecoaches and the Pony Express (The American Adventure)Isaacs, Sally Senzell5.81.0
43425 ENStaircase, TheRinaldi, Ann4.38.0
54130 ENStalker, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.56.0
85166 ENStamp Act of 1765, TheBurgan, Michael6.91.0
46902 ENStamps (Cool Collectibles)Abeyta, Jennifer5.91.0
10544 ENStan the Hot Dog ManKessler, Ethel/Leonard2.30.5
61275 ENStand TallBauer, Joan3.95.0
25224 ENStanding in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey...Osborne, Mary Pope5.14.0
82560 ENStanley Cup, TheStewart, Mark7.98.0
5961 ENStar Fisher, TheYep, Laurence5.26.0
36529 ENStar in the StormHarlow, Joan Hiatt4.44.0
80746 ENStar of Kazan, TheIbbotson, Eva6.116.0
25120 ENStar-Spangled Banner, TheKent, Deborah6.81.0
35287 ENStar SplitLasky, Kathryn6.07.0
83952 ENStar Turns: Dancing on BroadwayDerezinski, Amelia6.51.0
108623 ENStar Wars, Star PilotBuller, Laura5.90.5
118499 ENStarcross: A...Adventure of Spies, Time Travel and Curious HatsReeve, Philip7.211.0
79704 ENStarfall: Phaeton and the Chariot of the SunCadnum, Michael7.43.0
41562 ENStargirlSpinelli, Jerry4.26.0
31192 ENStarplace, TheGrove, Vicki6.07.0
6381 ENStarring Sally J. Freedman as HerselfBlume, Judy4.48.0
49220 ENStars and Constellations (Our Universe)Vogt, Gregory5.01.0
72936 ENStarting Line: Life as a NASCAR Rookie, TheBuckley Jr., James5.10.5
56726 ENStates of Matter (Chemicals in Action)Oxlade, Chris7.71.0
77151 ENStates of Matter (Material Matters)Baldwin, Carol5.91.0
53980 ENStates of Matter (Material World)Snedden, Robert8.31.0
105622 ENStatic: A NovelizationSorrells, Walter3.76.0
4986 ENStay Cool: A Guy's Guide to Handling ConflictHayhurst, Chris6.21.0
17341 ENStay in LineSlater, Teddy2.50.5
27526 ENStay! Keeper's StoryLowry, Lois6.45.0
9625 ENStay Out of the BasementStine, R.L.3.93.0
40801 ENStaying Alive (Nature Undercover)McLeod, Beatrice7.00.5
11491 ENSteal Away HomeRuby, Lois5.57.0
28293 ENStealing FreedomCarbone, Elisa5.610.0
66027 ENStealth Attack Fighters: The F-117A NighthawksGreen, Michael/Gladys5.40.5
120207 ENStealth Attack Fighters: The F-117A Nighthawks (Revised Edition)Green, Michael5.30.5
44346 ENStealth Bombers: The B-2 SpiritsSweetman, Bill4.80.5
50048 ENStealth Fighters and BombersBerliner, Don6.71.0
54071 ENStealth Jet Fighter: The F-117AReavis, Tracey5.71.0
105526 ENSteam Engine, TheOrr, Tamra7.81.0
80138 ENSteam Locomotives: Whistling, Chugging, Smoking...PastZimmermann, Karl7.71.0
103475 ENSteel EyesZucker, Jonny3.20.5
81853 ENSteel (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink)Walker, Kate6.71.0
117925 ENSteel Tough: The Pittsburgh SteelersAretha, David6.93.0
73396 ENStefan's StoryHobbs, Valerie4.75.0
44072 ENStegosaurusRodriguez, K.S.4.10.5
118230 ENStem Cell ResearchForman, Lillian9.43.0
70312 ENStem CellsTesar, Jenny9.01.0
49813 ENStep from Heaven, ANa, An4.26.0
103791 ENStephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage: The Graphic NovelVansant, Wayne5.12.0
49993 ENStephen King: King of Thrillers and HorrorWilson, Suzan7.13.0
43526 ENStepping Out with Grandma MacGrimes, Nikki5.00.5
68147 ENSteps, TheCohn, Rachel5.25.0
17792 ENStepsister from the Planet WeirdLantz, Francess4.55.0
8246 ENStepsister, TheStine, R.L.4.15.0
74258 ENSteroids (Health Issues)Fitzhugh, Karla9.03.0
107954 ENSteve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and the Personal ComputerLemke, Donald B.4.10.5
53730 ENSteve Jobs: Wizard of Apple ComputerWilson, Suzan7.83.0
116148 ENSteve Nash: Leader on and off the CourtBasen, Ryan6.93.0
57272 ENStevie Wonder (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers)Beyer, Mark5.92.0
46292 ENStick and WhittleHite, Sid6.17.0
85988 ENStill There, ClarePrinz, Yvonne4.86.0
79385 ENStimulants (Drug Education Library)Walker/Wood9.64.0
79367 ENSting (World Musicmakers)Wyborny, Sheila7.72.0
54072 ENStock CarCefrey, Holly5.31.0
65806 ENStock Car Racing: Running with the Big BoysSexton, Susan5.11.0
61986 ENStock Car's Greatest Race: The First and the FastestBarber, Phil5.20.5
84939 ENStock CarsDoeden, Matt2.70.5
107471 ENStock Cars (Lerner)Doeden, Matt5.41.0
108469 ENStock Cars (Mighty Machines)Doeden, Matt1.70.5
81257 ENStock Market Crash of 1929, TheIngram, Scott8.92.0
34703 ENStockings of ButtermilkPhilip, Neil4.73.0
23352 ENStolen Lake, TheAiken, Joan7.413.0
57319 ENStomach: Learning How We Digest, TheToriello, James7.51.0
51161 ENStone Cold: Pro Wrestler Steve AustinBurgan, Michael4.41.0
293 ENStone FoxGardiner, John Reynolds4.01.0
76595 ENStone Goddess, TheHo, Minfong6.37.0
16982 ENStone WaterGilbert, Barbara Snow5.06.0
65432 ENStonecutterWatts, Leander5.46.0
36675 ENStones Are Hatching, TheMcCaughrean, Geraldine6.09.0
18837 ENStones in WaterNapoli, Donna Jo4.27.0
25052 ENStonewalkers, TheAlcock, Vivien4.74.0
6012 ENStonewords: A Ghost StoryConrad, Pam4.74.0
9343 ENStop-Go, Fast-SlowMcLenighan, Valjean1.90.5
2484 ENStop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went CrazySones, Sonya4.81.0
70163 ENStop the TrainMcCaughrean, Geraldine6.411.0
72730 ENStorm-BlastParkinson, Curtis4.45.0
60463 ENStorm Chasers: On the Trail of Deadly TornadoesWhite, Matt3.80.5
56370 ENStorm Chasers (Watts Library)Trueit, Trudi Strain7.31.0
101157 ENStorm Warning: Tornadoes (Raintree-Express)Oxlade, Chris4.51.0
46293 ENStorm WarriorsCarbone, Elisa5.56.0
50390 ENStormbreakerHorowitz, Anthony5.17.0
49003 ENStorms (Restless Planet)Maslin, Mark8.01.0
5441 ENStormyKjelgaard, Jim6.96.0
59534 ENStormy Day Rescue, TheBridwell/Weinberger2.00.5
32715 ENStory of Blue Elk, TheHausman, Gerald5.10.5
71544 ENStory of Coca-Cola (Built for Success), TheBell, Lonnie7.11.0
71545 ENStory of Disney (Built for Success), TheRichardson, Adele6.91.0
71546 ENStory of Ford (Built for Success), TheBell, Lonnie6.61.0
101378 ENStory of Jamestown, TheBraun, Eric3.80.5
506 ENStory of King Arthur and His Knights, ThePyle, Howard9.421.0
71547 ENStory of Microsoft (Built for Success), TheRichardson, Adele7.31.0
71548 ENStory of Nike (Built for Success), TheFrisch, Aaron7.61.0
71549 ENStory of Sony (Built for Success), TheFrisch, Aaron8.21.0
105082 ENStory of the Star-Spangled Banner, TheJacobson, Ryan3.90.5
105248 ENStory of the Statue of Liberty, TheNiz, Xavier4.30.5
5199 ENStory of Women Who Shaped the West, TheFox, Mary Virginia7.01.0
32309 ENStoryteller's Story, AMartin, Rafe4.10.5
44830 ENStowawayHesse, Karen6.111.0
11492 ENStrandedMikaelsen, Ben4.28.0
69607 ENStrange Animals, New to SciencePringle, Laurence7.82.0
106060 ENStrange BirdsGilliland, Judith Heide4.66.0
62902 ENStrange Case of Baby H, TheReiss, Kathryn5.25.0
102870 ENStrange New Species: Astonishing Discoveries of Life on EarthKelsey, Elin8.74.0
389 ENStranger at Green Knowe, ABoston, L.M.6.47.0
29758 ENStranger Came Ashore, AHunter, Mollie6.26.0
48338 ENStranger in DadlandKoss, Amy Goldman4.04.0
6942 ENStranger with My FaceDuncan, Lois6.19.0
101779 ENStrategies for Analysis: Analyzing Information...SuccessWhite, Katherine7.21.0
54687 ENStraw into GoldSchmidt, Gary D.5.98.0
86 ENStrawberry GirlLenski, Lois4.86.0
45453 ENStray Dog, TheSassa/Simont1.70.5
65242 ENStray VoltageDoyle, Eugenie5.14.0
57219 ENStraydogKoja, Kathe5.24.0
28282 ENStrays Like UsPeck, Richard4.15.0
390 ENStreams to the River, River to the SeaO'Dell, Scott4.87.0
48081 ENStreet MagicPierce, Tamora5.811.0
79485 ENStreet Skating: Grinds and GrabsSavage, Jeff4.20.5
64528 ENStress & Depression (Health Issues)Lennard-Brown, Sarah7.72.0
4490 ENStress Management (Perspectives on Mental Health)Gregson, Susan R.6.01.0
5442 ENStriderCleary, Beverly4.83.0
57680 ENStrike Fighters: The F/A-18E/F Super HornetsSweetman, Bill5.10.5
120208 ENStrike Fighters: The F/A-18E/F Super Hornets (Revised Edition)Sweetman, Bill5.20.5
54102 ENStrike TwoKoss, Amy Goldman4.24.0
10890 ENStriking OutWeaver, Will3.88.0
140 ENString in the Harp, ABond, Nancy5.217.0
69100 ENStringsLynch, Wendy3.80.5
193 ENStriped Ice CreamLexau, Joan3.52.0
85480 ENStripes of the Sidestep WolfHartnett, Sonya6.68.0
59373 ENStrong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, AGreen, Michelle Y.5.13.0
66455 ENStructuresBall, Jackie7.42.0
29400 ENStrudel StoriesRocklin, Joanne4.02.0
194 ENStuart LittleWhite, E.B.6.03.0
41632 ENStuck in NeutralTrueman, Terry5.74.0
122196 ENStudents on Strike: Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Brown, and MeStokes, John A.7.04.0
102992 ENStumptown KidGorman, Carol3.77.0
66052 ENStunt PlanesSavage, Jeff4.90.5
11443 ENSubmarine Pitch, TheChristopher, Matt4.32.0
73411 ENSubmariners: Life in SubmarinesWingate, Brian6.91.0
89716 ENSubmarinesStone, Lynn M.7.00.5
102097 ENSubmarinesDoeden, Matt2.80.5
76996 ENSubmarines (Military Hardware in Action)Doyle, Kevin6.61.0
17842 ENSubtle Knife, ThePullman, Philip6.216.0
102524 ENSudden ImpactChoyce, Lesley3.92.0
82960 ENSue Bird: Be YourselfBird/Brown5.11.0
11740 ENSugar Isn't EverythingRoberts, Willo Davis5.56.0
102483 ENSuicide BombersBaker, David9.41.0
70904 ENSummer King, TheMelling, O.R.4.87.0
57148 ENSummer MoonGeorge, Jean Craighead5.92.0
30508 ENSummer of FearDuncan, Lois5.69.0
391 ENSummer of My German SoldierGreene, Bette5.29.0
13443 ENSummer of ShameSchraff, Anne4.43.0
12381 ENSummer of the Bonepile Monster, TheHenderson, Aileen5.04.0
392 ENSummer of the MonkeysRawls, Wilson4.813.0
87 ENSummer of the Swans, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
87606 ENSummer on the RunBelgue, Nancy4.03.0
80431 ENSummer SecretsHermes, Patricia3.96.0
106062 ENSummer Sherman Loved Me, TheSt. Anthony, Jane4.64.0
67340 ENSummer SwitchRodgers, Mary5.46.0
790 ENSummer to Die, ALowry, Lois5.35.0
64512 ENSummerlandChabon, Michael6.322.0
51269 ENSun BreadKleven, Elisa3.30.5
50057 ENSun: The Center of the Solar System, TheCole, Michael D.7.61.0
68148 ENSun, the Rain, and the Apple Seed...Johnny Appleseed's Life, TheDurrant, Lynda5.06.0
27929 ENSunburned Prayer, ATalbert, Marc5.44.0
10904 ENSunita Experiment/The Not-So-Star Spangled Life...Sunita Sen, ThePerkins, Mitali5.15.0
345 ENSunny-Side UpGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
34239 ENSunwingOppel, Kenneth5.311.0
66279 ENSuper Bikes (Fast Forward)Graham, Ian5.80.5
80604 ENSuper Hornet F/A-18E/FStone, Lynn M.6.90.5
58504 ENSuper Jumbo Jets: Inside and OutCefrey, Holly6.71.0
4979 ENSuper Science Projects About Energy and MotionCobb, Allan B.7.00.5
4980 ENSuper Science Projects About Light and OpticsCobb, Allan B.6.70.5
4977 ENSuper Science Projects About OceansCobb, Allan B.5.61.0
4981 ENSuper Science Projects About SoundCobb, Allan B.7.01.0
4978 ENSuper Science Projects About Weather and Natural ForcesJones, Lorraine7.10.5
46763 ENSuper Structures (Fast Forward)Malam, John7.00.5
66280 ENSuper Trucks (Fast Forward)Graham, Ian6.50.5
101397 ENSuperbikesMarx, Mandy2.80.5
44347 ENSupercarriers (Land and Sea)Burgan, Michael5.30.5
59492 ENSuperCroc and the Origin of CrocodilesSloan, Christopher8.42.0
56727 ENSuperfoods: Genetic Modification of FoodsMorgan, Sally8.93.0
443 ENSuperfudgeBlume, Judy3.44.0
123439 ENSuperior SaturdayNix, Garth6.19.0
78565 ENSupernaturalist, TheColfer, Eoin4.89.0
78523 ENSupernovaHapka, Catherine5.34.0
44348 ENSupersonic Fighters: The F-16 Fighting FalconsSweetman, Bill4.90.5
120209 ENSupersonic Fighters: The F-16 Fighting Falcons (Revised Edition)Sweetman, Bill4.90.5
60980 ENSupersonic X-15 and High-Tech NASA Aircraft, TheHolden, Henry M.6.81.0
49223 ENSupreme Court (American Government Today), TheSanders, Mark6.11.0
83893 ENSupreme Court and the Judicial Branch (A...Citizenship), TheBeier, Anne5.50.5
57280 ENSupremes (Rock & Roll Hall of Famers), TheRivera, Ursula7.12.0
87340 ENSurfer Girl: A Guide to the Surfing LifeLake, Sanoe6.94.0
46439 ENSurfing (Radical Sports)Bizley, Kirk6.41.0
49088 ENSurfing (To the Limit)Mason, Paul5.30.5
32307 ENSurprising MyselfFritz, Jean3.90.5
64558 ENSurveillance: The Impact on Our LivesMccGwire, Scarlett10.23.0
79696 ENSurvivalApplegate, K.A.4.14.0
76372 ENSurvival Against the OddsRohr, Ian5.10.5
65334 ENSurvival and Resistance (The Holocaust)Levy, Pat8.42.0
64752 ENSurvival in the Storm: The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace EdwardsJanke, Katelan6.46.0
48684 ENSurvive!Strickland, Brad5.45.0
60652 ENSurviving the ApplewhitesTolan, Stephanie S.5.57.0
65759 ENSusan B. Anthony (Breaking Barriers)Wheeler, Jill C.5.51.0
26645 ENSuspicion, TheApplegate, K.A.4.23.0
74259 ENSustainable Development (Face the Facts)Gifford, Clive9.02.0
73442 ENSweden: A Primary Source Cultural GuidePorterfield, Jason9.25.0
27018 ENSweden (Enchantment of the World)McNair, Sylvia7.32.0
26638 ENSweet Creek HollerWhite, Ruth4.67.0
78553 ENSweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge: A Ghost StoryReiss, Kathryn4.916.0
141 ENSweet Whispers, Brother RushHamilton, Virginia3.88.0
641 ENSweetgrassHudson, Jan4.25.0
102732 ENSweetgrass BasketCarvell, Marlene5.05.0
79070 ENSwifter, Higher, Stronger: A Photographic History...OlympicsMacy, Sue9.02.0
6398 ENSwiftly Tilting Planet, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.210.0
54073 ENSwimmingRandolph, Joanne4.91.0
88519 ENSwimming to AmericaMead, Alice3.55.0
62210 ENSwindlers (Bad Guys)Blackwood, Gary L.8.62.0
65127 ENSwiss Family RobinsonHutchinson, Emily4.62.0
521 ENSwiss Family Robinson (Unabridged), TheWyss, Johann9.723.0
642 ENSwitcharoundLowry, Lois4.63.0
5336 ENSwitching WellGriffin, Peni6.49.0
46839 ENSwitzerland (Enchantment of the World)Rogers, Lura9.04.0
42792 ENSword and the Circle, TheSutcliff, Rosemary6.715.0
29342 ENSword of the SamuraiKimmel, Eric A.4.62.0
104050 ENSword SongSutcliff, Rosemary6.814.0
88044 ENSword That Cut the Burning Grass: A Samurai Mystery, TheHoobler, Dorothy5.46.0
28879 ENSymbiosis (Science Concepts)Silverstein/Nunn7.82.0
8590 ENT-backs, T-shirts, Coat, and SuitKonigsburg, E.L.5.46.0
66028 ENTactical Fighters: The F-15 EaglesGreen, Michael/Gladys5.40.5
120210 ENTactical Fighters: The F-15 Eagles (Revised Edition)Green, Michael5.30.5
75887 ENTae Kwon Do (Kids' Guides to Martial Arts)Buckley, Thomas6.51.0
27934 ENTae's SonataBalgassi, Haemi4.43.0
53575 ENTaggerungJacques, Brian5.219.0
83953 ENTaig Khris: In-Line Skating SuperstarRosenberg, Aaron7.11.0
68354 ENTaiga (Biomes Atlases)Day, Trevor7.82.0
116414 ENTaiwan in Pictures (Second Series)Behnke, Alison8.33.0
67140 ENTaj Mahal, TheWeatherly, Myra10.25.0
100455 ENTaking Action: How to Get Your City to Build a Skate ParkHocking, Justin7.81.0
643 ENTaking Care of TerrificLowry, Lois5.35.0
6943 ENTaking SidesSoto, Gary4.44.0
10145 ENTaking Terri MuellerMazer, Norma Fox3.77.0
87990 ENTaking WingGraff, Nancy Price6.09.0
70401 ENTale of Despereaux, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.75.0
74153 ENTale of the Swamp Rat, TheCrocker, Carter3.97.0
719 ENTale of Two Cities (Unabridged), ADickens, Charles9.727.0
128372 ENTales from Outer SuburbiaTan, Shaun6.51.0
52298 ENTales from Shakespeare (Unabridged)Lamb, Charles12.823.0
14494 ENTales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters WeirdVande Velde, Vivian5.33.0
122764 ENTales from the FarmLemire, Jeff1.90.5
28076 ENTales from the Home PlaceBurandt/Dale4.94.0
2216 ENTales of AesopDouglas, Karen Berg3.91.0
2211 ENTales of Africa IIHall, Peg3.31.0
43077 ENTales of American FolkloreHall, Peg3.61.0
2212 ENTales of American IndiansHall, Peg3.31.0
28275 ENTales of Ancient EgyptGreen, Roger Lancelyn7.28.0
43078 ENTales of Brothers GrimmHall, Peg3.11.0
43079 ENTales of DetectivesReece, Paula J.4.12.0
52925 ENTales of FrightHall, Peg3.82.0
2213 ENTales of Greek Mythology (Vol. 2)Owens, L.L.3.61.0
43081 ENTales of HeroesHall, Peg3.62.0
43082 ENTales of Latin AmericaHall, Peg3.31.0
82946 ENTales of MysteryOwens, L.L.3.82.0
52299 ENTales of Mystery and Terror (Unabridged)Poe, Edgar Allan11.613.0
54358 ENTales of O. HenryHall, Peg3.62.0
2209 ENTales of Rudyard KiplingOwens, L.L.3.32.0
24590 ENTales of Sherlock HolmesOwens, L.L.3.21.0
54359 ENTales of Southeast AsiaHall, Peg3.52.0
43084 ENTales of the Civil WarHall, Peg3.61.0
43085 ENTales of the Old WestHall, Peg3.72.0
43086 ENTales of the Seven WondersReece, Paula J.4.61.0
108831 ENTales Our Abuelitas Told: A Hispanic Folktale CollectionAda, Alma Flor6.03.0
102554 ENTalisa's SongSmith, Linda3.99.0
5089 ENTalking Earth, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
24990 ENTalking Walls: The Stories ContinueKnight, Margy Burns6.30.5
32702 ENTallchief: America's Prima BallerinaTallchief/Wells5.10.5
117208 ENTallest Buildings, TheMitchell, Susan K.5.61.0
67795 ENTamarins (Animals of the Rain Forest)Braun/Donovan4.40.5
53881 ENTaming of the Shrew, TheShakespeare, William8.84.0
71687 ENTangled Threads: A Hmong Girl's StoryShea, Pegi Deitz4.47.0
54074 ENTank: The M1A1 AbramsBlack, Michael A.5.91.0
89194 ENTanksZuehlke, Jeffery2.40.5
76997 ENTanks (Military Hardware in Action)Cornish, Geoff5.91.0
72731 ENTapestry of Hope: Holocaust Writing for Young PeopleBoraks-Nemetz, Lilian5.27.0
6632 ENTaran WandererAlexander, Lloyd6.29.0
59954 ENTarantula SpidersMurray, Julie2.60.5
56396 ENTarantula (The Library of Spiders), TheMcGinty, Alice B.4.20.5
67979 ENTarantulas (Revised Edition)Murray, Peter4.40.5
14651 SPtarde en el Amazonas, UnaOsborne, Mary Pope3.91.0
103575 ENTargeting Terror: Counterterrorist RaidsKatz, Samuel M.7.82.0
13790 ENTarot Says Beware: A Herculeah Jones MysteryByars, Betsy3.93.0
15102 ENTarzan of the ApesBurroughs, Edgar Rice9.016.0
67859 ENTasmanian Devils (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy4.60.5
80689 ENTaste of Night, TheStine, R.L.3.86.0
66584 ENTaste of Perfection, ALangston, Laura3.97.0
101776 ENTattoos and Body PiercingCurrie-McGhee, L.K.9.84.0
77491 ENTaylor FiveHalam, Ann5.28.0
7647 ENTeach Us, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy1.90.5
83176 ENTeacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts, ThePeck, Richard4.76.0
74150 ENTeacup Full of RosesMathis, Sharon Bell3.63.0
106696 ENTeam MoonThimmesh, Catherine7.52.0
29383 ENTeam Player (Scrappers)Hughes, Dean4.33.0
104009 ENTeam RopingAmbrosek, Renee7.31.0
54360 ENTeamwork: Working Together to WinMattern, Joanne/James5.62.0
116525 ENTeapot Dome Scandal: Corruption Rocks 1920s America, TheDavis, Barbara J.8.82.0
12489 ENTears of a TigerDraper, Sharon M.4.34.0
74703 ENTears of the Salamander, TheDickinson, Peter6.69.0
82254 ENTechnical FoulWallace, Rich4.12.0
100456 ENTechnical Terrain: A Skateboarder's Guide...CoursesHocking, Justin6.21.0
84530 ENTechnically, It's Not My Fault: Concrete PoemsGrandits, John3.41.0
11810 ENTechnologyBridgman, Roger8.21.0
104117 ENTechnology of Ancient China, TheGreenberger, Robert8.91.0
104118 ENTechnology of Ancient Egypt, TheSolodky, M.7.51.0
104119 ENTechnology of Ancient Greece, TheMaynard, Charles W.7.91.0
16863 ENTeddy Bear for SaleHerman, Gail0.90.5
83578 ENTeen Depression (Diseases and Disorders)Martin, Michael J.9.34.0
79377 ENTeetonceyTaylor, Theodore5.05.0
32452 ENTelephone, TheGearhart, Sarah8.02.0
83587 ENTelescopesBarter, James11.25.0
81083 ENTell It to NaomiEhrenhaft, Daniel4.38.0
32298 ENTell Me a StoryLondon, Jonathan3.70.5
68355 ENTemperate Forests (Biomes Atlases)Woodward, John7.63.0
68356 ENTemperate Grasslands (Biomes Atlases)Hoare, Ben7.52.0
78047 ENTempest (Saddleback Shakespeare), TheShakespeare/Timoney4.32.0
68277 ENTen American Movie Directors: The Men Behind the CameraHill, Anne E.8.03.0
60728 ENTen Great American ComposersBredeson/Thibodeau7.23.0
60729 ENTen Hispanic American AuthorsHill, Christine M.6.93.0
49994 ENTen Terrific Authors for TeensHill, Christine M.6.73.0
79098 ENTending to GraceFusco, Kimberly Newton4.24.0
47056 ENTennessee (America the Beautiful)Kent, Deborah8.14.0
62427 ENTennessee: The Volunteer StatePeck, Barbara9.12.0
64809 ENTennis (History of Sports)Sherrow, Victoria9.24.0
10948 ENTent, ThePaulsen, Gary4.92.0
72933 ENTerrific Tracks: The Coolest Places to RaceCavin, Curt5.60.5
20491 ENTerror in FloridaMacGregor, Roy5.54.0
53576 ENTerror in the StadiumJenkins/LaHaye4.44.0
16603 ENTerror on Tulip LaneSchraff, Anne3.81.0
103476 ENTerror WorldNorman, Tony3.00.5
74260 ENTerrorism (21st Century Debates)Woolf, Alex9.82.0
116504 ENTerrorist File: The Lockerbie InvestigationHoward, Amanda5.70.5
72840 ENTerrorist GroupsGunderson, Cory6.41.0
120702 ENTest PilotHorn, Geoffrey M.5.11.0
44726 ENTest, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
70313 ENTest Tube BabiesOrr, Tamra B.8.71.0
56728 ENTest Tube Babies: In Vitro FertilizationFullick, Ann9.03.0
393 ENTexHinton, S.E.4.77.0
101684 ENTexas (2nd Edition)Bredeson, Carmen7.83.0
47057 ENTexas (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.44.0
81302 ENTextiles and the EnvironmentWhyman, Kathryn6.81.0
27019 ENThailand (Enchantment of the World)McNair, Sylvia7.82.0
9141 ENThank You, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.60.5
12500 ENThat Horse Whiskey!Adler, C.S.4.85.0
11444 ENTheater ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.811.0
16734 ENThen Again, Maybe I Won'tBlume, Judy3.65.0
116071 ENTheodore RooseveltElish, Dan8.03.0
113693 ENTheodosia and the Serpents of ChaosLaFevers, R.L.5.211.0
82464 ENTherapy (Life Balance)Borenstein, Gerri C.7.52.0
7345 ENThere Is a Carrot in My Ear and Other Noodle TalesSchwartz, Alvin2.50.5
5090 ENThere's a Bat in Bunk FiveDanziger, Paula3.84.0
20211 ENThere's a Dragon in My Sleeping BagHowe, James2.10.5
118183 ENThere's a Fungus Among Us! True Stories of Killer MoldsDiConsiglio, John5.51.0
6945 ENThere's a Girl in My HammerlockSpinelli, Jerry3.55.0
45895 ENThere's a Monster Under My BedHowe, James1.80.5
55833 ENThere's an Alien in My BackpackCoville, Bruce5.33.0
46300 ENThey Call Me CreatureStine, R.L.3.33.0
61652 ENThey Called Her Molly PitcherRockwell, Anne5.40.5
53639 ENThey Came from the Bronx: How the Buffalo Were...ExtinctionWaldman, Neil5.80.5
2750 ENThey Came in ChainsMeltzer, Milton8.12.0
32676 ENThey Led the WayJohnston, Johanna5.12.0
13992 ENThey Never Came HomeDuncan, Lois5.27.0
64324 ENThicker Than WaterBrooke, Lauren4.35.0
63446 ENThief Lord, TheFunke, Cornelia4.813.0
11543 ENThief of HeartsYep, Laurence4.66.0
17644 ENThief on Morgan's Plantation, ABanim, Lisa4.32.0
15792 ENThief, TheTurner, Megan Whalen6.011.0
88 ENThimble SummerEnright, Elizabeth5.75.0
58220 ENThings Not SeenClements, Andrew4.59.0
57010 ENThings They Carried, TheO'Brien, Tim5.810.0
76375 ENThings We FearPike, Katy4.40.5
36937 ENThings with Wings, TheHolch, Gregory J.5.06.0
586 ENThird Eye, TheDuncan, Lois5.59.0
61280 ENThis Isn't About the MoneyWarner, Sally5.25.0
57122 ENThis Land Was Made for You and Me: The Life...of Woody GuthriePartridge, Elizabeth7.08.0
109174 ENThomasJarvis, Robin8.222.0
39693 ENThomas Alva Edison (Groundbreakers)Williams, Brian6.82.0
74395 ENThomas Alva Edison: Inventor and EntrepreneurPrice-Groff, Claire8.74.0
7295 ENThomas and the School TripAwdry, W.1.10.5
67183 ENThomas Edison: Inventor of the Age of ElectricityTagliaferro, Linda8.23.0
74776 ENThomas Jefferson: America's 3rd PresidentNardo, Don8.62.0
105083 ENThomas Jefferson: Great AmericanDoeden, Matt4.10.5
56224 ENThomas Paine: Common Sense and Revolutionary PamphleteeringMcCartin, Brian10.03.0
85241 ENThomas Paine: Great Writer of the RevolutionBurgan, Michael7.62.0
49996 ENThomas Paine: Revolutionary Patriot and WriterMcCarthy, Pat7.94.0
66744 ENThomas Paine (The Revolutionary War)Davis, Kate8.33.0
121947 ENThoreau at WaldenPorcellino, John5.81.0
25859 ENThorn Birds, TheMcCullough, Colleen7.039.0
84955 ENThoroughbred Horse, TheDiedrich, John4.30.5
77391 ENThought of High Windows, TheKositsky, Lynne4.86.0
32306 ENThoughts, Pictures, and WordsKuskin, Karla4.20.5
87690 ENThousand Ships, AShanower, Eric3.52.0
58243 ENThreat Within, TheWatson, Jude5.74.0
11445 ENThree Cheers for KeishaReed, Teresa4.91.0
52627 ENThree DaysNapoli, Donna Jo3.95.0
9392 ENThree Goats, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9393 ENThree Little Pigs, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
60968 ENThree Mile Island: Nuclear DisasterCole, Michael D.7.61.0
547 ENThree Musketeers (Unabridged), TheDumas, Alexandre11.342.0
11446 ENThree Terrible TrinsKing-Smith, Dick5.12.0
7347 ENThree up a TreeMarshall, James2.10.5
31529 ENThrough the Hidden DoorWells, Rosemary4.78.0
24948 ENThrowing ShadowsKonigsburg, E.L.5.65.0
41407 ENThrowing SmokeBrooks, Bruce5.63.0
14850 ENThunder CaveSmith, Roland4.29.0
78526 ENThunder from the SeaHarlow, Joan Hiatt4.25.0
2676 ENThunderstorms and Lightning (Weather Watcher's Library)Galiano, Dean6.21.0
59908 ENThunderstorms (Nature on the Rampage)Redmond, Jim/Ronda4.80.5
79926 ENThura's DiaryAl-Windawi, Thura6.14.0
25162 ENThurgood Marshall and the Supreme CourtKent, Deborah6.90.5
8317 ENThurgood Marshall (Black Americans of Achievement)Aldred, Lisa9.86.0
77334 ENThurgood Marshall: Champion for Civil RightsMara, Wil8.54.0
85420 ENTiananmen Square: June 4, 1989Bingham, Jane8.52.0
28485 ENTibet: Through the Red BoxSis, Peter5.31.0
81315 ENTidal Waves and Flooding (Natural Disasters)Walker, Jane7.31.0
54673 ENTide PoolsGresko, Marcia S.6.81.0
23938 SPtierra de nadie, LaMartínez-Mena, Alfonso5.13.0
54976 ENTies That Bind, TheWatson, Jude5.04.0
32218 ENTies That Bind, Ties That BreakNamioka, Lensey5.55.0
46903 ENTiger AttacksMurdico, Suzanne J.5.20.5
7297 ENTiger Is a Scaredy CatPhillips, Joan0.90.5
65514 ENTiger (Natural World)Thapar, Valmik5.71.0
77553 ENTiger Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered WildlifeBortolotti, Dan8.32.0
45130 ENTiger Rising, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.03.0
68576 ENTiger's Apprentice, TheYep, Laurence5.46.0
84642 ENTiger's BloodYep, Laurence5.98.0
70074 ENTiger, TheGreen, Carl R.6.21.0
110692 ENTiger WoodsDoeden, Matt6.23.0
58722 ENTiger Woods (A&E Biography)Roberts, Jeremy6.73.0
128519 ENTigerheartDavid, Peter7.215.0
63228 ENTigersSwain, Gwenyth6.11.0
45002 ENTigersSchafer, Susan4.80.5
63917 ENTigersStefoff, Rebecca8.63.0
125201 ENTigersHanel, Rachael6.41.0
14885 SPtigre dientes de sable en el ocaso, UnOsborne, Mary Pope2.91.0
53965 ENTik-Tok of OzBaum, L. Frank7.98.0
116609 ENTiki Barber: All-Pro on and off the FieldNeedham, Tom6.93.0
8096 ENTikta'liktakHouston, James6.01.0
66704 ENTim AllenDougherty, Terri7.84.0
50181 ENTim Berners-Lee: Inventor of the World Wide WebStewart, Melissa8.92.0
28863 ENTime Apart, AStanley, Diane5.39.0
39892 ENTime Bike, TheLangton, Jane5.85.0
17794 ENTime CatAlexander, Lloyd4.75.0
10206 ENTime for Andrew: A Ghost StoryHahn, Mary Downing4.56.0
58676 ENTime for Courage: The Suffragette Diary of Kathleen Bowen, ALasky, Kathryn5.96.0
51867 ENTime Garden, TheEager, Edward5.05.0
116530 ENTime Machine, TheDavis, Terry3.00.5
47564 ENTime Machine: The Story of H. G. WellsBoerst, William J.7.43.0
12799 ENTime Machine (Unabridged), TheWells, H.G.7.46.0
18841 ENTime of Angels, AHesse, Karen4.29.0
51873 ENTime of Golden Dragons, AZhang, Song/Hao6.60.5
62986 ENTime of the Ghost, TheJones, Diana Wynne5.510.0
11070 ENTime & SpaceGribbin, John R.8.11.0
54881 ENTime Stops for No MouseHoeye, Michael5.08.0
119910 ENTime Thief, TheBuckley-Archer, Linda6.821.0
8548 ENTime WindowsReiss, Kathryn4.89.0
68616 ENTime Witches, TheMolloy, Michael5.59.0
83897 ENTimeline of Congress, AModifica, Lisa6.50.5
83899 ENTimeline of the Abolitionist Movement, ALevin, Judy6.90.5
83900 ENTimeline of the Constitutional Convention, AGiddens, Sandra6.90.5
83905 ENTimeline of the Slave Trade in America, ALittlejohn, Randy6.80.5
83906 ENTimeline of the Supreme Court, AIsle, Mick6.50.5
9469 ENTimothy of the CayTaylor, Theodore5.05.0
71550 ENTipitaka and Buddhism, TheGaneri, Anita6.41.0
14854 ENTitanic CrossingWilliams, Barbara4.35.0
20683 ENTitanic Journey Across the Sea, 1912, ALawlor, Laurie4.35.0
25163 ENTitanic, TheKent, Deborah6.71.0
121184 ENTitanic, TheVander Hook, Sue7.43.0
20098 ENTituba of Salem VillagePetry, Ann5.410.0
52963 ENTo Be SomebodySchraff, Anne4.23.0
720 ENTo Kill a MockingbirdLee, Harper5.615.0
73696 ENTo Kill a Mockingbird (Understanding Great Literature)Bernard, Catherine8.64.0
48151 ENTo Live AgainMcDaniel, Lurlene4.94.0
49300 ENTo Root, to Toot, to Parachute: What Is a Verb?Cleary, Brian P.3.70.5
13445 ENTo Slay the DragonSchraff, Anne3.72.0
59395 ENTo the FrontierKimmel, E. Cody5.76.0
76376 ENTo the LimitRohr, Ian4.90.5
8495 ENTo the Top of the WorldBrandenburg, Jim7.01.0
1866 ENTo the Young EnvironmentalistLeuzzi, Linda8.34.0
1867 ENTo the Young ScientistBortz, Alfred B.9.15.0
40148 ENTo Touch the Stars: A Story of World War IIZeinert, Karen6.75.0
115586 ENToad by the Road: A Year in the Life of These Amazing AmphibiansRyder, Joanne3.20.5
46964 ENTobacco and Your Mouth: The Incredibly Disgusting StoryWinters, Adam7.01.0
4493 ENTobacco Use (Perspectives on Physical Health)Graves, Bonnie5.91.0
9953 ENToby Scudder, Ultimate WarriorGifaldi, David4.36.0
78945 ENToesSeidler, Tor5.74.0
69289 ENTom FinderLeavitt, Martine3.96.0
89 ENTom's Midnight GardenPearce, Philippa6.19.0
9394 ENTom ThumbHillert, Margaret0.80.5
54076 ENTomahawk Cruise Missile, ThePitt, Matthew5.51.0
21832 SPTomasín y el cerditoPerera, Hilda4.90.5
246 ENTombs of Atuan, TheLe Guin, Ursula K.5.97.0
64514 ENTomorrow's PromiseBrooke, Lauren4.35.0
14779 ENTomorrow When the War BeganMarsden, John6.313.0
14848 ENTonight, By SeaTemple, Frances4.64.0
8593 ENToning the SweepJohnson, Angela4.73.0
82961 ENTony Gonzalez: Catch & ConnectGonzalez/Brown4.81.0
83955 ENTony Hawk and His Team: Skateboarding SuperstarsSorensen, Lita7.11.0
79491 ENTony Hawk: Skateboarding LegendSavage, Jeff4.20.5
75413 ENTony StewartLeebrick, Kristal4.20.5
61987 ENTony Stewart: Instant Superstar!Teitelbaum, Michael5.00.5
9345 ENToo Many BalloonsMatthias, Catherine1.20.5
17343 ENToo Many Kangaroo Things to Do!Murphy, Stuart J.2.00.5
36662 ENToo Old for This, Too Young for That!Mosatche/Unger7.29.0
10693 ENTooter PepperdaySpinelli, Jerry2.91.0
195 ENToothpaste Millionaire, TheMerrill, Jean5.03.0
30309 ENTop of the World: Climbing Mount Everest, TheJenkins, Steve5.60.5
196 ENTop SecretGardiner, John Reynolds4.02.0
11448 ENTop WingChristopher, Matt4.34.0
46725 ENTorn ThreadIsaacs, Anne6.37.0
15444 ENTornadoKramer, Stephen6.11.0
78663 ENTornado Alert!Scavuzzo, Wendy7.21.0
46904 ENTornadoesThompson, Luke6.61.0
72694 ENTorontoRowe, Percy8.72.0
59909 ENTortoises (Animals of the Rain Forest)Miller, Chuck4.50.5
67796 ENToucans (Animals of the Rain Forest)Dollar, Sam3.70.5
11449 ENTouchdown for TommyChristopher, Matt3.32.0
45132 ENTouching Spirit BearMikaelsen, Ben5.39.0
113345 ENTough Boy SonatasCrisler, Curtis L.6.52.0
106220 ENTour America: A Journey Through Poems and ArtSiebert, Diane7.31.0
1798 ENTourette Syndrome (Venture Book)Landau, Elaine8.82.0
72988 ENTournaments and Jousts: Training for War in Medieval TimesHopkins Ph.D, Andrea7.91.0
54107 ENTower at the End of the World, TheStrickland, Brad5.25.0
5694 ENTower Treasure, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.46.0
63447 ENTown Cats and Other Tales, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.44.0
74232 ENToy Makers (History Makers)Skeers, Linda8.24.0
40671 ENToys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great InventionsWulffson, Don L.6.83.0
9745 SPTrabajo en equipoPascal/Suzanne3.73.0
54077 ENTrack and Field: Field EventsThompson, Luke5.21.0
57540 ENTrack and Field (History of Sports)Aaseng, Nathan10.15.0
54078 ENTrack and Field: Track EventsThompson, Luke5.21.0
647 ENTrackerPaulsen, Gary5.32.0
64713 ENTracking Triple SevenBastedo, Jamie5.08.0
10183 ENTracks in the WildBowen, Betsy5.40.5
79060 ENTrade and Commerce (Yesterday and Today)Davis, Lucile7.21.0
46905 ENTrading Cards (Cool Collectibles)Kirkpatrick, Rob6.01.0
70167 ENTrading Places with Tank TalbottButler, Dori Hillestad3.44.0
74586 ENTragedies of Space Exploration (Man-Made Disasters)Mayell, Mark10.65.0
25124 ENTrail of Tears, TheStein, R. Conrad7.01.0
63101 ENTrail of the Jedi, TheWatson, Jude4.63.0
87543 ENTrainCoiley, John8.01.0
27966 ENTrain Wreck: Kansas, 1892Duey/Bale5.54.0
31156 ENTraitor Among the Boys, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
66895 ENTraitor, TheYep, Laurence4.89.0
36128 ENTranquilizer, Barbiturate, and Downer Drug DangersHoule, Michelle M.8.92.0
62666 ENTranscontinental Railroad: A Primary Source...Railroad, TheHoughton, Gillian8.72.0
83103 ENTransformers Armada: The AwakeningDonkin, Andrew5.81.0
83104 ENTransformers Armada: The QuestDonkin, Andrew5.91.0
108620 ENTransformers Energon: Megatron ReturnsDonkin, Andrew5.81.0
108626 ENTransformers Energon: Terrorcon AttackDonkin, Andrew6.01.0
81365 ENTransportation (21st Century Science)Kerrod, Robin7.62.0
66684 ENTransportation of the Future (Life in the Future)Beyer, Mark5.61.0
79061 ENTransportation (Yesterday and Today)Mattern, Joanne6.21.0
109094 ENTrap, TheSmelcer, John6.25.0
27935 ENTrapped Between the Lash and the GunWhitmore, Arvella4.35.0
5091 ENTrapped in Death CaveWallace, Bill4.25.0
4560 ENTravel AgentBurgan, Michael6.01.0
80501 ENTravel TeamLupica, Mike5.411.0
49224 ENTravels of Ferdinand Magellan, TheMattern, Joanne4.80.5
59998 ENTravels of Francisco de Coronado, TheCrisfield, Deborah4.91.0
59999 ENTravels of Francisco Pizarro, TheBergen, Lara4.81.0
49225 ENTravels of Henry Hudson, TheMattern, Joanne4.70.5
60135 ENTravels of Hernán Cortes, TheCrisfield, Debbie4.60.5
59969 ENTravels of John and Sebastian Cabot, TheMattern, Joanne4.91.0
49226 ENTravels of Juan Ponce de Leon, TheCrisfield, Deborah5.50.5
49227 ENTravels of Lewis and Clark, TheBergen, Lara4.70.5
49228 ENTravels of Marco Polo, TheBandon, Alex5.21.0
60000 ENTravels of Samuel de Champlain, TheMattern, Joanne5.21.0
59970 ENTravels of Sieur de La Salle, TheBergen, Lara5.31.0
60001 ENTravels of Vasco da Gama, TheMattern, Joanne5.31.0
71529 ENTravels with TarraBuckley, Carol5.41.0
44795 SPtravesía, LaOtero, Rodolfo G.4.82.0
522 ENTreasure IslandStevenson, Robert Louis8.312.0
83919 ENTreasure Island and the Pirates of the 18th CenturyPorterfield, Jason7.41.0
17795 ENTreasures in the DustPorter, Tracey5.34.0
17248 ENTreeBurnie, David7.41.0
49230 ENTree Frogs (Animals of the Rain Forest)Deiters, Erika/Jim3.50.5
78027 ENTree GirlMikaelsen, Ben5.76.0
16866 ENTree Is Nice, AUdry, Janice May2.20.5
59910 ENTree Kangaroos (Animals of the Rain Forest)Miller, Chuck4.20.5
119449 ENTree Shaker: The Story of Nelson MandelaKeller, Bill9.55.0
50398 ENTrial by JournalKlise, Kate6.07.0
73050 ENTrial of John T. Scopes: A Primary Source Account, TheOlson, Steven P.8.12.0
73051 ENTrial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: A Primary...Account, TheBurnett Ph.D., Betty7.61.0
73053 ENTrial of Sacco and Vanzetti: A Primary Source Account, TheHinton, Kerry8.72.0
76147 ENTrial, TheBryant, Jennifer6.12.0
69581 ENTrials of DeathShan, Darren5.86.0
72662 ENTriangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, TheSchaefer, Adam R.8.02.0
105249 ENTriangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, TheGunderson, Jessica Sarah3.30.5
120184 ENTriangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, TheNobleman, Marc Tyler6.81.0
68661 ENTriangle Shirtwaist Fire and Sweatshop Reform in...History, TheLieurance, Suzanne8.33.0
44073 ENTriceratopsBergen, Lara3.90.5
122799 ENTrick of the Tale: A Collection of Trickster TalesMatthews, John5.53.0
34701 ENTrickster and the Fainting BirdsNorman, Howard4.01.0
74765 ENTrickster's ChoicePierce, Tamora5.819.0
60466 ENTriple H: Pro Wrestler Hunter Hearst HelmsleyKaelberer, Angie Peterson4.70.5
80189 ENTripping Over the Lunch Lady: And Other School StoriesMercado, Nancy E.4.84.0
45717 ENTris's BookPierce, Tamora5.59.0
63024 ENTrissJacques, Brian5.817.0
78855 ENTroll FellLangrish, Katherine4.59.0
61476 ENTroll King, TheVornholt, John5.58.0
72271 ENTroll Queen, TheVornholt, John5.87.0
34726 ENTroll with No Heart in His Body, TheLunge-Larsen, Lise5.42.0
68357 ENTropical Forests (Biomes Atlases)Jackson, Tom7.42.0
68358 ENTropical Grasslands (Biomes Atlases)Morgan, Ben8.33.0
81379 ENTropical Grasslands (Habitats)Snedden, Robert6.71.0
69970 ENTropical Rain ForestSayre, April Pulley3.60.5
81380 ENTropical Rainforests (Habitats)Snedden, Robert6.31.0
50166 ENTrouble at Fort La PointeErnst, Kathleen4.95.0
124428 ENTrouble Begins at 8: A Life of Mark Twain in...Wild West, TheFleischman, Sid7.55.0
61331 ENTrouble Don't LastPearsall, Shelley4.88.0
197 ENTrouble for LucyStevens, Carla3.81.0
41405 ENTrouble with Cats, TheFreeman, Martha2.91.0
105729 ENTrouble with Tink, TheThorpe, Kiki4.32.0
198 ENTrouble with Tuck, TheTaylor, Theodore5.54.0
65340 ENTroubles in Northern Ireland, TheMinnis, Ivan9.93.0
14538 ENTrout SummerConly, Jane Leslie4.37.0
72549 ENTruck-Mania!Bingham, Caroline5.10.5
78082 ENTruckersPratchett, Terry4.47.0
32453 ENTrucks: Giants of the HighwayRobbins, Ken4.40.5
45718 ENTrue BelieverWolff, Virginia Euwer5.26.0
46764 ENTrue Bugs: When Is a Bug Really a Bug?Miller, Sara Swan5.01.0
5093 ENTrue Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, TheAvi5.38.0
16983 ENTrue North: A Novel of the Underground RailroadLasky, Kathryn5.27.0
65690 ENTrue Prince, TheCheaney, J.B.6.613.0
84 SPTruenoArmstrong, William H.5.33.0
77119 ENTruesightStahler, David6.08.0
90 ENTrumpet of the Swan, TheWhite, E.B.4.96.0
142 ENTrumpeter of Krakow, TheKelly, Eric7.110.0
45157 ENTruth & Lies: An Anthology of PoemsVecchione, Patrice5.91.0
46906 ENTsunamisThompson, Luke5.80.5
100926 ENTsunamisParks, Peggy J.6.71.0
1808 ENTuberculosis (Venture Book)Landau, Elaine10.13.0
247 ENTuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie5.04.0
648 ENTuckerBirdseye, Tom4.33.0
248 ENTucker's CountrysideSelden, George4.95.0
44730 ENTucket's HomePaulsen, Gary5.22.0
14146 ENTucket's RidePaulsen, Gary4.83.0
43456 SPTuiiiiii el murciélagoRendón Ortiz, Gilberto4.00.5
86589 ENTumble BunniesLasky, Kathryn3.30.5
67638 ENTunnels of BloodShan, Darren4.26.0
41779 ENTunnels of Time: A Moose Jaw AdventureBishop, Mary Harelkin5.39.0
79410 ENTupac ShakurOlson, Nathan4.50.5
73445 ENTurkey: A Primary Source Cultural GuideKneib, Martha9.15.0
25031 ENTurkey JohnWhitworth, Artie5.57.0
65617 ENTurkey (Steadwell Books World Tour)Mitten, Christopher5.41.0
47143 ENTurnaboutHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.37.0
104416 ENTurning, TheWhelan, Gloria5.86.0
35354 ENTurns on a DimeLawson, Julie3.75.0
18842 ENTurtle on a Fence PostWood, June Rae4.99.0
46765 ENTurtles: Life in a ShellMiller, Sara Swan5.81.0
15076 ENTut, TutScieszka, Jon4.22.0
12700 ENTutankhamen's GiftSabuda, Robert5.40.5
27131 ENTutankhamun (First Book)Green, Robert7.31.0
199 ENTV Kid, TheByars, Betsy4.33.0
53886 ENTwelfth NightShakespeare, William8.64.0
119229 ENTwelve Rounds to Glory: The Story of Muhammad AliSmith Jr., Charles R.7.11.0
67178 ENTwelve Travelers, Twenty HorsesRobinet, Harriette Gillem4.45.0
200 ENTwenty and TenBishop, Claire Huchet4.02.0
91 ENTwenty-One Balloons, Thedu Bois, William Péne6.86.0
5971 ENTwenty Pageants LaterCooney, Caroline B.4.96.0
16608 ENTwin, TheSchraff, Anne3.71.0
594 ENTwisted Window, TheDuncan, Lois6.28.0
52259 ENTwo Blue Cockatoos: A Book About RhymeThomson, Ruth2.50.5
36029 ENTwo-Minute MysteriesSobol, Donald J.5.63.0
47670 ENTwo Princesses of Bamarre, TheLevine, Gail Carson4.58.0
105313 ENTwo Steps ForwardCohn, Rachel6.39.0
116540 ENTycho Brahe: Pioneer of AstronomyNardo, Don8.02.0
123917 ENU.S. Air Force (Military Branches), TheDoeden, Matt1.80.5
2093 ENU.S. Air Force Special Forces: Combat ControllersCovert, Kim5.30.5
2094 ENU.S. Air Force Special Forces: PararescueCovert, Kim5.40.5
2095 ENU.S. Air Force Special Forces: Special Operations WingsBoraas, Tracey5.80.5
81678 ENU.S. Air Force Special Operations (U.S. Armed Forces)Roberts, Jeremy7.11.0
79486 ENU.S. Air Force (U.S. Armed Forces), TheDoeden, Matt2.90.5
81164 ENU.S. Army (America's Armed Forces), TheBarbier, Mary9.32.0
51152 ENU.S. Army at War, TheSievert, Terri5.20.5
123918 ENU.S. Army (Military Branches), TheDoeden, Matt1.90.5
71421 ENU.S. Army Rangers at War, TheGreen, Michael/Gladys4.90.5
2097 ENU.S. Army Special Operations Command: Night Stalkers...AviationWeiser, Andrea5.20.5
2096 ENU.S. Army Special Operations Forces: Airborne RangersBurgan, Michael5.00.5
81679 ENU.S. Army Special Operations Forces (U.S. Armed Forces)Roberts, Jeremy6.71.0
84942 ENU.S. Army Special Operations, TheKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.20.5
79487 ENU.S. Army (U.S. Armed Forces), TheDoeden, Matt3.00.5
81165 ENU.S. Coast Guard (America's Armed Forces), TheNoble, Dennis L.7.71.0
84943 ENU.S. Coast Guard, TheBraulick, Carrie A.3.00.5
123919 ENU.S. Coast Guard, TheDoeden, Matt2.10.5
120081 ENU.S. Congress, TheFein, Eric5.10.5
85825 ENU.S. Counterstrike: American CounterterrorismKatz, Samuel M.9.63.0
81166 ENU.S. Homeland Security Forces (America's Armed Forces), TheKeeter, Hunter11.82.0
81167 ENU.S. Marine Corps (America's Armed Forces), TheKeeter, Hunter10.32.0
51153 ENU.S. Marine Corps at War, TheAbramovitz, Melissa5.90.5
79488 ENU.S. Marine Corps, TheDoeden, Matt3.10.5
123920 ENU.S. Marine Corps, TheReed, Jennifer2.50.5
71422 ENU.S. Marine Expeditionary Units at War, TheGreen, Michael/Gladys5.60.5
81680 ENU.S. Naval Special Warfare Forces (U.S. Armed Forces)Donovan, Sandy7.11.0
81168 ENU.S. Navy (America's Armed Forces), TheJordan, David9.51.0
51154 ENU.S. Navy at War, TheAbramovitz, Melissa5.60.5
71423 ENU.S. Navy SEALs at War, TheGreen, Michael/Gladys5.00.5
84944 ENU.S. Navy SEALs, TheKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.10.5
2099 ENU.S. Navy Special Forces: SEAL TeamsBurgan, Michael5.20.5
2100 ENU.S. Navy Special Forces: Special Boat UnitsBurgan, Michael4.80.5
79489 ENU.S. Navy, TheDoeden, Matt3.00.5
123921 ENU.S. Navy, TheReed, Jennifer1.90.5
65538 ENU.S. Presidential InaugurationsSantella, Andrew6.81.0
47058 ENU.S. Territories (America the Beautiful)McNair, Sylvia8.14.0
68246 ENU.S. Transportation Security Administration, TheWright, John9.92.0
42596 ENUFOsCoville, Bruce5.48.0
79440 ENUFOsSievert, Terri4.90.5
103462 ENUFOs: Alien Abduction and Close EncountersJeffrey, Gary3.90.5
122012 ENUFOs: What Scientists Say May Shock You!Grace, N.B.6.11.0
81008 ENUgandaOghojafor, Kingsley9.44.0
63227 ENUgliest: Amazing Facts About Ugly Animals, TheDoinet, Mymi5.60.5
46328 ENUltimate, TheApplegate, K.A.3.73.0
44789 SPúltimo vuelo, ElBallaz, Jesús4.84.0
57339 ENUltra Marathon RunningHayhurst, Chris6.01.0
116072 ENUlysses S. GrantAronson, Billy7.93.0
32152 ENUmbrella Man, TheDahl, Roald5.512.0
80306 ENUn-Magician, TheGolden, Christopher7.012.0
29534 ENUnbrokenHaas, Jessie4.17.0
54977 ENUncertain Path, TheWatson, Jude4.64.0
120787 ENUncle Montague's Tales of TerrorPriestley, Chris6.07.0
83920 ENUncle Tom's Cabin and the Abolitionist MovementCarlson, Julie7.81.0
27958 ENUnder a Different SkySavage, Deborah5.311.0
57123 ENUnder a War-Torn SkyElliott, L.M.4.810.0
32289 ENUnder My NoseEhlert, Lois4.20.5
58930 ENUnder, Over, by the Clover: What Is a Preposition?Cleary, Brian P.3.20.5
113086 ENUnder the Banyan TreeDe Palma, Toni5.05.0
11744 ENUnder the Blood-Red SunSalisbury, Graham4.08.0
72937 ENUnder the Helmet: Inside the Mind of a DriverCavin, Curt5.10.5
100512 ENUnder the Persimmon TreeStaples, Suzanne Fisher5.99.0
80069 ENUnder the Watsons' PorchShreve, Susan Richards5.16.0
67703 ENUndercover Agents (Top Secret)Fine, Jil6.61.0
64515 ENUndercurrentsRoberts, Willo Davis5.28.0
53579 ENUnderground ManMeltzer, Milton5.18.0
25121 ENUnderground Railroad, TheStein, R. Conrad6.71.0
47863 ENUnderstand the UnknownApplegate, K.A.5.55.0
1799 ENUnderstanding Alternative Medicine (Venture Book)Rattenbury, Jeanne10.04.0
71574 ENUnderstanding Human RightsWatson, Susan6.71.0
117423 ENUnderstanding LandformsTaylor, Barbara7.11.0
64592 ENUnderstanding September 11th: Answering Questions...AmericaFrank, Mitch8.15.0
62476 ENUnderstanding the WeatherBatigne et al., Stéphane9.62.0
92 ENUnderstood BetsyFisher, Dorothy Canfield5.98.0
60465 ENUndertaker: Pro Wrestler Mark Callaway, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.71.0
72670 ENUNICEF (International Organizations)Grahame, Deborah A.7.12.0
80938 ENUnicorns and Other Magical CreaturesHamilton, John6.71.0
81232 ENUnion Victory (July 1863-1865), TheAnderson, Dale8.02.0
122046 ENUnited Arab Emirates (2nd Edition)King, David C.9.34.0
72671 ENUnited NationsTarsitano, Frank8.22.0
65342 ENUnited Nations Keeping the PeaceConnolly, Sean10.23.0
4577 ENUnited States Coast Guard, TheGreen, Michael5.40.5
73031 ENUnited States Constitution and Early State Constitutions, TheCefrey, Holly5.80.5
16794 ENUnited States Holocaust Memorial Museum, TheBrooks, Philip7.01.0
26175 ENUnited PicturesGeography-Department9.32.0
68209 ENUnited States Justice System (Crime and Detection), TheDupont, Ellen9.73.0
73065 ENUnited States v. the Amistad: The Question...CountryHulm, David8.52.0
62762 ENUnited Tates of AmericaDanziger, Paula4.44.0
87544 ENUniverseKerrod, Robin7.81.0
78204 ENUnseen, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.18.0
103626 ENUnsigned Valentine: And...Events in the Life of Emma Meade, TheHurwitz, Johanna5.24.0
85300 ENUnwelcome GuestsMiller, Gary3.30.5
249 ENUp a Road SlowlyHunt, Irene6.68.0
5047 ENUp from Jericho TelKonigsburg, E.L.5.77.0
61281 ENUp on Cloud NineFine, Anne4.65.0
9395 ENUp, Up, and AwayHillert, Margaret1.00.5
394 ENUpon the Head of the GoatSiegal, Aranka5.510.0
57320 ENUpper Limbs: Learning How We Use Our Arms..and Hands, TheSherman, Josepha8.01.0
143 ENUpstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna2.96.0
47395 ENUranus, Neptune, and Pluto (Planet Library)Kerrod, Robin6.91.0
53443 ENUser UnfriendlyVande Velde, Vivian5.010.0
54079 ENUsher (Celebrity Bios)Talmadge, Morgan6.21.0
65473 ENUsing the Internet Safely (Technology and You)Loughran, Donna5.11.0
78856 ENUSS Constellation: Pride of the American NavyMyers, Walter Dean8.32.0
47212 ENUtahStefoff, Rebecca8.32.0
47059 ENUtah (America the Beautiful)Kent, Deborah8.14.0
5246 ENValentine Star, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
69126 SPvalle de los lobos, ElGallego García, Laura4.49.0
25122 ENValley ForgeStein, R. Conrad6.71.0
85687 ENValley of Secrets, TheHussey, Charmian7.018.0
53118 ENValley of the KingsAlcraft, Rob6.31.0
52932 ENVampire Bat Girls' ClubSchraff, Anne3.83.0
44357 ENVampire Bats (Predators in the Wild)Welsbacher, Anne4.90.5
122995 ENVampire CastleRooney, Anne3.70.5
67639 ENVampire MountainShan, Darren5.35.0
73218 ENVampire Prince, TheShan, Darren6.26.0
67637 ENVampire's Assistant, TheShan, Darren4.26.0
61477 ENVampires: A Collection of Original StoriesYolen/Greenberg5.38.0
80445 ENVanished (The Unexplained)Herbst, Judith6.11.0
84654 ENVanishing Habitats and Species (Environmental Disasters)Walker, Jane8.11.0
58632 ENVegetarian Cooking Around the World (Revised Edition)Behnke, Alison7.21.0
43749 SPvenganza de las Risitas, LaDoyle, Roddy3.71.0
89971 ENVenus and Serena WilliamsWatson, Galadriel Findlay5.20.5
72076 ENVenus and Serena Williams: The Smashing SistersDorrie, Roxanne3.50.5
50062 ENVenus: The Second PlanetCole, Michael D.7.71.0
87 SPverano de los cisnes, ElByars, Betsy4.94.0
790 SPverano para morir, UnLowry, Lois5.35.0
76069 ENVerbsHeinrichs, Ann3.60.5
47060 ENVermont (America the Beautiful)Heinrichs, Ann7.44.0
62428 ENVermont: The Green Mountain StateFlocker, Michael E.8.72.0
79492 ENVert Skating: Mastering the RampSavage, Jeff4.20.5
54111 ENVicky AngelWilson, Jacqueline4.05.0
47565 ENVictoria Woodhull: First Woman Presidential CandidateMcLean, Jacquelline8.63.0
48149 SPvidente y la espada, LaHanley, Victoria5.112.0
2668 ENVideo Game DesignerOleksy, Walter7.31.0
67508 ENVietnam in Pictures (Revised Edition)Taus-Bolstad, Stacy9.03.0
57512 ENVietnamese Americans, TheSpringstubb, Tricia9.55.0
79261 ENVietnamese in AmericaColeman, Lori7.12.0
15098 ENView from Saturday, TheKonigsburg, E.L.5.97.0
15828 ENView from the Cherry Tree, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.27.0
51792 ENViking Claw, TheDahl, Michael5.15.0
48687 ENVile Village, TheSnicket, Lemony6.77.0
79398 ENVince Carter: Choose Your CourseCarter/Brown4.91.0
80339 ENVince Carter: Slam Dunk ArtistTorres, John Albert6.62.0
85799 ENViolent Skies: HurricanesOxlade, Chris5.21.0
51156 ENVipers (Snakes)George, Linda4.70.5
47061 ENVirginia (America the Beautiful)Blashfield, Jean F.8.64.0
69197 ENVirginia HamiltonMarinelli, Deborah A.7.82.0
68505 ENVirginia Lee Burton: A Life in ArtElleman, Barbara9.14.0
56549 ENVirginia: The Old DominionPollack, Pamela8.82.0
66685 ENVirtual Reality (Life in the Future)Cefrey, Holly6.31.0
25236 ENVirtual WarSkurzynski, Gloria5.06.0
120631 ENViruses and SpamDay-MacLeod, Deirdre8.31.0
14444 ENVisit to William Blake's Inn, AWillard, Nancy4.50.5
9703 SPVisita inesperadaPascal/Suzanne4.03.0
54857 ENVisitorsStine, R.L.3.23.0
13740 ENVoice on the Radio, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.66.0
78566 ENVoice That Challenged a Nation: M. Anderson...Equal Rights, TheFreedman, Russell8.23.0
34696 ENVoices at Whisper BendAyres, Katherine3.95.0
60348 ENVoladoresPetersen, Patricia4.10.5
78664 ENVolcano Alert!Challen, Paul7.41.0
20299 ENVolcano Disaster, TheKehret, Peg5.13.0
72077 ENVolcano! When a Mountain ExplodesBarr, Linda3.80.5
46907 ENVolcanoesThompson, Luke6.01.0
49008 ENVolcanoes (Restless Planet)Bunce, Vincent7.71.0
67688 ENVolcanoes (Watts Library)Trueit, Trudi Strain7.81.0
62626 ENVolcanologists: Life Exploring VolcanoesHayhurst, Chris7.81.0
100546 ENVoltaire: Champion of the French EnlightenmentPorterfield, Jason8.63.0
46908 ENVolunteering for a Political CampaignKlee, Sheila5.90.5
46909 ENVolunteering to Help in Your NeighborhoodIsler, Claudia5.60.5
46910 ENVolunteering to Help KidsBlack, Michael A.5.81.0
46911 ENVolunteering to Help SeniorsNewell, Patrick5.61.0
46913 ENVolunteering to Help the EnvironmentMurdico, Suzanne J.6.11.0
46912 ENVolunteering to Help with AnimalsIsler, Claudia6.01.0
83894 ENVoting (A Primary Source Library of American Citizenship)Egan, Tracie6.20.5
102148 ENVoxStewart, Paul6.313.0
649 ENVoyage of the "Dawn Treader", TheLewis, C.S.5.99.0
5094 ENVoyage of the Frog, ThePaulsen, Gary6.05.0
17647 ENVoyage of the Half MoonWest, Tracey5.52.0
101379 ENVoyage of the Mayflower, TheLassieur, Allison3.60.5
25892 ENVoyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann BradyWhite, Ellen Emerson6.55.0
93 ENVoyages of Doctor Dolittle, TheLofting, Hugh5.711.0
85757 ENVoyageurs, Lumberjacks, and Farmers: Pioneers of the MidwestDoherty, Kieran8.75.0
73901 ENVulnerable America: An Overview of National Security, ACampbell, Geoffrey A.11.84.0
17797 ENVulpes the Red FoxGeorge, Jean Craighead5.97.0
8447 ENVulturesStone, Lynn M.6.51.0
75031 ENWacky Trees (Watts Library)Souza, D.M.7.11.0
44059 ENWacky WednesdayLeSieg, Theo.1.30.5
46766 ENWading Birds: From Herons to HammerkopsMiller, Sara Swan5.31.0
43426 ENWadjet Eye, TheRubalcaba, Jill4.94.0
85689 ENWaging Peace: The Story of Jane AddamsCaravantes, Peggy8.85.0
27965 ENWait for Me, Watch for Me, Eula BeeBeatty, Patricia5.79.0
9346 ENWait, Skates!Johnson, Mildred D.0.80.5
6994 ENWaiting for AnyaMorpurgo, Michael5.16.0
35647 ENWaiting for DolphinsCrowe, Carole4.35.0
80143 ENWake Up Our Souls: A Celebration of Black American ArtistsBolden, Tonya9.14.0
69228 ENWakeboarding: Techniques and TricksCooperman, Stephanie5.51.0
2677 ENWakeboarding! Throw a TantrumHayhurst, Chris6.01.0
84974 ENWakeboarding (To the Extreme)Peterson, Christine2.10.5
53417 ENWalk in the Rainforest, APratt, Kristin Joy6.00.5
49597 ENWalk on the Great Barrier Reef (Nature Watch), AArnold, Caroline6.81.0
10299 ENWalk Two MoonsCreech, Sharon4.99.0
32449 ENWalker's CrossingNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.48.0
24943 ENWalks AloneBurks, Brian5.43.0
117633 ENWall: Growing up Behind the Iron Curtain, TheSís, Peter5.21.0
65390 ENWall Street Crash: October 29, 1929, TheWoolf, Alex8.12.0
123742 ENWalls of Cartagena, TheDurango, Julia5.64.0
65487 ENWalt WhitmanReef, Catherine7.55.0
73005 ENWalter Dean MyersBurshtein, Karen7.12.0
12484 ENWanda's RosesBrisson, Pat3.80.5
32495 ENWanted Dead or Alive: The True Story of Harriet TubmanMcGovern, Ann3.81.0
5095 ENWanted...Mud BlossomByars, Betsy4.24.0
68210 ENWar Against Drugs (Crime and Detection), TheKerrigan, Michael10.23.0
83619 ENWar and Peace (Discovering Mythology)Glick, Susan8.55.0
116572 ENWar in the Middle East: A Reporter's StoryHampton, Wilborn7.44.0
81823 ENWar (In Time of Need)Connolly, Sean7.61.0
73032 ENWar of 1812: The New American Nation Goes to War with Englan, TheBeyer, Mark5.80.5
80463 ENWar of the WardrobesStine, Megan3.32.0
550 ENWar of the Worlds (Unabridged), TheWells, H.G.9.111.0
117500 ENWar on Terror, TheDowning, David9.02.0
83834 ENWarfareChrisp, Peter7.72.0
81381 ENWarfare and Weapons (Medieval World)Gravett, Christopher7.71.0
28147 ENWarrior Son of a Warrior SonLilly, Melinda4.00.5
28904 ENWarriors and Witches: Myths of Southern EuropeRoss, Stewart5.41.0
69955 ENWarriors, TheBruchac, Joseph5.53.0
65341 ENWars of Former Yugoslavia, TheTaylor, David8.43.0
102101 ENWarshipsZuehlke, Jeffery2.90.5
76998 ENWarships (Military Hardware in Action)Dartford, Mark6.61.0
29819 ENWashingtonStefoff, Rebecca7.52.0
47062 ENWashington (America the Beautiful)Blashfield, Jean F.7.94.0
18134 ENWashington, D.C.Elish, Dan8.12.0
47063 ENWashington, D.C. (America the Beautiful)Stein, R. Conrad8.64.0
49231 ENWashington, D.C. (American Government Today)Sanders, Mark5.40.5
65331 ENWaste, Recycling, and Reuse: Our Impact on the PlanetBowden, Rob9.72.0
77195 ENWaste (Sustainable World)Bowden, Rob9.82.0
50169 ENWatcher in the Piney WoodsJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.24.0
60798 ENWatching Water BirdsArnosky, Jim5.30.5
52309 ENWater Babies (Abridged), TheKingsley, Charles8.311.0
25058 ENWater Buffalo Days: Growing Up in VietnamNhuong, Huynh Quang6.43.0
56374 ENWater Cycle (Watts Library), TheTrueit, Trudi Strain7.41.0
65982 ENWater (Science Alive!)Lauw/Puay6.30.5
395 ENWater SkyGeorge, Jean Craighead4.77.0
100216 ENWater SuppliesWelton, Jude7.11.0
71058 ENWater Supply: Our Impact on the PlanetBowden, Rob9.83.0
59985 ENWater: Tales of Elemental SpiritsMcKinley/Dickinson6.914.0
62322 ENWatercross (Radsports Guides)Maurer, Tracy Nelson5.41.0
46767 ENWaterfowl: From Swans to ScreamersMiller, Sara Swan5.11.0
61330 ENWaterstone, TheRupp, Rebecca5.09.0
11552 ENWatsons Go to Birmingham-1963, TheCurtis, Christopher Paul5.08.0
77286 ENWave Good-byeLantz, Francess4.15.0
64236 ENWaves: Principles of Light, Electricity, and MagnetismFleisher, Paul7.32.0
59072 ENWay of the Apprentice, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
32283 ENWay Things Never Were, TheFinkelstein, Norman H.8.94.0
117424 ENWays to Do SurveysAnderson, Judith6.41.0
11497 ENWayside School Gets a Little StrangerSachar, Louis3.33.0
5247 ENWayside School Is Falling DownSachar, Louis3.44.0
64451 ENWe Are the Many: A Picture Book of American IndiansRappaport, Doreen4.40.5
48849 ENWe Need to Go to SchoolRoberts-Davis, Tanya6.01.0
11194 ENWe're Going on a Bear HuntRosen, Michael J.1.30.5
42595 ENWeakness, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
120612 ENWeaponsOllhoff, Jim6.31.0
79217 ENWeapons and WarfareNardo, Don10.86.0
72845 ENWeapons Inspectors, UNGunderson, Cory6.41.0
72846 ENWeapons of Mass DestructionRivera, Sheila6.61.0
72811 ENWeapons of the 21st Century (War in Iraq)Hamilton, John8.51.0
69184 ENWeapons SatellitesWolny, Philip9.72.0
5297 ENWeaselDeFelice, Cynthia5.04.0
117000 ENWeatherKoehler, Susan6.31.0
75613 ENWeather and Climate (Our Planet Earth)Harrison/Krasnow6.52.0
81394 ENWeather & Climate (Earth's Changing Landscape)Corn, John7.92.0
65983 ENWeather (Science Alive!)Lauw/Puay6.21.0
49000 ENWeather (Science Fact Files)Oxlade, Chris7.81.0
52933 ENWeb of the SpiderSchraff, Anne3.23.0
103479 ENWebcam ScamPowell, Jillian2.90.5
114653 ENWednesday Wars, TheSchmidt, Gary D.5.912.0
104757 ENWeedflowerKadohata, Cynthia4.87.0
63085 ENWeek in the Woods, AClements, Andrew5.57.0
120185 ENWeeping Time, TheSkog, Jason6.71.0
78776 ENWeeping Werewolf, TheCoville, Bruce3.91.0
70051 ENWeetamoo: Heart of the PocassetsSmith, Patricia Clark5.85.0
30916 ENWeimaraner, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.90.5
85301 ENWeird WeatherPorell, John3.60.5
9626 ENWelcome to Camp NightmareStine, R.L.3.93.0
9627 ENWelcome to Dead HouseStine, R.L.3.73.0
64312 ENWell-Timed Enchantment, AVande Velde, Vivian4.76.0
123099 ENWell WitchedHardinge, Frances6.213.0
9628 ENWerewolf of Fever Swamp, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
57498 ENWest Africa (Indigenous Peoples of Africa)Zurlo, Tony9.55.0
118409 ENWest African Kingdoms (Freestyle)Haywood, John7.52.0
24585 ENWest Along the Wagon Road, 1852Lawlor, Laurie4.04.0
5096 ENWest from HomeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.74.0
63420 ENWest Side Story: A NovelizationShulman, Irving5.26.0
18799 ENWest to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino ViscardiMurphy, Jim5.26.0
117961 ENWest Virginia (2nd Edition)Hoffman, Nancy8.33.0
47064 ENWest Virginia (America the Beautiful)Fazio, Wende8.63.0
144 ENWesting Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.38.0
396 ENWestmarkAlexander, Lloyd5.36.0
68359 ENWetlands (Biomes Atlases)Beatty, Richard7.92.0
1820 ENWetlands (Exploring Ecosystems)Lisowski/Williams7.63.0
46726 ENWhale Biologist at Work, ACollard, Sneed B.6.11.0
49654 ENWhale TalkCrutcher, Chris6.110.0
31357 ENWhale, TheWoog, Adam9.94.0
4585 ENWhale WatchingBair/Wright4.20.5
45004 ENWhalesGreenberg, Dan4.70.5
63918 ENWhalesGreenberg, Dan7.93.0
46768 ENWhales and Dolphins: What They Have in CommonGowell, Elizabeth Tayntor5.21.0
86253 ENWhales on Stilts!Anderson, M.T.4.63.0
69993 ENWhat a Great Idea! Inventions That Changed the WorldTomecek, Steve8.74.0
49383 ENWhat Are Camouflage and Mimicry?Kalman/Crossingham5.50.5
29892 ENWhat Are Food Chains and Webs?Kalman, Bobbie5.80.5
64356 ENWhat Are Wetlands?Kalman/Bishop6.41.0
26268 ENWhat Bit Me?Souza, D.M.6.00.5
119249 ENWhat Buttosaur Is That?Griffiths, Andy8.51.0
63229 ENWhat Do Sharks Eat for Dinner? Questions...About SharksBerger, Melvin5.41.0
50400 ENWhat Every Girl (Except Me) KnowsBaskin, Nora Raleigh4.66.0
36569 ENWhat Have You Lost?Nye, Naomi Shihab6.13.0
10891 ENWhat HeartsBrooks, Bruce6.16.0
66666 ENWhat If an Asteroid Hit Earth?Cefrey, Holly5.70.5
66667 ENWhat If the Hole in the Ozone Layer Grows Larger?Cefrey, Holly6.10.5
66668 ENWhat If the Polar Ice Caps Melted?Friedman, Katherine5.61.0
66669 ENWhat If We Lived on Another Planet?MacDonald, Olive5.31.0
66670 ENWhat If We Run out of Fossil Fuels?Miller, Kimberly M.5.51.0
49384 ENWhat Is a Bear?Kalman/Crossingham5.61.0
56375 ENWhat is a Fungus? (Watts Library)Souza, D.M.7.81.0
36322 ENWhat Is a Marine Mammal?Kalman, Bobbie5.70.5
36320 ENWhat Is an Amphibian?Kalman, Bobbie5.70.5
55008 ENWhat Is Hibernation?Crossingham, John5.31.0
9396 ENWhat Is It?Hillert, Margaret0.70.5
55009 ENWhat Is Migration?Crossingham/Kalman5.61.0
15819 ENWhat Jamie SawComan, Carolyn5.43.0
63230 ENWhat Makes an Ocean Wave? Questions...Ocean LifeBerger, Melvin/Gilda5.11.0
9347 ENWhat's in a Box?Boivin, Kelly1.90.5
80010 ENWhat's That Smell? (Oh, It's Me): 50...Situations & How to DealShaw, Tucker6.44.0
104303 ENWhat Stinks?Singer, Marilyn6.72.0
59817 ENWhat the Native Americans WoreWilliams, Colleen Madonna Flood7.01.0
63671 ENWhat Would Joey Do?Gantos, Jack5.18.0
94 ENWheel on the School, TheDe Jong, Meindert4.710.0
13449 ENWhen a Hero DiesSchraff, Anne3.73.0
118184 ENWhen Birds Get Flu and Cows Go Mad! How Safe Are We?DiConsiglio, John5.71.0
64754 ENWhen Christmas Comes Again: The World War I Diary...SpencerLevine, Beth Seidel5.85.0
60584 ENWhen Good Ghouls Go BadStine, R.L.3.83.0
18846 ENWhen Hitler Stole Pink RabbitKerr, Judith5.79.0
43599 ENWhen I Was OlderFreymann-Weyr, Garret4.45.0
66483 ENWhen Mammoths Walked the EarthArnold, Caroline7.91.0
64311 ENWhen Marian SangRyan, Pam Muñoz5.20.5
58224 ENWhen My Name Was KeokoPark, Linda Sue4.68.0
14852 ENWhen Pigs FlyWood, June Rae5.98.0
46197 ENWhen the Beginning Began: Stories About God, the Creatures...UsLester, Julius4.83.0
47116 ENWhen the River Ran BackwardCrofford, Emily6.12.0
5967 ENWhen the Road EndsThesman, Jean4.26.0
27928 ENWhen the Soldiers Were GonePropp, Vera W.3.52.0
17648 ENWhen Will This Cruel War Be Over? The Civil War Diary of...Denenberg, Barry6.63.0
34759 ENWhen Zachary Beaver Came to TownHolt, Kimberly Willis4.56.0
69994 ENWhere Did the Butterfly Get Its Name? Questions...MothsBerger, Melvin4.71.0
67232 ENWhere I'd Like to BeDowell, Frances O'Roark5.46.0
26365 ENWhere Is Baby Bear?Moncure, Jane Belk2.00.5
1811 ENWhere on Earth Am I?Gardner, Robert8.45.0
9698 ENWhere's Lulu?Hooks, William1.50.5
57199 ENWhere the Action Was: Women War Correspondents in WW IIColman, Penny7.93.0
8549 ENWhere the Broken Heart Still BeatsMeyer, Carolyn6.17.0
145 ENWhere the Lilies BloomCleaver, Vera/Bill5.26.0
95 ENWhere the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.911.0
6347 ENWhich Way Freedom?Hansen, Joyce4.55.0
48260 ENWhich Witch?Ibbotson, Eva6.27.0
28265 ENWhile a Tree Was GrowingBosveld, Jane5.81.0
30696 ENWhile No One Was WatchingConly, Jane Leslie3.95.0
146 ENWhipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid3.92.0
101559 ENWhisper in the DarkBruchac, Joseph5.55.0
9349 ENWhisper Is Quiet, ALunn, Carolyn0.50.5
52930 ENWhispering Shell, TheSchraff, Anne3.52.0
6995 ENWhispers from the DeadNixon, Joan Lowery4.46.0
74154 ENWhistle, the Grave, and the Ghost, TheStrickland, Brad5.16.0
35005 ENWhite Bread CompetitionHernández, Jo Ann Yolanda4.47.0
72204 ENWhite Fang (Unabridged)London, Jack7.413.0
44728 ENWhite Fox Chronicles: Escape, Return, Breakout, ThePaulsen, Gary4.86.0
114768 ENWhite Giraffe, TheSt. John, Lauren6.27.0
32213 ENWhite Horse, TheGrant, Cynthia D.3.75.0
49229 ENWhite House (American Government Today), TheSanders, Mark4.61.0
10260 ENWhite LilacsMeyer, Carolyn5.58.0
397 ENWhite Mountains, TheChristopher, John6.27.0
85800 ENWhite-Out: BlizzardsWatts, Claire5.61.0
96 ENWhite Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.62.0
25139 ENWhite WaterPetersen, P.J.3.93.0
75425 ENWhite-Water Kayaking (Great Outdoors)Graf, Mike4.80.5
79596 ENWho Are You? Why You Look, Feel, and Act the Way You DoFunston, Sylvia6.92.0
78558 ENWho Goes Home?Waugh, Sylvia5.29.0
9397 ENWho Goes to School?Hillert, Margaret0.90.5
68072 ENWho Is Baseball's Greatest Pitcher?Kisseloff, Jeff7.08.0
9350 ENWho Is Coming?McKissack, Patricia C.0.60.5
60018 ENWho Is Jesse Flood?Doyle, Malachy5.15.0
8600 ENWho Killed My Daughter?Duncan, Lois7.315.0
67371 ENWho Moved My Cheese? For Teens: An A-mazing Way to Change & Win!Johnson, Spencer5.52.0
42831 ENWho Really Killed Cock Robin?George, Jean Craighead5.65.0
65361 ENWho the ManLynch, Chris4.36.0
6447 ENWho Was That Masked Man, Anyway?Avi2.73.0
60425 ENWho Will Tell My Brother?Carvell, Marlene6.62.0
76377 ENWhose Crazy Idea Was That?Craig, Claire4.80.5
80972 ENWhose Town?Graham, Lorenz5.78.0
64562 ENWhy Are People Prejudiced?Senker, Cath7.71.0
64563 ENWhy Are People Vegetarian?Brownlie, Ali7.61.0
64564 ENWhy Do People Drink Alcohol?Johnson, Julie7.01.0
64565 ENWhy Do People Fight Wars?Brownlie/Mason8.71.0
64566 ENWhy Do People Gamble?Stearman, Kaye6.41.0
64567 ENWhy Do People Harm Animals?Mason, Chris7.61.0
49071 ENWhy Do People Join Gangs?Johnson, Julie6.71.0
64568 ENWhy Do People Live on the Streets?Stearman, Kaye5.71.0
49072 ENWhy Do People Smoke?Powell, Jillian6.41.0
49073 ENWhy Do People Take Drugs?Westcott, Patsy6.91.0
32216 ENWhy Do They Hate Me?Holliday, Laurel6.812.0
46331 ENWhy Do Volcanoes Blow Their Tops? Questions...EarthquakesBerger, Melvin/Gilda5.31.0
52171 ENWhy Don't Haircuts Hurt? Questions and Answers About...BodyBerger, Melvin/Gilda4.51.0
46769 ENWhy the Cat Chose UsZeaman, John6.41.0
9398 ENWhy We Have ThanksgivingHillert, Margaret1.00.5
41287 ENWide Window, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
16797 ENWild BabiesSimon, Seymour5.20.5
41565 ENWild BloodThompson, Kate6.07.0
120565 ENWild Cats: Past & PresentBecker, John E.7.63.0
46914 ENWild Dog AttacksMurdico, Suzanne J.5.00.5
59338 ENWild Dogs (Wildlife Ed.)Biel, Timothy Levi5.80.5
69086 ENWild Horses: Black Hills SanctuaryPeterson, Cris6.00.5
123056 ENWild Horses: Galloping Through TimeHalls, Kelly Milner8.22.0
29529 ENWild Horses I Have KnownRyden, Hope7.02.0
75603 ENWild Horses (Welcome to the World of Animals)Swanson, Diane5.10.5
59339 ENWild Horses (Wildlife Ed.)Wexo, John Bonnett6.20.5
27964 ENWild Kid, TheMazer, Harry3.12.0
18847 ENWild MagicPierce, Tamora4.99.0
59177 ENWild Man IslandHobbs, Will5.17.0
44731 ENWild TrekKjelgaard, Jim6.09.0
85801 ENWild Water: FloodsAllan, Tony5.31.0
76378 ENWild WavesThompson, Lisa4.80.5
67488 ENWild World of the Future, ThePye, Claire7.32.0
68247 ENWilderness Rescue with the U.S. Search and Rescue Task ForceLewis, Brenda Ralph8.12.0
78665 ENWildfire Alert! (Disaster Alert!)Peppas, Lynn6.31.0
120704 ENWildlife PhotographerThomas, William David4.31.0
62401 ENWilhelm Roentgen and the Discovery of X RaysGarcia, Kimberly8.42.0
81741 ENWill Northaway and the Fight for FreedomOlasky, Susan4.84.0
81742 ENWill Northaway and the Quest for LibertyOlasky, Susan4.85.0
46915 ENWill Smith (Celebrity Bios)McCracken, Kristin5.61.0
72078 ENWill Smith: The Funny, Funky, and Confident Fresh PrinceEmbacher, Eric4.10.5
62402 ENWillem Kolff and the Invention of the Dialysis MachineTracy, Kathleen7.91.0
74064 ENWilliam Carlos Williams (Voices In Poetry)Berry, S.L.6.91.0
62403 ENWilliam Hewlett: Pioneer of the Computer AgeTracy, Kathleen8.61.0
48831 ENWilliam Randolph Hearst: Modern Media TycoonFrazier, Nancy8.96.0
85244 ENWilliam Shakespeare: Playwright and PoetNettleton, Pamela Hill7.22.0
32556 ENWilliam Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamCoville, Bruce7.11.0
103790 ENWilliam Shakespeare's Macbeth: The Graphic NovelCover, Arthur Byron4.01.0
32907 ENWilliwaw!Bodett, Tom5.77.0
105084 ENWilma Rudolph: Olympic Track StarEngfer, Lee3.90.5
57281 ENWilt Chamberlain (Basketball Hall of Famers)Greenberger, Robert7.62.0
5098 ENWind in the Door, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.07.0
40150 ENWind on the River: A Story of the Civil WarLawlor, Laurie5.05.0
117190 ENWind PowerSaunders, Nigel5.51.0
43480 ENWind Singer, TheNicholson, William5.412.0
5099 ENWindcatcherAvi4.03.0
46448 ENWindsurfing (Radical Sports)Barker, Amanda6.01.0
68796 ENWings Along the WaterwayBrown, Mary Barrett7.01.0
45219 ENWings of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.814.0
2963 ENWinking, Blinking Sea, TheBatten, Mary5.10.5
148 ENWinnie-The-PoohMilne, A.A.4.63.0
34860 ENWinningAdler, C.S.4.44.0
50478 ENWinston Churchill (Leading Lives)Reynoldson, Fiona7.52.0
110484 ENWinston the Book WolfMcGee, Marni2.90.5
62987 ENWinterMarsden, John4.85.0
101380 ENWinter at Valley ForgeDoeden, Matt3.70.5
113016 ENWinter Knights, TheStewart, Paul7.213.0
54978 ENWinter MoonGeorge, Jean Craighead5.93.0
17650 ENWinter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War Diary..., TheGregory, Kristiana5.54.0
59609 ENWinter People, TheBruchac, Joseph5.56.0
398 ENWinter Room, ThePaulsen, Gary5.03.0
31568 ENWinteringDurbin, William6.17.0
63393 ENWisconsinLing, Bettina7.12.0
47085 ENWisconsin (America the Beautiful)Blashfield, Jean F.8.14.0
74992 ENWise ChildFurlong, Monica5.810.0
39907 ENWish, TheLevine, Gail Carson3.55.0
51506 ENWishing on a StarGregory, Deborah4.23.0
65080 ENWitch Herself, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.16.0
74603 ENWitch-Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem Witch TrialsAronson, Marc8.88.0
52931 ENWitch of Banneker School, TheSchraff, Anne3.43.0
98 ENWitch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George5.79.0
500 ENWitch of Fourth Street, TheLevoy, Myron4.83.0
86749 ENWitch's Boy, TheGruber, Michael6.412.0
62763 ENWitch's BusinessJones, Diana Wynne4.46.0
71314 ENWitch's Eye, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
65082 ENWitch's SisterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
58694 ENWitch TwinsGriffin, Adele4.73.0
59776 ENWitch Twins at Camp BlissGriffin, Adele4.53.0
65081 ENWitch WaterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.56.0
77887 ENWitch WeedNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.86.0
46551 ENWitch WeekJones, Diana Wynne5.010.0
59858 ENWitch Who Wanted to Be a Princess, TheGrambling, Lois G.3.60.5
9399 ENWitch Who Went for a Walk, TheHillert, Margaret0.90.5
24944 ENWitchcraft of Salem Village, TheJackson, Shirley7.94.0
78016 ENWitches of Friar's Lantern, TheForrester, Sandra5.58.0
52962 ENWitches of Northboro, TheSchraff, Anne4.73.0
78106 ENWitches of Sea-Dragon Bay, TheForrester, Sandra5.08.0
149 ENWitches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.76.0
81743 ENWith Courage and Cloth: Winning...Woman's Right to VoteBausum, Ann8.33.0
62988 ENWith Their Eyes: September 11th...a High School at Ground ZeroThoms, Annie6.54.0
54110 ENWitnessHesse, Karen5.02.0
18849 ENWizard Abroad, ADuane, Diane5.612.0
20100 ENWizard in the Tree, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.45.0
5100 ENWizard of Earthsea, ALe Guin, Ursula K.6.79.0
52310 ENWizard of Oz (Unabridged), TheBaum, L. Frank7.07.0
32514 ENWizard of Sound: A Story About Thomas Edison, TheMitchell, Barbara6.01.0
50420 ENWizard's Dilemma, TheDuane, Diane6.016.0
73220 ENWizard's HolidayDuane, Diane5.716.0
80939 ENWizards and WitchesHamilton, John7.31.0
69251 ENWizards of the GameLubar, David4.15.0
65515 ENWolf (Natural World)Leach, Michael5.41.0
82876 ENWolf Packvan Belkom, Edo5.76.0
16645 ENWolf Rider: A Tale of TerrorAvi3.65.0
27926 ENWolf ShadowsCasanova, Mary4.83.0
18850 ENWolf-SpeakerPierce, Tamora5.110.0
56397 ENWolf Spider (The Library of Spiders), TheMcGinty, Alice B.4.30.5
72288 ENWolves in the Walls, TheGaiman, Neil3.90.5
99 ENWolves of Willoughby Chase, TheAiken, Joan6.57.0
73566 ENWolving Time, TheJennings, Patrick5.56.0
24991 ENWoman in the Wall, TheKindl, Patrice5.16.0
20710 ENWoman Who Rides Like a Man, ThePierce, Tamora5.58.0
1865 ENWomen for PeaceBrill, Marlene Targ8.86.0
2068 ENWomen in Agricultural Science CareersKahn, Jetty5.10.5
2065 ENWomen in Chemistry CareersKahn, Jetty5.30.5
2066 ENWomen in Computer Science CareersKahn, Jetty5.70.5
2067 ENWomen in Medical Science CareersKahn, Jetty5.50.5
51552 ENWomen Inventors (History Makers)Currie, Stephen9.15.0
74328 ENWomen of Brewster Place, TheNaylor, Gloria6.410.0
74271 ENWomen of Colonial AmericaBjornlund, Lydia9.76.0
72847 ENWomen of the Middle EastRivera, Sheila6.01.0
83622 ENWomen of the RenaissanceThomson, Melissa10.26.0
73611 ENWomen of the Suffrage MovementBjornlund, Lydia10.77.0
83624 ENWomen of Victorian EnglandSwisher, Clarice9.26.0
74209 ENWomen's SuffrageKops, Deborah8.61.0
62668 ENWomen's Suffrage: A Primary Source History of the...AmericaAdams, Colleen9.11.0
44232 ENWomen with WingsMcLean, Jacqueline8.24.0
525 ENWonderful Wizard of Oz (Unabridged), TheBaum, L. Frank7.07.0
65484 ENWonders of Donal O'Donnell: A Folktale of Ireland, TheSchmidt, Gary4.81.0
81305 ENWood and the EnvironmentWhyman, Kathryn6.10.5
46770 ENWoodpecker in the BackyardMania, Cathy/Robert5.10.5
47398 ENWoodpeckersWinner, Cherie6.31.0
67627 ENWoodpeckers, Toucans, and Their KinMiller, Sara Swan5.41.0
66975 ENWoodrow Wilson (Presidential Leaders)Dommermuth-Costa, Carol7.93.0
67762 ENWoods Scientist, TheSwinburne, Stephen R.7.01.0
61655 ENWoody Guthrie: America's FolksingerCoombs, Karen Mueller6.63.0
120430 ENWoolburHelakoski, Leslie2.30.5
32873 ENWord Bird's Dinosaur DaysMoncure, Jane Belk2.50.5
32300 ENWordful Child, ALyon, George Ella4.20.5
399 ENWords by HeartSebestyen, Ouida4.66.0
6400 ENWords of StoneHenkes, Kevin5.05.0
66960 ENWorker on the Transcontinental Railroad, ABarter, James9.55.0
56473 ENWorking Days: Stories About Teenagers at WorkMazer, Anne5.810.0
4473 ENWorking in Sports and RecreationLee, Barbara6.62.0
102493 ENWorking with ComputersMcAlpine, Margaret9.12.0
67946 ENWorld According to Dog: Poems and Teen Voices, TheSidman, Joyce5.51.0
77182 ENWorld According to Humphrey, TheBirney, Betty G.4.24.0
71726 ENWorld FishingBocknek, Jonathan8.92.0
72672 ENWorld Health Organization (International Organizations)Grahame, Deborah A.8.22.0
71059 ENWorld Health: The Impact on Our LivesFoley, Ronan9.52.0
34722 ENWorld of King Arthur and His Court, TheCrossley-Holland, Kevin7.53.0
39641 ENWorld of Microorganisms, ASnedden, Robert9.42.0
71060 ENWorld Poverty (Face the Facts)Bowden, Rob8.72.0
36897 ENWorld's Fastest Boats, TheCook, Nick4.80.5
36898 ENWorld's Fastest Cars, TheCook, Nick5.11.0
104271 ENWorld's Fastest Cars, TheMartin, Michael4.50.5
66029 ENWorld's Fastest Dragsters, TheBledsoe, Glen/Karen4.80.5
57682 ENWorld's Fastest Helicopters (Built for Speed), TheBledsoe, Glen/Karen5.41.0
66030 ENWorld's Fastest Indy Cars, TheBledsoe, Glen/Karen4.80.5
36895 ENWorld's Fastest Military Airplanes, TheBurgan, Michael5.10.5
66031 ENWorld's Fastest Pro Stock Trucks, TheSavage, Jeff5.00.5
66032 ENWorld's Fastest Stock Cars, TheSavage, Jeff5.00.5
57683 ENWorld's Fastest Superbikes (Built for Speed), TheSievert, Terri5.10.5
57685 ENWorld's Fastest Trains (Built for Speed), TheSievert, Terri4.80.5
57684 ENWorld's Fastest Trucks (Built for Speed), TheBledsoe, Glen/Karen5.11.0
117501 ENWorld War I (Arcturus)Ross, Stewart8.52.0
65343 ENWorld War I: Armistice 1918Grant, Reg9.22.0
65344 ENWorld War I: The War in the TrenchesHansen, Ole Steen8.52.0
117502 ENWorld War IIHarris, Nathaniel8.12.0
85827 ENWorld War II: EuropeGoldstein, Margaret J.8.34.0
65345 ENWorld War II: Germany and Japan AttackSheehan, Sean9.02.0
65346 ENWorld War II: The Allied VictorySheehan, Sean9.22.0
65471 ENWorld Wide Web (Technology and You), TheBullock, Linda5.41.0
86810 ENWorlds Apart: Traveling with Fernie and Me: PoemsSoto, Gary4.71.0
24924 ENWorst Helper Ever!, TheScarry, Richard1.00.5
40144 ENWorst of Times: A Story of the Great Depression, TheCollier, James Lincoln4.85.0
82150 ENWow! The Most Interesting Book...about the Five SensesRomanek, Trudee6.51.0
20150 ENWreckers, TheLawrence, Iain4.26.0
104632 ENWright Brothers, TheO'Hern, Kerri3.90.5
17800 ENWringerSpinelli, Jerry4.55.0
150 ENWrinkle in Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine4.77.0
104772 ENWrit in StonePetrucha, Stefan3.41.0
116512 ENWrite Your Own BiographyRosinsky, Natalie M.7.32.0
116513 ENWrite Your Own Fairy TaleRosinsky, Natalie M.6.52.0
116514 ENWrite Your Own MythRosinsky, Natalie M.6.72.0
116515 ENWrite Your Own Tall TaleRosinsky, Natalie M.6.72.0
32305 ENWriting Bug, TheHopkins, Lee Bennett4.50.5
62496 ENWriting in Ancient ChinaFine, Jil4.60.5
62497 ENWriting in Ancient EgyptFine, Jil4.60.5
62498 ENWriting in Ancient IndiaFine, Jil4.40.5
62499 ENWriting in Ancient MesopotamiaFine, Jil5.00.5
62500 ENWriting in Ancient PhoeniciaFine, Jil4.70.5
110130 ENWriting MagicLevine, Gail Carson5.44.0
79062 ENWritten Communication (Yesterday and Today)Stewart, Gail B.7.31.0
8250 ENWrong Number, TheStine, R.L.6.05.0
11200 ENWrong-Way Rabbit, TheSlater, Teddy2.00.5
101389 ENWurm WarGolden, Christopher7.110.0
724 ENWuthering Heights (Unabridged)Bronte, Emily11.323.0
85432 ENWWF (World Watch)Kendell, Patricia8.52.0
47065 ENWyoming (America the Beautiful)Kent, Deborah8.03.0
69389 ENWyoming: The Equality StateFontes, Justine8.12.0
79490 ENX-Games: Skateboarding's Greatest Event, TheSavage, Jeff4.40.5
151 SPY entonces llegó un perroDe Jong, Meindert5.75.0
60468 ENY2J: Pro Wrestler Chris JerichoSchaefer, A.R.4.60.5
83030 SPYakov y los siete ladronesMadonna4.00.5
69355 ENYangtze (Great Rivers of the World), TheWaterlow, Julia7.42.0
44671 ENYear Down Yonder, APeck, Richard4.54.0
24942 ENYear My Parents Ruined My Life, TheFreeman, Martha4.35.0
6638 ENYear of Impossible Good-byesChoi, Sook Nyul5.67.0
69690 ENYear of No RainMead, Alice4.03.0
77133 ENYear of Secret Assignments, TheMoriarty, Jaclyn5.912.0
68782 ENYear of Wonders: A Novel of the PlagueBrooks, Geraldine6.917.0
400 ENYear Without Michael, ThePfeffer, Susan Beth4.37.0
725 ENYearling, TheRawlings, Marjorie5.019.0
9400 ENYellow Boat, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
116800 ENYemen in Pictures (Second Series)DiPiazza, Francesca Davis7.43.0
123751 ENYes We Can: A Biography of Barack ObamaThomas, Garen8.05.0
57322 ENYeti, the Abominable Snowman (Unsolved Mysteries: The...Files)Gilman, Laura Anne8.31.0
19999 SPYo voy a CaliforniaWade, Mary Dodson3.00.5
80585 ENYo-Yo Ma: A Cello Superstar Brings Music to the WorldChippendale, Lisa A.7.33.0
82444 ENYoga (Life Balance)Silas/Goodney6.12.0
14840 ENYolonda's GeniusFenner, Carol4.86.0
46965 ENYou and a Death in Your FamilyWilson, Antoine6.71.0
46969 ENYou and Your Parents' DivorceKrohn, Katherine6.11.0
64094 ENYou Be Me: Friendship in the Lives of Teen GirlsMusgrave, Susan5.95.0
2116 ENYou're a Brave Man, Julius ZimmermanMills, Claudia4.84.0
70088 ENYou Remind Me of You: A Poetry MemoirCorrigan, Eireann6.33.0
10600 ENYoung Black Stallion, TheFarley, Walter/Steven6.76.0
100 ENYoung Fu of the Upper YangtzeLewis, Elizabeth6.410.0
77134 ENYoung Man and the Sea, ThePhilbrick, Rodman4.55.0
105085 ENYoung Riders of the Pony ExpressGunderson, Jessica Sarah3.90.5
46956 ENYoung Zillionaire's Guide to Buying Goods and Services, TheRidgway, Tom6.61.0
46960 ENYoung Zillionaire's Guide to Producing Goods and Services, TheTillema, Juliana O.7.91.0
46961 ENYoung Zillionaire's Guide to Supply and Demand, TheSeidman, David6.61.0
16800 ENYounger Brothers (Outlaws and Lawmen of the Wild West), TheGreen/Sanford4.81.0
83895 ENYour Governor: State Government in Action (A...Citizenship)Brexel, Bernadette4.50.5
83896 ENYour Mayor: Local Government in Action (A...Citizenship)Silate, Jennifer4.30.5
49232 ENYour Right to Vote (American Government Today)Sanders, Mark6.61.0
57152 ENZach's LieSmith, Roland4.37.0
28590 ENZackBell, William5.87.0
49341 ENZartog's RemoteBrennan, Herbie4.81.0
28509 ENZebra and Other StoriesPotok, Chaim5.26.0
250 ENZeelyHamilton, Virginia4.64.0
86638 ENZen ShortsMuth, Jon J.2.90.5
5300 ENZiaO'Dell, Scott5.15.0
74525 SPZipitio, ElArgueta, Jorge4.30.5
115371 ENZombiesKrensky, Stephen5.51.0
122996 ENZombies on the LooseRooney, Anne3.90.5
18282 SPZuecos y naranjasdel Amo, Monserrat2.91.0